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1.)Robert Olson
   ~ Helpful Tip For Adland Subscribers!

2.)John Yarrow
~ goverment adds postage to e-mail

3. Elizabeth K. Scott
~ A horrible lesson learned/LOOPS

4. Trevor Roberts
~19 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

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How to SkyRocket Your Subscriber Base
by Eva Almeida, Bsc(Pharm)

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=========================== Word from publisher ========================

Greetings All

Welcome  52   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Please read today's success story. It is very educational and insightful.
I'm sure that it will inspire some of you.


I invite everybody to use new forum to make our discussion more
effective and more easily available.
I started web based discussion forum which can be accessed here

Currently there are three discussion forums and Bulletin Board
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2. Site Reviews
3. Other
4.Bulletin board

New forum is getting moderate interest and you might want to come and
try some  threads which were started recently.

1.FFAs can work!
2.Ranking on Hot bot, MSN, Snap ...
3.What's Working for Me
4. FFAs are GREAT for increasing traffic!

There are  also requests for site review.

Once you there post your free ad to section  "Bulletin Board".
When asked for user id and password for the first time, just
enter your favorite ones.


Now opportunity for  G R A P H I C   D E S I G N E R S

I'm announcing contest on designing of logo for "Success Story of the Year"
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If your logo is chosen, link to your site will be  placed under logo
indicating Designer Site.
If you are interested, please go here to find out about details
I will invite all Adland's Digest subscribers to choose the logo.
See here currently designed logos.


If you think,  you have an interesting success story to tell, please send
it to digest as usual and indicate as such.
At the end of 1999  I will create web page and will invite everybody
to vote for the "Success Story Of The Year"
Best voted story will receive one FREE year of advertising
in the form of  small button at the bottom of each AdlandPro page.
AdlandPro  receives  450,000 page viewings , 75,000 unique
visitors  and grows on average 20% each month.

To be eligible for the prize, this story has to be from your own

See existing success stories here and click (Success Stories)


================S u c c e s s    S t o r y  ====================
From: "lynda Gorman" <>

>From Rags to Riches. ….Really

I find it difficult to talk about my success without sounding boastful. But this
is a competition for success stories, and hopefully mine can gain a place
amongst some of the other great stories I have read!

I have always had an entrepreneurial nature, and without ever having seen the
Internet, I had known deep inside for many years, that one day I would have an
online business. I just 'knew' that somehow I would relate to it and (I hoped!)
somehow earn my living

A few months prior to March 1998 I developed a health problem called Post
Traumatic Stress Disorder - a condition that left me with chronic anxiety, a
very confused mental state, panic attacks and unable to cope with even mundane
household tasks like cooking and shopping. Pretty much housebound due to this
condition I had lost a very good job and was in a desperate financial situation
due to loss of income. My home was under threat, and professional advisors had
suggested that declaring myself bankrupt might be the only option available to

One of the ways I managed my health and isolation was to have the Internet
connected in October 1997. A whole New World opened up to me and hours of
surfing that did not require concentration absorbed me and helped stabilize my

My web site went online four months later in March of 1998, as somewhat of an
experiment. Several years previously I developed an incredible natural blend for
treating Cold Sores, which had been the plague of my life. After completely
stopping my own outbreaks, as well as those of friends, family and neighbors I
had always known that there was enormous potential for my product "Simply
Essential" and that one day I would find a way to bring it to the world and help

I had no Internet marketing experience and no money - my financial status was
precarious. It was an act of faith to take the plunge and put all the expenses,
including a domain name which a very dear webmaster friend organized on my
behalf on my Credit Card, knowing full well if I did not succeed, I would face
Bankruptcy, and lose my home.

It was so exciting to see the web site completed! I started promoting like fury,
working sixteen hours a day submitting to every free site I could find, (there
was no money for anything else) and learning as I went.

The first order arrived just three days after my site went up. It was a faxed
order that I had to collect from a friend's house, as I could not afford one
myself. I was ecstatic to receive this one order so soon. There was enormous
excitement as I looked at this first order, with shaking hands thinking "It's
REAL!!!" Sadly, at the time I could not afford the Champagne I felt this
momentous occasion deserved.

And that first order was the beginning. A couple of days later another order
arrived, then another. Within just a few weeks at least one order a day was the
norm. Greatly encouraged and excited by this trickle of sales I continued with
free submissions.

At times I had a great deal of difficulty dealing with business matters due to
my confused state of mind, and the drugs I was on. I often messed up the
Banking, and generally got tasks wrong if it required sequential thinking. There
were periods of days were I was unable to work at all. Looking back now, I
cannot imagine how I got through those very dark days.

I started to get feedback from ecstatic customers about how the Product helped
them, often the emails would reduce me to tears as people told of the ways in
which their lives had been changed due to improved health. I was so surprised
when several Customers, total strangers sent me gifts and cards from various
parts of the world, just to say "Thank You' for the help I had given.

It was incredibly gratifying - it still happens now, and I still feel the same
way. As these Testimonials were posted on the site, along with users spontaneous
comments in the Guestbook, business steadily grew.

Within 3 months of going online I had my first large wholesale order shipped and
this cash injection started to slowly turn things around.

For the next few months I worked continued to work seven days a week. I had no
money to invest in advertising; it was just submission after submission..
Eventually I got the number one spot on Hotbot, which helped enormously and
relieved the pressure just a little. I still worked hard but for a while, I was
able to ease up.

Sales doubled every month as word of mouth advertising took over. My financial
situation improved and more slowly, my health. I developed a second product and
added "SkinFix" to the site. It started slowly, purchased mainly by existing
customers, but once again, as word of it's healing powers spread, it too, took

I had several things happen along the way that felt like a disaster - the
discovery that my webmaster friend had misappropriated my Domain name when he
registered it, (and paid for it with my Credit Card!) really crushed me. I
believed I owed my bit of cyberspace and was secure, to realize someone else had
control over my Internet presence and livelihood was a feeling of vulnerability
I was not willing to live with!

Fueled by anger at the deception I purchased a new Domain, found someone who
could help me move the site, and within a few days was relocated - and of course
lost my well established presence as a result. I again started with the free
submissions working like one possessed and within a few weeks I was back to
normal, averaging several sales per day.

In March 1999 a wonderful offer came to me from a gentleman who had heard my
story and wanted to help by making over my site. He said he would not only fix
up some of the technical aspects, he also wrote advertising copy and he would
like to reword it. He scared me with his suggestion that the product guarantee
be increased to one year, along with full refund of the original purchase and
shipping price PLUS the cost of sending the product back for their refund. I
should not have worried; thousands of orders later my rate of returns is still
less that 1.5%!

I have to say I was skeptical of his claim that he expected to increase sales by
four hundred percent - but that that is exactly what he did!!

I am so incredibly grateful to this gentleman, a total stranger, who did a
superb job, and changed my life through an act of generosity. Sales didn't just
soar - they went through the roof!

As if that was not enough, In April I needed a Press Release, and knowing this
mans skill with words I emailed him for some suggestions as to a good approach
for my topic - Herpes. A very short time later, in my email was a finished
release! As long as I live I will never forget the results of that Press
Release. Orders came in so fast; I could not print one off the secure server
before the next arrived. It was chaotic, exciting, frightening (what if it
didn't stop?) and it really launched both my site and Products. The spin-off
lasted for weeks, and months. Never again will I doubt the power of a
well-written Press Release!

In May 1999 I started to think about consumer nervousness with the use of Credit
Cards on the Internet. I started to wonder about the viability of investing in

1-800 number for my biggest Customer group, the USA. I set it up to test the
response. The calls are taken by an answering Service who then fax the orders
directly to me for processing. It was an immediate success. After six months
this service accounts for 40 % of my Credit Card orders!

Now, just eighteen months after entering the exciting world of e-commerce I
seldom have to advertise my site. With a listing near, or on the top of several
of the big engines, plus word of mouth advertising and repeat orders that is
pretty much all that is required. With the phenomenal ratio of one visitor in
six buying, I need very few visitors each day.

The majority of orders are placed online, but I also have Customers who send
Checks, Bank Drafts, Faxes, and of course those who use the 1-800 number. I
provide as many ordering options as possible. My products have been shipped to
many, many countries as far afield as Iceland and Malaysia.

There are regular inquiries for Wholesale orders and distributor rights.
Interest has been expressed in Licensing agreements from several Companies,
while others want to secure exclusive rights to various Countries or areas.

So, now I earn a six figure income and the Bank finally wants to know me! I had
my first overseas holiday this year - the first Holiday of any kind in several
years. I need to employ staff. Most important of all, my health is fully
restored, and every day I express my profound gratitude for a journey, which
even to me still feels like a Fairy Tale.

I look back on my early days of stumbling and bumbling, learning as I went,
desperately trying to keep everything going, when at times, I was too sick to
look after myself. I am SO glad my Customers did not know how sick I was!
(Perhaps some of them did?) My amateurish attempts at writing advertising copy
for my first site embarrasses me now - like all involved in Internet marketing I
have undergone a gargantuan learning curve.

When I think about what kept me going through some very rough times, I can
identify several things. Some stubbornness, (My Mum would testify to that!)
Focus belief, passion, tenacity, and hard work along with a willingness to trust
my instincts and take risks.

Perhaps the most significant thing for me is doing work that I love, combined
with the knowledge that what I do helps so many others enjoy a better quality of

I apologize for the length of this - I hope someone out there may glean some
inspiration, hope and maybe encouragement from this true story.

Lynda Gorman

Simply Essential
130 Cavell Street
Tainui, Dunedin
New Zealand
PH    064 3 4558 776


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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Robert Olson" <>
Subject: Helpful Tip For Adland Subscribers!

I thought I would pass on this neat html trick. There isn't one of us that like
the fact that alot of our traffic will click away from our websites and may
never find their way back. Sometimes the resources or affiliate banners we add
to our site can result in lost revenue in other areas. Here is a way to keep
people at your site even though they click on one of your links.

You can create a new window with your webpage remaining in the back ground with
this simple html code. Let us say that the banner, button or text link has the
url of: <a href=""> By adding
target="_blank" within the url code, you can open up a new window and keep your
visitors at your site longer. The new html code should look like this:
<a href=""target="_blank">

To see how this strategy works, visit my site an check out some of the links!

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: John Yarrow <>
Subject: re: Goverment adds postage to e-mail

Hi Bogdan, I have enjoyed your newsletters and the input from everybody for some
time but have remained quite till now.  In vol. # 126 you had somebody right in
regarding the government adding postage to e-mail which of course later was
found to be a scam.

I was shocked when I read the article but not for the reasons most were I am
sure.  Let me explain.  About a week or so before this article came out I was
trying to figure a way to get people to actually read my ffa page conformations.
I have found that for the most part the letters are counted by the person making
the submission but hardly ever read if ever seen.  I soon figured if I was to
anybody to read my conformations and perhaps get them to my site I would
need to write and article with a little bit of shock value to it putting in the
line a title I felt would draw enough attention to get them to click on it.
I then wrote what I thought was a well written letter regarding spam in
a what if type scenario.

What I would like to know from you and your reader is if they would consider
this deceptive or "not cool".  In the beginning of the letter I make it clear it
a one time mailing confirming there post to my ffa site and then go on with
the letter trying to and I believed succeeding in making it clear this was not
really happening.

To see the actual letter I am referring too instead of taking space here you can
go to my ffa site at and enter your
link and the letter will be automatically sent.  O and by the way I do not
these e-mail names and in fact the script I use for my page does not provide
the names to the user so put in an e-mail address that will actually get to you.

I have to laugh as I was just about to submit this article to you and I had
never seen an article about this before now.

Now when ever I see in my e-mail box "RE: government adds postage to e-mail" I
know it is spam.

Thanks for the Newsletter and keep up the great work!

John Yarrow


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Elizabeth K. Scott <>
Subject: A horrible lesson learned/LOOPS


This is of critical importance to ALL of us.  Please post on Adlands:

My husband and I have run our web site since early 1995.  After 5 years, we
decided that we needed a vacation - desperately.  But the question was,
"How do we let people know we're on vacation, but our site is automated and
everyone can still deal with us - even tho' we're not in town?"

For good measure, I unsubcribed (temporarily) to the majority of
newsletters and ezines I usually receive.  Then, I contacted my Web host
and asked if there was some automated email message that they/we could send
to anyone who happened to email us in our absence, just letting people know
that we'd be out of the country for two weeks, but that our site was still
up and running, and that we'd return any calls and/or email messages upon
our rerun.

Our Web host said "no problem."  Just go here and there (on the Web) and
post a "vacation message."  Everyone who emails you will get an automated
response saying that you're on vacation, when you'll be back, and that your
site is fully automated and functional in the meantime.  Cool.  I did that,
and that was the beginning of Cyber-HELL.

After initiating my "vacation" message, I realized I had not unsubcribed to
one of my newsletters.  So, I sent them an "unsubcribed - remove" message.
Well, THEY were ALSO on an 'autoresponder.'  So, what happened is that my
message was responded to by their message, which was responded to by MY
message, and on and on.

3500+ messages later, I finally found the guy in Texas, by telephone, who
runs that newsletter, and he and I worked it out, eliminating the "loop."
However, in the process, the shear volume of emails derived from this
'loop' circumstance completely overloaded and totally shut down my Web
host.  As I write this, my host's site is down, MY site is STILL down,
after 2 days, and probably every other site they host is DOWN.

My husband left WITHOUT ME this morning on "our" vacation.  Because our
site is of critical importance to our future, there just wasn't any other
choice.  He went, I stayed.  My non-refundable airline tickets are blown.
If I cannot convince the airlines that 'somebody ran over my dog,' or that
'I suddenly had to deal with my Grandmother,' or SOMETHING, it will cost us
an additional thousand dollars for me to even join Micheal later.  We can
ill afford that.

At this very minute, I do not know whether I will be able to join my
husband in Mexico, or not.  I cannot reach ANYONE at my host.  I have
driven to their office - all is dark.  I have emailed and called until I'm
blue in the face.  It's not only a weekend, but it's ALSO a holiday  -
Labor Day.

So, the morals of this story are this:

1)  IF you decide to use an autoresponder, make CERTAIN that your 'auto' is
not just going to THEIR 'auto.'  The "loop" effect is devastating, even if
it's NO ONE's actual fault.
2)  IF you decide to use an autoresponder for ANY reason, check first with
your Web Host, and fully discuss the issue with them.
3)  IF you decide to use an autoresponder, do so only AFTER you have
"unsubscribed" or "removed" from ALL newsgroup/ezine entities, if you're
gong to do that.
4)  IF you DO get caught in a "loop" go to:

and find the real live person you're dealing with.  Call, email and beg.
Work with that person to effect a solution.
5)  As great as I've always thot my Host is, the reality may be that
they're just NOT big enough to handle all my action.  Call 'em, ask 'em
questions.  If they hedge with regard to major traffic, MOVE.  I mean, move
your site to some entity that CAN handle you, your traffic, and your needs.
6) My Host charges me $450 per month to NOT be available on the weekends or
holidays.  My Host doesn't have a CLUE that their entire site is down,
including mine and others they host.

I sit here, right now, not knowing if I may travel, or not.   My site is
DOWN.  My host's site is DOWN.  All the other sites they host are also
probably DOWN.  This is a company with more than 30 people running things.I
would expect that SOMEONE from their firm would have contacted me in the
last two days.  NO ONE.

My husband is in Cancun, sipping on a Marguertia, and I am here, waiting
and waiting for our site to come online.

ALL ADLANDS PEOPLE:  Be aware of autoresponders.  They can ruin your life.

**NOTE:  My Web Host finally responded on the 7th, fixed the problems, and
I joined my husband on the 8th.

Elizabeth K. Scott, CFO

Find a Mortgage for ANY

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Trevor Roberts" <>
Subject: 19 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

19 Ways to Improve Your Productivity
Statistics confirm that self-employed people
display a stronger set of work
skills that helps them achieve more. Pass these
tips on at your next
training session or employee meeting, and watch
your coworkers do more with
their workday!

1. Be prepared for ongoing work-related change.
2. Treat office equipment and supplies as if you
bought them.
3. If you're in the position to hire, spend more
for higher quality
4. Don't blame others. Be a do-it-yourselfer.
5. Don't lose the personal touch. Maintain
6. Don't burn bridges.
7. Have a once-a-year date to send a thank-you
card to valued
8. Relax, but not too much.
9. Don't let constant talkers waste your time.
10. Find items of interest to others and send them
to appropriate
coworkers and associates to show your
11. Be visible at work, even when it's not work
your doing.
12. Don't work to the point of exhaustion before
you take time to relax.
13. Don't be so organized that your forget to
14. Shrink your office to be more efficient.
15. Pay attention to your competitors, even if
it's not necessarily your
16. Respect other peoples' styles.
17. Share your secrets of success.
18. Give yourself a pat on the back.
19. Perform above and beyond expectations.
20. Realize that no one becomes completely
organized overnight.

Source: How to Get Everything Done (And Still Have
a Life) by Charles
Mallory, Copyright 1997, American Media Inc.

September 28 (Cebu)
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Brooks Loomis

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Business Writing for Executives
Adrian Martinez

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Positive  Assertiveness Skills
Adrian Martinez

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How to Lead and Manage Change

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Managing & Measuring Customer Service

October 16 ( Cebu)
High Performance Management Skills

For complete details please contact:
MANILA: Tess or Marm on 698 3836/37 E-Mail:
CEBU: Miechel 233 7781 * 232 3684 E-Mail:
DAVAO: 221 7552 * 221 7515 * 300 2198 E-Mail:

MAKE it a Productive Week

Trevor Roberts

Find any book, CD or movie. Then compare prices from
all major online shops and track down the best offer!
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===============Site Review Request (1) ====================
From: "Gavin Mackay" <>


"" is about the Island of Corfu in Greece.
The reason I built the site was the lack of good information about the
& hopefully this site will attract more visitors to come. It is my first
real attempt at a large website &
would like an honest opinion on the site in terms of:
navigation, loading, design, information, meta tags, advertising etc.
I think I have got it right but of course one is always biased towards their
own work.
I would also like to know of any improvements, additions to the site that I
could make in order for it to be more effective.

Many thanks to you all & I look forward to receiving my Adlands.
Stephen Mackay

===============Site Review Request (2) ====================
From: Ishak Mt Som <>

I would appreciate having my site reviewed.  I created
this site in the hope that it would sell and at the same
time be helpful to those just starting out.

I revamped the site recently to make it faster loading
and attract response. I would appreciate input on whether
I have been successful in this.

I haven't reinclude my link pages etc and haven't got my
own domain yet until my web building efforts can get a
respectable response.  Therefore I welcome any critique
which would improve the site.

Thank you.

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understand. "Discover E-Commerce In Plain English!" teaches you everything
you need to know to grow a successful Internet-based business. This is
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How to SkyRocket Your Subscriber Base
by Eva Almeida, Bsc(Pharm)

There are countless of ways to attract subscribers to your
newsletter and the purpose of this article is to give you a
few ideas on how you can do this with your own ezine.

A. Subscription Box:

First thing a you can do to increase your subscriber
count is to display a subscription box or link on every page
of your site.

B. Signature File:

Then, make sure to include the name of your newsletter
in your signature file as well as the method for
people to subscribe and view sample issues.

C. Listings For Ezine in Directories and Announcement Lists:

Next, go to as many directories as possible and list your
newsletter and you may find a increase in your subscriber
base. For a comprehensive list of places to advertise your
newsletter, go to <>

Jack Bartlett has announced that his FreeZinesOnline
directory is now a completely free service, so take
advantage of it. Go to: <>

FreeNewsletters is a new service where you pay
per subscriber:

C. Search Engines:

By having a domain named after your newsletter you may
increase your subscribers since your newsletter will
more likely be found in search engines with the proper
meta tags designed specifically for your newsletter.  You
can even do doorway pages optimized for each search engine
to increase traffic to your newsletter site.  Although
this may be time-consuming, the effort may be well worth
it if you increase the traffic to your site.

*-----------------HOT TIP------------------*
   Produce a quality newsletter then apply
   for awards.  Good Reviews of your ezine
   may skyrocket your subscribers!
*-----------------HOT TIP------------------*

D. Joint Ventures With Other Publishers:

Other publishers will gladly help you to increase
your subscriber base in exchange for helping them.
Joint ventures could include ad swaps and article
exchanges; recommendations of each other in your
newsletter, welcome message to subscribers, or on
the "thank you" page on your site.  You can also
join other publishers to create networks that each
publisher can promote as a team to really increase
your subscribers, such as the Marketing Course
Newsletter Network.  See it in action at:

E. Submit Articles:

Submit articles that you have written for your
newsletter in various newsletter resource sites
like <> and
<> to name a few.

E. Participate in Discussion Lists and Forums:

The more you participate in forums and help others,
the more respect and subscribers you will receive.
Take the time to be an active member of web-based
forums, some of the popular ones are listed at:

Email discussion lists can be found at free list
sites such as and

E. Have a Contest or Two:

Contests have always been popular and having
an exclusive one specifically for your subscribers
that is targeted towards their needs or wants
may attract more and keep them subscribed.  Think
of what your subscribers may want to win.  If you
have a newsletter discussing CGI programs...why not
have a monthly contest where a subscriber could
win a free CGI program that you just wrote?  It
would also give you some free testimonials as

E. Apply For Awards/ Ask for Reviews

Once you have established your newsletter and have
been getting positive feedback from your subscribers,
it is time to apply for some awards.  You can proudly
display them on your site or even create a special
page exclusively for awards.  You never
may win and the rewards may include an excellent review
which will drive new visitors to your site and hopefully
skyrocket your subscribers.  Again, you can visit:
<> for some awards
to apply for.

Don't forget that the most important ingredient to
a popular newsletter is excellent content with
original articles or subscriber participation.

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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Joke provided by
Laurie Delk <>

Mr. Earl Johnson, a businessman from Madison, Wisconsin, went on a
business trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. He immediately sent an e-mail
back home to his wife, Jennifer (JenJohnson). Unfortunately, he forgot
his wife's exact e-mail address and the e-mail ended up going to a Mrs.
Joan Johnson (JJohnson) of Newark, New Jersey, the wife of a preacher
who had just passed away. The preacher's wife took one look at the
e-mail and promptly fainted. When she was finally revived by her
daughter, she nervously pointed to the message, which read: "Arrived
safely, but it sure is hot down here."


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