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Web Challenge                Patrick Carlow   <>

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From:             <>
Response to :

I've had some good responses from Kingdom Classifieds.They if notify
you when the response comes from their site.It makes it easy to know
how many requests come from their site.
Regards, John Colanzi Editor TNP Marketing Letter

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Moderators' Comment
FYI - the post below was submitted as an attachment written in html.
Do not write in html, stay with the standard ascii text. It takes me
far to long to correct this, therefore it won't be posted in the
future. This gives you all an idea, not that you many not know, just
how difficult it is to read. In the future I will send them back to
you for correction if you want to posting. Yes, I am fussy, but it
saves me a lot of time. I apoligize to you Bill, for picking yours.
It just happend to be first. If I sent it back and asked to have it
corrected, I'll get more tomorrow from others.  nough said.

From:             Bill Henderson <>
Subject:          Free Ads

&gt;Do Free Ads work or am I not doing my ad right?<br>
&gt;Response to:&nbsp;<br>
Try Kingdom Classifieds.&nbsp; A free ad there drew three times the
response (22 responses in 30 days) as a paid ad in EPage (8 responses
in the same 30 days).&nbsp; The EPage ad cost me 60 bucks for 60
days.&nbsp; I've seen a couple of lists where Kingdom was rated #1
among the thousands of Free Classified Ad sites.&nbsp; There's a
reason -- actually more than one.&nbsp; They follow up with you if
your ad doesn't get results and suggest you change it -- lower the
price or make a more appealing offer.&nbsp; Also, like EPage, you
always know which ad the person is responding to.<br> <br> Check them
out at &quot;<a href=""

eudora="autourl"></a>&quot;.<br> <br> Happy
advertising!<br> <br> Bill Henderson<br> Websites 2000<br> Voice
phone:&nbsp; (800) 551-6209<br> Fax phone:&nbsp; (210) 697-0489<br>
For a great opportunity, <a
href="">mailto:</a><br> <br> </html>
From:           Patrick Carlow   <>
Subject:          Web Challenge

Responding to:"valerie e miller"  <>
Subject:          web challenge

Free ads do work if you know how to work them.
Let me explain.  When you place a free classified ad
you are inviting a response.  It may not be the response
you want, but it is a response.  It's what you do with
these responses that makes the difference!  This is your
chance to really shine and make and impression.
Read the email, visit the web site if one is given and then
respond to the email with positive comments on whatever
the subject matter.  Then go on to tell them about what your
ad was originally about.  This method of marketing is very
effective and will get your letter read 9 out of 10 times.
I don't consider responding to an email to be spam
in any form or fashion. Building relationships is the key.

Patrick Carlow
PatCar Publications
Free For All Links - Free Internet Business Resources
From:             <>
Subject  Free Ads

   I have been involved in Network marketing on the Internet for about
   two years and must have posted thousands of ads. Posting Ads is
very time consuming and I am thankful for Adland Classifieds.
  Many people on the Internet hate network marketers because their ads
  are everywhere. Thousands of little businesses all advertising in
every place you can imagine. Nobody complains about the BIG companies
ads because they are used to seeing them on TV , billboards , in
their mail boxes and hearing about them on the radio.
   When the small entrepreneurs advertise people feel this must be a
   scam. True a few are. Most are just honest everyday average people
trying to earn a few extra dollars in their spare time.
   Many people don't really understand network marketing or MLM.
   Sometimes people who are involved in MLM spend hundreds of hours
working for free before they even earn a dime.
   It can take a long time to develop enough contacts to really start
   to earn a good  income. Most MLMers have very small advertising
budgets and spend countless hours posting free ads.
   But persistence will pay off in the long run. People who stick with
   Network marketing long enough and who are persistent will gain the
contacts they need to succeed. Those long hours of posting free ads
will eventually pay off.
   Sincerely, Daniel Moe
I want to thank all those who posted. You are making this Digest a
success. Many are subscribing daily. I want to invite anyone to jump
in and contribute.
If you are posting for the first time, introduce
yourself so we can put your name to a face. so to speak 
I also want to encourage some of you who have posted to develop a
good signature file. This is the only way you can promote yourself on
this list, other than become a sponsor. This is a good thread to
develop, since we probably have a large number of new webbers.
Someone is welcome to pick up this thread and give us some pointers
on constructing a good sig file and why. Go for it....

Let's hear  from you......

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