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1.)Lester L. Lesoine
~ I just can't seem to get my foot in the door

2.) Denise
~ I need a shopping cart

3.) D Adams
~ Free Services

4.) Christopher Hickman
~ Define Spam Please!

5.) Blaird Foxton
~ I just wanted to promote my site

6.) From: Harvey Blair
~ Looking for free advice

Site Review Responses (1)
1.Terri Robinson

Site Review Requests (3)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
What Should YOU Do If They're Still Not Coming?
By John Ellis

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Greetings All

Welcome  214 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I invite everybody to use new forum to make our discussion more
effective and more easily available.
I started web based discussion forum which can be accessed here

Currently there are four  discussion forums and Bulletin Board
1. Promotion techniques
2. Site Reviews
3.Search Engine Placement
4. Other
5.Bulletin board

New forum is getting moderate interest and you might want to come and
try some  threads which were started recently.

1.FFAs can work!
2.Ranking on Hot bot, MSN, Snap ...
3.What's Working for Me
4. FFAs are GREAT for increasing traffic!

There are  also requests for site review.

Once you there post your free ad to section  "Bulletin Board".
When asked for user id and password for the first time, just
enter your favorite ones.


Now opportunity for  G R A P H I C   D E S I G N E R S

I'm announcing contest on designing of logo for "Success Story of the Year"
which will be used to link to winner of Adland Digest contest. Info below.
If your logo is chosen, link to your site will be  placed under logo
indicating Designer Site.
If you are interested, please go here to find out about details
I will invite all Adland's Digest subscribers to choose the logo.
See here currently designed logos.


If you think,  you have an interesting success story to tell, please send
it to digest as usual and indicate as such.
At the end of 1999  I will create web page and will invite everybody
to vote for the "Success Story Of The Year"
Best voted story will receive one FREE year of advertising
in the form of  small button at the bottom of each AdlandPro page.
AdlandPro  receives  450,000 page viewings , 75,000 unique
visitors  and grows on average 15% each month.

To be eligible for the prize, this story has to be from your own

See existing success stories here and click (Success Stories)


======================F e a t u r e d   P o s t ========================
From: Blaird Foxton <>
Subject: I just wanted to promote my site

Hi Adland
A couple of months ago I quit my job to pursue a life
using the inter-net as my prime marketing tool. I have
20 years of experience in the industry I am in, and
figured I could just "go on line", build  web site,
and they would come in droves.
Well, what a surprise!  Instead of promoting my site,
I have ended up being an affiliate of so many programs
and MLM get rich schemes, I haven't had time to do my
site justice.  My e-mail boxes are full every day with
free to join, make money fast, easy $$$ and so much
other %#@*&^ that I am fed up!
So after 4 months of making no income, and I am sure
that all my promo efforts have paid off for others, I
am throwing in the affilate, MLM towel and I am going
to FOCUS on promoting my products and to heck with
every one else.  I must say, that it has been
educational, I have found out all about FAA, link
pages, url submitters, advertising programs, auto
responders etc. (Seems a lot of newsletter subscribers
use these, and i am sure they don't even see my
posting)  The key for these is to make your subject
line catch their attention, and repeat it over and
over again. As if!
My advice to any one entering this medium, don't get
overwhelmed with joining to many programs, you will
never have time to do them justice, and focus on your
own web site and products.  Treat most MLM get rich
quick as junk mail in your box, and if you do join,
and see things like " I have read your add and will
respond later" show up every time you post your add,
complain to the list owner.  These people are using
auto responders, and will NEVER read your message.
It seems only moderated groups like Adland, have any
value to them.  If you want to start your own list,
make sure it is moderated and that all adds are viewed
before posting.  This takes more work, but these are
the only groups I will be joining from now on.  If you
have one, or know of any, you can send me an e-mail at
Meantime, if anyone would care to visit my site at and give me your review of
it, I would be happy to do the sqame for you.  Note:
My site is not MLM or anything like that, it is a site
for Two way Radio dealers, and carries products
relevant to them, i.e. Antennas, Voice Alarms,
Encryption devices, etc.
By the way, I followed the advise of someone here at
Adland last month, and added a free downloadable tool
for anyone signing up for my web site update mailing
list, and since doing so, I have had a lot more people
signing up!
Cheers, and happy e-commercing
Blaird Foxton

owner RF Works
Seba Beach Alberta Canada
(feel free to send this message to others you know)

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Lester L. Lesoine" <>
Subject:I just can't seem to get my foot in the door

dear mr. fiedur,

i have been trying to market my web business for 5 months now and almost took
it off the net last week. i have been looking for free or low cost places to
advertise on the net. most responses i have gotten, have either praised my
product or slammed the concept and design of my page. or the people want me to
jump on to using their system, join their mlm(multilevel marketing plan) or pay
out outrageous advertising fees. the people that are interested want to see a
brochure, most printing places i have contacted want .48-.51 each for a full
color brochure and have a minimum run of 1,000. this does not include the
postage rate. i am but a small company. i just can't seem to get my foot in the
door. i know once i could get my webpage out there, i should be able to generate
orders to pay for the site. net experts who viewed my page said i have a unique
niche product perfect for sale via the net. i am just struggling to find and
market to my target audience. might you have some pointers or suggestions you
might be willing to share? any assistance you could offer would be greatly
appreciated. thank you.

Lester L. Lesoine, Owner

a division of Cornerstone Good Book Store
RR#1 Box 212A
Wyalusing, PA 18853
phone:(570)746-1792      fax:(570)746-3813
Strawberries, Strawberries, Strawberries

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From:  Denise <>
Subject: I need a shopping cart


I am very new to the list!  My first issue was very informative!  If
anyone has any free time (I know how thin that can be!), I would
greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions for my site.

I know I need a shopping cart...which leads me to my 2 questions:
Can anyone advise a tried and true shopping cart and can anyone
advise on which merchant service to go with?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  You can e-mail me directly at

Thanks again!  And thanks for a great resource!


Checkered Flag Race Shop
Web Address:
Phone: 724-733-3617

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "D Adams" <>
Subject: Free Services

Hello to all the great Adland followers.  In the past I have had the the great
opportunity to correspond with many of you in response to my past postings in
the Adland Newsletter.

I found we all share a similar desire.  Online Success!

As an avid surfer I have had the fortune of finding a few Free or Almost Free
items that can improve our online flexibility.

Communications online has become a mass of pop email that can keep you clicking
for hours just to reach all of them.

But recently I came across a Free email system that allows you to have a free
800 email/voicemail/fax system that can be accessed via phone from anywhere.  It
also lets you combine all your other emails so that you can get your messages
from anywhere in t
he world and hear them via phone or online. The free system offers calendar,
appointments scheduler, and your own private and public filing cabinet for file
storage.  Which means you can use the public area as a central communications
for any group, letti
ng them access files and information updates that you need for them to know.
This is a really sophisticated system that is sure to enhance your business

Another new offer has popped up that gives you a realistic ability to obtain
Free top quality ISP service "without the annoying banners and slow motion
advertisements" for free.  No more 19.95 per month connection fees and real
quality features that are s
ure to become even better.  Free email and home page plus great main board
connections that keep you updated.

These two new free options plus a lot more can be found on my home page at   While your there pick up some other free services like
free faxing and fax receiving.  Or use some of my free submission links and
classifieds to build up
your site traffic.

Appreciate your stopping by.  I'll be on the lookout for more great freebees, so
bookmark the Buy n Bart homepage and stop back often.

Thanks...I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.

Best Wishes

Dan Adams, mktg. mgr.

Buy n Bart <>

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Christopher Hickman" <>
Subject: Define Spam Please!

Hello, my name is Chris and I'm a new subscriber to this mailing list.

I am currently promoting my web sites etc. but I am a little concerned
about spamming. I do not want to spam but feel that I may inadvertantly
get caught out. So a view guidelines would help.

For example:

If someone sends you an email advertising their business, are you
ok to send a reply advertising yours?

Also if they include a long list of emails ie. is it ok to
use these emails etc.

I want to promote myself in a professional way but need some advice!

I shall await your comments with interest,

Do you want to get paid for Surfing. for
Fantastic Internet Income Training - FREE Course
New Zero Recruiting Downline Club -

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "L.C.Borsboom" <>
Subject: Your spanish banner published

Hello All Adland people.

If you have a banner specialy disigned for the spanish market and written in

we can publicate your banner on our site if you put a link to our website on

Do you like to have a look first? Please go ahead.
You can send your banner to:

Because of the work we have it can take some days before you can see your banner
our page.

Greetings from
Cartel de Castilla your spanish banner publisher

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: "Harvey Blair" <>
Subject: Looking for free advice

To whom it may concern:  I am beginning to think that maybe I am doing
something wrong and I would listen to any constructive criticisems you may
have have to offer.  I have been on the internet for about three months and
have submitted my web page to many search engines, and have advertised
several hundred times.  If I were getting a lot of hits on my web page then
I could say maybe my wording in my sales pitch was wrong or perhaps I had
the wrong products.  BUT  the problem is in the three months I have been on
the net I have not had even one hit to my web page.  I am not trying to sell
you any service or product because frankly I haven't had a chance to find
out if they are any good or not.  Am I the only one who has this problem?  I
am also affiliated with 5 mlm clubs and/or organizations and have advertised
them many times over.  I am not looking for any new business opportunities
as they all say you can get rich and the ones I have might be just as good
as any other one.  I just can't get people to my web page to start with.
Thank you for reading this and I would appreciate any helpful advice you
want to give me.

Thank you.

Harvey A. Blair

email:     and
my web page is

===============Site Review Response (1) ====================
From: Terri Robinson <>

Hi Bogdan and Adlanders!

Thanks for that great resource for Press releases you had in
volume #132, Bogdan!  That is one thing that we can ALL use!
Direct contact with editors and help making our press release
newsworthy.  *smile*

I know that you have mentioned this before, Bogdan, but I
wanted to add my $.02 on the requests for reviews that are
sent to us.  I know that not all of them get reviewed, and
that must upset those who are asking, but putting your
request up on Adland's Board is bound to improve your
chances of having your site reviewed.  Also to specify what
you want help with:  your ranking on search engines - ask
them to review your code for that; your wording; your
structure; your headlines.

Personally, I try to review a site for those who ask when
it is a page THEY wrote personally and will be making their
own changes to.  I take the time then to offer whatever
advice I feel will help them to improve their site (within
my own limited expertise).  I am not pointing fingers at
anyone when I say that I won't do a critique of a site
that is a replicated web site and a thinly veiled attempt
to get eyeballs to see the offer.  I do a lot of promoting
on classifieds and other avenues to have my own site seen.
My signature contains a link to my own site.  For anyone
who wants "eyeballs" to their site, I would suggest that
you buy an ad in great publications like Bogdan's which
have thousands of subscribers.  That way the person
knows it is an ad and has no hard feelings about being
"tricked" into seeing a site to "review" it.  A reputation
is a very difficult thing to establish, but takes only a
moment to lose.

When you offer help to others and include your sig line
with a link to your own site, that also goes a long way
toward establishing your good reputation and getting
visitors to your site.

Thanks for all the informative and helpful articles
that are always included in your publication, Bogdan!

Just one more "suggestion" about coding ads, you can
use the same idea to see which of your signatures
are attracting the most attention!

Site Review of:

Delilah, I went to your site and found it to be very professional
in appearance, and easy to navigate.  Is this your own site that
you are able to make changes to? Or a "replicated site" from the

If you can make changes to the source code, I would recommend
that you put some META tags between the <head> </head> section
to help the search engines to index your site better.  Check
some other sites that are similar to yours on the search
engines like Excite, AltaVista, InfoSeek and others by using
keywords YOU think your site is related to.  In your browser
click on View Source and see what META tags they used for
their description and keywords that got them place high
on those search engines.  Then submit your own URL to the
search engines and see if that helps bring traffic.

Good luck :)


Andrew, this is an OUTSTANDING site!!  You used ALT tags
for your pictures to make sure the search engines could
read them, and your META tags were excellent.

Your "Click Here to enter" is great! Very clear on what
exactly they need to do to read more.  And I like the
note you put about the size of the screen.  While that
isn't critical, it does let someone know if they are
going to be having to use their scrollbars if their
screen is smaller *smile*  Also fantastic is that you
offer a non-frames version, so you are considerate of
ALL your visitors and not just those who have browsers
with all the bells and whistles.

The site is full of information that skiers and snow-
boarders can use, like the weather and resort reviews,
and even online booking for hotels! Awesome!

Perhaps you have already done this, but if not, you
might consider asking some of the resorts that you
have "reviewed" there to sponsor your site and to
advertise it for you in their own brochures, etc.

If I ever get an opportunity to visit Japan, I will
check your site first for the best place to go  :)

Congratulations on a wonderful site!  And good luck
in your future - you will go far, I know!  :)

Best regards,
Terri Robinson

Specializing in Sales Professional placements.    Telephone: (602)233-8410
Phoenix, AZ  E-mail:
Join our FREE monthly newsletter - Recruit2Hire Tidbits


Note from Moderator.

I would like to thank you Terri and other site reviewers like
Melody T Vargas , Michael Bryant , Dan Lowe , Sandra Rink ,
Peter G. Browne, Laurie Delk , Earl Babin , Robert Lee,
Joseph Jobst  and all those who I missed here.
You are helping in keeping this column of Adland Digest.
Although appearing here is certainly helping with promotional
efforts, site reviewing is not an easy job if one wants to correctly
give an opinion about somebody's work.

If you are asking for site review, please be specific what is your
problem and why you need site review to help those who are
willing to come to your site and encourage them by describing
things you've done so far in the problem area.

There is no special body here wich works on consistent basis to  review
submitted sites. People who are doing this, are just  subscribers
to this list who feel competent enough to review given site and
want to  commit some of their time to browse it and then
write about it.

Thanks again to all past and current site reviewers.

I invite  everybody to help  each other through  having look
at sites of those who are asking for site review and in turn
get  site reviewed in subsequent issues.
Through looking at other sites you can learn a lot more
than you think.
I visit daily over 20 sites due to nature of my work
and always find something new wich I implement on my site
at later time.


===============Site Review Request (1) ====================
From: "judy" <>

Dear Bogdan,

I have made a small website and I'd like to kindly request your opinion and
advice about it. Perhaps my English is not very good because this is not my
mother tongue.
The URL is
Thank you and best regards,

===============Site Review Request (2) ====================
From: Scott Frangos <>

Hello All --

First, thanks for the many helpful thoughts, advice and tips we find here
-- please realize that there are many like us that you don't hear from
all the time, but always find your ideas very helpful.

Now, I would like to request a review of our new e-commerce site for
sales of over 20 unique bird houses (more on the way).  It is of note,
because we are using the new "zShops" technology to take
credit card payments -- without a merchant account!  I will report to the
list how this goes.  Review our site at:

So far, the technology seems to work great -- a payment goes right into
our bank checking account.

All comments appreciated (

Best regards -

Scott A. Frangos, Manager -

<> PIPERS Gifts  <> MONDO Travel  <> LakeSen Antiques
-------   -----------------
(NEW Auction Center... buy, bid, sell merchandise)
NEW VOICEMAIL &  FAX NUMBER:  503.296.2029

===============Site Review Request (3) ====================
From: John Assante <>

Dear Bogdan and Dedicated Readers,


As an avid reader of Adland's Digest I would to first like to thank the
publishers that produce the "Finest Of The Internet" publication. The
articals are fresh and all the advice is great! And all the readers of the
digest for
the way they go out of their way to help people who ask for help.

I would really like your "helpful" readers to take a look at my web site
"The Best Mall Of All" and tell me what they honestly think.

The input would give me the feel if this is a unique concept enough to pursue.

The URL is:

All comments would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks to all!

John Assante,

================S p o n s o r   M e s s a g e=====================

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
What Should YOU Do If They're Still Not Coming?
By John Ellis

Hello Everyone!

How's your business? Fine I hope!

Have you been doing business online for a while
now? Or have you just started your online venture?
What type of marketing have you tried? Has it
been effective? Why not?

I bet you have tried everything, right? You thought
for sure the mobs would beat a path to your door; but
you only came away disappointed. Now you're thinking
the net is a 'big hype' and that it's impossible to run
a successful business or make any money online, right?

But the opposite may be true. You can run a successful
online business! You can make a living from the net!

I receive emails and I read post everyday from
individuals who say that they've tried everything
and listened to the advice of all the 'top gurus'
of online marketing; but still nothing has happened.
Your online business is still not bringing
you results. Today I'm going to show you a few
things that you can do right now, that will bring
you more traffic, leads, prospects and more sales.

1. Develop A Marketing Plan & Commit To It

This may be the #1 reason why your business is
currently failing.

One day you try submitting your links to search engines.
Then the next day (after finding out that your inbox isn't
flooded with orders), you figure it didn't work; so you jump
to the classifieds. If this doesn't work you jump to press
releases, then discussion forums and this just keeps
going on and on.

This is the wrong approach to online marketing. This is
a sure way to failure. Not only can this be very confusing,
but this also shows your lack of commitment; because
you're so soon to give up on something if it doesn't bring
you instant satisfaction. If you think your going to get instant
satisfaction; you might as well start packing your bags now.

I don't really blame you though.... Our whole life evolves
around instant gratification. We want fast internet access,
faster modems, faster downloading, instant oatmeal,
we cook our food in microwaves......

But when it comes to marketing on the net, it's essential
that you develop and commit to some sort of marketing
plan. If your going to submit your links to search engines,
concentrate only on that. If you want to use other
promotional methods, set a time aside for that also.

Write out your plan. Whether it's a to do list on a sheet
of paper or on your calendar; write it down.

Let's say that on Monday you're going to submit your links
to search engines and on Tuesday you wanted to send out
press releases; write it on your calendar. This will help you
organize your marketing efforts. You'll soon see that you'll
get more accomplished and you'll receive better results.

2. Don't Be Afraid To Change Or Try Something New

Ok, you've set up your plan and you have an idea now
what you're trying to accomplish. But you're not done

Why do you think visitors are leaving your site? Why
don't they send you their orders? It's because they
don't recognize a good deal, right?

Wrong. It may be that outdated website design, or
they're having problems viewing your site on
certain browsers. May be your content is outdated.
May be your ads and sale letters are poorly written....

Whatever the case if you're currently using ads or
any other promotional materials that are not bringing
in responses or sales; it may be time to go back to
the drawing board.

I know you're hesitant to make changes, because you
believe your ads or products are hot and one day
they'll bring in the 'big one'. But it's time to realize
that, maybe this won't happen and it's time to make
some changes.

But don't think of your fear of change as something foreign
or uncommon; because we all fear change to a certain
degree. When it's suggested, we naturally throw up a
defense. We figure, "If it ani't broke don't fix it". We have
been doing it for this long, it's no need to change it now.
This attitude is totally wrong when it comes to marketing.
You'll always have to make changes or adapt.

Let's say you're selling a widget that comes in blue, but
all of your customers have requested it in red. What
will you do? Will you insist that they buy it in blue? Or
will you start manufacturing the red widget? Of course,
if your want to stay in business for a while, you'll make
this change.

As you can see change isn't always bad. I'm sure you have
heard the stories of those who businesses were failing
miserably because their ads or sales letters weren't bringing
in sales. Then when they change a few words, the ads
brought in millions! So you may only have to change a word
or two.

Maybe it's only a few typos on your site. May be you should
stop relying on free resources and start investing some of your
own money to promote your business? You can't always expect
something for nothing. Maybe you should start doing some offline
marketing to promote your site? Whatever your case may be, do
whatever is necessary to bring in sales. Don't let a color
or a couple words stand between you and your success.

We mentioned earlier about those who seek instant
satisfaction from the net. When marketing online, you
should try to look at it from a long term perspective. What
you do today, may not bring you results until next month
or next year. Some prospects will have to become familiar
with who you are, your company, your products and
services. This may require some time.

Because things change so rapidly on the net. What was
useful and effective yesterday may be obsolete today. So
be sure that you continue to stay up-dated with the
newest marketing techniques and technologies.

*This article may be reprinted and used only in its
entirety in your newsletters or ezines. Only
requirement is that you also include the resources
box below.

**Article by John Ellis. John has written many articles,
manuals, and books about online marketing. His desire
is to assist other businesses in achieving the success
YOU deserve! Check out his newest book, "Net Marketing
Made Easy!" Subscribe to the FREE bi-weekly ezine NOW!

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Joke provided by
Laurie Delk <>

MEN - Jokes

How many honest, intelligent, caring men in the world does it take to do
the dishes?
Both of them.

Why don't women blink during foreplay?
They don't have time.

Why does it take 1 million sperm to fertilize one egg?
They won't stop to ask directions.

How does a man show that he is planning for the future?
He buys two cases of beer.

What is the difference between men and government bonds?
The bonds mature.

Why are blonde jokes so short?
So men can remember them.

How many men does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
We don't know; it has never happened.

Why is it difficult to find men who are sensitive, caring and good
They all already have boyfriends.

To be continued.....


Let's hear from you......

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