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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         F e a t u r e d    P o s t

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

1.) Traffic Problem Solutions

2.)Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?
~ Trevis M. Orr

3.) AOL & long messages
~ Kelvin Brown
~ Marianne Payton
~ Lee E. Osteen Sr

4.) Does a domain name make a difference in listings and  traffic?
~ Kelvin Brown

5.)Looking for free advice
~ Wendy Phillips

N e w     P o s t s   (6)

1).Ross W, Reyman, Jr.
~ Double Your Hits in One Day by Using Redirection Services

2.) Ron Fara
~ Are  SAFE E Mail list are the way to promote ???

~ Altavista drops pages

4.)Jeff Neil
~ Broadcasters' Freebie!

5.) Philip Lewis
~The more competition the better

6.) Melanie Kozik
~ Subject: A little Y2K Tip for Everyone

Site Review Responses (1)
1.Robert Lee

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Webpage Design & Promotion Tips You Can Pass Along for More Traffic!
By Robert Olson

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  85  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Everybody knows how difficult it is to get listed on some high traffic
search engines and even more importantly get ranked high.

I just did the search today on Altavista after reading Melanie post
about dropped pages and did search on usual keywords
"free classifieds". To my surprise my pages showed up as
first in the search. I typed these two words again as I thought
I probably searched for keywords adland or maybe my URL.
And again my sits showed as first in the search.
This gave me a smile. I did another search "classifieds and
promotion" Again my site showed as a  first.
Then I went to For the same keywords my site
showed as third  for one of my partners sites and 18-Th
for actual site.  I did similar search on other search engines
Infoseek  about 13.
I never optimized those pages to rank for particular search
engine. What's the conclusion then.
I believe I read it somewhere but can't remember who said it.
I think this was Jim Daniels.

"Do what you got to do and people will find you and
you will be ranked for keywords which relate to your business."

This is exactly what is happening with ranking for AdlandPro.

This is  tip for those who are trying to get  some traffic and
think that  nothing works.

If you spend all of your  time on submitting your ads to free resources
and  forget about  building your business, defining your goals and
developing relationship with your clients, you are missing important
basic elements.

You  need to  build relationship with your clients and let them
know that you are there for them. If you get one hit, try to get contact
with  this visitor and  remind him/her about yourself, your product,
your service  periodically.

This digest is kind of communication medium for me with people who
came once to my site (but not only).

Build trust around yourself and let people know you.
They will tell others  and this will be your most loyal customers because
they won't question anything.

This process will take time and don't expect after two months to
be able to quit your day job and only work on your online business,
with handful of people on your mailing list.
You will need thousands of members on your list to get these
few who will  notice you.
There will be new people joining and old leaving your list.

It might take you a year or two but when you reach this point you will
have steady stream of income and quitting your day job will be
necessity because there is only 24 hours in a day and you also need
time for sleep.

I still see people contacting me or participating in Adland Digest
who joined me when I was just starting  (about 2 years ago) and
words like marketing or promotion on the internet was something
I heard about and didn't have slightest idea that I will be writing
this today to you.

And believe me  this will happen to you but you must spend
each day  some of your free time on building also relationship
not just getting hits.



I invite everybody to use new forum to make our discussion more
effective and more easily available.
I started web based discussion forum which can be accessed here

Currently there are four  discussion forums and Bulletin Board
1. Promotion techniques
2. Site Reviews
3.Search Engine Placement
4. Other
5.Bulletin board

Once you there post your free ad to section  "Bulletin Board".
When asked for user id and password for the first time, just
enter your favorite ones.


Now opportunity for  G R A P H I C   D E S I G N E R S

I'm announcing contest on designing of logo for "Success Story of the Year"
which will be used to link to winner of Adland Digest contest. Info below.
If your logo is chosen, link to your site will be  placed under logo
indicating Designer Site.
If you are interested, please go here to find out about details
I will invite all Adland's Digest subscribers to choose the logo.
See here currently designed logos.


If you think,  you have an interesting success story to tell, please send
it to digest as usual and indicate as such.
At the end of 1999  I will create web page and will invite everybody
to vote for the "Success Story Of The Year"
Best voted story will receive one FREE year of advertising
in the form of  small button at the bottom of each AdlandPro page.
AdlandPro  receives  450,000 page viewings , 75,000 unique
visitors  and grows on average 15% each month.

To be eligible for the prize, this story has to be from your own

See existing success stories here and click (Success Stories)


======================F e a t u r e d   P o s t ========================
From: "Afizah BH" <>
Subject: Just me, the newbie.....

When I first set up my email account about 2 years ago,
gosh! I was actually looking forward to getting emails.
Then as time went by, I started getting unsolicited emails
with all sorts of "make money overnight" offers. I wasn't
really a frequent surfer, but curiosity got the better of
me and so, yes, I did browse through some of those offers.

But being someone who was new to the internet, I got scared
the moment someone mentioned about adding links, or putting
meta tags and what nots. For a net dumbo like me, I thought,
"Gosh! I'm never gonna make it if I got to do all these in
online marketing!"

Finally I did sign up for some opportunities with self-
replicating websites. I was asked to advertise in some free
classifieds sites, and free links sites, which I did, and
poor innocent me had actually expected some sales from that!
(Phew! What a dumbo I was!)

My uplines kept telling, "Don't give up! Keep on trying."
Huh! Easy for them to say, they've already built their own
mailing list, and they're definitely much better than me in
"sweet-talking" people into signing up. (Why else did you
think I signed up? :-) )

One program I joined had good upline support, but I had to
pay monthly fees for this one which I couldn't afford, and
being Asian, matters became worse with the recent economic
crisis. So I opted out, after making just enough money to
get back what I paid at first to get in. (I still lost out
with the monthly fees for the few months I was in)

Well, I'm now back on the scene, after learning some tricks
about setting up a webpage. I got my lessons for free - by
trial and error. (Meaning to say, almost every trial ended
in error!!) I'm just lurking around waiting for those "free-
to-join" or low-cost one-time payment money-making opportunities,
sign up whenever I think they offer something good, and placed
all the links and banners on a homepage I can call my own.
And hey, I didn't use any web-wizard builder for this page,
I did it on my own!! I have already earned more than what I
invested this time around, thus I am no longer a loser. My
homepage may not look that great, but I'll be sure to improve
it from time to time with the new things I learn every day.

I am a total unknown, but I am building my own online business,
slowly... but surely. So, if there are any other newbies like
me out there, believe me, you don't get rich overnight. You've
got to work for your money --- even if you're working from home.

Take your time learning new things. One fine day, you'll get to
where you really want to go. And with all the "make money while
you surf" kinda programs.... at least you've already got a source
to pay for your internet bills! What is there to lose?

And if you are already successful in your online business, how
about sharing with us your own experience when you first started,
and how did you go about setting things right?

Just me, the newbie....
Afizah BH

Afizah BH <>
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Carolyn
Subject: RE: free advertising resources

Here are some free advertising places I have used and found helpful for
increased traffic usually the same day! and the following http:// +endings:,,,,
, IS IT?!)and e-mail opt in groups such as
globallists,egroups and has taken me a while to find/use
these but they are free to use and have worked wqith some effort on my


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Trevis M. Orr" <>
Subject: Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?

In response to Mr. Banker's posting, there is indeed a commission
threshold for many LinkShare merchants (e.g. the merchant pays monthly or
quarterly when commission amount exceeds $25.00, etc.).  Merchants decide
individually what their thresholds will be.  Additionally, commissions
earned in one month (if the threshold is exceeded) may
be paid out a few months later, due to a necessary accounting
period. Let me try to clarify by explaining the process:

1 - Invoices are generated by LinkShare and sent to merchants approximately
days after the end of each month.  This lag is necessary to ensure that
any adjustments are made in the proper period, and to ensure that all
transactions for the month have been reported.

2 - LinkShare provides the tracking and reporting for the Affiliate
Programs in our Network.  Responsibility for payment to affiliates is the
ultimate responsibility of each
individual merchant.  A contract is entered into between LinkShare and
the affiliate when the affiliate joins the Network.  Subsequently,
affiliates enter into
separate agreements with their merchant partners regarding the terms of
each merchant program.
These are individual agreements between merchant and affiliate.  Although
LinkShare is not responsible for payments from merchants to affiliates,
please be assured that we only
accept reputable merchants, and those failing to meet such obligations
would be removed immediately from the LinkShare Network.

I know delays can be frustrating, and, admittedly, the process
sometimes takes longer than expected, but our affiliates are always paid.

Trevis M. Orr
Director of Affiliate Happiness
LinkShare Corporation

Note from Editor.
This is official response from LinkShare
I don't know this affiliate program myself  and after exchanging correspondence
with Franklin Banker it seems like there is no party here to discuss any of
the mentioned issues. Everybody seems to be pointing fingers.
I would be glad to hear other experiences with LinkShare.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: kelvin brown <>
Subject: AOL & long messages

In #135, we were asked for tips on downloading larger
messages in AOL.


This is not a true AOL tip.  However, if you could
assure AOL'ers that are having problems w/the large
files that you would have the current issue published
to the website within-say 48 hours, they could read it
online. Just include the URL at the top of the
To view previous issues go to

Kelvin Brown

Call to Webmasters - Give away FREE NO Obligation
Banner exposures. For each banner placed at or /specialtyshops
You will receive 50 exposure, up to 2500.

Note from publisher.

Its done.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From: Marianne Payton <>
Subject: AOL & long messages

Dear Bogdan and Adlanders:

I could not help but answer Opal Gilbert about getting her ezines on AOL
and I have found the perfect solution.  I had asked Bogdan why I was not
getting the news and went to the archives to find I had missed a few
good ones.

Get a Free Hotmail email account!  Not only will they accept large
ezines like Adlands, but they print them out beautifully.  I forget
about going there until suddenly I realize I did not get a recent ezine
and away I go.  I went up last night and there was one I already had
through my earthlink address, I think, or maybe AOL, since I haven't
gotten off of it yet, but Hotmail beats them all!  Hands down! The one I
picked up last night was #135 and it printed out a beautiful 24 pages
with no broken sentences with one word on the next line, but all nice,
clean copy.

That's it, guys.  I haven't compared it to Earthlink for sure yet since
I am checking out 3 mailboxes, but will be sure and let you know, Bogdan
if you can eliminate it - you can eliminate AOL because it's just not
reliable.  That's the reason I've changed ISP's.

Marianne E. Payton

Apply for your Merchant Account Now...
Apply For Your UNSECURED Credit Cards

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From: Lee E. Osteen Sr <>
Subject: AOL & long messages

Hello Bogdan!
    I have been with you since around issue 67 and ALWAYS
look forward to recieving and utilizing your digests. They have
taught me plenty and I thank you very much for your continued
outstanding efforts. Keep up the good work, you are appreciated!

    In issue #135, you had been asked for tips on downloading
larger messages on AOL. In issue #136, Melody T Vargas
<> stated in her response that
downloading the attached file and opening it to read it is annoying
and NOT the preferred method to handle your fantastic publication.

I have a REAL PROBLEM with that statement. Isn't it up to the
individual's personal taste to determine which is the best method
for them? I really appreciate Melody's explaination of a way to get
the file and agree that it can be done that way. However, to me,
Adlands Digests are extremely important and I prefer to keep them
on disk(s) for a continued source of information. I feel others might
want to keep them as I do.

     I push the download now button on the bottom of the e-mail.
When it asks where I want to place the file, I simply send it to
drive A:, label the file Adlands Digest # xxx and hit ok. This places
it in a 3 1/2 " diskette that I have exclusively for your digests.

    I can read them at any time, anywhere I have computer or laptop
access by opening them with Microsoft Word.

    So all of you AOL Adlanders that want to keep this excellent
information readily available, you now have . . . the rest of the story.

    Thanks for listening and Keep Up The Great Work!
    Lee E. Osteen Sr.

Advertisers want to pay YOU to be online! They pay me! Best of all... it's
For free details about this free service: <A

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: Kelvin Brown <>
Subject: Does a domain name make a difference in listings and  traffic?

>From: Sheila Currie<>
>Hi, I have a question and I would like some opinions.
>Does having a domain name make a big difference in
>getting posted on the big search engines (like
>Yahoo)? I noticed 99% of those listed had there own

The answer is a BIG YES.  Having a domain name makes a
difference.  It is presumed that if you do not have a
domain name that you are not serious about your
business, since a domain only costs $70 or less for 2
years.  Not only does Yahoo seem to give it more
weight, but so do surfer's.  It's like the difference
between owning a building and being a tenant.  Owners
can make decisions, tenant have to abide by them.  As
a tenant you can get kicked out at any time.  And
maybe you have invisted hundreds of hours and dollars
to get your site listed. You have been forced to move,
now what?

When you have your own domain, you can be asked to
move, but there is not much reason to notify the world
of a chance of address, because if the domain name is
registered to you properly, it becomes portable.
Meaning you can host with anyone you choose.

By having your own domain you can choose something
meaningful to your website/business, like

Spend the money and register your own domain name.
If money is a problem, you can still use the free site
for hosting, and have your domain name redirect to
your exixting site.

What's the Goal here. Get your OWN domain, now.  You
might even register more than one.
Free Web Building Reports:
Free Classifieds:
Free Newsletter:
Free Link exchanges (FFA)

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
Subject:Looking for free advice

David Reno <>
wrote in Adland Digest issue #135

"Ok first when I read this the first time it just made my head spin! First
off in my experience no one has EVER sold a MAYBE!! Right off the bat my
first reaction seeing MAYBE as the first word of your sales message was
...well MAYBE NOT!"

Once my brother was alone at home in his bedroom with the
window open. A door-to-door "salesman" walked up the driveway, and asked
through the window, "You wouldn't want to buy any _____, would you?"
"No," my brother said. End of story.

One must never is selling or promoting give one the easy opportunity to say,
No. In fact, you have to Tell (Command) the page viewer to do something. Or
he/she probably won't. Most people are like sheep--they like to be led.

Wendy Phillips

Globe City's Planet Shopping

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Ross W, Reyman, Jr. <>
Subject:Double Your Hits in One Day by Using Redirection Services

I had a successful web site, but since most of the profits goes for
medicine (I have a disability), I needed to double the hits on my web

I tried everything. I found that most of the top search engines would not
allow a second page to my web site. Link blasters for a second hit only
10%. The culprit was html. The blaster would record a configuration error
almost every time.

One day, I saw a delivery truck with an ad for a redirect service called The ad told me that I could that use one of my pages with a new
web address. I posted my new site. These services do little but redirect
a new address to one of your page. Their services are FREE, but they
usually place a banner at the end of the page.

In the next hour, I posted to search engines, links, free classified
blaster, and got into a directory of services. The next day, the hits for
both pages almost doubled, and eventually hit double. The solution was


1) Go to a search engine such as Click in
redirection services or free domain.
2) Make sure that you have meta tags for your site. You can get help with
making your meta tags at
3) Get a second email address at
4) Make sure that your new web site and email address works.
5) Blast away. has over five million
sources of free ads everywhere.
6) Get one free million ad generator for your site. Contact These sites will multiple your hits, but
take about one year to totally materialize.

Ross W. Reyman, Jr. is a small business consultant. You may receive his
free newsletter  Entrepreneur 2001 at

Ross W. Reyman, Jr.

FREE ads, reports, merchandise,publications
Home of Five Million Freebies For Moneymakers

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Ron Fara <>
Subject: Are  SAFE E Mail list are the way to promote ???


I am a brand new member this list and the internet marketing in general.  I
would like to know if SAFE E Mail list are the way to promote a website where
you give something of real value away for free.

If it is I am looking for Safe List, so If you know of one that has given you a
good response,could you be so kind as to share with it.  The product I market is
probably the first one I have ever seen that can be given away and a person can
really learn some valuable internet marketing.

Any information is greatly apprecaited!


Free E-Book Normally $99.95

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Melanie" <>
Subject: Altavista drops pages

   It appears that along with altavista's new look-they dumped a
LOT of their url's.  Where I had 6 pages listed, I now have none and
I am not alone.

Go check to see if you are still there-and if not, resubmit, resubmit,
resubmit! :}

Check by putting your domain in "  "

Investigative Resources for Everyone

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Jeff Neil" <>
Subject: Broadcasters' Freebie!

Hello Bogdan,  Congratulations and thank you!  Your list is clearly
providing an excellent and valuable service to many, many people!
The College of International Radio Broadcasting is now offering a free
download preview of our Broadcasters' E-mail Correspondence Course to
internetters, however, we have recently received letters stating that they
have had difficulty downloading, (apparently it starts and then quits) yet
whenever I try, it downloads just fine.  I would appreciate any ideas as to
what could be the cause of the problem, if anyone on the list encounters the
same hitch, and if so, how to correct it.  We would also be happy to offer
it to anyone on Adland's list who would like to add it as a freebie to their
site for those interested in improving their communication skills.   The
preview is available for free download at:

Best Rgds,

Jeff Neil
College of International Radio Broadcasting

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: (Philip Lewis)
Subject:The more competition the better

My name is Philip Lewis and I want to promote my personalized stores
powered by Anyone can do it because it's free. I've been at
it for about six weeks and have not made a sale. I think they've got a
great idea and I am not going to give up. I have an idea that the more
competition the better for business. If you're not familiar with vstore
I suggest you take a look at my stores below. They have everything and I
mean everything. I don't mind advertising for them because like I said,
I want the competition. I am looking to correspond with people who who
have experience in promotion and have an interest in this idea of mine
which is the more competition the better.

Philip Dane Lewis

luv makes the world go 'round

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Melanie Kozik <>
Subject: Subject: A little Y2K Tip for Everyone

*****i thought some people might find this helpful :}

If you are running any version of windows, this is a fix for a small
Y2K problem.  It is easy enough to fix....and...

Every single installation of Window's worldwide is defaulted to fail
the Y2K rollover!!

Now you will know how to prepare your computer.

After running this quick little test,
much to my surprise, I learned that my computer would have failed
on 01-01-2000, due to a computer clock glitch.  Fortunately, a
quick fix is provided, should your computer fail the test.


Double click on "My Computer".

Double click on "Control Panel".

Double click on "Regional Settings" icon.

Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page.

Where it says "Short Date Sample", look and see if it show's a "two
digit" year.  Of course it does.
That's the default setting for Window's 95, 98 and NT.  This date
setting is the date that feeds
application software and WILL NOT roll over in the year 2000.  It will
roll over to 00.

Click on the down arrow button to the right of "Short Date Style"
and select
the option that show's mm/dd/yyyy. (Be sure your selection has
four "y's" showing,  not two.)

IMPORTANT:  Click on "Apply" and then on "OK" at the bottom.

How many people know about it?  How many people know to
change that?

What will be the effect?
Who knows? But this is another example of the pervasiveness and
systematic nature of the problem.

You are now ready for the big 2000.

Melanie Kozik
Digital Information Specialist

Putting Families back Together Again

===============Site Review Response (1) ====================
From: "Robert Lee" <>

Hi All!

So many newcomers, so little time.

I would really appreciate it if someone would take a look at my site and let
me know how it looks.  This is my first attempt at creating a site using
html instead of one of those site building
programs.  I'd like to know how I did.  Thanks!
Well, I guess the first problem is that the server is not working, so
unfortunately no review.

Hi! I am hoping to get some feedback on my site:
My problems are several: meta tags title and I do not know html so that I
can add plain text at the top of the page under the welcome sign! HELP!alos
how to get page to load faster?
Your site did not load either.

Need help generating the code for basic Meta Tags?
I have a free Meta Tag code generator ready for download at:
Also shows screen shots and instructions.

Thanks Bogdan!
Robert Lee

Thank You For Choosing
As Your Dating Service Directory

===============Site Review Request (1) ====================
From: Lonnie McElroy <>

I have spent so much time in development of this product that I find it
difficult to critique my site.. Any and all opinions, comments and
suggestions are welcomed...

Thank you.
With Kind Regards,
Lonnie McElroy

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Webpage Design & Promotion Tips You Can Pass Along for More Traffic!
By Robert Olson

Sharing useful information  is a very effective way of increasing traffic to
your website. This technique for finding prospects has been used for decades.
Magazines have always carried articles with the author's signature file
their article.
Now here in the internet age, you too can use this powerful prospect finding

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part of
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Website Design & Promotion - Tip One

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business, focus your attention on it! You are or will be bombarded with
opportunitites from every direction. Some copywriters are so good that they
can make it seem like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.
Beware and stick to what you have started! That is the only way to find success
in any venture.

Website Design & Promotion - Tip Two

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Website Design & Promotion - Tip Three

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Website Design & Promotion - Tip Four

Don't Let Your Traffic Click Away So Fast!  There isn't one of us that like
the fact that alot of our traffic will click away from our websites and may
never find their way back .
Sometimes the resources or affiliate banners we add to our site can result
in lost revenue in other areas. Here is a way to keep people at your site even
though they click on one of your links.

You can create a new window with your webpage remaining in the back ground
with this simple html code. Let us say that the banner, button or text link has
the url of:
<a href=""> By adding target="_blank" within the url code,
you can open up a new window and keep your visitors at your site longer.
The new html code should look like this:
<a href=""target="_blank">

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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Joke provided by
Joy Lewis <>

Too often, we lose sight of life's simple

Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles
in your face to frown

BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and
smack the fool
upside the head. ;-)

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