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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher
         F e a t u r e d    P o s t

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.)Response to Melanie Kozik's Y2K "fix"
~ David Reno
~ Robert Lee

2.)Saving & Retrieving  (was AOL & long messages)
~ Melody Treece

3.)The Coveted Email  (was Moderator Notes)
~ Tim S.

4.)LinkShare (was Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?)
~ Franklin Banker
~ G Morrison
~ Todd Crawford
~ Robyn Wright

5.) Coding to hold your viewers
~ William J. Viers

6.)Re: Traffic Problem Solutions - AD #136
~ Frank Ricken

7.) URL Redirection Service
~ Afizah Bani Hashim

N e w     P o s t s   (5)

1).Don Wetmore
~ Interrupt

2.) R.C. McLean
~ Newbie with questions

3.)Johan Almekinders
~ Site Submission Resources

4.)  Eric
~ Is there a shopping cart program that can be on your site only ?

5.) Lenny Libman
~ Advertising on the net

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: David Reno <>
Subject: Response to Melanie Kozik's Y2K "fix"

Melanie Kozik Wrote: After running this quick little
test, much to my surprise, I learned that my computer
would have failed on 01-01-2000, due to a computer
clock glitch.  Fortunately, a quick fix is provided,
should your computer fail the test.
Double click on "My Computer".
Double click on "Control Panel".
Double click on "Regional Settings" icon.
Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page.
Where it says "Short Date Sample", look and see if it
show's a "two digit" year.  Of course it does.
That's the default setting for Window's 95, 98 and NT.
This date setting is the date that feeds
application software and WILL NOT roll over in the
year 2000. It will roll over to 00.
Click on the down arrow button to the right of "Short
Date Style" and select the option that show's
mm/dd/yyyy. (Be sure your selection has four "y's"
showing,  not two.)
IMPORTANT:  Click on "Apply" and then on "OK" at the
How many people know about it?  How many people know
change that? What will be the effect? Who knows? But
this is another example of the pervasiveness and
systematic nature of the problem.

Melanie....While I know your heart was in the right
place the aforementioned "fix" will not work and is
listed in as another of their
urban legends. WHO started this I have no idea but
please if you tested your computer and found it won't
operate come Jan 1,2000 DO NOT RELY ON THIS AS A
CURE-ALL! Because it does'nt matter whether your
computer has a 2 or 4 digit year it will still not be
Y2K Compliant with your fix!! You can also check my
friend Bob Osgoody's site and you will
find there as well that this is and has been reported
as a hoax "fix"! I urge you to get over to my Y2K
Guardian site at:
and have your computer tested properly! The test is
free if there is a problem we have the solution for
99% of the problems! Also you can go to your computer
manufacturer's Y2K hardware test sites an example of a
few of these are.....

Now these will test your hardware to insure they are
compliant and while Micosoft's site will test your
operating system you're still not finished! You MUST
test ALL of your software as well! Which is another
thing that we test and provide a fix for at my Y2K
Guardian site the url again is ..........
I hope these various sites will help everyone and
please folk's don't wait until the last minute to
check your system's out! WHY take the chance of losing
the Internet Marketer's bread and butter YOUR
You can also access my Y2K Guardian site thru my JIBB
site at  Thank you for your


Dave Reno


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Robert Lee" <>
Subject: Response to Melanie Kozik's Y2K "fix"

Dear Bogdan,

I must reply to what was posted in the last Digest.
From: Melanie Kozik <>
Subject: Subject: A little Y2K Tip for Everyone
*****i thought some people might find this helpful :}
If you are running any version of windows, this is a fix for a small
Y2K problem.  It is easy enough to fix....and...
Every single installation of Window's worldwide is defaulted to fail
the Y2K rollover!!

This is a total hoax!
For real information about the Y2K problem, visit
and read about it.

For information about the above control panel date problem, read what
Microsoft says about this hoax at:

The Display Date has nothing whatsoever to do with how your computer reads
the date.
Facts about Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Y2K...
* Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are compliant
assuming all recommended actions specified in the respective compliance
documents have been taken. The steps above are not required actions and do
not have to be performed in order to obtain compliance.
* The short date format style in Regional Settings is a display
setting only.
* Dates are stored and processed by Windows in a 4 digit format
regardless of the short date format style selected in Regional settings.
* Customers can use the regional settings tab to adjust how the date
is displayed (e.g. mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy)
* In order to avoid ambiguous dates, Microsoft recommends using 4
digits when entering date data and expanding the date field in regional
setting to 4 digits. However this is not required to attain compliance.
You can visit and have your system checked for free

Don't let yourself be known for spreading this hoax. If you have forwarded
the message to someone, tell them it is a hoax and stop the panic right now!
If you are a registered user of Windows 98, use the Windows Update feature
that is built into your system and be sure that you have made all
recommended critical updates to your system!
Robert Lee

Thank You For Choosing
As Your Dating Service Directory

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject: Y2K - Hoax?

The quote below is directly from the Microsoft page..The 4th paragraph is
particularly interesting to me...not REQUIRED to attain compliance...yet they
Recommend using 4 digits...hmmmm.
Either way-I do not see how doing that simple action can be called a
*hoax*...Microsoft had a lot to say about Back Orifice too <G> about it
Microsoft apparently took down their page about that .. ...They also say we are
"malicious users try to camouflage harmful software"...when nothing could be
more false...I am not a malicious user trying to do anything!
They also say "You may also want to adopt some "best practices" date- handling
habits, such as consistently using {HYPERLINK
');"}four-digit years in your work. {HYPERLINK
0','250');"}Two-digit year shortcuts are always susceptible to inaccurate
interpretation, and this possibility can be eliminated by changing the way that
you regularly specify dates. Adopting recommended "best practices" will help to
minimize your risk regarding date handling—both now and in the future."
In any case-Microsoft isn't the *god* of the internet. They cannot predict what
will occur in a situation which has never occured before IMO. And fortunatley I
am still entitled to MO in this medium.
And while I was at Microsoft, I took their Y2K compliance test-to which I got
this reply: "sequence does not exist (DBD ERROR: OCIStmtExecute)Thank you for
taking the time to submit your results."
Then I tried another link "Will your PC work properly in the year 2000? Or will
it be confused into thinking that it's 1900 again?"
"({HYPERLINK ""}Find out now: Test your PC's
year 2000 compliance right here! )"
and it said "We're sorry, but we were unable to find the page you requested."
All of which was not very helpful to me...
In any case-if I am Wrong. I apologize. If I am not wrong-there is no harm done.
(as in UN -malicious) <g>
The Quote:
"Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT are compliant assuming all
recommended actions specified in the respective compliance documents have been
taken. The steps above are not required actions and do not have to be performed
in order to obtain compliance.
The short date format style in Regional Settings is a display setting only.
Dates are stored and processed by Windows in a 4 digit format regardless of the
short date format style selected in Regional settings.
Customers can use the regional settings tab to adjust how the date is displayed
(e.g. mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy)
In order to avoid ambiguous dates, Microsoft recommends using 4 digits when
entering date data and expanding the date field in regional setting to 4 digits.
However this is not required to attain compliance. "

One more thing-and this isn't a hoax. IE browser is a SHELL. It is very easy to
hack into all a computer's files on any system running it online.. Netscape or
Oprah are not invincible but are far more secure.

>From Wired Magazine: "A new security {HYPERLINK
""}vulnerability uncovered in Microsoft Internet
Explorer 4.0 will allegedly allow a malicious individual to write a line of HTML
on a Web page that will execute native code on a user's machine. Such code could
run, create, or delete a file - or do anything a user can do from sitting in
front of his machine.
"Add to this the fact that you can email HTML to IE 4.0 users, and you have some
very interesting repercussions," said Elias Levy, an Internet security
"Currently, there is no solution available for this flaw," says the L0pht
advisory. "You can't set any Internet Explorer options to avoid it, and you are
not protected by any level of zone security. Simply don't surf the Web, read
email, or view Net news using Internet Explorer 4.0 until Microsoft puts up a
"Some operating systems, Shipley said, are easier to compromise than others, and
"[Windows] NT is not capable of being anything nearly like a reliable system for
the Internet."
And hotmail is Still readable by the world...use encryption people.
"/templates/frame.html?adgroup=secnews&url=/external/http%3a%2f%2fwww.mercurycen"}"Security flaw leaves e-mail
systems open to attack by David L. Wilson < {HYPERLINK
"/external/"}San Jose Mercury News > "
fNews%2fItem%2f0,4,18105,00.html"}"IE 4 URL bug resurfaces by Alex Lash <
A glitch in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.0 browser, which the company fixed
last fall, has cropped up again in a slightly differ..."
"Computer security experts have identified a gaping hole in three of the most
widely used e-mail programs in the wo..."
"IE bug opens users' hard drives  By {HYPERLINK ""}Paul
Festa Staff Writer, CNET"
Read about everything at
Thus I conclude...protect...modify...Research!
Melanie Kozik
Putting Families back Together Again

Note from Moderator.

4 digit or 2 digit year format might not have problems with Windows
itself but Windows is used to run other applications and I had
practical experience where this particular setting would cause
problems working on data which had dates after 2000.
I have built this application using certain tool wich was assuming
wrong date (19xx)  if 2 digit year was used in the settings.
In short it won't hurt you to change those settings.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Melody Treece" <>
Subject: Saving & Retrieving  (was AOL & long messages)

In #137 Lee E. Osteen suggests that I keep my personal
opinion to myself about the best way to read AOL files:

>  In issue #136, Melody T Vargas stated in her response that
> downloading the attached file and opening it to read it is annoying
> and NOT the preferred method to handle your fantastic publication.
> I have a REAL PROBLEM with that statement. Isn't it up to the
> individual's personal taste to determine which is the best method
> for them?

Lee is absolutely correct.  I should have clarified that I felt it
was the best solution for being able to read it immediately and
online without having to clean-up your hard-drive later.  I made
an assumption that anyone who wanted to save the digests was
already using the download feature and renaming their files
according to their own personal scheme or had an organization
system in place for all their newsletters.  We all know what
happens when we start assuming. :)

> I push the download now button on the bottom of the e-mail.
> When it asks where I want to place the file, I simply send it to
> drive A:, label the file Adlands Digest # xxx and hit ok. This places
> it in a 3 1/2 " diskette that I have exclusively for your digests.

This is a great tip if you don't want to use the archives on the
Adland site or want to work offline.  The important part is making
sure that you are naming your files yourself or else AOL will do
it adlanddi.txt, adlandd1.txt, adlandd2.txt, etc.

Generally, I just save articles I like, this way I can categorize them
and name them so that they are easier for me to retrieve.  I clip the
relevant portions and save it in a file.  There is freeware called
TreePad that works great for organizing and saving articles,
passwords, etc. in Win95 and up.

> So all of you AOL Adlanders that want to keep this excellent
> information readily available, you now have . . . the rest of the story.

Thanks Lee, you made a great point.

Is anyone else on or off of AOL doing anything unusual to store
and retrieve articles, review ad results or keep track of newsletters
you have found especially helpful?

Staying better organized is important to me in making the most
of my time online.  I'd love to hear other people's solutions.

Melody T Vargas,
Over 250 resources, tips & solutions for home businesses

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Tim S." <>
Subject: The Coveted Email  (was Moderator Note)

Hello Bogdan and fellow AdLand readers

I'm back to tell Bogdan, You hit the nail on the head !!! with this statement:

I never optimized those pages to rank for particular search
engine. What's the conclusion then.
I believe I read it somewhere but can't remember who said it.
I think this was Jim Daniels.

"Do what you got to do and people will find you and
you will be ranked for keywords which relate to your business."

This is the single most important element of success!  The old adage build it
and they will come does not work on the web. Pages that are thrown together or
that only contain info about several different programs will never rank high at
the search engines, unless you do a search for the title or domain name in which
case you are fooling yourself. I once read a letter where the person was elated
to rank high in the search engines and her search was a complete sentence of 7
words. She has better odds to win a state lottery than to have someone type in
that sentence in a search?

Do I know what I'm talking about? Most of you know me that read AdLands I wrote
CSA a web design & marketing course and am entered in the AdLands success story
contest. Useing the very simple and amazing concept of a Common Sense Approach I
am ranked in the top 10 at the search engines, like Bogdan for only 1 or 2
words. My home page,  is about home
consumer electronics, TVs, VCRs, Stereo and the "not yet infamous TLS Speaker",
which is my business. I come up #1 at Altavista for "vcr" and for "stereo
speaker" or "audiophile speaker" and these are the words that people are using
to search by as reported by my HitBox tracker. I'm #1 at MSN and #9 at Excite
and just like Bogdan, I did not use any secret formula to wiegh keywords or to
impress any one search engine. I merely wrote each and every page to be
specifically related to only one topic. This is a Common Sense formula, The
title of my VCR page is "VCR-Tips, Hints and Info" the heading of the page is
VCR's there are pictures with file names vcr1 & vcr2 and the text on the page is
about vcr's. The only banner on the page is one for my CSA course and it links
to another page at my site. There are actually 2 vcr pages, to keep them short
on the screen and make them load fast (28 seconds at 28.8) and they are named
vcr.html and vcr2.html.

Does being listed in the top 10 at the search engines get you hits? You bet it
does! Only this morning I received the Coveted Email,

From: webmaster@earthlink Subject: Website Traffic Warning!

Dear EarthLink member,

        According to the Terms and Conditions on the use of your personal
web site, each EarthLink member web site is entitled to 250 MB (megabytes)
of traffic per month.

        This message is being sent to warn you that your web site has just
exceeded 75% of your traffic allotment.  Please take steps now
to reduce this traffic.

Imagine being told to reduce your traffic after you worked so hard to get it :~)
The email goes on to say that I will be charged more money if my traffic exceeds
the alloted amount at a rate of 10 cents per meg. Last week I told you that my
traffic had tripled from 33 hits a day to 100, it has tripled again to over 300
hits a day (360 yesterday) and I believe that getting this email is just like
winning an award. It is a certificate that says "job well done" ! As I teach in
the course, the Internet is the Information Highway, The key to success on the
web is to provide information! The information needs to be factual, truthful,
honest and topic related. If your website follows these simple common sense
rules, it will be successful.

Normally I charge $24.95 to become a CSA Member and get access to the course.
Last week I invited readers to read the course for FREE as I was running a
special for 2 weeks to increase my newsletter subscriber base. That special ends
today Oct. 30th but I will increase it for another 2 weeks for AdLand readers
only. If you would like to read the CSA course go to:

As Always Wishing You the Best

Tim Sanders


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: Franklin Banker <>
Subject: LinkShare (was Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?)

In response to Mr Trevis Orr's posting:  Well, someone at Linkshare
really can write a businesslike response on e-mail.  I am surprised.  As
a long time affiliate of Linkshare, I could not get a respectful
response from Mr Orr, or anyone else at Linkshare.  Thanks to Adland for
this forum.

Let me please explain why I am mad a Linkshare.  Sales in the amount of
$1,885.00 were realized in June and July of 99 through my Linkshare
affiliate links to SwissArmyDepot.Com. In the past, I have had sales
from this link, and been paid the NEXT MONTH.  This time however,
something is wrong either in the integrity of the merchant or Linkshare,
I don't know which.  These sales are 4 and 5 months old, and are long
overdue to be paid to me.  On my members only area of Linkshare, under
this particular merchant, it states the terms of payment are "monthly".
So where is my $188.50 commission check from those months of June and
July 99?

I have been sending letters to Linkshare and to SwissArmyDepot.Com since
back in August, but SwissArmyDepot.Com has never responded to my
inquires once.  Maybe they have run out of money?  The only reaponse I
received from Linkshare was disrespectful, as follows:
- - - - - <snip> - - - - -
Dear FogDog,
We at LinkShare are aware of your concern about receiving your
commission checks, however, the issuing of checks is a process and not
an event.  It takes us time to issue all the checks and can't be done in

one day since we issue checks for numerous merchants as well as for
LinkShare.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for

choosing LinkShare.
Karl Morris
Assistant Director of Affiliate Support
-- - - - </snip>- - - - -
Notice how they refer to me as "FogDog"?  My username on Linkshare is
"bblmedia", not "FogDog". What's up with calling me "FogDog"?  The
letters I wrote to them were respectful and businesslike, and I will
provide a copy of them to anyone seriously interested.  Basically, I
believe Linkshare treats us small business affiliates with disrespect
because we don't produce the Big Bucks for member merchants, so they can
bounce us around and not pay us as they wish.

Maybe (as Trevis Orr stated in his post) the member merchant is
responsible for paying the affiliate, but Linkshare could intervene on
our behalf when substantial delays are experienced between sales and
payments.  From June to October is a very substantial delay.  I receive
all checks for affiliate sales within 30 days after month's end in most
cases.  In fact, I just received my check last week from Adland for
sales and traffic commissions from September, which is very reasonable.
If only Linkshare and SwissArmyDepot.Com could take a lesson from
Adland's excellent example.

As I memtioned, SwissArmyDepot has NEVER responded to my inquiries to
them through e-mail.  So where does this leave us affiliates?  I don't
need the money to survive, but why should I have to wait and fight for
commissions owed?  Needless to say, I have removed all links to the
SwissArmyDepot.Com on my shopping center for the time being, and if
Linkshare keeps hiding behind all this doubletalk, I will drop them
alltogether for their lack of intervention, lack of interest, lack of
responsibility and lack of integrity concern for their affiliates.

PS - Linkshare, my name is not "FogDog".

Franklin Banker

BBL Internet Media

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From: "G Morrison" <>
Subject: LinkShare (was Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?)

I have been a member of LinkShare since around May of this year.  I
think the first check came after 2-3 months (I am not someplace I can
check for sure) and was for the amount shown in the stats available, and
I have received a check every month since.  Any email sent to LinkShare
has been responded to. Some of the merchants have a 30 day return on
items purchased, so I can see the delay and have no problem with it.

I am also with Commission Junction according to their stats I have had
absolutely .00 commissions for 4 months, even though I had the same
targeted business (golf) as LinkShare. I emailed Commission Junction
stating I was surprised by this and did not receive a response. I have
pulled all affiliates of CJ from my site.

The other company I have used is Web Sponsors, I have also received
checks monthly from them, however, checking the actually stats showing
how many unique click thrus I had and the number of people signing up
for the offer did not seem to be consistent with other programs I have
had.  As an experiment, I signed up with one of the offers, it showed a
unique click thru, but I have yet to see it show up as a payment. I am
giving this 1 more month to show up and then I will be pulling these ads
off my site also.

Gary Morrison

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From: Todd Crawford <>
Subject: LinkShare (was Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?)

Franklin and LinkShare Affiliates,

It is unfortunate that you have had so many problems with LinkShare and
their merchants.  I have personally taken numerous telephone calls (and
emails) from affiliates complaining of LinkShare's lack of payment and poor
customer service.  The problem is that LinkShare is a merchant focused
solution.  As Trevis Orr of LinkShare put it, "responsibility of payment is
the ultimate responsibility of each merchant...subsequently, affiliates
enter into separate agreements with their merchant partners...LinkShare is
not responsible for payment...please be assured we only work with reputable
merchant, and those failing to meet such obligations would be removed from
the LinkShare Network."
LinkShare sets up merchants to run their own affiliate programs, which
includes paying affiliates and customer service/helpdesk/technical support.
Some LinkShare merchants do all of this in-house and some pay LinkShare to
do this for them.  Therein lies the problem.  Affiliates write LinkShare
for help and LinkShare tells the affiliates to write the merchants,
merchants can't answer the questions and refer the affiliates back to
LinkShare.  As you can see a vicious circle begins.  Everyone passes the
buck and the affiliate is left out in the cold.

Commission Junction realized that all online merchants would soon run
affiliate programs and the only thing that would set their programs apart
from the competition would be the service provided to the affiliates.  By
providing affiliates with centralized customer support and technical
assistance, trusted-third party reporting, and one paycheck each month,
Commission Junction provides merchants with the best affiliate management
solution for their affiliates.  Commission Junction pays affiliates when
they earn $25 or more each month - whether they earn $5 from five merchant
or $25 from one merchant, our affiliates get paid all of their money, as
often as possible.

In the end, we believe the only measure of success for affiliates is the
size of the paycheck.  If affiliates aren't happy with a program and the
solution provider they chose, they'll switch to a competitor.  Commission
Junction offers the largest network of merchants (over 217) for affiliates
to choose from.  We launched 56 new affiliate programs in the month of
October alone.  No other network offers affiliates as many choices of
merchants and the ability to get one consolidated check.  Our
"affiliate-centric" approach has lead to our success and the success of our
merchants and affiliates.

I wish you all success with your affiliate businesses.


Todd Crawford

Vice President Sales
Commission Junction - Sell Everywhere. Sell Often.
Direct:    805.560.0777
Toll free: 800.761.1072

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
From: Robyn Wright <>
Subject: LinkShare (was Do You Have Trouble Getting Paid for Affiliate Sales?)

Hi Franklin -

I have had ongoing problems with LinkShare - none of them being money,
YET.  Just a lot of problems with innacurate stats and reporting.  I did
just get a check from the FreeShop program from them today however - so
at least some of the affiliates are paying up - the money comes directly
from them, not LinkShare.  Hopefully the other companies will pay up as

FreeShop is the only reason I stay at LinkShare at all - I make quite a
bit of money with them, however I report every single problem I have
with LinkShare to FreeShop and they ARE listening and I think maybe
considering making a change.

Good Luck!

Robyn Wright
The Winners Club  - Enter & Win!

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From: (William J. Viers)
Subject: Coding to hold your viewers

Dear Bogdan,

Robert Olson gave some good advice about keeping your visitors by using
the TARGET="_blank" extension to your link addresses. I was using this
coding for quite some time, but found that sometimes the pages would not
load the first time I clicked on the link and I had to hit "STOP" and
then go back and double click on the link to get it to load.

One other code that is getting a lot of play and seems to work better is
this one:
<A HREF="" TARGET="-new">. When using the
TARGET="_new" extension in the A HREF code, I get a lot better results.
I just double click on the link one time and usually the link page loads
right up. I have no idea why the difference. The results are the same,
in that you are not losing your visitor to that linked site.
(incidentally, the URL used as an example is ficticious).

Bill Viers

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From: Frank Ricken <>
Subject: Re: Traffic Problem Solutions - AD #136

Hi Bogdan and fellow listmates!

I'm a webmaster "studying" search engines for almost
three years employing at least ten hours a week for
keeping my knowledge current...

That said, I felt obliged to inform all you faithful readers
that Melanie's advice posted in Adland's Digest #136 is
still untrue -
><meta name="DISTRIBUTION" content="GLOBAL">
><meta name="RATING" content="GENERAL">
><meta name="REVISIT-AFTER" content="30 DAYS">
><meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL">
>Add those meta tags to your main url. ( Robots ALL will get all
>your pages spidered. Revisit will automatically suck in any
>changes so you don't have to re-submit.)

The spiders of the top 20 search engines DON'T know/read
the above mentioned meta tags! Don't waste your time and
don't waste your webpages' space by adding such useless stuff.

For instance, the "revisit-after" tag is out of usage for more than
a year. If you don't use "robot.txt" file(s) at your website - which
is highly recommende - you can use the "robots" tag but by
using  content="index,follow"

Wishing everybody top SE positions!

Frank Ricken

Webmaster & SE "wiz"
josconNetworks Inc
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From: "Afizah Bani Hashim" <>
Subject: URL Redirection Service

In Adland Digest #137, Ross W, Reyman, Jr. <>
wrote about getting a redirection service to enable us to blast the new
URL and double our hits. I tried for a URL
redirection and I must say I'm truly impressed. Now instead of having
a long URL which is not easy for people to remember, I've got not only
a shorter URL but also looks more professional. No more hassles of
remembering all the /users or /members or index.html and numbers at
your URL.

My original URL is

Check out my signature file below and see how much better it looks now.

Afizah BH <>
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From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Interrupt

A major stumbling block to our daily plans is having to respond
to interruptions. ("Life is what happens to you along the way as
you plan otherwise.") I wrote an article entitled "Interrupt
Interruptions" that addresses this issue and I would be pleased
to share it with members of the List. To get your free copy,
email your request for "interrupt" to

Don Wetmore-Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington St. P.O. Box 2126 Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "R.C. McLean" <>
Subject: newbie with questions

I hope I can get some help to my questions.  I recently subscribed to your
newsletter and find it very helpful. Everyone seems to help one another
which is rare these days.  1) I read about signature files.  How do I set
one up and do you need one for every ad that is different?  2) Domain Names.
How do they work?  Would you have to change the address to all web pages
that you have built already?
As I said I'm new but have learned a lot in the 6 months I've been on the
Net and have a long way to go.  I hope these questions don't sound to stupid
but I would like to be able to understand them.

Invest your profits and double your money in a month.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Johan Almekinders <>
Subject: Site Submission Resources

The very handy web-site for submitting you URL for
free is:
Als other features on this page. It was very handy for
my affiliate store:
If you want, you can look at my site and give me some
comment about it. What can be improved. Please feel
free to mail me your comments/suggestions.

Johan Almekinders

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From:  Eric <>
Subject: Is there a shopping cart program that can be on your site only ?

OK i have a problem how do you get an order form to add up totals, if you
have no shopping cart system.

And is there a shopping cart program that can be on your site only not hosted
on others, (free or cheap).

Thank you


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "Lenny Libman" <>
Subject: Advertising on the net

I have found that the free classifieds or paid classifieds are far better
for bringing in leads than the FFA and free link pages.  I am still
uncertain about the search engines and direct emailing.  As a relative
newcomer to the internet, I would appreciate any advice or feedback I could
Lenny L.

MELALEUCA- Sell products that people are already using everyday, don't try
and sell something new and unknown.
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From: "Paul Barnes" <>

Hello all

I have spent many months building Search The Web Portal in the hope
that it would benefit users and webmasters world wide.

Please review this site and pass on any praise, criticism and advice
that you may have.

Thanks in advance
Paul Barnes

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Getting your own site and domain is like having your own little
strip mall in your own hometown. But in this case you will have
visitors from all over the world on a regular basis. So the first
thing you have to do is determine what kind of storefronts you
are going to have at your complex. I refer to your own site as
"real estate" because that is exactly what I think it is. Whether
you have a 10mg site, 50mg site or a 100mg site, you have to
consider it as and manage it as a piece of property to develop,
if you are seriously going to operate a business online.
You wouldn't buy that strip mall down the street and leave all
the storefronts vacant. So why would you consider doing it with
your online property?

What you need to do, and this should be done ideally prior to
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exactly what you are going to market and what the theme of your
online site is going to be. Doing it prior to purchasing your
property will also help you determine just what size site you
are going to start with. For economic reasons, you may want to
start with a smaller site and expand your space as your business
grows. Most hosting companies make it very easy for expansion
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After you set up your primary page which will be your home page,
what additional information or services are you going to add to
the content of your store. One you might think about is a
biographical page, telling your prospective customers about
you and your business. It doesn't have to be detailed, a summary
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Dealing in the world of email and URL's is sort of anonymous
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Free services are always great to have on your site to attract
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One of the things that you can do for your site is sell
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of 5,000 pages available if all you have is a home page up.
You can do whatever you want with that space, sell it, give ads
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One thing to remember when you are looking at space for your
business is that the only things that take up that space are
the pages that you upload to it. If you are involved in affiliate
programs or network marketing programs online, normally they
furnish you a reseller or promotional site along with your
membership. All you have to do at your site is place a link with
your ID number. The pages they assign to you are not on your
site even though it might look that way. So don't over estimate
the amount of space that you might need.

So you need to treat your online business just like any other
business. Do a little planning before you jump right in. It will
pay in the long run. You can always expand, but you don't
want to be sitting there with vacant signs on three quarters of
your space.
Article by Joe Reinbold, owner of The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link
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Johnny was at his first day of school. The teacher advised
the class to start the day with the pledge of allegiance, and
instructed them to put their right hands over their hearts and
repeat after him.

He looked around the room as he started the recitation, "I
pledge allegiance to the flag..." When his eyes fell on
Johnny, he noticed Johnny's hand over the right cheek of his

"Johnny, I will not continue till you put you hand over your

Johnny replied, "It is over my heart."

After several attempts to get Johnny to put his hand over his
heart, the teacher asked, "Why do you think that is your

"Because every time my Grandma comes to visit, she picks
me up, pats me here, and says, 'Bless your little heart,' and
my Grandma wouldn't lie."


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