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From:             "Lib Sol" <>
Subject:          A Question

How do I stop people from sending me their counteroffers after they
have requested info from me?

In all my ads, I have the person putting some key word in the subject
line so I will know about which program they are asking.  When someone
contacts me wanting more information, with no specifics, I have
learned that it is normally an attempt to send me their offer without
spamming.  I have been writing them back, explaining that I do not
have enough time to spend on my current programs, but still get
letters from most of these people.  Is there a tactful way to let
people know I don't want their offers that still works?

From:             <>
Subject:           Low Cost Options

Hi My Name is Mary Rivera and I'm an entrepreneur and book writer. 
At the present time I'm running an essay contest.  The prize for the
best essay is two beautiful homes. One located in San Antonio and the
other in Vancouver WA. I have a web site:   I have advertise for free
in the internet and got good results but i would like to know of any
tips to improve visitors to my page without spending an arm and a leg.

Date sent:        Thu, 16 Jul 1998 08:29:00 -0500
From:              "CHERIE' ATKISSON" <>
Subject:          Free Classified ads

I surfed thru Kingdom Classifieds as per posts of 7/16 to this list.
Their description of commercial ad seems to preclude a lot of us who
are still struggling.  I am home sewer and embroiderer and wish to
post ad that will reach my region.  Any suggestions.  Not a money
making venture yet - need clients.  I do not have a Web page yet,
either.  Tried to construct 3 via 3 different programs I have and
haven't figured it out yet.

San Antonio, TX
Moderators' Comments on Signature Files!

In the last issue I through out the topic of signature files. As yet
no one has answered. I think it is very important because of the
three posts in this issue, only one has a semblance of a sig file.
This is also a direct answer for Mary. By employing a well structured
sig file you will increase visitors to your site.
What should a sig file contain?
It should contain all of your pertinent contact information, which
would be: name, business name, email address, fax, voice, website
address, and a well worded, single line promo headline.
Tell everyone what you are promoting at that moment. You should have
a sig file for each product or service. You would promote a
particular product or service in the appropriate medium in which you
find yourelf in order to reach your  niche market.
As an example I will leave my sig file at the end of this issue. It
is not perfect but conforms to the general guidelines of most lists
and forums, 5 -  6 lines or less.

On another instructional tidbit. Some of you are replying to these
post the hard way. Don't use my personal address, but simply hit
REPLY and comment. It will arrive in my special folder for incoming
Digest messages. Using my personal email address may cause your
message to end up in my delete file. I do not open much of my mail
since it is spam. Only the slightly different and out of norm subject
line has saved some of your posts. If some of you are wondering what
happened to your post, it may have been deleted. If so send again,
There will not be any issues for a week because I will be on
vacation. The next issue will be on Monday, July 27. Don't let
that stop you from posting. Just send your posts anyway.
Let's hear from you......

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