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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.) Lost in Cyber Space
~ Tom Leigh

2.)  How to get more subscriber to my list?
~ Joe Reinbold
~ Terri Robinson

N e w     P o s t s   (2)

1)John Bowen
~  Newsletter about criminal  justice issues and topics

2.) Lester L. Lesoine
~I am trying to generate revenue to offset the cost of my web page

Site Review Responses (1)
1. Terri Robinson

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Successful Email Marketing
By William R. Nabaza

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Greetings All

Welcome  200    new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


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==================S u c c e s s  S t o r  y========================
From: "Laurie Delk" <>

Well, I have a sort of different story-I think. Moral: Believe what your Mommy tells
you! :) I have had an internet business for awhile, and done fairly well at
it-although not as good as I had hoped. My mother is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reflexologist and Nutrition Consultant. She bought this machine to use in her
business, and it was working SO great on helping her clients, that even a few clients-their
Chiropractor bought one! The company is MLM, although there are NO monthly
minimums, you by the machine, and nothing else-and still get paid as long as people
sign up! My mom begged me for months to sign up under her. But, the machine is
expensive, and I did not have that kind to money to throw around! She finally talked
me into buying one and staring up as a distributor. My mom has sold over 300 of these
machines herself-and NONE returned. I have sold over 25 just in the last 4 months.
I have made over $2000.00in the last 2 months. Many of you may say-well, that is not
very much-BUT that is just me selling them via my webpage-not outside sales. I am not
a salesperson at all, so this is it. I have also purchased banner advertising through
Adland (of course) and that is working well also! I signed up another Chiropractor
yesterday! I am also a Stay-at-home mom with 3 small children, so no job
in the *outside* world would pay me enough. I believe I am on my way! Finally! :)

Thanks Mom, and Adland! :o)


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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Thomas Leigh" <>
Subject: Tom Leigh & Lost in Cyber Space

Dear Eva,

Wow!  Did I get a great response!

Many thanks to everyone who shared their internet wisdom with me.

I feel that like the captain of the Starship Voyager, I might be lost but I'm making
lots of friends and advisers who are sharing their knowledge and resources to help me
find my way 'home'.

My ideas for my ParaTHINK! ezine are escalating and my brain is red hot with new
ideas and new connections.

If your readers are interested in the primal creative flux of the universe and how we
interact with it in order to think, to exist and to grow - and they should be if they
want sustained success in their lives - then with your permission, they should watch
this space for further announcements.

For a limited time only I'm allowing a free downloading of an earlier work of mine
from my site-under-construction at (Please excuse
this first sorry attempt at a site! It's a bit of a mess I know, but I'm still only
in the first 'baby' stages of learning this internet thing. The free book is a kind
of primer for the ideas and connections that came later to me over the years that
followed, but will allow people to know where I'm coming from.

Thanks again to everyone who is helping me. It is great to know that the internet
community is deep down, a really caring community and that as it grows, we can all
grow together.

Tom Leigh

You can learn about the fascinating subject of the link between mind and the
universe in my brand new E-zine 'ParaTHINK!' at
and writing "ParaTHINK!" In the subject line. Tom Leigh is a trained hypnotherapist
and researcher of paranormal behaviour.  He has been fascinated by our individual
link to the universe' over a period of more than thirty years. He has written manuals
and courses,  one of which, 'IN TOUCH WITH THE INFINITE' can be downloaded
free on his site at:-

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Joe Reinbold <>
Subject: How to get more subscriber to my list?

Response to new posting (3) in Digest #141 11-17-99

Hi Adlanders,
Hi, this is a response for Stephanie Pflumm of the Ozark Rock
Exchange in regard to her posting about: How to get more
subscribers to my list?
Stephanie, I visited your site and it is a pretty neat site. I noticed
that on each page you had a place to subscribe right at the top of
the page which is great. I also noted that in that spot you have
"Mailing List - Receive Email Updates" and a spot "Click to Subscribe".

My suggestion would be to expand on that a bit. When I see
"Mailing list" it really doesn't tell me anything, plus I don't just want
to get on another "mailing list". In your posting you indicated
"..... I publish a bi-weekly ezine titled O.R.E. FEATURES that reviews
in depth the geological & metaphysical attributes of a featured stone
& an article on tapping the earth energies within. I currently am giving
a FREE garnet to new subscribers & have hundreds of classified ads..."
which tells me a bit more than just "Mailing List"

I might change your current info on the website to this or something
similar....  "FREE garnet with a subscription to our free bi-weekly newsletter
"O.R.E. Features". Each issue contains reviews of attributes of featured
stones and related articles."  I have similar info at the top of my website
if you want to get an idea at
and I get new subscribers from that page everyday. Once you get them
to your website you (you know they had an interest in your topic) so
you want to get them to subscribe right then. Your posting in Adland told
us quite a bit about the ezine, but your site visitors at present don't get
that info.

Another way to furnish them more info about the ezine is to take them
to a separate page with additional info about it, privacy, etc. I have one
for my ezine that I use for registering it in ezine directories at
Hope I helped a bit and have a great day!
Joe Reinbold

The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link
Free weekly online marketing ezine and
other resources for the entrepreneur!

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From: Terri Robinson <>
Subject: Re: How to get more subscriber to my list & Site review of MAPS

Hello Bogdan and AdLanders!

Great information in this issue #141, Bogdan!

>We moved from the Praries of Canada to what is listed as being the Interent
>capital of Canada in order to give business a boost.

Peter, it's good to know that I'm not the only one lurking and
that you and Linda are all moved and settling in now!

>don't intend to loan or sell my list. But there is never room in the want ads
>to explain all of that . . . any ideas on how I can convince people that
>is no trick to subscribing to O.R.E.? I don't have a huge ad budget to work

Stephanie, you might try something I have just started doing myself:
Put a copy of the current issue of your newsletter on an autoresponder
such as    For the subject, put
something like  Free sample issue of "name of newsletter"

Then on the first line, mention that they are NOT subscribed yet
and tell them how to subscribe .. make it easy with a mailto link
if you can.

Also mention your privacy policy, etc there. puts a few lines of advertising only on
the bottom of your message - nothing up above your own!
(I do not get paid for recommending them *grin*  I just really
like them a lot!)  You will get a copy of every request that
comes through them as well.  Try it out by looking at mine:   This will get
you a free sample of the current issue of my newsletter.

Then, in your ads, offer the free sample and mention that it
is on autoresponder.  Then promote it like crazy in the list
announcements like AAnounce, List of Lists, etc.

Good luck!!

Best regards,
Terri Robinson

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From:  John Bowen  <>
Subject: Newsletter about criminal  justice issues and topics


I'm John Bowen, WebMaster / Publisher, CopTopics.

I have begun an Internet service by web site and soon-to-be newsletter. This
is NEW to the Internet...question / answer by e-mail regarding criminal
justice issues and topics. I have a 20 year law enforcement background
(retired now) and I answer questions posed to me by e-mail.

If you accept advertisements for placement in your newsletter, I'm
interested! I need all the exposure I can get! As far as reciprocal
agreements go, I will be more than happy to include the URL, etc, to your
newsletter in my newsletters.

I invite you to visit my web site, "<A

If it meets your approval and standards, I would GREATLY appreciate a link or
posting to your newsletter! Please let me know either way. Thanks.

I am starting to get some web exposure and some positive interest  feedback.
Yea! My goal is to gain a strong web presence and publish my newsletters

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

John Bowen

CopTopics Staff

Note from Editor.

I'm including  this message here even though it was directed to me
because it is an example how one can approach other related
resources/people in building his/her own business.

John is  honest here that he needs help (traffic) to his sites and offers
some exchange of reciprocal links  to boost his business but also
to give something in return. He says that his site is new and invites to
see it to assure that quality of it is good enough to make the deal.
He doesn't  state that his site is networking breakthrough and that
he wants to help me but exactly the opposite.
This makes the reader much more receptive  than  indiscriminate

Take this as an example in your every day  practice.
This pays off :)

To find out about advertising rates  in digest visit this link.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Lester L. Lesoine" <>
Subject:i am trying to generate revenue to offset the cost of my web page

    i was wondering if anyone was familiar with a company it
will pay you to send and receive e-mail? is it a good affliate program, do you know?
i joined because i am trying to generate revenue to offset the cost of my web page. i
have been on the net for 6 months and as yet have not sold any product via the net.
your input would be greatly appreciated.

Lester L. Lesoine, Owner

a division of Cornerstone Good Book Store
RR#1 Box 212A
Wyalusing, PA 18853
phone:(570)746-1792      fax:(570)746-3813

===============Site Review Response (1) ====================
From: Terri Robinson <>

Owen wrote asking for a site review of M.A.P.S. so I went over
there and took a look at it.

Very nice design, Owen!!  I must admit I was a bit confused
about what it was about at first, but I really admire the way
you used graphics on many of the pages!  What do you want me
(your visitor) to do there?  Buy something? Sign up for your
course? Tell us!! Lead us step by step to where you most
want us to go.  Start a newsletter about your subject and put
a sign up box on your site. (I didn't see one, but I might
have missed it)  Put a tip for the day about bones, or spinal
injuries, or something your visitors will want to come back
to see more of.

First thing I would say (I always say this about frames *smile*)
is that you might want to use tables instead of frames.  Search
engines have a real problem with frames, and your base href
frame has NO META tags in it.  So, can the SE's find you?

Also, regarding the META tags, is you need to put them on each
of your pages, not just on the index page.  Make them relative
to each page... you really do have some wonderful resources for
more than just students of physiotherapy!  Anyone who needs
information about bones, physiotherapy, etc. could gain much
from your site!

You should look again at your keywords on the index page:
the first keyword you use is "maltese" and I don't think
that is the first word a physiotherapist, or someone who
wanted to study that, would look for  :)  Use more keywords
related to the online courses you have for this ..  Can
they get their degree online there?  And put all the keywords
on a single LONG line instead of breaking it down.

Your "about us" page made me think this site was just for
the students you have already, as a resource for them, but
I don't believe that is correct, is it?

Do you actually have your own domain name, Owen?  It looks
as though you have a Geocities account somehow, but I have
never seen that before  :)

Good luck with your site!  You are definitely headed in the
right direction!

Best regards,
Terri Robinson

FREE Marketing Ideas for the Newbie to the Internet:
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===============Site Review Request (1) ====================
From: Bill  < >
I just experienced one of those unfortunate OS crashes that required a total reformat
of my hard disk. This happened right at the end of my finalization in converting over
to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) format on all my pages in my web site..

I still have a few bugs on the new installation of Windows95 and uploading to my web
site HOST. My interest at this point is finding out whether my web site is appearing
properly in browsers.

Testing in Netscape 4.61 and IE 4.0 and doing a test on Web TV, the format, colors
and text seem to be appearing as they are coded. However, I have no idea how these
pages look on earlier versions of Netscape and IE (3.2, 3.0, etc.) or other browsers.
Resolution is 800x600.

Would also like to get some feedback from those who have graphics turned off. In this
case, everything goes to default, so is the format still appearing readable even
though everything aligns left and text goes to default? Are colors for background,
etc. blending in o.k.?

Load time should be fairly rapid as I use a minimum of graphics and very little java

One other concern, is there any problems accessing the site? I have had some
individuals say they could not get my site to appear when they linked to it. The URL

Bogdan, thanks for an excellent interactive newsletter.

Thanks much.


(retired in the Columbia River Gorge,
Oregon-windsurfing capital of the world!)

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Successful Email Marketing
By William R. Nabaza

No doubt email is still the best way to get a quick response from your prospect. Big
companies on the web have realized this that they have implemented free email address
service on their web site. This free email awareness has even reached Yahoo,
AltaVista, Lycos, and InfoSeek. They knew that being a search engine is not enough
that they've even turned into a hotmail web site.

Search engines knew that they need to reach their users via email and incorporating
successful email marketing that works. I'm here to reveal their secrets.

How can we go about writing successful email marketing that really works.

1. Think Before You Write.

This is obviously the very basic foundation that most of us internet marketers have
neglected. For us, words are easy to come by and we haven't done our targeting yet.
Target it to your customers and compose an email that will always refer back to your
web site and services you sell.

2. Target Narrowly and Carefully.

Search engine categories have helped me a lot in writing a brief but carefully
targeted articles. There are even free services that lets you create your own email
group such as, and

Just be careful not to spam or you'll end up getting flames in your email box.

3. Keep It Short.

No we're not stupid in doing this. Studies have shown that sending a very long email
to prospects will let them send it to their waste baskets. Be brief and highlight
your product's effectiveness in two to three sentences and provide the URL. Try to
discuss one topic per email you send.

4. Offer Free Items If They Continue To Be A Subscriber.

Just saying "Thank You for being a subscriber" is worth millions to them. Extend it a
little further. Why not add "Here's your free gift and thank You For referring me to
your friends."

5. Offer Free Sample Articles.

Tell them straight or lead them to your archives of articles. So, they will know that
you're not sending them to buy, buy and buy. You want them to be helped, satisfied
and become a reseller.

6. Cross-sell To Your Subscribers.

Give them valuable discounts if they buy from you. Obviously, you can convince them
to get another free item for a limited time if they buy.

7. Personalize.

You can go to so that every time you
send an email you can address them by their own name.

8. Re-read and Re-write.

You know what when I've finished a certain article I usually let it linger for a week
and then I read it again. I usually ask myself "Is this me writing my heart out? or
is it just to make money from this article?"

Giving your hearts out to your visitors will earn you their trusts which in turn
persuade them to buy from you.

9. Be Honest.

If you can't provide the service they want, then you can refer them to someone else.
I have an affiliate which hosts 50+ other companies who's willing to pay you a
commission if you refer someone. Email me for details. you can go straight to it by
going to my web site and click on "Affiliate Program" under "Utilities" section.

10. Follow-up In A Timely Manner.

Of course, having your own database of email addresses you've contacted or have
contacted you will benefit you in the long run. Just be patient to add to it.

Soon you will benefit from it, always be there when they need you.

----------------- <> specializes in building, designing,
implementing, managing and maintaining corporate website to boost sales of your
company. Email for information on functional, dynamic webpage
designing with affordable packages. Subscribe for free

======================Joke of the Day=====================

A young woman was preparing a ham dinner.  After she cut
off the end of the ham, she placed it in a pan for baking.  Her
friend asked her,"Why did you cut off the end of the ham"?
And she replied ,"I really don't know but my mother always
did, so I thought you were supposed to."

Later when talking to her mother she asked her why she cut
off the end of the ham before baking it, and her mother
replied,"I really don't know, but that's the way my mom
always did it."

A few weeks later while visiting her grandmother, the young
woman asked, "Grandma, why is it that you cut off the end
of a ham before you bake it?"

Her grandmother replied ,"Well dear, it would never fit into
my baking pan."


Let's hear from you......

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