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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) The same things still catching people. (Was Linkshare)
~ Robert Chalmers

2.) Re: #143 MYSS Question
~ Melody T Vargas

3.) AOL & long messages
~ Joseph Jobst

N e w     P o s t s   (6)

1)Bill Taylor
~ Getting traffic to a company sponsored web site

~ Info on advertising

3) Manny Betinis
~ Where the money starts for internet newbies

4.) Linda Caroll
~ I need opinions!

5.)  Chris Gozdzik
~ Life after Yahoo!

6.) Julie Espinoza
~  Email address abuse

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: The same things still catching people. (Was Linkshare)

Hi there,
I've been receiving this newsletter for ages now. Almost since its inception perhaps?
I don't know. But the one thing I keep seeing on this and others, is people getting
ripped off by badly managed affiliate operations. Yes, me too :-) I have come to the
conclusion though that all you can do, is as they say in the movies, "Close your eyes
and think of England". What do I mean by that? Well, simple really. If a firm doesn't
deliver in a reasonable time - 3 months for example - then dump them. Don't even give
them another thought. Let me give you some examples.

Net2Phone. Promoted the heck out of it. Had thousands of downloads. no revenue. zip.
nothing. not even an email. Ok - trash em.
Webposition. ditto. However, great piece of software. Trouble is. The hackers have
broken it, and now people still download it, but never make thepurchase. I still use
my legal copy, because it actually is a great piece of software. But income. Nope -
sorry. - Great operation. Took ages for me to get it running properly , my sites
that is, but amazon pay well, pay on time, and are a pleasure to do business with.
one&only. - haven't got back to it yet, but whey you make sales, they do pay. And I
also found them to be easily contactable, and easy to get on with. eg: if you have
lots of small checks, like 1.50 each, they will hang on to them, or you hang on to
them, then they will send you one BIG check. neat. Nice people.

In summary. If you are going to operate an affiliate program, pick those that a) you
dont have to pay for. b) that offer products/services that people buy in their
everyday lives and that aren't subject to cracking. Helath product, music/video/books
etc. things that are already big business. c) probably should be first, avoid 'make
5000 dollars a week' programs like the plague.
In short, if you wouln't go down the corner mall and buy it, then chances are that no
one else will either.

Which comes back to the short list above.
Amazon. It's entertainment and leasure. People buy it - make it easy, and people will
come back. You can make a surprising amount of money if you specialise.
one&Only. Genuine company. People always need people. The "lonely hearts" business
has been around since adam. specialize.
Health products. Pick a BIG company, sound them out. No answer to your enquiry email
usually means no answers ever. But the biggest market place in the orld today is
"Health". Specialize.

If you find a company doesn't respond. Write them off. They will be out of busines
before you cash any checks anyway. Move on before you go down the gurgler too. Don't
even wast you time trying to recover lost revenue.

There are NO easy way to wealth, just hard slog. Because you have such a potentially
huuge market place, don't be fooled.

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>
Subject: Re: #143 MYSS Question

In issue #143, Phil Hope <>
asks a MakeYourSiteSell question:

> I wanted to test the method by
> which visitors become repeat customers. Apparently, a visitor will be tagged
> with a cookie as they enter the main site via my unique Referral-Redirect
> URL. Then no matter which affiliate's R-R URL a previously tagged visitor
> enters the site through, the visit will always be credited to me. They
> suggest that I have a few people test my R-R URL to make sure that it's
> working correctly. If any of your readers are interested in testing for me,
> my R-R URL is

Hi Phil,
I deleted my existing cookie and went to try it for you but the URL is
wrong.  I tried to fix it as
but either you have been deleted or there is a problem.

I will tell you the cookies have worked fine for me and my team.
What you should know is the first visit, had it worked, would be a
temporary cookie.  It is not permanent until the person buys a
MYSS product, at which time whatever site they visit from gets the
permanent cookie because they made the sale.  At that point is
when they become a "customer for life."

Good luck with MYSS.  It is a great product,
Melody T Vargas
Make Your Site Sell, it really is the best marketing value out there.
At $18 US / $25 CAN, it's worth more than most $100 programs.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Joseph Jobst <>
Subject: Re: AOL & long messages

Dear Bogdan & Adlanders,

Marianne Payton wrote
>...and I have found the perfect solution.
>Get a Free Hotmail email account!
>..., but Hotmail beats them all!
>That's the reason I've changed ISP's.

If you are using your new hotmail address just for subscribing
to newsletters and discussion lists, that's OK.

But, DON'T use your hotmail address for online ordering!
Let's tell you my experiences:
My company is selling several different services and
products online since 1994. Some services are solely
business to business, others are business to customer.
95% of our sales are settled by credit cards.

Since charge backs due to invalid credit card data, stolen
credit cards etc. increased steadily we found an interesting
the quota of fraudulent credit cards in B2B transactions
averaged to 4 - 7% a month,
whereas B2C shows 15 - 20%!

When I read a FBI study saying 97.3% of fraudulent orders
are coming from free-service email addresses I decided to
install a filtering software in early 1998. The software
rejects orders coming from 127 different free email services.
It works pretty well!

Our sales increased - slowly but steadily ;-)
but our fraudulent charge backs decreased dramatically!
The current quota is down at 1.6%!

The top three addresses originating the most fraudulent
usages are (according to the study) -
1. Hotmail
2. Bigfoot
3. Yahoo

ALL major filtering software used for online credit card
checking have banned these big three and some 1,200 other
free email services! Everybody interested in getting this
blacklist may contact <>
As a precaution we insist on your real name and a brief
explanation why you want the list.
So if you don't like having troubles or if you won't arouse
suspicion you should go either for a paid service or look
for a free service that is not black-listed!

Wishing everybody troublefree mailing!

Joseph Jobst

josconNetworks Inc  < >
*Serving Clients Online Since 1994*

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Bill Taylor" <>
Subject: Getting traffic to a company sponsored web site

Hello all! I have just started receiving this newsletter and have been
impressed. The lack of hype is refreshing.
I have a problem that maybe someone can offer some advice on. I am involved
with a major company that has recently (within the last six months) made web
sites available to their reps. They also just launched an impressive
e-commerce component. I LOVE this company and I'm deeply committed to it. My
problem is that they are SO conscious of their image and careful, they are
very strict on advertising and any cold market prospecting. I have a small
space on the side of the site to put in a little blurb and that's all I can
do with this site. It is NOT searchable, I can't modify it in any way. How
can I generate traffic to this site without making my prospects jump through
hoops or click a lot of links? Also, I tried a few "Free" web sites that
also weren't searchable because they filled the <head> with their own
formatting. Any ideas that won't cost a fortune would be gratefully
FYI my site is
Thanks in advance,

Bill Taylor

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Jan" <>
Subject:Info on advertising

I enjoy your newsletter and look forward to seeing it in my e-mail.  I have
a question:
Is there somewhere a person can access a form that would help in
It would look something like this:
Where posted:
Date posted:
Expiration date:
Cost of ad:
Actual ad text:
Hits generated:
Sales generated:
Cost per hit:
Cost per sale:

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Manny Betinis <>
Subject: Where the money starts for internet newbies

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life of all the internet experience levels. There are so many get-rich-quick &
affiliate programs out there for people to join now days that I think it can be quite
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frustration I went through when I first started on-line, I have listed a few sites
that may help in getting the internet newbie's first 2 feet wet: - This great site is perfect for the "future internet
marketer" that really wants to get a business going. They'll take you step-by-step in
talking about how to get traffic to your site, how to design a catchy site, and give
you ideas on what products are hot to sell on the internet as of today. - Ever heard of the CookieCutter? Well, check
it out and see why people by the THOUSANDS are joining! - My personal business site which guides internet users
through a step-by-step program on how to get their VERY OWN Money-Flow business going
(Not to mention the $$$ in their pocket going, too!). The Money-Flow Program is brand
new, so give it a look. You might like what you see... - Want 22,000 hits every day to your web page?
Yes, it's going to take time, but everything takes time.

I hope some of these pages will help you in the progress of your internet ventures.

God bless,
Manny Betinis
CEO Money-Flow Program

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: Linda Caroll <>
Subject: Hello Bogdan & Fellow Subscribers; I need opinions!

Hello Fellow Subscribers;

I am in need of some feedback & would really appreciate
your thoughts and opinions!

As you may know (from previous posts) I own and operate a
website design and hosting business.  I live in Canada,
though my clientelle is very global.

I have been searching for a way to offer merchant accounts
to my clients as part of my services. While merchant accounts
are a dime a dozen in the US, they are not that easily
obtained in Canada.

Many "international" merchant accounts require a US business
license, and some have a lot of hoops to jump through in the qualification
process. Then, there are the holdback fee.
Somehow, I just don't like the idea of acompany sitting on
10% of my profits (or my clients profits) for six months.
So I kept searching for another option.

I have been negiotiating with a financial institution through
the European Banking System. They are offering merchant accounts
with no credit check (because merchants want to take credit
cards, not ask for credit)... and they don't have any holdback
fees.  People who sign up for the merchant program pay their
monthly fee, and keep the rest of the profit. No holdback fees.

So what do I need feedback on? I'm wondering if their prices
are marketable. So, I'd like honest opinions from all you people
doing business on the net to help me determine if this is a
marketable package.

We're still dickering on prices, but here's the package.
1) Merchant account set-up in 48 hours with NO credit check.
2) Completely International - any country, globally.
3) Money deposited in your bank account once per week.
4) No holdback (%) fees. Your profit goes in your bank.
5) Full admin panel lets you track/view your orders.
6) $450-$500 USD/$675-$750 CAD one time set-up fee.
7) 3.5% cc discount rate (pretty standard?)
8) $50-$55 USD/$75-$82 CAD per month admin fee
9) Merchants can take phone orders, too, as you also receive
a 'virtual terminal' that allows you to manually enter sales.

So what do you think?  I think the "no credit check" and
"no holdback fees" are a plus, but is the one time set-up
fee and monthly admin fees workable?

Any feedback on this package would be MUCH appreciated.

Please email your feedback to me at
Tell me where you're 'from' as well. If you're Canadian
and use another program, how does it compare?

If you have a website, include your url or sig file and
I'll give you a free "thank you" ad in my ezine in
appreciation of the feedback on this program!  Thanks!

Linda Caroll

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)=======================
From: Chris Gozdzik <>
Subject: Life after Yahoo!

Czesc Bogdan!

Well, it happened! After a year and a half on line and after about
3-4 tries - I GOT LISTED ON YAHOO! After performing ceremonial dance
I rushed to the Y-site to see my listing.... nothing! I re-read the e-
mail notice and found out, that it will take 3-4 days before it's
being updated. Waiting, waiting, I got used to it! 4 days later -
still nothing! I tried all my favourite keywords - nada, zip! Put my
full URL - tada! here it comes!!??
So, I'm asking myself - what gives? Will it improve with time?
Should I write and ask if everything is OK?
I managed to double and even triple the number of visitors to my
(niche market) site - lots of tips from this forum! - the numbers are
not staggering, but I rely more on quality then quantity. I thought
the Yahoo! listing would overload my server with visitors, so far I
got about 16 including Yahoo! web pages (inktomi), on which I've been
indexed some time ago. Anybody with a comment? I'd really appreciate
Take care and keep on plugging!

Chris Gozdzik

P.S. A joke:
Oldtimers are talking, one says: I'm 84 and my mind, knock on wood,
is still working fine! Who's theeeeeeere?

Quality Pendulums and Divining Rods from Europe

Note from Editor.

It is amazing how people can get happy after submission response
from one place and  complain from some others
Just kidding. (To tylko zart)

Yahoo is best  engine of all in terms of producing traffic.
I know somebody will say Yahoo is not a search engine but
search directory maintained by humans. And this is I guess
its power. Human reviewer comes to the site and ensures
that it belongs to the category where it was submitted to.
If you tray to spam, your listing will be dropped altogether
and you probably never get second chance.

With all this said, even Yahoo is not going to change your
life from day one to day two. I receive daily about  25-50 hits
from Yahoo  for total of 100 from all search engines.
Yet my site receives well over 2,000 hits each day.
How this happens .
AdlandPro affiliate program is the answer.

Get your own affiliate program, but be sure to mange it
properly or you get to much problems with people.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5.a)=======================
From: Chris Gozdzik <>
Subject: Life after Yahoo! - Update

Well, things happened very quickly - I ran a check on different
search engines, including Yahoo! - Yes! All the important keywords
are showing on the top! So it was worth waiting for after all! The
rush of orders showed that it is not a dream. Yahooooooooo!

Take care!

"May your pendulum always swing the right way"

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)=======================
From: "Julie Espinoza" <>
Subject: Email address abuse

Hello Bogdan and Adland subscribers,

Recently I had to unsubscribe and resubscribe to all my current e-zines that I
receive. The reason is simple, ffa and classified submission confirmations. Now this
was mostly my own fault, since I should have known better than to use this address
instead of a "dedicated one" for submissions. This was not the only problem however.
Now I know that I will get responses to submissions, but what I don't appreciate is
being put on their mailing list! Or being subscribed to their newsletter! Of course
they justify it, writing that "I asked for it" by submitting to their ffa or
classified page, and that it's also OK due to some senate law that allows you to be
removed. What is really maddening though, is when I tried to be removed from some of
them, the "remove" message was returned undeliverable!

Now all of this happened because I made the following mistakes: 1) I did not use a
specific e-mail address for submissions and 2) submitted to "". Now the
reason that I am including their name is that all of the problems (being added to
lists) have come from them. I would say that almost "half" of the reply messages from
them noted that I had been added to a list. Some did remove me promptly. (Thank You)
But I don't like to be spammed, and I won't stay subscribed to an e-zine that resorts
to those tactics, no matter how valuable the information! We all want to make a
living from the Internet, but we need build trust and that is no way to get it. There
are much better ways to get subscribers. For instance, If in your reply to my
submission you offer a freebie to me to subscribe to your e-zine, and publication is
informative, you will have much better luck! I would much rather have a CHOICE.


Julie Espinoza,  Owner of Help U Sell More On-Line

FREE Step-by-Step guide to start up and
effectively market your business on-line.

===============Site Review Request (1) ====================

This site contains approximately 100 Free hyperlinked opt-in lists.  I
created this because of my impatience with the slowness of sending mailings
from the main list sites, they take quite awhile to change windows.  My site
offers people a much faster way to send.  I also wrote a How-To article about
opt-ins at the request of Cliff Cross, the webmaster of "Builditfast...Put
Your Ad on 8.5 Million Sites".  The article has been posted in the
Builditfast Members Only section.  It gives an explanation of joining,
posting, creating your own list, why you should start a list, and what
several of the main list groups offer.
Free Opt-In Site:
Kathleen VanBeekom

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================

Is Your Website Ready for the Holiday Season?
By Joseph Jobst

Have you decided to take advantage of the upcoming holiday
season by sprucing up your web site? If you're still
debating whether or not the extra effort is worth your time,
consider the following.
Jupiter Communications predicts that 10 million people will
make their first online purchases during the holiday season.
Jupiter also forecasts e-commerce sales of $6 billion.
Are you a little more interested now?

However, let's look at some of the things that you can do to
generate more traffic and boost revenues. Just as planning
is key for "brick and mortar" stores, planning will make a
huge difference in your customers' experience - and in your

- Planning and budgeting.
  Make sure that you budget enough time and money to handle
  the extra volume, and establish a way to measure your web
  site's performance.

- Customer acquisition.
  Know who your audience is and what makes your product so
  unique. Sit down, and write a description of the kind of
  customer you're trying to target (e.g., people who love to
  pamper their dogs). Think about competitors' products and
  compare them with your products.
  How are your products different? Perhaps you're the only
  merchant who offers made-to-order widgets. Map out a
  marketing and advertising strategy with your typical
  customer and your key marketing messages in mind.

- Site design.
  Think about revamping your site to convey the holiday
  spirit to your visitors. What about a holiday page with
  some animated graphics or holiday music?
  If you can't do this yourself, consider asking your
  website guru to upgrade it for the holidays.

- Streamline your site for shopping.
  Make your site as user-friendly as possible so that your
  customers can navigate easily and find all of the product
  information that they want. Watch a friend go through the
  steps of finding and purchasing an item on your site. Was
  he or she able to complete the transaction quickly and
  easily? If not, now may be the time to implement
  additional technology.

- Processing customers' orders.
  Make sure that your inventory database is "talking" to
  your website and that orders can be passed along to
  suppliers easily. If you accept credit cards or use an 800
  number, make sure that everything is running properly.
  What kind of customer service are you prepared to offer
  during this busy season? Should you consider hiring
  additional staff?

- Web hosting.
  Test your site to ensure that it's handling all of the
  traffic and recording statistics (e.g., traffic, purchases,
  etc.) properly.
  Check the uptime by

- Order fulfillment.
  Are all of the pieces in place for managing your inventory
  and resolving any issues with suppliers?
  What about billing, shipping, and tracking orders?

- After-sale service.
  Your customers' experience after the sale is just as
  important as the sale itself. Are you prepared to process
  returns quickly, answer questions about order status, and
  resolve customers' problems?

- Data collection.
  One of the most valuable benefits of the holiday season is
  the opportunity to expand your customer database.
  Look also at how your site addresses customers' concerns
  about privacy and security.

- Customer retention and loyalty.
  Do whatever you can to personalize your site and create a
  sense of community. Consider including value-added content
  or building your brand.

Wishing Everybody Prosperity!
He is focusing in his publication on industry news.
He fights scam,  spam , internet fraud and helps businesses
by providing range of important internet services.
To send him comments, feedback, suggestions, and even critics -
send your email to
<a href="">Joseph</a>

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A small and exceptionally homely man had just started
putting on his underwear when his daughter opened the door
and entered the room.

"Mommy!" she cried, pointing to her father's extremely ample
endowment. "What's that???"

"Well, sweetheart," said the woman, "that's your Daddy's
secret attraction. If it weren't for that, you wouldn't be here."
She signs.  "Come to think of it, neither would I."


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