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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story          

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) Advice needed
~ Andre Foisy

2.) Linkshare(Swiss Army Depot)
~ Rafael Aguilo

3.) Affiliate programs-do the figres add up?
~  Bill Viers

N e w     P o s t s   (4)

1)Marianne E. Payton
~ "Good Luck" story

2) Bryan Marye
~  Writers Wanted

3)Don Wetmore
~ The boss

4) George Christian
~  Associate program input

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"Creating your own product for profit!"
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=================== Success Story ======================
From: "Tim S." <>

Hello Bogdan and Fellow AdLand Readers

I wanted to update my entry in the AdLand success story contest, "What is CSA"
I now have 3 successful Internet operations, The first is my TLS Speakers site
offering info on home consumer electronics and soon to come plans to build a stereo
speaker I designed. It gets an average of 350 hits a day and I have had over 80
people opt-in for the speaker plans in the last 3 months. This site ranks in the top
10 at several major search engines for several keywords and upon seeing the info in a
recent AdLands Digest about I joined and am now a Top Ranked Expert in
my field. The second, my Common Sense Approach, CSA for Life web site. A web based
design and marketing course that I wrote explaining how I successfully created the
first site, where I charge $24.95 for a lifetime membership and have an established
affiliate program that pays a 95% commission (affiliates made 12 sales just last
week) and Third, my new Rainbow program that is a replicating web site that offers
participation in an MLM style business selling CSA for Life Advertising Services.
Just launched last Monday. To properly illustrate my continued success on the web, I
would like to share the following excerpt from this weeks CSA Newsletter and have you
ad this letter to my "What is CSA" success page in the contest. Here is the

But first I want to share a story with you, a Christmas story, after all Christmas is
just around the corner :~) and we are starting to see lights and trees and
inspirational TV shows. This is a story that inspires! A story that shows that the
world shares the Christmas spirit. And that our still small CSA community has reached
it's simple goal to set an Internet example for all to succeed and live by.

The Rainbow launch went well and kept me busy all last week, then Sat. I got an email
from one of the pre-launch sign ups,,, Joyce. The day after Thanksgiving she received
word that her Father had cancer and was given 2 weeks to 6 months to live. She told
me that she would not be able to participate in the Rainbow program and wished us all
well. I was deeply touched by this! I lost my Father many years ago and the painful
memory swelled up inside me. I thought, what can I do?

It came to me, I can pay for Joyce to participate and I can take care of her
promotions while she tends to her family. Then I thought, I could give her a better
position in the matrix so she could cycle earlier, but I need the Rainbow members
consent to do this. I started to write the email message to ask for their consent. As
I wrote it, I thought how wonderful it would be if Joyce and her family could know
that they were in all of our prayers and I asked that everyone send me an email
message for Joyce. I even asked that her sponsor give up his bonus and he did! The
emails flooded in from all corners of the world and the response was incredible! I
cried as I watched them come and read them, it was the best Christmas present I had
ever given and it felt wonderful. I watched as the CSA community, I saw once as dream
and a concept, became a reality. I saw hope and joy and the Christmas spirit. Not one
single negative response, offers from people I don't know to help someone in need
that they don't know. It simply does not get better than that!

This morning I received an email from Joyce, Overwhelmed, crying and thankful. I
wept, with a feeling that rushed through me so overwhelming I can't even explain it.
I couldn't wait to share it with those that had given of themselves so freely to help
one of their own. I compiled an email that contained all of the responses and ended
it with the Thank you message from Joyce and titled it "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
and sent it out this morning. If you were not on the list and would like to read and
share in this wonderful and inspiring event send me an email and simply ask for a
copy of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and I will send it to you.

Some people measure success with money and others with accomplishments, This weekend
I was truely blessed to watch an idea come to life, a dream become a reality and a
concept become an act of unselfish giving. There truely is no greater measure for
success than this!!! As I am handling Joyce's promotion, I am giving you the link to
her Rainbow site to check out. If you are interested in participating please join
under Joyce.

AOL users <A HREF=">Click Here</A>

Thank you Bogdan and Readers

Tim Sanders
TLS Speakers
CSA for Life
Rainbow-Power Cash Plus!

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Andre Foisy" <>
Subject: Re: Advice needed

Hello fellow Adlanders of the world... :^)

In the digest #143 one of our fellows...

Claus Thiermann from

Told us that he needed advice for selling his psychology product.
Here's what he said:
My main problem is: does my educational product meet the
standards of my future customers? I offer a straight psychology
course online, interactive, tutored, on a strictly academic
level, using original programmed material by famous established
professors like Skinner, Lyle Grant, Jay Moore. It's a very
sober modern cool version of psychology without any esoteric
touch. [snip]
So far: I am NOT successful. I get traffic but I don't get
customers. What is wrong with my product?

WOW! First of all Claus, let me tell you, selling a "Behavioral
Psychology Course" is quite a nice challenge you have here. If
you permit I'll put my two cents and try to help you the best I
can, though, in order to make it clear and really help you, I'll
be straightforward. Don't worry I wont bite... :)

First things first, I'm scared away to death of a "straight
psychology course"! Do you get me? One of the best "practical
psychology" book I've read in my life was titled "How to Win
Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. See, the title of
this book didn't scare me away, yet while reading it I've find out
that it's all about pure psychology applied in everyday's life.

My first advice would be that you take a more friendly and wide
open approach to entitle your course. Choose something that would
appeal to everyone, at least to the average of the target market
you're chasing at.

Next, I went to your web site (, and,
of course I've found what I was apprehending at first... sorry...
the big cold headline "Behavioral Psychology Interactive Course
Online"... ok now you know what I think about it so you can now
work on your headline. :) Now this is followed by a simple
paragraph about Performance Management and application of
Behavior Analysis, plus who's using this and for what. Humm...
ok... *What's in it for me?* Do you hear me? This is the main
question people have in their mind when they're offered
something. So this is the first thing you must tell them, when
writing a headline always anticipate that question and answer it
straight away. Think of our friend Carnegie's book title.

Instead of expressing the features of the course and the yodoodle
of the techno-babling, please tell me what are going to be my
biggest benefits if I jump on it. Again, *what's in it for me?*
what am I gonna pull out of it? in which way this is going to
change my life? Sell it to me, you don't sell it at all, not
surprising that you don't have customers yet. Go through your
course, extract all the biggest benefits out of it and list
these benefits on your web site.

Let's take the book of Mr. Carnegie as an example again.

Book Description:
"You can go after the job you want...and GET IT! You can take
the job you have...and IMPROVE IT! You can take any situation
you're in...and MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!"


The more benefits and real life example you put the more chances
you have to get people interested in your products. If you want
to sell your product online you must absolutely make your site
sell. I'd strongly suggest that you take a serious look at
Dr. Ken Evoy's book "Make Your Site Sell", he offers powerful
advice to get your on the right track to sell any products
online. The book is only about 17.00USD and I can tell you that
this guys knows what he's talking about since he learned all his
techniques while selling a very hard to sell product focused to
a narrow market of a certain kind of investors. You can find
this little gem at and you
can even get a free 85 pages excerpt.

While talking about book excerpt, preparing an excerpt of your
course and make it available as a downloadable ebook from your
site would be a powerful marketing tool for your product. And
while we're at this I'd strongly suggest that you make the
entire course, on top of the online version, available to
download as an ebook for those who might be interested in taking
it offline at their own pace. This would increase your chances to
sell it to those who are tied to online time charges. You can
even make a demo version that can be downloaded with only a
certain part of it readable, then people interested would have
to buy an unlock code in order to be able to unlock an read the
entire course. You'll find plenty of information on this subject
at .

On your web site, the white background is perfect, though you
should only use black for your text and I'd suggest a more
appealing and comfortable to read font as Arial or Helvetica. If
you want to highlight some points use one single color all over
the page and don't choose one that is to pale. You can also use,
slightly though, bold an italic to put emphasis on some points.
Use bulleted list to list your benefits. If you absolutely want
to use a separation bar, choose one that is not too heavy
looking, a sharp and crisp one with a single color would look
great. Out of black for the text and white for your background
you shouldn't use more than one or two colors on your site to
keep a seamless look.

Overall, for the kind of product you sell and the price you're
looking for, you must have very professional looking site. If
you're not very good at HTML and web design I'd suggest that you
hire someone to do the job for you. It doesn't have to be an
expensive site with all the bells and whistles to look
professional. Someone with good design skills can make it simple
while very nice looking and appealing for an affordable price.

To promote your site, be sure to include proper "Meta Tags" on
the page, I looked at your source code and it's missing the
keywords tag, and submit manually to all major search engines.
Utilize the best benefits you've extracted from the course to
form the keywords and description for the meta tags. Your
headline and your title tag (<title> </title>) must be formed
with your main keywords.

Another powerful way to promote your site is to participate in
web forums, newsgroups and discussion lists where your target
market can be found. Get in the discussion and offer true and
helpful advice on your subject, then don't forget to add your sig.
file. Also, you should start a newsletter from your site where
people would be able to subscribe and receive regular mailings
from you about tips on how to increase their well being or
anything that you can think of that would fit with your topic.
This way people will get to know you and become more confident to
buy from you, while doing this you can of course put emphasis on
how your course would help them more deeply. It's an established
fact that people must hear about you/and/or your product at least
7 times before they buy. Starting a newsletter is a must for
doing business online, you should start this as soon as you can,
email marketing is considered the most powerful Internet
Marketing tools of all. Find plenty of tips, help and advice
from the Ezine Publishers Association at: they even offer a free mailing
list service.

Well Claus, this may be not a full Internet Marketing course :)
though I hope it'll help you to get in a good direction.

Have a great and successful day!

Warm Regards,

Andre Foisy, g.i.s

CEO M.I.C MegaComm - Nous parlons francais.
Marketing, Internet and Communication.
Free Internet Business Education and
free access to a Secret Web Site!
Click on: to visit us now!

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject: Re: Linkshare(Swiss Army Depot)

Hola Bogdan and all Adlanders:

On Issue #143, Franklin Banker
<> wrote:

<I've never had an experience like this where
company won't even have the decency to
write a personal letter of explanation for a
delayed payment.>

Unfortunately, this things happen. My friendly
sugestion would be to read the affiliate agreement
that YOU agreed to before becoming an affiliate.

If there's a section that says something like:
"...reserves the right to change the conditions,
withhold payment, ...(whatever) at any time,
for any reason..." blah, blah, blah, etc.

It basicaly means that you'll dance to THEIR music.
This also can mean that they don't even guarantee
ANY kind of payment; even if they OWE you money.

This is NOT intended to be any kind of legal advice
(Consult a proffesional for that). But many times, we
agree to terms WE DON'T EVEN READ!

Sad but true.

That's why the ONLY affiliate programs I recommend
to my website members are those from which I'm paid
The way I see it is that if they pay me, there's a good
chance others will get paid too.

On a lighter note, I would like to thank you for all the
great help you provide to all of us with your newsletter!

Since this is the Holiday Season I would like to give all
Adlanders a FREE gift.

"eBay EXPOSED! or, How To Sell On eBay"

It's one of FOUR free ebooks available to all visitors
to my website:

Hope you all enjoy it!

Happy Holidays To All!

Rafael Aguilo - Webmaster
Learn Internet Marketing

A Free Basic Internet Marketing Course!
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The #1 Internet Marketing Site For Beginners
Free EBooks, Newsletter, Webmaster Resources

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Bill Viers (
Subject: Affiliate programs-do the figres add up?

Dear Bogdan,

Much has been said about affiliate programs in your newsletter.

Here is just one point we all should consider when dealing with affiliate programs.
If an affiliate program claims they are paying out huge amounts of commissions to a
few individuals (top performers) each month, run the figures.

We'll say the affiliate program claims their top producer made $10,000 in commission
in November. That's a big commission check and one impressive conversion rate.

Run the numbers, by comparing how much commission is paid for each unit, item or
article sold. We'll say the product sells for $50.00, the commission is 20%. So one
sale would net a $10.00 commission. That means the associate would be selling 1,000
units, items or articles through their partnership with the affiliate program during
the month of November to earn $10,000 commission.

Consider this. Looking at these ficticious averages, we'll say out of every 100
visitors, 10 link to the affiliate program to see what is offered. Out of every 10
that link to the affiliate program, 1 person buys. So that means a 10:1 conversion
rate. The ratio, based on total visitors to the asociate's site would be 100:1. So,
it took 100 visitors to the associate's web site to get this one sale. This would
mean that this affiliate program associate would need 100,000 visitors per month to
achieve this level of sales based on these figures.

Better conversion rates will require fewer visitors.

I've seen figures that say that the average link through to affiliate programs
involves 100 visitors for one link through. I have seen other figures that say that
the average is 10 visitors for every one visitor that links through to an affiliate
program. It is doubtful anyone can provide a true figure as there are so many
variables. Which ever figures are correct, you must have a high conversion rate to
make money.

How many visitors per month do you get to your site? How many visitors link to an
affiliate program you are signed up with? How many of those who link actually buy?
What is your conversion rate?

I'm not an accountant, so if you find an error in my figures above, run your own.
You'll still find that these high stated commission pay out claims for one month to
one individual require some proof. Not a stated claim that "Jim (no last name given)
received $10,000 commission this month."

Pencil out some of these claimed earnings. Just ask yourself how many average web
sites on the internet are getting 1,000 visitors per month (not hits per month, but
actual non-repeat visitors)? Then apply a few varied formulas to your own web site to
see how many visitors you have and what it would take for you to earn $500.00,
$1,000.00, $2,000.00 a month in commissions.

Finally, evaluate what it would take to get your web site traffic to the level of the
figures you have penciled out. What do you come up with?

Make the affiliate programs prove up their claims. Don't just accept some of these
huge commission claims.

Bill Viers


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From:Marianne E. Payton
Subject:"Good Luck" story.

Dear Bogdan & Adlanders:

I have a short success story, or maybe you would call
it "good luck" story.  In September I registered my business
with and in October I received an email that
I had won a computer.  At first I thought it was a joke and when
they asked for my mailing address and phone number, I sent
it to them.  It's no secret as it is on both of my sites.  About 3
days later FedEx knocked on my door and I had to sign for this
envelope.  To my delight it was from Allbizdepot with the official
paperwork for my signature acknowledging my cooperation with
them in winning their "daily computer give a way," along with the
other official paperwork allowing them to use me in their publicity
and so forth.  I received an email indicating the it would be
delivered before Thanksgiving and two days before the holiday, it
arrived by FedEx - a very nice Compaq Presario and a MV520
monitor and fabulous keyboard, speakers, and built-in microphone.
They're giving one away daily until August or September 2000, so
by all means if you have a business license, go register -

I have a couple comments from #144...
First to Jan <> who wanted a form for
keeping track of her advertising.  From the looks of what
you have listed Jan, I wonder if you have downloaded
My Affiliate Program (MAP 2000) from  Pathfinders Software?
You don't have to use it just for affiliate programs as there is
a tracking program for sales, advertising, etc.  You can get a
free download from my site
unless you already have it.

Also, to Joseph Jobst, either I left something out of my
comments regarding AOL & long messages or I wasn't
very clear.  I had changed my ISP to EarthLink to see if I
liked it better than AOL, but I never left AOL.  When I said
"that's why I changed my ISP" I was referring to EarthLink
because they complained about the amount of mail I was
getting.  My reference to Hotmail was just for receiving those
"long messages" and they do a wonderful job.  However, I
maintain my regular "paid ISP" and was not suggesting that
anyone should do anything other than receive their "long
messages" on Hotmail.

Here's wishing everyone a happy holiday season with
lots of sales to all!!

Marianne E. Payton

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Bryan Marye <>
Subject: Writers Wanted

I am  looking for writers for OUR e-zine. The I_M_R Quick_Tip
is a weekly publication to over 1200 subscribers. Our format is similar to
the article I am submitting to you. If you'd like to see other articles, simply
visit our Quick_Tip archive section at our home page:

To submit your article, send it to:

To receive a free subscription to I_M_R: Click and send:

Bryan Marye
Internet Marketing Resource

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: The boss

Sometimes we do not get the raise or promotion we deserve, and
our productivity is trimmed, not because we are not working hard
enough, but because we are operating of a different wave-length
than our bosses.

I wrote a short article addressing this issue and a solution,
entitled, "The Boss Question". I would be pleased to share it
with members of the List. To get your free copy, email your
request for "boss" to:

Don Wetmore-Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington St. P.O. Box 2126 Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================

From: "George Christian" <>
Subject: Associate program input

Hello List!

I recently started an Associates Program to promote my business online.  My
company finances the purchase of a new computer for a consumer with less
than perfect credit that cannot get financing in a traditional manner.
This business model has been extremely successful offline, using print
advertising.  I am relatively new to the Internet, and would like to avoid
all the pitfalls I can! If I could get some feedback on my site and the
associate program,  I would greatly appreciate it.

My questions for the group are as follows:

a. How does my site rate?
b. Is the Associate program understandable?
c. Is $75 per sale a decent commission?
d. What could I do differently?
e. What would you recommend to promote the Associates Program online?
f. What do you think of my banner?
g. Any other advice for a net newbie?

Thank you in advance, I truly appreciate it!

Warm Regards,

George Christian
"Computers For Everyone!"

George Christian is webmaster and owner of PC-Credit.Com
<> At PC-Credit, they finance
you for a new computer with no credit check and no credit
turn downs! Bad credit, no credit, bankruptcy, divorce,
collections, liens, medical bills... whatever! Everyone
is approved, they understand.

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
"Creating your own product for profit!"
by Wes Blaylock

Creating a product is much easier than people think it
is. A lot of people have been on the net a long time and
are still marketing affiliate programs. Although I have nothing
against affiliate programs, I just think it would be much
more profitable for you if you created your own product
and started your own affiliate program.

Think about how hard you work for that affiliate program
you are promoting. Now don't you wish you had somebody
like you promoting YOUR product? I bet you do. Look
how far Cory Rudl came. He created a $27 book. He learned
how to sell his book and then came out with a marketing
course. He now has one of the most successful affiliate
programs on the net. Thousands of people advertise his
site for him everyday. Can you create something worth $27?

So how do you create your own product Wes? Well
ask yourself what you are good at. Can you cook? Are
you a good speaker? Do you really know how to save money?
What are you good at? If you have one thing you are
really good at that other people would be interested in,
you can have a great product.

If you don't have anything your good at, then think of friends
that you have that are good at something. Heres an example:
I can't cook worth a hoot, but my mom is one great cook
and I have 2 friends that are head chefs in good restuarants.
Right now I have them working on a "Kitchen Tips" booklet.
Now this won't sell for much, but it is a 2 step process.

I would sell the tips booklet for about $5 and make a $3
profit on each book. The plan is to sell them by the hundreds
and keep every customer's address. Once I have a big enough
database, I come out with a cookbook from my friends and
mom that sells for $39. See where i'm going here? If they
bought a $5 info packed tips booklet, they might think
"Wow I wonder how much great info I would get for $39."

Creating a book isn't the only way to go. If you know
somebody that has a great talent in a specific field, do
an interview with him/her and record it. Now you have
audio tapes.

Have somebody else build you a product. There are
plenty of programmers out there that would build you
something you could sell,as long as the programmer gets
some money out of it. Either buy the resell rights, or give
him/her a percentage of every product out the door.

I knew a guy who used to go to business seminars every
weekend. He kept telling me how good they were and
that if only he could have their information in a book, he
could sell it and make a fortune. Well I told him to go buy
some video equipment and get to the seminar early. I told
him to ask the speaker if he could video tape the seminar,
duplicate it,and resell it. He did and the speaker said yes
but I want 20% of all profits. Thats pretty reasonable if you
ask me. They wrote up a quick contract and there he was,
sitting in the back of the seminar with his video camera. He
made 2, two hour tapes on business building and sold them
for $69.

Think you could gather up enough info to charge for a monthly
newsletter? You could become your own internet researcher
and put together a 2 page report on a specific topic in a niche
market. You don't actually have to know anything, you just have
to find information about that specific topic and make sure that
it is something people want to know about. You could charge $1
per month for a subscription. You might be saying "1 dollar, is that
it?" Well would you pay me $1 a month to get this newsletter
every week? I have about 3,500 subscribers to this newsletter. If
I got $1 out of you, I would make $3,500 per month. Thats not
bad at all for writing about something I like. Hell, I haven't even
let out the big marketing secrets yet.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when creating your own product.
So reread this article and think of a product you could make
that people would want. Now get off your butt and put it into
action. You will thank me later.

See you at the bank,
Wes Blaylock
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

At one local church, Joe was in charge of taking up the
offerings.  One Sunday after the services, the priest counted
the cash and found it was smaller than anticipated.  So he
questioned Joe.  He told him that it did not seem enough for
the size of the congregation.

Joe said that he did not take any of the offering.

The priest again questioned him and again he said that he
did not take any of the offering.  So the priest said "get in the
confessional" which Joe did.

Then the priest asked him did you take any of the offering
and this time he said "I can't hear you".

Again the priest asked "Joe did you take any of the

Again Joe answered "I can't hear you".

This time the priest yelled "JOE DID YOU TAKE ANY OF

Again Joe answered "I can't hear you".

By this time the priest was getting a little angry so he came
out of the confessional and said "Joe trade places with me
and you can ask me a question."

So they traded places and Joe asked " I hear that you and
my wife are having an affair, is that true?"

To which the priest answered "By Golly you can't hear in


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