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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.)Check out this site if you have been Scammed!
~ Edward S. Gause

2.) Webhosting
~ Chris Brown

3.) Affiliate programs-do the figres add up?
~ Julian Davies

4.) Merchant Account Know How Guide
~  Sharon Evans

N e w     P o s t s   (8)

1.)Karen Sprague
~ I guess I'm just frustrated at this point

2.) Wiliam Montgomery
~ Help with VideoCam (off topic)

~ The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy

4.) Rafael Aguilo
~ Happy New Year and A FREE Gift for ALL!

5.) Ralph Latella
~ Let me tell you a story.

6.) Melanie
~ marketing-Choice vs. competition

7.)Henryk Bartnick
~ getting traffic by posting to Trade Boards

8.) Kevan Blair
~ Question about forwarding email

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Getting Your Online Business Up and Running!
by Joe Reinbold

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  154  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Welcome in new Millenium.

As I was promising for the entire year 1999, now is the time to reward,
those brave people who contributed their private stories
for  Adland Digest Success Story of the year 1999.

Some of you will be familiar with the stories which were published
here, but some who joined Digest later, either had chance of
reading a few of them or not at all.

The concept of  Adland Digest Success Story of the year is quite
Link to first three  winning  success stories will be placed  on each page throught year 2000.
Exposure obtained from this promotion can be tremendous amount
of traffic to  winners of this contest. AdlandPro  receives  500,000 page
viewings , 90,000 unique visitors  and grows on average 10% each month.

So now is  your turn to vote for the best success story of the year and also
submit   your success story for the year 2000.
Please go here to give your vote for Adland Digest Success Story of
the year 1999.

and here to vote for logo which will be displayed to link to success story

You will find there some  fine pieces of graphics  and next time you
need graphic work, you will know where to go.


I would like to share with you strange story, which happened to me
recently in respect to being online merchant.

I had a client who after about 50% of being provided with my  service,
decided to cancel it and asked me for refund for unused portion.
I readily sent her refund check as she maintained that her credit card
account which she used to paid for it was closed.
Everything looked perfect till two days ago, when my merchant bank
informed me that this particular client in question just disputed this
transaction and said following giving here signature under the written
I have never authorized Softfornet Solution to charge my account for amount
(  so or so) and never participated in that transaction.

She exchanged with me about six emails prior to sending her a check and
was fully aware of everything which she expressed in her messages.

Now the story is in hands of the bank which asked me to provide them
with the copy of the check and bank statement showing that my account
was debited.

If bank listens to her, I will not only loose money for the service I provided,
I will also pay her for that.

My conclusion after being merchant for a year, is that  we are not in any
danger from  internet criminals who are stealing credit cards and use
them to  purchase products or services.The biggest danger are
customers who use their cards to dishonestly  file disputes after purchase,
stating that they never participated in the transaction.
To date, I lost about  $1,500 in disputed transactions and only one of them
was through stolen credit card. The rest was due to dishonest customers
who  are taking advantage of current online transaction rules.
Although I realize that internet transactions are very small amount of  what
credit card companions are processing, I believe that making merchant
entirely responsible for  all losses is pure ignorance.
I can tell you that nobody is interested in finding solutions in such a  cases.
Police won't listen to you, banks after provided with emails  from customers
who claim that they never dealt with you,  just quietly debit your account and
charge you with processing fee.

As of now I'm starting to consider this just as a cost of doing business but
still  find it ridicules.



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For beginners trying to gain internet riches and success is not easy.
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ignorance of Internet business environment and  effective marketing skills.
Discover unknown to many online entrepreneurs and the public marketing
secrets, tools, and techniques of the internet that will show you how to
make $500-$5000 a week step-by-step working only a few hours a week!
For more info, please go here

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Edward S. Gause <>
Subject:Check out this site if you have been Scammed!

Hi Joe (and fellow adlandpro readers!),

I checked out the site you mentioned in the previous newsletter
( ).

Did you notice that the webmaster's other linked sites
(,,,, and are all designed
and owned by one person, who just happens to be willing to share
with us, his "How I Earned A SIX-FIGURE Income From The
Comfort Of My Home..." 400+ page manual for $199 or $99,
depending on the package chosen?

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Edward S. Gause

Cynted Internet Marketing Center
A guide for beginning netrepreneurs

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "chris brown" <>
Subject: webhosting

> From: "TOM TREE" <>
> Subject: webhosting
> Hello all.  I have a questions I hope someone can help me
> with.  I was wondering if there are any websites that offer
> free page hosting that includes the ability to have
>CGI scripts?
> thanks for your help
> Kenneth Smith

Over the last few weeks, I have also been considering taking
my web sites to the "next level", ie own domain name and
access to CGI scripts etc. I searched through various
hosting services, but they all seemed to charge "commercial"
rates. These are a little high for people who just wish to
 =experiment= with CGI scripts before taking the plunge
and paying $20 - $50 pm. hosting fees

So how does $24 A YEAR sound ???

I have located a web host that offers various packages
from 500MB for $50 a month down to the
aforementioned 1MB at $24 a year! Plus, you get your
own CGI-BIN access, sub domains, email forwarding
Further details of the services they offer are available from:

(you will need to copy this URL into your browser)

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Julian Davies" <>
Subject: Affiliate programs-do the figres add up?

Hi Bogdan,

I read Bill Viers article with regard to the conversion rates of visitors to sales in
affiliate programs and it would seem to me that there is not so great an
understanding by some people as to the workings of affiliate programs. I work with an
affiliate program and I can confirm that the conversion rates are possible if you
look at the whole picture and not just at direct sales from visits to the site. The
program I work with places all new people under on another in a straight downward
leg. We are a recruiting and downline building program that works on an affiliate
basis and works well, it is then a matter of multiplication of the efforts of all in
that line through how ever many lines which we call Powerlines that the affiliate
has. We upgrade to member status and are then allowed to grow width as well, income
from this grows exponentially and the income grows accordingly.

I can confirm that this works as I am now receiving commission checks regularly from
this program, and they are growing steadily, so yes affiliate programs can and do

Check it out at the following websites.



Julian Davies

Team Leader
Six Figure Income and Life-Force International Member
 If you would like your own FREE FFA site then go to
the following site

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Sharon Evans" <>
Subject: Merchant Account Know How Guide

Happy New Year Adlanders,
I have been watching the thread about merchant accounts, and would like to share what
my 2 months of research on merchant accounts turned up.
First : If you don't know any-thing about merchant accounts do a search on the
engines. Learn the terms and process about how merchant accounts work.
Second : Shop til you drop.  There are NO set fees in this industry.
Third:  Make sure they are a creditable company.  Do a credit check on them.   The
last thing you will want is a company that is here today gone tomorrow with your
money to boot.
Forth :  Do your math.  The way a merchant account markets their program   is by
offering bundles to make it look easy enough that your dog can have one.  However
your dog isn't the one footing the bill, you are!  And you may end up paying dearly
if you don't do your math.  Remember your profits may not have included the Internet
and a merchant account,  and these programs can cut deep into YOUR profits.
Terms:  You will soon learn and hear alot about.
Gateway fees, discount rate, Internet Access, Fee per transaction,  Charge backs,
Shopping cart, Lease to own monthly fees, Monthly access fees, real time processing.
The Cost factor:
What can you expect to shell out for having a merchant account?  Any-where from 7%-9%
from your profits from most programs.  This may not sound like alot but over a year's
time, it will add up fast.
3 Programs that we contacted:
We contacted 3 programs  and listen to their sales pitch.  By the way be prepared
they only want to speak with you live on the phone.   They will make it sound like
they are doing the best thing for your business next to having the Queen of England
buy what ever it is you have to offer.  Don't get backed into the corner of saying
yes.  Get them to send you their package.
2 packages were lease to own bundle deals.
Package #1  was for a 48 month lease to own software package at $69.95 per month.
That is over $3,000.00!   This was shocking for a piece of software, plus all the
other monthly fees they add on.
Package #2 was for 36 months at $39.95   Which adds up to  over $1400.00.    Plus all
the extra fees.  A bit easier on the pocketbook then the first one.
Both packages were a little high price for a start up with no venture capitalist
feeding the bank account.
Package #3:  At first it was hard to believe, they only charged a flat rate for
around $500.00 for the software,  this was a strong  selling point at first.   But
then,  I dug a little deeper to see what other fees were involved.  What I found out
took me by surprise,  the money that gets deposited from each sale would earn
interest from a money market account all month long, which off sets the discount fees
and transaction fees.  Plus they offer a  business checking account  which also earns
interest all month from a money market account and its all net base easy accounting!
The choice was an easy one after this.  Make money with the money I earn or spend it
on some-one else looking to piggy back off my hard work.

To warp this up merchant accounts are something you must have but you don't have to
spend your vacation money to set one up.  If you look and learn and go in with the
attitude its your business, it's your money, you will find the perfect solution to
your merchant account needs.
If you wish to learn more about the company we selected  you may e-mail us.
Wishing you the best,

Marketing Concepts that make you go WooHoo!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "karen sprague" <>
Subject: I guess I'm just frustrated at this point

Hello everyone,
I've been sumbitting to ffa links for over a month now and iv'e only had 2
sales. To top it off they were from friends from a mlm I'm in.
I've built webpages and promoted tham, but i dont know html and my pages are
never listed near the top or even on the 5th page. I don't know if i should
spend more money on a links page or what? i can't even get someone elses
banner installed cuz most of the websites have been built with the quick
builder. Homestead dopes allow me to do this but that's the only one so far
.. i could figure out. I guess I'm just frustrated at this point. i didnt
expect to make a fortune on reseeling or mlm, but was hoping to at least
make a few extra $$s a month. i couldnt even get anyone to sign up under me
for surfing well.. if you have a suggestion that is simple
enough for this newbie tryin to make a few dollars please email me
I do work hard at this.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Wiliam Montgomery" <>
Subject: Help with VideoCam (off topic)

Hi all,

I have a question that may seem a little off the subject, but actually the
end result is that it is slowing down my marketing strategy. Over the
holiday, I received a digital VideoCam given to me with the assumption that
I would be able to take still shots and movie clips for use on the web,
however I came to find out that the VideoCam is not compatable to download
to my computer. It does have a connection to download to a VCR. I have been
given conflicting story by area merchants as the cost and feasability of
some type of interface or video card. A salesman at the place of purchase
told me that it was relatively inexpensive to get the interface. Another
store informed me that it would be very expensive and I would be better off
returning the cam and purchasing a fully compatable one (at their store of
course). I myself have not been able to find the equipment and/or software
needed. I was counting on using this for (near) future marketing. Can you or
any of our fellow subscribers help me out.  Thank you everybody or anybody
in advance.

Wiliam Montgomery

------------------------------------------ is the Home of The InfoZone, a searchable database archive
of Marketing, Site Building Help and Online Business Articles. Join us every
wek, when we provide you with 30, 40 even 50 articles, along with tips &
tricks and helpful links.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Kisio" <>
Subject:The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy

Hi Adland Readers,

I recieved this information and I am very tempted to join.
It sounds very good. Does any one know anything about the following?

""The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy."

Hopefully you've already hopped on board with "The Amazing
Formula." Or maybe you're waiting for a lightning bolt
from heaven!

The product has over 100 pages of testimonials from customers
who rave about it! How many more people do you need to rave
about it before you join the fun?

Here are just a few testimonials I have received from people
all around the world.  I even get testimonials from countries
I have never heard of!  These testimonials are REAL
and are not NOT made up.  The people in them are all real

Please let me have your comments directed to

This is the Ultimate! The latest! Organize your efforts. Build several downlines
simultaneously using the resources of one site, your

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject: Happy New Year and A FREE Gift for ALL!

Hi Bogdan and All Adlanders:

Looking back on this past year, the best word
that comes to mind is WOW!

It's been quite a ride for all of us that have been
involved in creating some sort of "niche" on the Web.

There have been some spectacular growth in
many areas. That's what progress is all about.

Since 5/99 I have seen my website go from
0 to about 6,500 extremely targetted unique
visitors. Many tips on how to do this I owe
to this wonderful group.

It's time for me to say Happy New Year to all with
a free gift to all.

The past two months fownd me researching the dynamics
of what it takes for people to "build" groups online.

This knowledge has resulted in a One of A Kind free EBook
that I have posted on my website. It's available to all for the

The tittle:
"How to Succeed in a 'Paid to Surf' Program"

Based on Facts, not B.S. Theory, it reveals:

1. Why most 'Paid to Surf' Companies would rather
YOU NOT KNOW this information.

2. Why the VAST MAJORITY of people are
NOT MAKING significant amounts of money,
and How to change this.

3. The SECRET behind the success of 'Heavy Hitters'.

4. The BIG MISTAKE almost everyone is making,
and they DON'T EVEN KNOW about it.

It has become one of our hottest free downloads.
It's available to all just for visiting my website:


Many have told me I'M NUTS to give this away free.

I just simply feel it's my turn to give something back.

May the new year bring Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity
to All.

Another Adlander;

Rafael Aguilo

A Free Basic Internet Marketing Course!
5 free Gifts just for visiting us Today!
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How To Succeed in a Paid To Surf Program

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Ralph Latella <>
Subject:Let me tell you a story.

Six months ago I started researching how to do business on the net. I
found lots of information - some good, some totally ridiculous.
However, I persisted and continued to dig. I asked people in the
"know" about starting a small business on the Net to make me some
money.  Then I found out the hard way -that NOBODY knows what your
aspirations are but yourself! The banks will certainly help AT A
PRICE. Credit card companies will help AT A PRICE and then site
hosting companies, get the picture. I seriously thought -
"no this is not for me! - too many headaches and lots of money to part
with up-front".

Fast forward to now.
* I have a web site (pretty good one I think - and     did it
* I have a decent product!
* I have credit card facilities!
* I generate between $200 to $500 a fortnight!
* I get regular checks, in US funds, and sent to me in Australia!!
* I've just started an affiliate program and signed four other people
to "help" with sales!
*I promote my site according to the time constraints imposed on me by
virtue of a full time job!

OK. "So what", you say.
What if I said I have yet to spend a dime?
What if I told you I have NOT spent a single solitary cent of my money
and yet I'm earning some (OK..millionnaire I'm not). Isn't this what
eCommerce is supposed to be about?

I can substantiate everything I've told you. I can reproduce the
exercise again and again (depending on the product of course - oh,
yes, you MUST have
the right product. I'm now helping people make this their story. I'll
tell you what I did, step-by-step, and how I did it. I'll tell you
what to use and how to use it to build YOUR business, and mine. Heck,
if you find it difficult to create your on-line venture I'LL HELP YOU

OK. So how much to let you into all this?
Drop me an email at and describe to me what
business your in and what you want to sell on-line. Your quotation is
free!! NO MLM, NO Scam, No BS.

You see - you really have NOTHING to loose!

Ralph La Tella.

NetBiz Publishing (Australia).

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Melanie <>
Subject: marketing-Choice vs. competition

Hi Adlander's !  Melanie here with some thoughts on marketing -
questions actually.

Here's the thing.  I market (among other things) all the detective
spy software out there.  I have, (until recently) offered them ALL -
side by side as a, if you walk into a software store
looking for genealogy software, you already know there is more
than one on the market - so you *choose* the one you want - for
whatever reason be it price - bonuses - ect...following me so far?

Whichever one is chosen doesn't matter because I receive a
commission on any of them (altho some more $ than others)...ergo
my above *original* idea on marketing those software products.

Here's the thing...I was recently turned down as an affiliate to a
html compiler because when they visited my site-the first thing
they saw was the competition.  They did not wish to be marketed
side by side the competetion-and said and I quote
"the web is not K-Mart"

so....I wrote back explaining with the first paragraph of this post -
that when one walks into a computer store, one expects to be
comfronted with *choices*....

What do you think?  On the web - specific to the web - which is the
better train of thought?

I think this could be a very interesting topic

ALl the best - happy new year!  Melanie

Investigative Resources for Everyone

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (7)========================
From:   "Henryk Bartnicki" <
Subject: getting traffic by posting to Trade Boards

Dear Bogdan,
Dear Listmembers,

I once wrote to you on the similar topic. I got some comments. Thank you.
Unfortunately I have to seek you help once again, because I am a little

I used some of your valuable tips on how to be indexed highly and I've got
some results. Some of them even amazing.
I searched through AltaVista.
examples of keywords I used:
ecological soft toys ; woollen soft toys; coffee tables with glass
tabletops; coffee tables made of plastic resins.
I was always indexed between the top 10, sometimes on 2 places between those
10, sometimes on 5 or even 6 first places. Can you imagine? My sites on the
first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth places out of 80,000, once
even out of over 800,000 sites of similar interest.
Not all the indexed sites were my web sites and ),
some of them were my leads to top trade boards. I was so happy with being
indexed so high. I believed that my efforts should bring me some results
 some reasonable traffic to my sites ). I do not believe now.
Whenever I tried to follow my so highly indexed leads on the trade boards, I
was taken to nowhere or to  a message sent by somebody else on quite
different topics, although the posts bore the ID number of my posts.
I wasn't taken to my posts even once.

Can anybody help?
I would appreciate any comments.

Best regards,
Henryk Bartnicki


Note from Editor.

I'm not a big expert on search engine ranking but I want to point out
two things.

You mentioned that  your high ranked searches  were pointing to message boards.
This might be the problem. Message board messages are expiring after some time,
and you need to repost them or just  participate in discussions periodically.

I would like to recomend  excellent discussion list on search engine issues.

The I-Search Digest

I-Search Archives:

Trzymaj sie.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (8)========================
From: "Kevan Blair" <>
Subject: Question about forwarding email

I was wondering if any of you email guru's can help me solve a problem regarding
forwarding email.  I am an associate for a legal services company that gives us an
email site with the company's name on it for marketing purposes.  However, in order
to access the email system, I have to log on to their site and click through a few
menus before I can retrieve and send email.  It takes a lot of time.  My question is:
does anyone know how I can forward the email on that site so it shows up on my
regular email address. (note: their email site doesn't have a forwarding option)

Thanks for any response in advance:

Kevan Blair

Please email me at

Note from Editor.

This option might work or not depending on the settings of
your web site email.

Try to figure out server name. This should be something

Enter it in your email setting in the place of server POP.
Enter user id  and password of your web email.


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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Getting Your Online Business Up and Running!
by Joe Reinbold

If you are thinking about developing an Internet presence for your
business or improving your presence, there are a number of things
you need to consider. Some new online marketers start with a free
site, rent a page or two at someone else's site or get their own
site or domain.

We started like many others, with a free five page web site. It
allowed us to experiment. We got our feet wet with setting up
several pages, researching what was out there and actually
developing a marketing plan for the future. But we found that the
free site was good for just that, getting our feet wet. Your space
is limited, you don't have all the tools available that you really
need, nor the flexibility to expand as you see fit.

Our next step was to move up to our own domain package at a low to
moderately priced hosting service with our own domain name, After a number of continuing problems and the
lack of support to correct them, we moved to our present service who
we believe to be one of the best on the Net.

Domains -vs- Domain Names

A domain package is the space or real estate you are leasing from
a hosting service, of which there are a multitude on the Net. The
packages come in many sizes and with or without many services you
will need. You can get packages as little as 2 megs (about 50 pages),
30 megs (about 500 pages) and 60 megs (about 1000 pages), which is
the size we currently have. There are many combinations available,
these are only examples. The estimated number of pages is dependant
on how much each page takes and what other uses you make of your
space. Plus you want to look at the options that come along with
your domain space, such as marketing tools, ease of uploading and
downloading of your pages, and other services that will assist you
in succeeding in your venture.

A domain name is a separate process, and a good hosting service
will include "registration" of your chosen name for free. Don't pay
a hosting company or any other vendor $50 or $100 to register your
domain name. Find a hosting service that does it for free.

First you want to make sure the name you want is available. The
easiest way is to go to InterNic (or Network Solutions as it is
known now) at: http://www.networksolutions/cgi-bin/whois/whois,
and do a domain name search right on their home page. All you
have to input is "" (you don't need to put in ".com" is the normal extension unless you are
choosing ".org" for your organization or .edu if you are an
educational institution. It will show you the results of your
search in seconds. If it is not being used it will show "no
record". If it is being used, you can review the contact
information which will show you who is the registered owner. If
it is registered, you will need to come up with another name.
It could be just a slightly different wording or spelling.

InterNIC is the organization that centralizes the registration
process of domain names on the Internet. You could actually register
yourself if you know all the technical information. But I found
that it is easier to let the hosting company do it for you. Two
items show up on the registration, the Administrative Contact and
the Technical Contact. You, as the owner of the domain name, should
be the Administrative Contact. Your hosting service, or an individual
at the hosting service will normally be the Technical Contact. If
your hosting service shows up as both then they are the registered
owner of the domain name. Make sure you are the Administrative
Contact, the owner. If at some future date, you want to transfer
your domain name to a different hosting service, you will have a
problem if you are not shown as the Administrative Contact/owner.

InterNIC bills you directly for their annual registration fee.
Currently your first bill will be $70.00 for two years, then
$35.00 each year thereafter.

Choosing A Name

This is a critical area to consider. Your domain name is your unique
business name online and is important to your business. Once you
register it, it is yours and only you can use it. It is very similar
to a trademark. With your own domain name your address will be (or .org or .edu). If you were to purchase space
at someone else's domain, rather than getting your own, your address
might look like this:
or some other long combination. Which one looks more businesslike and
professional to you? The name you select can project the unique theme
of your business. It will assist you in building online recognition.
Think about, and others. They have become
household names just like the traditional businesses such as Sears,
Woolworth, etc.

Take some time to create your own domain name, it will be with you
for a long time.
Joe Reinbold, owner of The Entrepreneur's Home Business
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

During a visit to a military medical clinic, I was sent to the
lab to have blood drawn.  The technician there was friendly
and mentioned that his mood improved every day because
he was due to leave the service in two months.

As he applied the tourniquet on my arm, he told me that
taking the blood wouldn't hurt much.  Then, noticing my Air
Force T-shirt he asked me what my husband did.

When I replied that he was a recruiter, the technician
smiled slyly and said, "This might hurt a little more than I


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