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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.)There is_any_ money to be made  (Was Subject: Adland Digest is the best)
~ Melanie Kozik
~ Bob Cortez

2.)Mazu Publishing
~ Maryann Girard

3.) Save the Java for Coffee Break
~ Melody Treece

4.)If you need to accept US currencies
~ Rina Chen

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.)Melanie Kozik
~ Domain name scenerio

2.) BJ
~ Need Help

3.) adoortosuccess

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Are auto-submit programs an advantage in website promotion?
By Leon Brickey

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  130  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I subscribe to many discussion lists and one which I value the most is
called I-Sales Digest moderated by  John Audette.
In recent issue of his list (1000), he published first of his "Sweet 16"
principles of building successful business.
I couldn't resist from reprinting  his 1 out of 16.
Please read below.


Sweet 16 # 1
Maintain Absolute Integrity

There are obviously ancient philosophical value systems that
encourage us to act with honestly and integrity in all that we do,
whether we're dealing with personal or business relationships. We
tend to vary a bit in our behavior depending on the set of beliefs
that we subscribe to -- and on the strength of our subscription.

That's the personal side of integrity and it's not my role to discuss
that. The business side of integrity is what concerns us here at

We all appreciate that the networked environment of the Internet
gives us all awesome communications power. The entire world
is taking on the characteristics of a small town when it comes
to gaining and losing reputations. As we have discussed here
frequently, the world has been flipped upside down and the
consumer, the prospect, the customer, is in charge.

The old saying used to be, "The customer is always right". Well,
we all know that is nonsense -- the customer is often wrong. But
there is a valid adaptation of that old saying that works in a
networked environment, "The customer might not always be
right -- but the customer always rules".

Therefore, we must *never* abuse our relationship with the
customer. Forget for a moment that it's the "right" thing to
do as regards personal and business ethics. In this context
it simply makes sense from a dollars and cents business

There are many examples of how to do this, and fortunately
we can always feel it in our gut.

One example that comes to mind from a recent discussion
here at I-Sales is that we must fulfill the terms of the "contract"
that we have with our customers. We discussed various
possibilities for e-pub revenue models beyond running ads
in the publication itself. One concept I brought up was having
people volunteer (opt-in in Internet parlance) to receive commercial
messages on topics that they have an interest in. Several people
wrote in and said that they would un-subscribe if we ever did that
at I-Sales.

Well, I could never do that at I-Sales under the current contract
that I have with you and with all other I-Salers. The current
contract, more de facto than formal, states that we will run ads
in the I-Sales Digest, but we will never send messages from
advertisers to I-Sales subscribers. To do otherwise would
violate that contract. Therefore it would require approval to
change the contract before changing the structure.

Just one example. Again, we all know in our gut when we are
maintaining integrity or violating it. It's been my experience that
is more rewarding, on many levels, to maintain it.

Your Striving Moderator,
John Audette

President ~
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc. ~
"Accountable E-Commerce Marketing" (tm) since 1994




Results from voting for Adland Digest Success Story of the Year
in next digest.


================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (1)==================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

Dear Bogdan,

Following up on my previous messages, initially prompted by Patricia's call
for the little guys to get together, I finally have the banner exchange
working. This is called "The Little Acorn Banner Exchange". A play on
words... You know the one, "From little acorns huge oak trees grow". Well, I
have set this up as a 1:1 ratio site, no cost. The ONLY banners I will
exclude are the porno, or so-called "Adult" banners. There are a lot of folk
like myself who prefer not to have to deal with that rubbnish.

Now, it's running on my site, at the bottom of
the main page. Clicking on the Little Acorn to the left of the banner will
take you to the SignOn page.  Clicking on the banner image, will take you to
the web site of the banner's owner.
Adding your account will then generate some html code that you paste into
your web pages wherever you like. Easy. The 1 to 1 ratio means for every
exposure you give, you get one in return. None of this 2:1, 3:1 and so on.
Currently its set to "No Expire", so I'd ask, if anyone discovers a link
that has gone away - could they let me know, and I'll pull the banner.

I think it's pretty neat, its free, and it should allow us all to really get
to know each other. Just the few people who have responded to me personally
have given me some wonderful ideas.  Great idea your news letter Bogdan.

Thanks for some good ideas folks,

----------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

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Discover unknown to many online entrepreneurs and the public marketing
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make $500-$5000 a week step-by-step working only a few hours a week!
For more info, please go here

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================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (2)==================
From: David Moffitt  <>

Hi Everyone!
    First let me introduce myself.  My name is David Moffitt, and I have
been doing business on the Internet for over 4 years now.  I have learned a
lot, and earned little.  If I knew then, what I know now, the earnings would
be spectacular!  In any case, it pays my rent, and my online time, so if
your not making any money, please read this, and find your own mistakes to
benefit from.
    One of the first things you will read from any marketing site, is how
important it is to have your own domain name.  This is getting even more
important today, as the Search Engines are reworking their programs.  The
Internet is growing at the rate of over 15,000 pages per week,  and the
major Search Engines are limiting who they will list.  What this means to
you, is if you use any of the free services like Xoom, Geocities, etc, you
may not get listed at all!
    However, I have found that sub-domain names will still be listed,
because many people have to pay for that service.  Just what is a sub-domain
name?  It is a name chosen by you, to which you can get for free, which does
not link to any of the free ones that may soon be banned.  I personally am
an avid supporter for Virtual Avenue (""),  .  They offer free sub-domains, and also are
great if you want to set up a domain name account.  Visit them, to see what
all they offer, and I am sure you will see why I use them.
    The next big mistake, is in thinking that if you have a site, people
will come!  With so many new sites being added each week, your site may not
be visited by anyone!  If your counter does not show at least 10 new
visitors a week, then you need to either change your promotion, or start it!
With the proper promotion of your site, you should get a steady amount of
page hits.  You can do this for free at or at where you get listed for free.   If you have a logo or
banner, encourage those who visit to link to your site with it!  Offer an
excgange, or join sites like where your banner is
viewed once for each two people who visit your site.
    Another great way is through placing ads for free at any of the many
classifieds pages like Adland Pro.  Please note though, that spamming any
classified service, may terminate your account with them, including the
removal of all of your ads.
    Spam is not just Email!  Spamming a classified site, means placing ads
in inappropriate categories, or placing the same ad many times, in one or
all categories.  If you have a site that deals with personals, then your ad
should be listed only once for that category!  Of course in Adland's case,
you can place that ad for each state or country that it serves, once for
each, and it will not be considered as Spam.  However, placing the same ad
for each country or region more than once is unfair to everyone, and
therefore becomes Spam.
    Think of it this way: You have a site, and you want to promote it on
Adland's service.  You go to see what other ads are there already, to find
that 10 or 15 people have the same ad 3 or 4 times.  Along with say 20 that
are only posted once.  Where is your ad going to end up?  Probably in the
neighborhood of number 60 in the list.  Will people scroll that far to see
it?  NO!  They will get bored and either go to another category, or just
leave the site all together!
    Having a site with banners, is not the only goal here either.  I give
out an award to good sites, and am totally amazed at the amount of sites
that are loaded with banners, but have no actual content.  You want people
to visit, but more important, you want them to come back again, and again!
Banners are a great way to spruce up a site, but do little for actually
creating any income.  The real income comes from using a text link, which is
part of your own write up of a service or product!  People will trust your
opinion, much more than they will trust a fancy banner created by a
marketing or advertising firm.
    I presently own many domains, and am online over 60 hours per week!   I
am devoted to what I do, and I take the Internet as a very serious asset.
If you really want to learn how to emulate what I am doing, you need to get
into the same mind set.  Static pages are a thing of the past.  You have to
have content that is apealling, and you MUST keep that content changing, in
order to bring repeat visits from the browsers who happen to stumble upon
your site!  Offer an Email List like where people can opt in
to be notified of your changes.  Give out free Email from companies like .  Do everything and anything you can to bring them back!  I
even give away tax free money, to get people to come back, if for no reason
other than to see where my counter is at!
    The trick is, to get them to opt in to your update list, and let them
know you are there for them.  Don't give them anything, if they are not
willing to do the same (eg. their Email address for your news letter in
exchange to being in a contest on your site).
    Lastly, it is always a general rule here, that the links that you think
are the ones who will make you rich, won't!  The ones you fear will do
nothing, are the ones that will probably do the best.  I run singles sites,
and link almost exclusively to other singles sites!
    To get an idea of what you can do to generate both income and return
visitors, please visit one of my sites at where you
will see me doing exactly what this note is telling you to do!  This site is
one of ICQ's most popularly visited sites, and rates among the Top 3 for the
most members.  It generates an average income of $350.00 per month, and has
had over 110,000 visitors since March 6, 1999!
        David Moffitt / Owner
        CrownPC Services

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:  Melanie Kozik  <
Subject: there is_any_ money to be made  (Was Subject: Adland Digest is the best)

Robert said:  Thats us folks. Indeed, I'm yet to be convinced that
there is_any_ money to be made, let alone serious money. Why?


Just to cheer you up.  There IS money to be made.  I'm making it
and you can too.  Anyone who says otherwise just doesn't *get it*
yet, that's all.  I never post how much money I make in forums, but
I am today to prove a point!   It's taken me 9 months to reach
$700.00/per week income but it's rising steadily now and will
continue to do so - the whole key on the web is MULTIPLY
YOURSELF.  Don't take that lightly.

I believe that is Real money-at least it spends  :}

Melanie Kozik

Investigative Resources for Everyone

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Bob Cortez" <>
Subject: Is There *any* money online?

"Robert Chalmers" <> wrote

Hello there all. I have been following the discussions on this
newsletter for a while
now, and I'm glad to see I'm not alone. I've been working on this
since 1996, and so
far have yet to be convinced that there is any serious money to
be made by the 'litle
guys' - Thats us folks. Indeed, I'm yet to be convinced that
there is _any_ money to
be made, let alone serious money. Why? It comes down to money,
just like in bricks
and mortar business. The Big Players can afford to advertise. We
can't. So what do
you do?

Robert brings up two important points. 1) Small business is small
business on or off line.  The challenges we face and the
opportunities we are presented are the same.  2) We can't do what
the 'big guys' do... but then big guys can't do what we can do
better... create relationships.

Robert goes on to describe some keys for success.

1. Focus on a area that interests _you_.  My interests are :
Writing, graphics, art,
sound. Both traditional and electronic.

One of the first articles that I wrote that was (and is) widely
distributed online is "Starting a home business?  Start with what
you know" (   It is as valid today as
it was almost three years ago.  I agree whole heartedly with
Robert on this point and take it a step further and say that you
should have a 'passion' for the topic, more than just an

2. Develop your web site(s) around your interests. That way, you
give the material on the site an authoritative feel.

Choose something you are passionate about that you can relate
that excitement and enthusiasm to others and you will have fun
and $$$.

3. Keep your index page simple, and focused on your target

Not only your index page, but every page on your site should be
targeted to your specific audience.   Every page should speak to
your visitors like you wrote just for them.  This is one of the
many principles that I learned from Dr. Ken Evoy's book "Make
Your Site Sell" which you can read more about on my products

I can tell you though. Of all the ways of making money, the ony
one that has returned
anything to date, is

I've had success with several of the associate programs, but in
every case it is because I've done more than just put up a
banner.  Go back to my comments about relationships and passion.
When you find something that really works, is really good, and
you think it will be good for the people that you have developed
relationships with, you tell them about it with passion and
conviction and they are more likely to purchase it.  It's not
about 'selling' in the traditional sense, its more like being a
good neighbor.  It's all about telling the 'right' audience,
about the 'right' product, at the 'right' time in the 'right'
way.  Suggested reading is the Cluetrain Manifesto
( and "12 Step Program for Sales
Techniques" (

I use Webposition Gold (
exclusively. It's worth
ever penny I paid for it. I keep a FFA links list on a secondary
server, just as a
"junk room" that people may like to browse. I modified it, so
that clicking on a link
opens another window, and doesn't take your visitor off your
site. As for putting
your own pages onto the ffa sites...  haven't seen a single
caller as a result of
that in four years.

Again I agree with the assessment of Webposition  Gold (excellent
product, superior customer service, and absolutely worth every
penny)  Yes, I'm an affiliate, but I only sell what I use and
believe in with a passion.

I think FFA links have mixed results depending on the audience
that you are looking for and the product you have to offer.  They
do pretty well for driving traffic and revenues to a page I have
set up for my affiliate page, but don't do much
for my small business marketing business site.

When it comes to search engines, you have to be patient. The main
ones can take up to 3 months to index you. You MUST submit each
week - See the excellent article at
ess, its called Sending Search-Engine Traffic To Your Site. It is
short, and really informative.

Patience is a key, and so is persistence, but I don't agree with
the recommendation of weekly submissions unless you've made
changes to the page.  This is particularly true if you are
already receiving good rankings for a chosen key word phrase.
Let sleeping dogs lie... don't resubmit unless you are trying  to
improve your position (which means making changes to your page)
The best information resource I've found online for search
engines is Danny Sullivan's site

Which reminds me, never put a banner or link on your page that
takes people off-site.  If you must, put it into a javascript
that causes it to open in its own window, thus keeping people on
your site.

Well it was bound to happen I guess... Robert and I disagree.
Folks, don't worry about people clicking off your site from links
you provide because they were probably headed somewhere else
anyway.  Quit trying to control your visitors and 'trap' them on
your site.  If you invited someone to your home would you lock
them in until they agreed to try some of your home made bread?
Or would you tell them how you prepared it just for them, and it
was still warm, sliced and just waiting for them.  Would you
entice them by asking if it smelled good and ask if they would
like some butter or jelly with their bread?  You see the
difference?  If they decide to leave without trying your bread,
do you think they are more likely to come back with the memory of
that smell and the offer of butter or jelly, or do you think the
memory of how they had to bolt and run to the door to escape your
greedy clutches would bring them back?  For more on the topic of
"Strategic Linking for Success"

As for all those "Make 5,000 a week" things.  I look at it this
way. If I could make
5000 a week in my sleep, you'd have to contact me on Bali, or
some other tropical
island. I certainly wouldn't be telling you how to do it :-)

No shortcuts.  No secrets.  To me there is something truly evil
about people that will promote those kind of programs.  They are
praying on that desire we all have for success.  We *all* want to
be successful, and we don't want to have to work for it.  We want
it to be quick, easy and painless.  It's just like with the bulk
email industry.  The only people making money off of bulk email
are people selling the tools.  The people *using* the tools
aren't making a thing.  When you see one of those ads promising
easy money, BIG money... run... run as fast and as far as you can
because the only thing they care about you is how much money you
have in your wallet.

So Pat... keep at it. Treat it as a hobby, and don't be
disappointed when you don't
make any money. The only ones who do are MSNBC anat the likes.
Even Amazon hasn't turned a profit yet....

Yes Pat.. (and all of the other Pat's out there) Keep at it.  But
don't treat it like your hobby... treat it as a business.  Even
if it is a part time business for now.  One of the reasons why I
say choose a topic that you truly love and are passionate about
is because of the long hours and hard work that are necessary for
success.  It isn't easy, but it can and is being done.

Focus on building relationships.  Create valuable content,
products and services.  Be passionate about what you are doing
and take a long range view.

Be well and prosper.

Bob Cortez, Co-Author
Bricks to Clicks: The Business of Doing Business Online

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     Many programs in one!

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Maryann Girard" <>
Subject: Mazu Publishing

Hello again Adland Readers!
                                             I sent a thank you note to Collette
about that post about Mazu Publishing just today, I hope that was ok. I'm thankful
for the warning as it saved me from wasting what little financial resources I have.
Also to let other people know that it's a crock of *bleep*  it is for the price.
Another item of interest, I've heard alot about WebRings, what are they and would it
help to increase traffic? Can you start one yourself?  Please get back to me.
FREE: Zero cost advertising, you will NEVER pay one red cent to advertise here

Thanks again for being a really great E-zine Resource for me.

Maryann Girard-CatShadow Enterprises

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Melody Treece" <>
Subject: Save the Java for Coffee Break

Hi Bogdan & AdLanders,

In issue #151  "Robert Chalmers" <>
suggests a java script:

> Which reminds me, never put a banner or link on your page
> that takes people off-site.  If you must, put it into a javascript
> that causes it to open in its own window, thus keeping people
> on your site.

You don't need anything so complicated as a javascript to open
a new window when a link is clicked.  Just add some code after
the link in the HTML brackets.  You can use either of these:
         target="new window"

Here's an example, replacing the " ] " with " > " of course:
[a href="" target="_blank"] AdLand [/a]

This will open up a new window.  Everyone should keep in mind
though that the back button is one of the most frequently used
based on usability studies.  You don't HAVE to open a new window,
most people will be willing to back up to find you again if they
liked your site.

Melody Treece Vargas,
Over 250 free and low cost resources, tips & solutions to help you
work at home and run a successful home business

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:  Rina Chen <>
Subject: If you need to accept US currencies

>Joan and I have been trying unsuccessfully to open a USA
>bank account from here for over a year now and when I read
>Rina's article I wondered if they or any other Adlanders may
>be able to point us in the right direction.
>We are in New Zealand and have tried EVERY bank here and
>every USA bank we can find on the Internet. I have also personally
>phoned several banks in the USA all without any luck whatsoever :((
>I even had my father go to a bank in LA when he was over there but
>he umm well "muffed it " and we STILL do not have a USA cheque account.
>Any help would be appreciated,
>Fiona :)

Hello Fiona,
I am sorry to hear that you went through such inconvenience.

I am not sure what are the standard requirements you have in New Zealand to open a US
current account.  Over here in Singapore, all one needs to do is to proof his
Nationality (regardless of whether they are Singaporeans or not), and to start with a
minimum deposit of US$5,000.

I highly-recommend Citibank as they are one of the first banks in Singapore to
encourage ecommerce transactions.  They even have a Singapore US current account
whereby one can put in SG dollars and let it be converted to US$ at the time of cash
withdrawal or telegraphic transfer.  The only negative thing is there is a "penalty
if you do not keep the minimum of $5,000 in your current account (some call it

Back to your problem.  There must be a reason why a US current account cannot be
opened.  If the money is supposed to be sent to a company's current account, then you
would need to provide proof of valid company registration and documents, and that you
are who you say you are (the owner/partner, etc).  Your ecommerce consultant should
be able to work hand in hand with you AND your banker that is why most will ask you
complete an authorization form revealing your current account numbers (but beware of

Another point is, you don't necessarily need to have a current account if you can
successfully apply for a savings account for the purpose of ecommerce.

If you've had loans repayed at a certain bank who you also have past good credit
records with, may be that bank will be more willing to help you with a US current

If I know the specific reason for the decline in approving your US current account,
perhaps I'll be better able to advise/refer you as I have friends who are in the
local (Singapore) banking sector.  Tip:  If you can show the bank that they (the
bank!!) will have lots to benefit from allowing you to open a US current account with
them, then they might just re-think about approving your application.  Do not be
disheartened.  Ms Rodericks of The Body Shop was turned down by the banks
when she applied for so me business loans initially and they "cried" after learning
how successful she became!

Rina Chen

New business tools coming soon on this website so watch out!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From:  Melanie Kozik  <
Subject: Domain name scenerio

Hi Adlanders!

It hasn't escaped my attention that recently some *heavy hitters* in
online marketing have been toting to quickly rush out and get a
bunch of 67 character domain names - to rush right out and get
them- they say...why?

They say it's because you can make them "keyword dense".  Just
stuff them with key words and the SE will "love you" for it.

This also has not escaped my attention.

How does a robot know where one keyword begins and another
ends in a domain name?

It would seem to me that it would work the other way around - if my
domain is about dog training.  Then, ect...would
please the SE.  As for

How DOES the SE robot know where one word stops and another

Just something to think about before anybody "rushs right out" and
gobbles up a bunch of "keyword dense" domain names.  :}

Melanie Kozik

Investigative Resources for Everyone

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: BJ
Subject: Need Help


Two months ago I started looking for something special. Four weeks ago
I found it. And now I need to know if I have successfully created a good
looking professional web site. I believe I have, but I think I've stared at it so
long I may have missed something.

I'm not interested in getting blasted here. But if you can take a look for me
and tell me if there is anything I missed or errors you think will make my
attempt at a professional web site, be smashed, l'd appreciate your help. I
hope this is allowed.

My partner and I argued over it so much we finally split up. I think it's
pretty special and unique. My goal is to help new Internet marketers.
I wish someone had helped me before I wasted my money on a web domain
and a merchant account before I was ready. <sign>... oh.. sorry off my soap
box now. :-)

I'm also looking for excellent Internet marketing articles to use on my new
report web site. Please go here:http://www.ebookwriters/submission if you
are interested. You can find my guidelines there. I'm a writer by trade so
please understand that it is valuable content I'm looking for. I want my
readers to benefit greatly from my resources and information.

Thanks for your help,

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "adoortosuccess" <>

All the opinions and information in the pages of this website
are personal opinions.
This is not THE TRUTH, this is MY TRUTH, based only on my personal
studies, tests, efforts and experiences, and I share with you
in the hope they can be of help.

If it already is a while you practice online marketing "spam"
and "spamming" are two words read an incredible number of times.
But every game has rules, and you have to think to the Internet
as a game with "NO-SPAM" as rule number one.

Usually people are not happy of rules, first just because they
are rules, then because they always make things more difficults.
As in this case.
But you also have to consider the both sides of the rules,
who is limited and who has benefits, and from the "no-spam" rule
benefits come to anybody, included the ones that would prefer it
not to exist for some earning purposes.
Anyway, the rule exist, and that's it. Good or bad that you
consider it.

When you have a marketing approach to the net you just want
to sell more you can, and in the easiest way, because you know
millions of people use the web. But probably most of them are not
interested in receiving email advertising from anybody, maybe
several times the same advertising with little differences
in the text. They are right to be angry if it happens, and who
does it can have serious trouble for it.

You could have your email accounts terminated, and also your website
could get in trouble if you have one, and exist also blacklists
that could damage your reputation and you could see your marketing
efforts online frustrated. And believe me, don't think it could
never happen to you...

A good thing is simply to study and learn what are the existing
methods to send a lot of emails with advertisings without committing
spam, and you can find what in my opinions are the best ones in the
section of this website about PROMOTION, and "how to reach plenty of
people interestd in your offers".


If you desire to subscribe to the
 The URL of A DOOR TO SUCCESS website is

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From: "Adams Acres Internet Services" <>

Hello Bogdan:

My partner and I both have online and offline marketing experience and have compiled
our information in and 8 week internet marketing training course that is selling very
well.  In addition we both have programming experience, however our aesthetic skills
for design are not as good as we would like.

We have designed and redesigned our home page and need some outside perspective.
Subscribers of the Adland Digest we ask for your critiques so that we may improve our
design.  Our home page is located at

Thank you

Charity Adams

Co-Author of Internet Marketing Bootcamp
An 8 week instructor led training course to get your business in the
black using the internet as your primary advertising medium.
Be sure to give credit to Adland Digest if you are interested in our Internet
Marketing Training Course

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From: (Clifton Bonney)

Hi Adland,
I've been using Adland for 8 months and find it quite useful. Thanks.
I also have completed a terrific website (IF I do say so myself) called
Click City site promotion...PLUS. I would really appreciate your review
with suggestions and comments.

Clifton Bonney

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    It quickly submits your ad to over 300 Free Internet
    Classifieds Sites in just a few minutes saving countless
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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Are auto-submit programs an advantage in website promotion?
By Leon Brickey

Website promotion is a very modern, rapidly changing
science. Lots of ideas and theories, but very little
proven "nuts and bolts" information available. The
fact is that there are some strategies that work
and many that DO NOT work. You have to do a
combination of things CONSISTENTLY and at the
same time be prepared to make changes at the
snap of a finger.

What I would like to do with this article is
address website submission in a fairly non-technical,
generalized manner and key in on how and why to use
auto-submit software. We will not address website
design, meta-tags or a specific search engine. This
is what to do when your site is ready to start

Here are what most consider the top search engines:
1) Alta Vista
2) AOL Netfind
3) Excite
4) HoBot
5) Infoseek
6) Lycos
7) MSN
8) Netscape
9) Open Directory Project
10) Snap
11) Webcrawler
12) Yahoo

These are a MUST!

Point #1
ALWAYS submit to the top 12 search engines MANUALLY.
No matter what the software developer advertises or
tells you personally. This is not what the software
does best. All 12 major search engines can be
submitted to easily in about 30 minutes or less
per page.

Point #2
After submitting to the top 12 search engines manually,
submit to the other thousand plus search engines,
directories, and FFAs using auto submission software.

The reason you DON'T want to submit to the top 12 with
the auto-submit software is that quite often the
submissions simply don't go through; even if the
software tells you it was a successful submission.
By far MOST of your traffic obtained through
website submissions will come from the top 12 search
engines so you want to know for sure that these get
your website indexed and listed. Trust me on this
one. This is one of your VERY BEST forms of free
advertising so use it to maximum potential.

Reasons you DO want to submit with auto-submit
software everywhere else possible:

a) Time. Auto-submit programs can effectively submit
as many web pages as you need submitted to over 1000+
search engines, directories, and FFAs in about
20 minutes or less per page. It could take you
well over 48 hours to do just one page manually.

b) With some of the major search engines a higher
relevance is placed on your website the more
websites that link to your website. This is
something the auto-submit programs do VERY well.

You just can't tell where your traffic and sales
may come from. True, the main search engines
can give you more website traffic than 1000
smaller directories and FFAs. But that is not
to say that you won't get ANY traffic from the
smaller directories and FFAs. In my opinion these
sites are NOT worth submitting to manually if
for no other reason than the time required, but
ARE worth submitting to with a good auto-submit

You never know who may happen to see your link on
the FFA sites. If you are targetting "newbies" to
internet marketing you are definitely in one of
the best places to find them. Do keep this in
mind when thinking about FFAs. Your link will
only be highly visible on the FFA page for a
matter of a few hours at most if the site accepts
auto-submissions from the popular software
programs. In addition to that the only people who
will see your listing are the folks who visit the
FFA site manually.

How often do I resubmit Leon?

This question usually prompts a two part answer.
a) the frequency folks tell you they resubmit.
b) the frequency folks REALLY resubmit their pages.

Here is my schedule:
Top 12 search engines - monthly
Smaller engines and directories - twice monthly
FFAs - Every one to three days. (Your link more than
likely fell off the board less than 24 hours after

All the auto-submit programs I'm familiar with allow
you to choose which sites you submit to if you wish.

When surfing the net you will see sites that offer free
FFA submissions to draw visitors to their sites. Usually
you just click a link and you are taken to a page to
submit you information. Often these websites submit to
different databases and you will get linked on different
sites; making the number of sites you are linked to in the
THOUSANDS. Always bookmark these and go back regularly
to resubmit. Even if the offer is only temporary use
it as long as you can. And remember, DO NOT submit to
the top 12 search engines with the software.

Bottom line - The FFA pages will not be a big
traffic referral source for you in themselves but
you will get SOME traffic from them. In addition to
the small stream of traffic you can get from FFAs;
your links to them will show up in the searches
involving your website on the MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES.
As I said earlier these small search engines,
directories, and FFAs will ad relevancy to your
website listing in some of the major search engines
thereby leading to a much LARGER stream of traffic
to your website.

So keep submitting those links! CONSISTENTLY!
Just don't count on links alone!

As for the major search engines - They can turn
your struggling business into an EMPIRE if you
can develop some expertise and consistently
maintain good rankings!

Best of luck!
Leon Brickey


Leon Brickey is webmaster/owner of Appalachian Online Marketing
at Find everything you need
to turn your struggling business into an explosive moneymaker!
Subscribe to Absolute Internet Marketing Resources Ezine
containing the most current, up to date online marketing
resources on the planet. One of the top ezines on the net.
*Article may be used freely as long as the entire article
appears along with this sig file.

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A group of friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for
the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone,
staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck.

"Where's Henry?"

"Henry had a stroke of some kind. He's a couple of miles
back up the trail."

"You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back!?!"

"A tough call," nodded the hunter, "but I figured no one is
going to steal Henry."


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