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         F e a t u r e d  P o s t  (1)

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.)Need Help
~ Melody Treece

2.) Is There *any* money online?
~ Rafael Aguilo

3.)At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back
~ Chris Brown

N e w     P o s t s   (2)
1. Effective Advertising
~ Colin Taylor

2.Daphne Druehl
~ Organize your programs

Site Review Responses (1)
1.James Ellis

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Tracking Your Success
by Bryan Marye, I_M_R

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  235  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Today long awaited results for Adland Digest Success Story of
the Year 1999.

1. From Rags to Riches. ….Really  by Lynda Gorman

2. Welcome to the Internet by Clair Sedore

3. Animation Studio   by Sharon Evans

For those who are unfamiliar with this contest here is the general info

I would like to congratulate all the three winners.
During this week, I will send you notifications
and will place link to your sites which will  be available
from each page for the entire year 2000.

Just to update everybody.
AdlandPro receives daily up to 4,000 visitors with
20,000 page viewings.
Adland Digest success Story logo will be displayed
7,320,000 times during coming year not taking
into account any traffic growth.
I predict  100% increase  in traffic during coming year.

Best voted logos  for Adland Digest Success Story of the Year are.

1.) Faith O'Neill   with the follwoing image.

2.)Sherri Tibbett

3.)Linda Davis

Congratulations to all winners and I invite all of you
to submit your success stories for year 2,000.
Read this page for details.


Following up with  "Sweet 16" principles of building successful business
by John Audette, moderator of I-Sales Digest here is #5 out of #16


Sweet 16 # 5
Niche with Passion

This used to apply to small Internet business endeavors, but
with the Internet world awash in cash it's starting to apply
to larger and larger ones. Back in 1994, when I got started
with Multimedia Marketing Group, there was very little
activity on the Internet -- therefore the barriers to entry
were low. It didn't require a $25M advertising campaign
to kick things off. So in those days you could go into a
broad category with some expectation of success.

No more.

The game has grown and entry fees have grown along
with it. Brick and mortar Big Dogs such as Wal-Mart
now believe that the 'Net is for real (duh!) and are
entering the game with big bucks and big experience.
And the new dotcoms coming in are doing so with
venture capital funding in the tens of millions. The
belief in first mover advantage has become a mantra
and there's a willingness to pile giant amounts of
money on unproven concepts. So what's a small
business to do? You already know the answer:

Niche -- and niche with passion.

Inventory your list of interests and note the ones that
you are most excited about, most passionate about.
Those are your potential online businesses. The
smaller the market, the more highly specialized,
the better. You have a great chance of success:

(1) The Big Dogs aren't interested in small niches.
     They're after the kajillion dollar markets.

(2) Some of the new dotcoms target relatively small
     niches but most of them are in it solely for the
     money and will not do as good a job as someone
     motivated by other things as well.

Passion, interest and knowledge are powerful. I spent
many years working as a stockbroker, an environment
that was not native to me and therefore was all about
money. I made a high current income, but never really
built up a significant net worth. And I didn't really enjoy
the work. So in the late 80's I quit. And I made a vow
to myself at that time -- never again do anything solely
for money.

I decided to make my living doing something that I was
genuinely interested in, that I was passionate about. And
I made peace with the belief that I would probably not make
as much money as I had during by brokerage career.

And then a funny thing happened -- I started two Internet
companies that would end being worth $16M.

I didn't start those companies to make $16M. I started
them because I loved the Internet (I still do). As an aging
child of the 60's I loved the "power to the people" aspect
of the 'Net (I still do). I ended up working in niches that
perfectly matched my interests and passions. I-Sales
itself is a perfect example.

Some of you remember that the I-Marketing Discussion
List, moderated by Glenn Fleishmann, was the king of
the hill back in 1995. It was a great list with about 7,000
subscribers, huge for that time. I posted there frequently
(I still remember how excited I was when my first post
was published there) and found it to be extremely valuable
as I started learning about the Internet.

There was one aspect of I-Marketing that wasn't perfect
for me, however. The discussions tended to get pretty
theoretical and often hovered at 40,000 feet. I wanted to
get down to ground level and discuss real things learned
from experience (a niche). I discussed this with Glenn,
and with his permission and support, I launched I-Sales
for exactly that purpose. (I know, I know, we have
wandered up to 40,000 feet on occasion).

I spent countless hours on I-Sales in the early days with
no revenue model in sight. It excited me to be able to
provide a forum for others like me who were  trying to
figure out this Internet thing (it still does). One of
MMG's early clients was completely perplexed that
I was spending so much time on something that was
producing no revenues and criticized me often. I
ignored him.

Looking back, it's apparent that I-Sales has been the
single most important component in the building of
the modest Internet success I have had. So I had that
pretty well figured out, right?

Nope. I simply followed my interests and my passion.

It's very powerful to be motivated by forces other than
money. It gives you awesome tenacity that those chasing
money don't have. It gives you the discipline to give up
a quick buck today in return for furthering a relationship
that will yield greater rewards over the long-term.

So niche -- and niche with passion.

Before you go, be sure to read todays Featured Post by
Sean Cover. A great living example of Sweet 16 # 5.
Sean's passionate niching and incredible tenacity are
extraordinary -- and inspirational.

Your Striving Moderator,
John Audette

President ~
Multimedia Marketing Group, Inc. ~
"Accountable E-Commerce Marketing" (tm) since 1994

To see info about the list go here.


Browsing each day sites of new AdlandPro affiliates,
I run recently into a few really impressive pages dedicated
to just doing  business on the internet.
And I don't mean content of those websites but the way
in which content was presented.
When you see pages like these, you can't just go away quickly.
You want to read them and check what are the offerings.
See for yourself.

If you are running any business related website,  try to get as many
ideas as you can from these examples.
You can't loose.



================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (1)==================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

Hi again folks,
seem to be posting to this list a lot lately. I guess I have been pretty
fired up to do some work by the positive attitude of my fellow list readers.
Thanks Bogdan. You're doing a great job here.

Well, the Little Acorn Banner Exchange code is going great guns now. Lots of
Adland people sharing their sites around.
The BIG news I have for list readers is the Referral Generator I wrote. This
is based on an idea I found via another company, not the code, I wrote that,
but this little referral engine is great. And list members can have it
free - and be the first - by going to my home page - and looking about halfway down the page. You will
see the Referral Engine. This little addition to your site will generate
traffic by referral - word of mouth - the best way. Its free. It's not a
spam generator, as you are only referring the site to friends. The best part
is, you can get the HTML code to put in your pages so people can refer YOUR
Simply by referring the site - the code is automatically sent to you to plug
into YOUR pages.

Now, it doesn't collect stats yet, but the bits are in place. So later on
down the track - when I get time :-) I will build a stats interface so you
can see how your referral links are going. It's pretty neat. I hope you all
take advantage of this personalised way to invite people to your site...  Oh
yes, the HTML code is fully customisable so you can cut it to suit your

Cheers, and thanks for the support folks.


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Art, Design and Graphics.

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For beginners trying to gain internet riches and success is not easy.
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Discover unknown to many online entrepreneurs and the public marketing
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Melody Treece" <>
Subject: Need Help

In Adland Digest #152, I felt spammed by BJ's,
[] call for help.

I was completely disappointed to find nothing but an
affiliate program sell job when I went to do a site review.

Is this BJ's fault?  Yes & No.

Why?  Well, the name EBOOKWRITERS created an
expectation in my mind of what I would find on the site.
I expected it to be about ebooks, most likely about helping
people create and market their own ebooks.  I thought
for sure that BJ just posted the wrong link, so I backed up
from to the domain

BJ's home page has two dead links to things that used to
be available on epublishing and ebookwriting.  Ahhhhh!
Okay, so maybe there wasn't any particular intent to deceive
me into reading the ads, just a change in focus on the site
and a desire to make use of a domain name already paid for.
Personally, I felt this should have been explained a little bit
in the request for the site review. I wouldn't have been so
negatively impacted had I been prepared.

> I need to know if I have successfully created a good
> looking professional web site. I believe I have, but I think
> I've stared at it so long I may have missed something.

It looks like a marketing program affiliate site.  A lot of hype
and not a lot of substance.  The testimonial is good, I probably
wouldn't have it as my lead in unless it was my own though.
The first page doesn't make me want to explore the site at all.
It looks fine, it just doesn't sell.

Frankly, it looks like a website on a disk that they provided and
BJ just uploaded.  Did BJ really write this?  I doubt it.  It sounds
like 500,000 other marketing programs websites out there.  I
haven't visited Warriors site in some time, so I decided to go
check out my theory at:   Well, Alan
Says, "yup, Melody, you were right."

> I'm not interested in getting blasted here. But if you can
> take a look for me and tell me if there is anything I missed
> or errors you think will make my attempt at a professional
> web site, be smashed, l'd appreciate your help.

I think that BJ did an excellent job uploading an affiliate program
website.  If BJ created the background, it was a fine job.  That
is the extent of my review of what BJ created.

I'm may be critical and a little bombastic with my review of the

If the product BJ is selling is so good for helping with Internet
Marketing, why isn't BJ using it to help build and expand the
EBookWriters site?  That BJ has this domain, and had a
business idea, but took it down in favor of selling a marketing
program tells me that BJ doesn't believe in it.

Important!  If you don't use a program or believe in it, then
why should a customer believe in it enough to buy?

This is one of the reasons these things fail.  The ones who
succeed, make things personal, believe in them, use them and
support them.  So honestly there is Nothing Wrong With Using
a Website kit -- IF YOU make it personal, believable, and do
some pre-selling and customizing.  This wasn't attempted in
anyway that I can tell on BJ's site.

Need an example?  I belong to a marketing affiliate program,
Make My Site Sell, but
everytime I use it or mention it, it is in conjunction with benefits
to the person.  I usually don't send people directly to that link,
because it doesn't help me set it apart from all the rest.  I have
a few different ways of pre-selling the program:

*I offer a short program review
*I do a what you should look for piece in the Success Solution
*Intelligence Test
*Then I have another review
that I offer based on the Intelligence Test.
*Sometimes I just discuss it in context of what I'm writing about
and use the main link.

However, I ALWAYS have some sort of personal context around
it.  I use the program to improve my own sites.  I even use some
of the suggestions in creating presentations for my consulting
company too.  The thing is I believe in this $17 book and in using
it to help my website and regular businesses, I am demonstrating
that it works.

I'd suggest that BJ go back and try applying the Warriors program
to the ebookwriters idea and see if it really works.  Then write
about the success obtained with the program.  Use it to help the
ebookwriters niche in marketing themselves and BJ will add value
to the program.

> I think it's pretty special and unique.

Tell your customers why.  Tell them how it works.  Sell it in your
own words based on your own experiences and opinions.  Don't
just present a canned sales letter.

> My goal is to help new Internet marketers.

How does this program make people ready?  How does it help
new Internet marketers?  Answer those questions to the potential
customers and it will vastly improve the site.

> I'm also looking for excellent Internet marketing articles to
> use on my new report web site. Please go here:
> http://www.ebookwriters/submission if you are interested.

Always proof URLs.  Most of us have done this at one time
or another.  BJ left off the ".com" so the link is broken.

> I'm a writer by trade so please understand that it is valuable
> content I'm looking for. I want my readers to benefit greatly
> from my resources and information.

If you're a writer, start writing.  Put your own reports on the
page and start sending your Topica mailings with YOUR
articles.  Even if you don't have any subscribers, the list is
archived on Topica too and it will let everyone see that you
do offer good content before they subscribe.

I feel that you could really make something of your site if
you tie the ebook and marketing angles together.

Best of luck to you,
Melody Treece Vargas,
Over 250 free and low cost resources, tips, & solutions to help you
work at home and run a successful home business

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject: Re: Is There *any* money online?

Hello Bogdan and All Adlanders;

In Issue #152; Bob Cortez  <>
(one of the 'Internet-ional Connections' on my website:
writes about Robert Chalmers <>
post on the Subject: Is There *any* money online?:

No shortcuts.  No secrets.  To me there is something truly evil
about people that will promote those kind of programs.  They
are praying on that desire we all have for success.  We *all*
want to be successful, and we don't want to have to work for
it.  We want it to be quick, easy and painless.  It's just like
with the bulk email industry.  The only people making money
off of bulk email are people selling the tools.  The people
*using* the tools aren't making a thing.  When you see one of
those ads promising easy money, BIG money... run... run as
fast and as far as you can because the only thing they care
about you is how much money you have in your wallet.

It's a very well known FACT that in the Old West, those who
made the real money were the OUTFITTERS and NOT
the Miners. Most miners died penniless.

In todays' new 'Old West', the highest business VOLUME
belongs to B2B (Business to Business) sales instead of
Direct Consumer (end user) sales.

Getting RICH online today means basically:
1. Create a VERY POPULAR, One-of-a-Kind, Needed Service
2. Have a successful IPO.

Notice I didn't say Create a PROFITABLE website. This is
way easier said than done. Very FEW large and small ones
(with mainstream content) are. Yahoo, AOL, WSJ, EBAY, and
a few lesser known ones are mostly the EXCEPTION. What
they have in common is their customer base: the END USER.

Before I hear any "I have a profitable website' protest from a
few of the readers, answer first in which category do you place
your website: Outfitter or Miner.

Most likely it belongs to the Outfitter category. If a 'Miner',
you belong to the 'exceptions' column. Congratulations!

I receive a lot of email with the:
"how to make money online without having to LEARN how"
type of message. People want to go from A to Z without
stopping in between. An this applies offline too.

Creating a profitable "Miner" website is Hard Work. Most
people DON'T Want to bother with the Hard WORK end
of the equation. That's why you'll never see an end to 'Easy
Money' Bulk email offers. The TONS of unopened Bulk
emails I trash everyday comfirms this.

Your markets have different expectations; and THEIR target
customers are different. (This would be the subject of a
separate discussion!)

Since I operate both kinds of websites, I see what happens
from both sides of the fence. It's WAY easier to offer the
"picks & shovels" than go out and dig for the gold.

What market segment am I concentrating on now? The END

Why? Because I was presented with a challenge that I couldn't
resist: Can the 'little guy(gal)' make money online? If so, How?

Before I give you an answer, let me explain that I understand
'making money' to be: creating a positive cash flow. This
means putting money IN your pocket. I'm, not talking about
'getting rich'. So, I became a new 'Miner'

My answer to the challenge? Yes!

Now, I'm going to put to rest the idea that people can make
money online ONLY if they have a website. This is simply

There are only some basic requirements:

1. A fairly fast PC or MAC with a modem.
2. Access to a phone line.
3. Willing to do your part. (95% of people WON'T DO
ANYTHING, and still complain. They are just plain LAZY.)
3. Follow instructions exactly.
4. Patience.

If you have ALL of the above, I can show ANYONE from the
US, UK or CANADA (at the moment) how to do it. FREE!
I don't charge a PENNY for it. In many parts of the U.S.;
you don't even have to PAY for an Internet Connection
(just the phone call).

I keep track of the results EVERY DAY!

I have posted a FREE Mini-Course online that
gives you step by step instructions:

or you can download it on a self contained ebook at:

Hope this helps;

Rafael Aguilo - Webmaster

A Free Internet Marketing Course For Beginners

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Chris Brown" <>
Subject:At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back

David Moffitt  <> wrote in Adland Digest #152

    I presently own many domains, and am online over 60 hours per week

Can I assume Dave is in good ol` US of A with their cheap online costs ?

Spare a thought for us poor ol Brits who would like to join the E-Revolution.
At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back
144 a week!!! (weekdays)

OK, so we do get a "special deal" at the weekends. Then it only costs us 1p a
minute, or 36 for 60 hours

(Oh, and don`t forget a quarterly line rental of about 15,  Value Added Tax
at 17.5% and other charges BT like to sneak in through the back door. So to
spend 60 hours a week would present a quarterly bill in the region of  2214......)

 These sort of costs make the average affliate payout of about $10 - about 7
 per sale - a little poor by comparison!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Colin Taylor" <>
Subject:Effective Advertising

Hi Everyone,

I have now been on-line for about 1.5 yrs, like most people I have certainly
had my ups and downs. First it was trying to find a solid and reputable
BUSINESS opportunity. We all know this is hard to do when there are a
zillion and one companies which all claim to be the best. The best products,
best compensation, fastest growing, the #1 etc..

Well I have found my calling with what motivated ME the MOST. Is it the
best? I don't know. Does it have the best compensation? I don't know. Is it
the fastest growing? I don't know. Will it make me a million bucks? I don't

There is one thing I do know and that is there are a number of Good quality
business opportunities out there, make sure you do your homework, research,
investigate talk to the president, ceo who ever just get all the info you
can. When you come across the BEST opportunity YOU will know it, you wont
have to be told it's the best.

Okay now I am involved with a bus opp. Time to generate some business, where
do I go, who do I talk to, what works, what doesn't.
It's a never ending learning process. Sure there are many ways to generate
on-line business that works, but there are many that don't work, just like
in the real world.

Wether you are just starting out, or well advanced. We all know there is a
tremendous learning curve. I am going through it, you are going through it,
most of us are going through it.

If you are looking for a easy and cost effective way to drum up more
business, or your starting out, one company that might be able to help you
out is F.I.S Marketing. This company does massive card deck, and mailing
programs, as well as on-line. Tremendous circulation and frequency. The
great thing about this company is your costs are fixed and you know how many
responses you will recieve before your campaign
even starts. Guaranteed responses, pay-per-inquiry advertising.
It works great check it out here

Remember there are effective ways to generate business on-line, which can be
done off-line. We tend to keep the blinders on when we get involved with
something internet/computer related.

The best to everyone and much success,

Colin Taylor


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Daphne Druehl" <>
Subject:Organize your programs

Hello Group!

   Here's a great new program that allows you to get all your referral
programs listed under one "umbrella", and make even more money for doing it.
  You simply sign up, go through the top 40 list, and enter the referral
links to programs you're already signed up in.  You can join more, from the
descriptive Top 40 list  given.  This club will is free, and will help you
build a "mega" downline!   Get in now, by signing up at

Want a flashy FFA page?    Go to:
Have you heard of Free Money Land, yet?  Join free, play easy games

===============Site Review Response(1)====================
From: "James Ellis" <>


    I picked Clifton's site initially because of the novelty of the domain
"Fluffy Moose".   Unfortunately upon arriving I found no reference to the
moose or anything else fluffy for that matter.  The page is a fairly
standard mix of downline opportunities and has a "cookie cutter" feel to it.
Noting that the page was professionally designed by a Twin cities firm, I
took a look at them to,  Seems they designed the Fluffy Moose domain pages,
but were unaware of the uses of Spell check on their own sales pages.  I
think this site owner would get better mileage from the page if they were to
sit down with the word processor,  Write a couple paragraphs to tell me Why
I want to be in their programs/services.  Possibly even throw in at least
one Fluffy Moose to break the Ice.


James Ellis

Free Lotto Powerplay
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========================Site Revie Request=========================
From: "Daniel Oherein" <>

I am offering a 1 year free classified ads in my print magazine (off-line) to
international businesses wanting to advertise their products and
services to targetted markets in Africa.

We are going to the press in about a week's time, but people have
to subscribe to the magazine before we published there ads. Anyone
ready to review it for me. May be my subscription rate is too high.

Daniel Oherein

Publisher/editor: Strides Magazine & homebizafrica 2000 weekly e-zine

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    $4,200 per month providing Sweepstakes to other webmasters.
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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Tracking Your Success
by Bryan Marye, I_M_R

For most of us involved with web building or e-commerce, hit counting is
old news. We all have our hit counters so we have an idea what traffic is
like at our site on a day to day basis.Some even go as far as to note times
and chart responses to promotions. But as our on-line world evolves, so
must we.

A new breed of free counters and trackers are making a big splash and for
good reason. These counters offer an expanded variety of tracking and
counting features that some of your older counters may not. If you look on
our front page at , you can see that we use ( at for our tracking purposes. While
Aaddzz is just one of many, they do offer very extensive counting and
tracking statistics, and it's all free. Included in the features are
hourly, daily, weekly and monthly counting, browser identification (do most
of our visitors use Netscape or I.E.?), time zone statistics, geographical
identification and is another company offering similar
free services as is

Another way to track your visitors is through your advertising. We always
recommend targeted advertising, and certain types allow you to track who is
visiting you, and more importantly, why. For example, sells
keywords to websites, also known as keyword sponsorship. The idea here is
that when people run a keyword search (i.e. flowers), you pay "x" amount
for your
flower site to come up in that search. With your GoTo account  management
center, you can see exactly which keywords are bringing in the most
visitors and conversely, which aren't. Of course, this is useful in
choosing your keywords at GoTo, but also helpful on a larger scale. These
words may provide insight as to what really brings people to your site,
therefore helping you narrow your focus to enhancing what is working and
either improving or eliminating what isn't.

Another often overlooked method of tracking is visitor communication. There
are a variety of ways to achieve this goal. One effective method is by the
installation of visitor-feedback scripts at your site.  You can find a
variety of free resources of this kind. ( For starters, check The
Javascript Source at: ) Also, don't forget
that visitor feedback is not just important as people surf your page, but
when they use it as well. For example, if you sell a product, a simple
feedback form at the end of the checkout process can provide insight as to
the effectiveness of your checkout system. (i.e. Is it confusing? Is it a
detriment to the purchase?)

Finally, good old fashioned e-mail can be a great tracking tool as well.
When someone corresponds with you through your site or business, take the
time to ask them a very quick question. For
example, from time to time when we welcome a new subscriber to our e-zine,
we often write a personal thank you back, and just ask them how they found
out about us.  Sometimes we'll even ask what feature about our e-zine was
of interest to them. Of course, you can't abuse this practice as you could
end up annoying visitors/clients.... not good.  But if you are brief and
genuine with people, my experience is that they are usually more than
willing to help and often even like getting involved. People generally like
to have their opinions heard, especially if they think it may make a
difference... and in a properly run business,
it will.

Tracking is more than numbers and geography.  It is about knowing your
current user-base and using those facts and figures to grow and expand that
base . As webspace and e-commerce competition intensifies, in-depth
tracking is another handy tool you  may want to consider to keep yourself
ahead of the pack.

Bryan Marye
Internet Marketing Resource
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

At an interfaith retreat some time ago, the organizers
decided to allow for a free afternoon of just socializing.  A
priest, minister, and a rabbi went fishing together.

After awhile, the priest said, "Brother, Rabbi, would you
please both excuse me, I've got to pee."  He laid down his
fishing pole, stepped over the side of the boat, and *walked
across the water to the shore.*  He finished his business,
then *walked back across the water* to the boat.

The minister said, "Father, I didn't want to be the first to
have to go," stood up, stepped over the side of the boat,
and walked right on top of the water to the shore.  He also
finished his business, zipped up, and walked back on the
water right back to the boat.

The rabbi was awestruck.  Imagine -- WALKING on water!
He thought to himself, "well, if they can do this, so can I!"
He excused himself to the priest and minister, put his pole
down, stepped over the side of the boat . . . and sunk like
a rock.

The priest turned to the minister and said, "You think we
should have told him where the rocks were?"


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