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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (1)

1.) At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back

N e w     P o s t s   (9)
1. Judith Tramayne-Barth
~ Put Your Passion On The Internet

2.) Abdul. S
~ cheap banner advertisement  or ....

3.) Philip  Ovalsen
~Passion not Payment.........

4.) Bartek Rys
~ Please Help

5.)Linda Laubenthal
~ Search Engines

6.) Al Abruzzese
~ Newbie Input

7.) Micah D. Cranman
~ TIP: Found a Really good Internet Marketing Site

~ FREE email groups that you can post

9.) Eduardo Queiroz
~ Internet Marketing Tools

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
How to Get 200 Hits Daily Using Yahoo Classified Ads.
By Ross W. Reyman, Jr.

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  229 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Another free service from
Free submitter to top 8 search engines with one click.
Please use this free submitter with care and don't submit
the same page more often than every 2 weeks and best only
if page changes.
Search engines might consider you as a spammer if you
submit the same URL to often.


Newcomer to the internet is ranked as top (second) AdlandPro affiliate
due to  his techniques.
Robert Olson wrote about being ranked as second AdlandPro affiliate in
issue  #152 of Adland Digest. Since that time, he strengthened his position
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I can only say WOW. Thank you Robert and I hope this is also good for you.
In addition to commissions  I sent to him around 200  visitors this month.

To get  results like Robert, look at his site and join AdlandPro
affiliate program to get page like his and get paid for it.


================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (1)==================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

I can't believe it. I'm dumbfounded.

I've been reading this Adland newsletter for ages now. Skimming through it
and muttering about some of the ideas. It wasn't untill I decided to follow
my own advice .. doh! and some of the ideas of others.  This was after
reading the follow ups to my original letter. And that was actually a reply
to "Patti" , who's full name escapes me.

Anyway, the long and the short of the good advice - which I've seen before
of course - was that this time it "clicked" and I did something about it.
I began the redesign of my site, into the areas that I am personally
enthusiastic about. Writing, Graphics, Books, Imaging, and yes, even dance.
I always wanted to be a dancer, but in my day, in the country, boys were not
encouraged to be dancers! I digress - but follow that advice I did. I spent
some time redesigning the site, putting lots of free stuff that people can
USE on the site - over 7,000 images ranging from pencil sketches of cats, to
scanned images of the great works of art - and ran my Webposition to shunt
the redesigned pages in to the search engines. That process began 2 weeks
ago. It's now the 29th January, and look at the stats for _unique_ visitors
to my front page. That's just the front page.

154 141 168 197 179 149 152 160 198 211 174 171 211 182 197 211 223 255 250
319 266 338 647 675 617 638 561

Each of those numbers is the count of unique visitors - not hits - but
individual visitors who dropped into my front page each day. Going back to
about the 2nd or 3rd of january. You can see the average there - about 150 a
day on average. Look at the stats since I followed the advice, and prompted
by Patti's original plea for the small guy to be able to do something,
re-did the site just over a week ago.
That's a quantum leap in figures. I thought it was an aberration, but it
just keeps rolling. Well so far anyway! Now, we all know that its a numbers
game. The more visitors to a site, the greater the chance of making sales.

So - Thanks to Bogdan, for the vehicle for new ideas. Peer groups are great
places for brainstorming.
        Thanks to the folks who continue to sound out ideas on the
         Thanks to those good folk who are trying the banner exchange, and
the referral code thingy.  (I had some teething troubles there, and will
still have a few I suppose, but BIG THINGS are coming...  [watch this space}
... and especially the patience of those who provided me with  some positive
feedback there.
I'm a member of a team here, and pretty much have the running of this thing.
But, like a lot of operations, final decisions are not always up to me,
especially on the matters of "policy" - there I do have to toe the line. of

The basic approach?

Run your site content with something that you are PASSIONATE about.
Something you'd do even if there is NEVER any income. Expand that content.
Enjoy yourself doing it. Keep your pages interesting, and fast loading. 90%
of users still have 33.6K connections. Very few have cable modems believe it
or not. Especially outside the US.

Keep the great ideas flowing folks - it does work.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

REGISTER TO WIN A FREE Pentium III Computer at Spike's!
Offer a FREE Pentium Computer from your HOME web site, or
get a FREE Member Site for participating!  Triple your marketing
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$4,200 per month providing Sweepstakes to other webmasters.
Many programs in one!


================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (2)==================
From: Jon D. Atwood <>
Subject: Re: Banner Creation

Hi Everyone!

I hope your week is going well.  Some of you might remember
me writing a while ago about how effective Adland really was.
Well, Bogdan has gone and made things even better!

I purchased some extra credits for my ad and decided to give
Bogdan's Banner Creation talent a try.  He created a wonderful
banner for me that has boosted my CTR from 5.6% to almost
10%!!!!  That's almost unheard of these days.  I know a lot of
people that are happy with a 2% CTR.  I thought I was spoiled
getting 5%+.

If you're looking for more exposure, email Bogdan and request
a NEW Banner!  He's definitely got what it takes to create
Banners that catch the eye and make you want to click on
them.  Oh, tell him I sent you if you decide to give his skills a
try.  I'd appreciate it just so he knows I'm speaking good about
his services!

Have a great week fellow Adlanders.....

Warm Regards,
Jon D. Atwood

Owner & Webmaster ALWAYS FREEsubmit
Voice 303-469-4289 FAX 419-844-3891
FREE URL Promotion - Auto-Submit to 172,000 S.E. Dir. FFA + AWARD Sites!

Note from Editor.

Thanks Jon for your  kind testimonial.
It is always welcomed. There is also page with testimonials about
advertising at which goes into other aspects of
advertising. See it here.

By the way, I developed another banner which is also getting good
results 7%-8% as of now. I thought it would be interesting to show it.
Considering  average 0.5%  ratio of banner advertising  on the internet
these  are very good results.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: UKJ <>
Subject: At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back

David Moffitt  <> wrote in Adland Digest #152
    I presently own many domains, and am online over 60 hours per week

Chris Brown wrote in Adland Digest #152

assume Dave is in good ol` US of A with their cheap online costs ?
Spare a thought for us poor ol Brits who would like to join the
At current British Telecom prices, 60 hours online would set us back
£144 a week!!! (weekdays)

OK, so we do get a "special deal" at the weekends. Then it only costs us
1p a minute, or £36 for 60 hours

(Oh, and don`t forget a quarterly line rental of about £15,  Value Added
Tax at 17.5% and other charges BT like to sneak in through the back door.
So o spend 60 hours a week would present a quarterly bill in the region of

 These sort of costs make the average affliate payout of about $10 -
about £7 per sale - a little poor by comparison!



I know at LEAST two of us in the UK that are making decent money.
Dave Everitt <> & myself.

I easily clock 60 hours a week online, however I have to work
at nights, usually starting at 11pm GMT right thru till 7am GMT.

I have 3 ISP's, the most advantageous is
Ok, customer services suck, connections before 11pm are abysmal
many, many boot-offs, busy signals etc etc.
ask anyone who gets in ICQ or Firetalk with me...LOL

BUT from 6pm GMT to 8am GMT weekdays
ALL day (if you can connect) weekends is FREE.

If you really want to be successful online, then you have to
cut your cloth accordingly.

Ok, I am lucky that I dont mind working nights, & can do.
BUT, I run 2 domains, 7 ezine lists, several downline help groups.
I promote effectivley over 100 programs, & have downlines almost in the
1,000's in some of them.

My average monthly phone bill when I started on the web 2 years ago was
around £300+ per month EASY, ($600) now its down to around £40. ($80)

I know EXACTLY what the high bills can do to your stress levels.
I learnt to do most of my stuff offline, surf with pictures switched
off & even make sure my browser & email program were fully loaded before
clicking the dialer. Precious seconds saved adds up over a year.

Also when you work nights, the mainstay of your business, unless
you concentrate on UK only stuff, the USA & Canada, are also
online, you can in effect work USA hours. I do, it works.

Although you keep your BT # & line, you have to transfer your
carrier to localtel, this can be done online.
Ok so it took 3 months to swap me over & gain the 0800# access.

BUT if you want something badly enough, you sacrifice other
things to get it.

I know that free ISP's are C**P, however with 99% of ISP's
in the UK offering free access, you gotta use them.

Why free ISP's, how do they make money.
Simple, they charge for ad space AND get a percentage of the call
With minimal bandwidth & older equipment, the longer the connect call
the more money they make.

Hence there is NO reason for them to update the equipment.
you cant complain about a shoddy service if the service is free..
or so THEY seem to think.
Everyone & their dog is an ISP here, even AOL is FREE ..LOL

Take it from a seasoned battle scared pro.
You CAN make a decent living online. Even from good Ol' Blighty.
If I can do it, theres no reason YOU cant.
If I can help you in any way, email me.

Be Lucky

FREE Marketing & Promotion course, Starts Jan 2000
Master the Art of Duplication. 3Step-Cyberwheel.
Explode your downlines, income & traffic by using this
course a MINIMUM of 10 hours per month. Its that easy.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Judith Tramayne-Barth" <>
Subject: Put Your Passion On The Internet

Put your passion on the Internet.  Forget about the MLM
schemes, they only make money for the people at the top.
Instead of promoting someone else's product, promote your
own.  As more and more people go from being "newbies" to
oldtimers, they stop believing all the hype.

If your site doesn't reflect this passion, your visitor's
will click off in a New York minute.  Why?  Because they've
seen your site hundreds of times replicated all over the
Internet.  Also if you don't build a site which expresses
your passion, you will not spend the hours needed to market
your site successfully.

So what do I mean by passion?  It means anything you love
doing.  It means offering something people need or want in
their daily lives.  Take stock of what area of expertise you
have and write or plan your site around it.  Think of your
end user.  How will they benefit?  Answer that question on
every page and your site will be a sure winner.

Have I done this yet?  Yes and no but I'm working on it.
How?  By constantly revising my websites to reflect my true
passions.  Then finding ways to implement my passions into
products people can use or enjoy in their daily life.
Meanwhile, I keep marketing and networking and building a
customer base because I know I'm on the Internet for the
long run.  I don't want the quick buck, I want a steady
stream of income which allows me the freedom to continue
doing my passions.  Is it working?  Yes and it will work for
you too.

Judith Tramayne-Barth

Love Murder Mysteries?
Read one free at
Trabar Art & Gift Shop

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Abdul S" <>
Subject:Cheap banner advertisement  or ....

Can you suggest someone who can do cheap banner advertisement or target
emails to promote my website?
I sell music, video and books


Note from moderator.

You couldn't get better place to ask for it. ;-)
Try this page for  all details about cheap and effective advertising and banner work.
Read also testimonial page about advertising at AdlandPro
and read featured post from  Jon D. Atwood about his results from
banner advertising on my site and banners which I did for him.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Philip  Ovalsen" <>
Subject: Passion not Payment.........

Hi Guys,

I find something inspirational in each issue and I appreciate the time given by
those who write informative and challenging articles so I have decided to add
my own experiences.

Passion not Payment.........

I began my career on the Internet less than 12 months ago but I have been a
'relationships' writer for around 20 years and my 'passion' is helping people
find their soulmate.

I had done this with books and magazine articles but decided to try the internet
with it's instant access to (and between) people from all countries.  My motive was
not to earn an income but to help others and learn more about inter-country

Because I did not forsee deriving an income I decided to spend no money on
I have stuck to this and although I now have five domains my only costs are server
space and online connection.

After a couple of months of offering free advice and articles it became clear that I
would have to begin charging for my time or I would be flooded with work.

I live in New Zealand but began with a US based Merchant Account and immediately
began making sales.  This account was limited to $50 transactions and it often took
up to two months to receive my cheques so I began the lengthy process of opening
a local Merchant account. When I finally went online with my own account with no
on sales and 'instant' money in my bank account my business quadrupled overnight.

In October I continued to receive 'back pay' from my US Merchant plus the 'instant'
cash from my own local account and so I bought a new car and paid all my bills in
that month. With extra employees and more automation the cash flow continues
to grow.

I now have Agents in a number of countries and have daily enquiries from both Agents
and men and women seeking a partner.

I am still to attack the Search Engines in a methodical manner so most of my traffic
comes from Top 100 type lists and exchanging links with similar sites.

To summarise, I can say that my success came from knowing my subject, hard work (14
hours per day, seven days, for 12 months), a strong focus on personal service and
reading everything available on web site stuff.  (While avoiding all the

My latest domain provides easy links to all my services and advice sections.

I hope this inspires you to 'give it a go.'

Philip  Ovalsen


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: Bartek Rys <>
Subject:Please Help

Hello Everyone

I'm Bartek M. Rys Owner of FIREBALL INDUSTRIES in Mississauga Ontario.  I
have recently started my own IT Company;
planning, upgrading, and installing Windows NT Networks for small and
medium-sized businesses, as well as website design and other services
related to this.  My business partner and I are very good at all the
technical aspects of our business but unfortunatelly neither of us is very
good at the marketing side of business, hence this post.

We need to be able to reach a great deal of people in our area fast,
without spending a lot of money doing it.  We are both working part-time at
other jobs, we have to pay off the stdent loan and are very strapped for
cash.  What we have done thus far is join banner exchanges, affiliate
programs and posted ads in various internet classifieds and usenet news to
advertise our website at   but so far is hasn't
been effective.  Our greatest weakness right now is the lack of the most
important skill we need which is marketing.  It doesn't matter how good we
are at what we do if there aren't any clients to do it for.

Please can anyone help us.  We love what we do, we're very good at it but
we are bad at getting clients.

Thank You Kindly for any help you might offer.

FIREBALL INDUSTRIES - Your Information Systems Specialists
NT Network and Website Development Services

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Linda Laubenthal <>
Subject: Search Engines

Hello Bogdan and readers,

(This is a first (posting) for me so bear with me if this seems like a
foolish question. Thanks!)

I was wondering about using the "auto-submit" services that are out there to
list my url(s) with. Many of the places submit to the same engines. I've
read that this may be labeled as "spamming the engines" and my listing will
not even be considered. Is this true? How does one avoid this situation? It
take forever to submit to each one on ones own!

I'm following the advise of several of your guest writers and doing what I
love to do, which is Crafting. I'm not after the "big bucks". I just want to
be able to create items for customers. I have two store sites on the web,
with basically the same content. I also have no money for advertising! I've
been putting a lot of hours on the web every night just trying to get the
word out about my stores at all the "free" places I can find (they are
endless). But how do I know which ones are worth spending all this time on?
Which ones work and which I shouldn't even bother with? I've read a lot of
conflicting reports. What's a newbie to do?

If anyone would care to do a site review, I would appreciate your comments.
Thanks.  Here are my stores:   AND

Thank you for your time.


Linda Laubenthal-owner

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Al Abruzzese <>
Subject: Newbie Input

Hi All,  This is the best newsletter I get.  Thanks for all the great ideas
and help from all of you,terrific community spirit!!  Being new to this
marketing business I have tried lots of programs with little luck,the tracking
that these companies use seems a little loose to me.  For example I had 549
clickthrus for an offer of $25.00 in free postage and no sales???  The code is
exactly as they sent it.  I would appreciate seasoned vets thoughts on these
"tracking ins and outs"
Just as a tip,I found one program that has worked,simple URL maybe thats
why,it pays you $10.00 for everyone you signup,its an online creditcard
service,free, And it pays the person who signs up $10.00 for joining.  The max
payout is $1,000.00 to each person.  I am heavy into on-line auctions and I
put a link to the site telling bidders that if they pay with creditcard using
this service,they will get paid $10.00.  It has worked out great,many of the
smaller items,$10.00 and under, they endup getting it for free with the
rebate.  Take a look,

I have only averaged 1 min 50 seconds from my visitors according to my
tracking and I cannot figure out why,any thoughts would be greatly
appreciated.  I have looked at the site so long now fighting with Netscape
Composer that its all looking the same to me.  You CANNOT hurt my
feelings,please rip it apart I need to do something different.
Thanks to all,
Al Abruzzese

The Antiques & Collectibles Connection

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (7)========================
From: "Micah D. Cranman" <>
Subject: TIP: Found a Really good Internet Marketing Site

Hey guys,

First, let me just say that this is my first post to this messageboard, so I'm not
too aware of the "rules" just yet; if I do or say something wrong, please let me know
so I don't do it again, but go easy. :)  I also wanted to say that some may consider
this post an advertisement, but I think it really is an awesome tip to help your
business.  So, keep reading.

I found a great site about Internet marketing.  The site is called Internet Marketing
Challenge.  I've been going to their site for about a month now, and they're really
good.  They've helped my online business tremendously.  (I more than quadrupled my
site traffic in one day.) They have a free weekly newsletter, with something like 500
pages of backissues that you can access when you sign up for the newsletter.  You can
visit them at:

I'll be honest: the goal of this site is to get you to sign up for a membership to
their "private", which gives you a bunch more info on how to market online (I'm a
member, and let me tell you, these guys are GOOD).  Anyway, you really don't need to
sign up for the membership to get a lot out of the site - just sign up for the free
newsletter (which, by the way, is very good).

I also wanted to let you know that if you do decide to sign up for a membership under
them, I'll get paid for it.  (Another bonus: you can sign up as an affiliate and make
money - you don't have to buy a membership to do it, either.)  I sincerely back these
guys up; the information they have given me is invaluble.  Again, it's worth your
trouble to check out their site for their free newsletter, if nothing else.  (And no,
I DON'T work for these guys. :)

Micah D. Cranman

Sybren Technology

Note from Editor.

Although this message looks like advertisement, this is good advertisement
as it doesn't cost anything to take advantage of it . And newsletter which
Micah  talks about, is the best newsletter I recive, particularly editorial part
by  Michel Fortin . This newsletter is being sent to 95,000 Internet
marketers and webmasters .


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (8)========================
Subject: FREE email groups that you can post

Hey everyone I am new to the group I wanted to introduce myself.I go by
the name"sciborg".I have recently started to try to promote my new
website,and I am trying to get All the help I can.My question to you is
I am interested in trying to find FREE email groups that you can post
ads to(if they exist).So if you know where I can find some,I would
appreciate the input,,Thanx--^*^

p.s Any other FREE advertising advice is welcomed--Thanx^*^

$$Make big Money now!Easy
##and simple!Guaranteed!It
** is FREE today!ACT NOW!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (9)========================
From: "Eduardo Queiroz" <>
Subject: Internet Marketing Tools

Hi Bogdan,

I live in Portugal and Adland is helping me a lot. Thanks.

I have a website with lots of great free internet marketing tools
and links, including my Adland classifieds ...

In fact I believe that the site contains one of the most current,
up to date online marketing resources on the Internet and I would
really appreciate your (and all Adland readers) review and suggestions.

Please, tell me if there is anything I missed which could improve
the usefulness of the site:

Thanks for your help,


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    $4,200 per month providing Sweepstakes to other webmasters.
     Many programs in one!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please Support Our Sponsor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
How to Get 200 Hits Daily Using Yahoo Classified Ads.
By Ross W. Reyman, Jr.

Some dealers are receiving up to 200 hits on their web site each and every
day from their Yahoo classified ads. Even if you donıt have a web site, you
can use Yahoo classifieds to make some money almost immediately. And itıs
free. Yahoo is listed as one of fifteen free supersite with free classifieds
For a complete list hit

But some receive no hits at all. This brief article is designed to help the
reader receive maximum help with classifieds in Yahoo.

1) Daily Strategy. Yahoo encourages you to edit, or submit ads daily. This
strategy is to redo (or edit) all of your ads every 2 days. You can change
one word in your ad and it will be published the next day as if it was new.
When you change your ad, your ad will run as a new ad the next day for a
maximum of 30 days. Each file in Yahoo will have 10 ads. Resubmit all 10 ads
every other day by clicking the edit button on Yahoo classifieds.  One
dealer edits his ads by changing one word in his ad. The word is FREE to
free. He changes it to back next time. He claims 5 minutes edit time for 10

2) 200 Ad Strategy. Yes,  200 ads every day. This strategy is to use
redirect services  and web based email.  It is done 2 ways. First, Yahoo
allows you to go in partnership  with them if you have over 100 ads. Their
criteria can be too difficult for some. The second way is to open an account
and start a 10 ad file (the maximum per ad). When they develop a second web
page, they get a second URL thought a redirect service and a second email.
They then open a second account. They pyramid to 2 and then 3. Eventually,
they have as 100 ads in 10 files. If you have more than one ad files, you
must close and then re-open your browser.

3) Yahoo  encourages you to use a search box. Therefore, you can access ads
much like a search engine.  This opens up more categories for those who
might be interested to search for your web site. Donıt make the ad
ridiculous by moving words in, but if it practical, by all means do so.

4) No Web Site. I personally think that you will be more effective with your
own web site.
When I started I did not have enough knowledge to start a web site. It took
me several months to learn the basics. In the mean time, I advertised and
with the emails that I received I made some money with the list. You can do
the same, but promise that you will study and  learn web site design and
construction at your local community college.

5) Donıt overlook all the areas in Yahoo classifieds. I have seen freebies
under merchandise, and a book about automobile under the automobile
categories. Your ad might be appropriate with as many as 6 areas.

6) 200 Replies. If you receive just 4 inquires for each of you first 10 ads,
you have already have 40 replies. Next add new files until you have 200
hits. Some persons have been in Yahoo for years. If your ads, donıt work,
try, try, and try again. The ultimate reward is too great to not use Yahoo.
200 replies mean 6,000 hits per month, and this is more than 99% of those on
the net are receiving today.

Ross Reyman is owner of 5 Million Freebies For Moneymakers at and Entrepreneurs 2001 On Line Magazines at     Feel free to ask him questions at one of
these web sites.

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

The stunning blonde had gone to her student advisor for some
course problems, but seemed to be paying only half attention
to his replies.

"Are you feeling OK?" he asked.

"Well, to be honest, I have this compulsion to have sex with
every man I meet," she admitted.  "Is there a name for my

"Why yes, there is," he said, as he picked her up and began
carrying her to the couch. "It's called 'Good News'."


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