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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (1)

1.)Part 6 to 10 of the series : Essential Tips for A Great Web Site
~ Robert Chalmers

N e w     P o s t s   (8)
1. Ross W. Reyman, Jr
~ 7 Points to Get $100,000 In Free Publicity.

2. Paul Kellum
~ I started an marketing ezine sometime ago

3. Dave Stock

~ The problem I am finding is getting word out there

5. Don Wetmore
~ Putting it off

6. Sonny Harris
~ Has Sent Me 7820 Buyers Since 10/99

7. girardm
~ Traffic and Exposure help?

8.Bill Viers
~ Link popularity

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Search Engines - A Small Piece of a Very Large Puzzle
By Archie R. Lawhorne

Joke of the Day

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

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Search engines might consider you as a spammer if you
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Part 6 to 10 of the series : Essential Tips for A Great Web Site

 The second part in the short series,

Part 6 to 10 of the series
Web Design School.

6. You've been framed.
   Frames are a godsend for some, and a nightmare for others. It's best
   to avoid them if possible, or at least offer a non-framed version
   of your site. Some search engines won't list framed sites! So, make
   sure you at least have a non-framed entrance. Put something
   between the noframes tags, so visitors who can't see frames will
   have someting to see. Your email address perhaps.
Point: Keep frames to a maximum of two and avoid using frames on you
       site's first page.

7. Java overload.
   Many sites are tempted to go for the state of the art, particularly
   when it comes to using programming languages such as Java and
   JavaScript (which is no relation, and very different) However there
   are problems with both. Java slows down your site. Java crashes
   browsers. java very rarely adds anything to a site. If you must use
   it, test it thoroughly.
Point: If you do use Java or JavaScript, test your site first on a wide
       variety of browsers.

8. I can hear music now...
   For the visitor working late at night, or in the middle of an office,
   the last thing they may want to hear through their PC speakers is your
   Web site's tuneless rendition of "Greensleeves" played on the tin
   whistle. It may sound greatto you, but to your visitor, it jsut
   slows down the site, and scares the hell out of them making them
   instalntly close their browser and vow never to visit your site
Point: If you must have sound, set the default selection to OFF.

9. Tiny Text.
   You may want to cram in as much as possible on your page, but even
   if you've got a great design and a clean site, you've got to lose
   that tiny size 8 font. The visitor will want to enjoy looking at
   your site, not come away squinting like Adrian Mole without his
   glasses on.
Point: Keep your text to a readable size - remember that it will look
       different on different size monitors, so test it out on as
       many monitors as possible.

10, 404 hell..
    Your visitor gets to your site, sees you hae the latest release
    of their favourite band, or a free happy hour book offer. They
    click on the link to find it, and get 404. They page they requested
    doesn't exist. There's nothing more annoying than finding that the
    one page you want isn't there!.
Point: Use software such as frontPage, which check all your links,
       before uploading your site. Or use

Compliments of Robert's Bookshop, and Quantum Radio.

------------------------------------------------------------------ Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics. Quantum Radio

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Ross W. Reyman, Jr." <>
Subject: 7 Points to Get $100,000 In Free Publicity.

By Ross W.Reyman, Jr.

Several years ago, I meet a man who had been struggling financially. He had
a friend who sent publicity releases to a list of newspaper large and small
across the county. He had started a dating service part-time, and the handle
was ³Grandpa  matches Oriental Ladies with American Men². He received over
100,000 inquiries and he was off and running.

I was surprised that a dating service could get so much interest. But he was
had a service that was unusual that many would be curious to read about.

There are thousands of similar success stories however of free success. But
the truth is that if you are on the Internet or have a small time retail
business that you should consider press releases.

Web Marketeers should realize that good public relations builds
believablability and visiablity worth millions in lead and prospects for you
business. Whenever, you have any product or service that you might be of
interest to many, it is time to try free publicity.

If you are on the Internet, the place to start is
. This is an online magazine with instruction and new ideas about publicity.
A Free Publicly course can be found at Next, a
blaster where you can get your publicity sent FREE to as many as 1500
media/others is at

Here are some starter items to help you get started. 1) Know specify what
you want to do with your releases. What are your goals and aspirations. 2)
Publicity releases are not ads, but announcements written more often than
not in a human interest agenda when sent to media. Althought release sent to
companies and manufactures usually have only facts and concentrate on why a
company should buy.  A release will tell about a family business will be
more effective than most. 3) Hit those who usually buy your product. I
receive releases about products like plumbing products when I own a freebies
site. 4) Start you own database. If is helpful to use free services and may
be more than helpful. But that release to that small time newspaper that is
not on some databases may not be more effective than the big time magazine
that have thousands of releases to review. 6) Don¹t forget the local media.
The articles about the lady who sell quilts over the Internet will bring
much local interest. 7) Press Releases are not controllable. There is a
lucky factor. A lot depends of the editor who is reviewing the material. But
a lot of the time surprises are in store.

Ross Reyman owns the largest freebies site for internet businesses and home
workers. There are a possible 5 million freebies if you include all free
ads. You can check it at:

Ross W. Reyman, Jr.

5 Million Freebies For Moneymakers
Entrepreneurs 2001 Magazine

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Paul Kellum <>
Subject: I started an marketing ezine sometime ago


I started an marketing ezine sometime ago, and have been looking
for different way to increase my subscriber base. It has been growing,
but at a slow pace, with the methods I have tried. Any advice
on how I can increase my subscribers. Thanks.

Paul Kellum

Advertisers Online Marketing Ezine

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Dave Stock <>

This is my Question, Do Freebies really work? My site will giveaway
$5,000 a week and we have a Million Dollar Prize program. We try to
place people in real money programs and I feel that people are num to
Freebies or just don't know a good deal when they see one, or there's
just to many deals out there.
Do all webmasters have this problem or is it just me?


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
Subject: The problem I am finding is getting word out there

This is my first post to this group.  I have a website that sells Candy
Bouquets.  I'm getting additional business, but want to build it much faster.
 The problem I am finding is getting word out there without spending $10,000.
 Any suggestions would be welcome on how to increase business without
spending a million. Thanks.

<A HREF="">Candy Bouquet</A>

Note from Moderator.

The first thing which jumped to my mind was lack of your name in the From part
of the messge  and at the bottom.  I don't know who I'm talking to.
This is the first thing why  I might have hard time to be your customer.
I need   to see some sort of identity. Nobody wants to do business with strangers.
Of course using your name won't jump your sales but it will help with it.
This remark wasn't meant as a real booster for your traffic but more for
taking advantage of using discussion list to your benefit.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Putting it off

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies to our
personal time management so I finally did something about
it. I wrote an article entitled, "Procrastination Paula",
that addresses the issue, in a humorous way. (I meant to
write this last month.) I am pleased to share it with
members of our List. To get your free copy, email your
request for "Paula" to:

Don Wetmore-Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington St. P.O. Box 2126 Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Sonny Harris <>
Subject: Has Sent Me 7820 Buyers Since 10/99 Has Sent Me 7820 Buyers Since 10/99
Thats right folks! And they are only interested in
what I am selling! No emails to sort through, I know
They are qualified buyers
You can have this success also. They have a 90 day
free , no strings attached,  trial . If you don't like
them after 90 days, just cancel your membership. If
you like the service (And You WILL!) then it is only
$4.95 a month to remain a member. IT IS WELL WORTH THE
    You have to have a referrer for the free trial, so
please use me....flmave520. Thanks Thats right folks! And they are
only interested in what I am selling! No emails to
sort through, I know They are qualified buyers
You can have this success also. They have a 90 day
free , no strings attached,  trial . If you don't like
them after 90 days, just cancel your membership. If
you like the service (And You WILL!) then it is only
$4.95 a month to remain a member. IT IS WELL WORTH THE
    You have to have a referrer for the free trial, so
please use me....flmave520. Thanks

Advertising Online..all your advertising needs met here

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (7)========================
From: "girardm" <>
Subject: Traffic and Exposure help?

Hello adland Readers,
I've been trying very hard to advertise my offers from classifieds to banner
exchanges to free stuff giveaways, to ezine advertising, to clubs, forums, who knows
what. The response has been very limited. I've even tried redoing my page about ten
times to make it load faster.. easier to get around. It's just not proffessional
looking. I'm not a web page designer.. yet.  I've learned alot from Adland, and from
others who are trying to market their offers as well. I have a tiny computer with
limited space and tiny programs. I'm financially strapped and have no credit to speak
of, but I believe in what I'm offering otherwise I wouldn't do it. Can anyone offer
any suggestions to me to help me get more exposure? I'm offering webmaster tools and
advertising resources, the more I can come up with, the better I can get my
commissions rolling. thanks
MG Enterprises:
Website Promotional and Advertising needs

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (8)========================
From: Bill Viers
Subject: Link popularity

Dear Bogdan,

Each of us are looking for the magical formula to get more exposure for our web site.
I have tried many of the promotional link popularity type of programs in order to
boost my rating with the search engines. Watching my traffic stats, few have really
had any impact on either increasing my traffic or showing link popularity on Alta
Vista, Hot Bot, Google, Infoseek.

It seemed like much of this effort proved time consuming and fruitless.

Recently, as of January, a new link popularity program, POP-EXCHANGE, came into
existence. I was interested and did some beta testing with the people who developed
the program to see what results I would get. By the end of January, I was
experiencing an increase in popularity of sites linking to me through this program.
Pretty impressive, considering POP-EXCHANGE had been online a very short time. Even
more impressive that the search engines had picked them up so quickly.

The program has some features that are absolutely essential. Every four weeks it
submits absolutely new fresh submissions to the search engines called pop-pages. No
rehashing. By providing new fresh pages, the search engine spiders pick this up as
new material and do not pass over as a resubmit of previously submitted pages.

Secondly, it also uses your keywords in the submission. This helps in the process, as
the search engine is now relating to specific categories, not generalized categories.
You fill out a generator form box to get these keywords into the program for
pop-pages submission.

There are many more things involved in this link popularity program that makes sense.
Take a look at the program. You can join free. There are some strict rules you must
follow to remain active, but the pay off is gaining link popularity.

The program is called POP-EXCHANGE and here is the URL:

Bill Viers


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                tricks and techniques currently being
                used to achieve money and freedom. *IT
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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Search Engines - A Small Piece of a Very Large Puzzle
 By Archie R. Lawhorne -

Many people tend to approach the web passively. They spend a
lot of time and resources designing a nice web site, but then
spend very little in the way of promoting it. When nothing happens,
they blame the Internet and complain that 50 million people
didn't drop by before breakfast.

The point is, like many aspects of business, there is no one
and only method of marketing on the Internet. There are many
proven formulas and a certain amount of knowledge needed, but
an understanding of the fundamentals is essential. You can then
use this information in concert with everything else you're
learning to maximize your overall marketing efforts.

Consider the amount of time and effort many web marketers
place on search engine positioning. Search engine
submission is probably one of the first
things that new Internet marketers do to promote their
web site. Currently there are over 5,000 places to
register a home page with the number increasing daily. In
reality, only about 25 of these search engines will produce
90% of your search engine traffic. The larger search engines
like Yahoo, Lycos and Alta Vista are visited millions of
time a week and offer the most comprehensive types of searches
for Internet surfers.

Obviously it's a good idea to register your site with as
many of the major search engines as you can. This will
enable web surfers looking for your product or service to
find it quickly and easily. There are hundreds of companies
out there that will submit your web page to hundreds of sites
on the web and charge you for the labor. Or you can do it
yourself. When it comes right down to it, there are only
about ten search engines that you need to concern yourself
with, and it's fairly easy to do it yourself.

Nevertheless, I personally think the attention given to
search engine listings is highly overrated. Not that they
aren't important and that you shouldn't submit to search
engines. It's just that they are just one small piece in
a very large picture. If you are targeting a specific niche
market, search engines can be great. But for the "average"
Internet marketer selling mainstream products, the kind of
traffic you can expect from search engines is minimal.

Think about it. There are over 300 million web pages and
not every one can be listed in the "Top 10." And unless you
get a favorable listing in the famed "Top 20" you just aren't
going to get much traffic. Don't get me wrong, search engines
are good for sending targeted traffic to your site. But only
if you get listed in the first few pages will you see significant
traffic, and that's a big "if."

The bottom line is there are so many other ways to promote a
site. (For example, I wrote an article for an ezine recently
that resulted in over 50 new sign ups for one of my affiliate
programs). As a web marketer, the most valuable asset you have
is your time. Plan, prioritize and spend your time doing the
things that yield the most cost-effective results.

If you feel that having a high search engine ranking is critical
to your business, you may want to consider spending the money to
have an outside expert do it for you. Getting a good search
engine position is more art than science. Each search engine
has its own techniques for cataloging and ranking a site. To
optimize your success when submitting to an engine you will have
to have editorial control over the web pages you submit. This
means you have to be able to customize the pages and perhaps
generate new pages.

There are quite a few technical requirements and details you
must understand in order to maximum your positioning. These
include things like using proper words in your META tags, not
repeating key words, selecting a proper category, not submitting
too often, etc. I know everyone wants a magic formula for getting
the number one search listing on an engine. The fact is that it's
very hard and takes a lot of work to achieve that. It's certainly
beyond the scope of this article.

Having said that, here are the addresses of some of the top
search engines in which you will want to register your home page or web
site address:

· Yahoo -
· Excite -
· Web Crawler -
· Lycos -
· Open Text -
· Alta Vista -
· InfoSeek Guide -
· Hot Bot -

You can also visit: At this site you
can fill out one registration form and submit it to several
search engines, including most of those above. This is a very
convenient "one-stop registration shop."  Some of the search
engines listed at this site are free and some charge a fee, so
make sure you only submit to those that are free if you aren't
prepared to pay. Other sites include:
Archie R. Lawhorne, APR, is an accredited public relations professional,
marketing writer and president of Crosspoint Publishing Company. For
information on Archie's current business venture, visit his web site at:
For a FREE copy of his new E-Book, "Web Marketing Basics," send a
blank e-mail to:

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Submitted by  "Michael Oliva" <>

A great king was trying to find a husband for his oldest daughter. He sent out a
decree throughout his kingdom that all the young eligible men should meet at the
castle on a certain date. Before the day arrived, the king had his men dig a large
pit, filled with water, and added several dozen man eating crocodiles. When the men
and the townspeople arrived, and gathered around the pit, the king announced that the
first man who was brave enough to jump into the pit and swim accross to the other
side would be worthy of his daughters hand in marriage. No sooner did the king say
this, there was a huge splash. A young man swam frantically across the pit while the
crocodiles tried to eat him. Finally he reached the other side of the pit and crawled
out. The crowd started cheering for the young man's bravery. The king approached the
man and said, "You are truly a brave young man and you shall have my daughters hand."
The man replied, "That's great, but I'd just like to know one thing... WHO PUSHED


Let's hear from you......

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