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         Traffic Driving Tips

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

1.)Response to Digest #158
~ Linda Caroll

2.)Part 11 to 15 of the series : Essential Tips for A Great Web
~ Robert Chalmers

3.) An answer from Link Share, FINALLY!
~ Sheila Currie

4.)A copy of my comments to one of the writers
~ Andrew Fuetterer
~Michael Ryland

5.)Posts in Digest #138
~ Robin Forbes

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.) L Elmstrom
~ Book to help with affiliate programs.

2.)Peter G. Browne
~ 25 questions to ask a developer before you consider paying...

3.) Steve Angove
~ FREE software + income

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Site Review Requests (2)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Affiliate Programs - Good or bad?
By Leon Brickey

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (2)
The Successful Formula for Selecting Affiliate Programs
By Bruce Galle

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  240  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Being in e-commerce business for some time doesn't
surprise me anymore that some of the customers after using my
service dispute their charges. This happens at least once or
twice each month.
As I'm getting used to that I try to  always see, what kind of business
is the person in and analyze kind of clientele this peple belong to.
I go and check their sites. Most of the time these are affiliates for various
programs and they try to promote them buying services at AdlandPro.
Recently I had one advertiser who purchased advertising from
me for around $300 and then decided to dispute the charge
after about  2/3 of the service was provided to him. His promotion
was going quite well , CTR 5%. After checking his site I found
that  service he is offering are marketing secrets.
I'm sure that he learned quite a few marketing secrets and he
will share them with you for only $29.99 .
His site is this
Since he was dishonest  as a customer I can predict how
he treats his clients. You know what my advice
would be if you would ask me if you should buy his service.


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an offer to Adland Digest subscribers which  doesn't bring her any profits.
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Lucky Irish Free Online Lotto is pleased to offer all members of Adland $10
off a one week sponsorship at our weekly game. For the low price of $24.95
your site will be seen by over 900 people, guaranteed! (most sponsors receive
1100 hits on average) Lucky Irish offers an inexpensive and unique way for
your site to receive the traffic deserves. To take advantage of this special
offer through Adland please visit:


I want to again start announcements  for Adland Digest success story
of the year 2000 contest.
Visit link below to see winners of  Adland Digest success story 1999
and read about rules and guidelines.

Winners of the first, second and third  place will be linked from each
AdlandPro Free World's Classifieds page throughout the  next year.

Exposure obtained from this promotion can be tremendous amount of
traffic to  winners of this contest.
AdlandPro receives 4,000 visitors with 20,000 page viewings daily.
Link to this page will be displayed 7,320,000 times during coming year,
not taking into account any traffic growth.

See this link for previous success stories.


Great online discussions supported by
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When asked for user id and password for the first time, just
enter your favorite ones.


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Free submitter to top 8 search engines with one click.
Please use this free submitter with care and don't submit
the same page more often than every 2 weeks and best only
if page changes.
Search engines might consider you as a spammer if you
submit the same URL to often.
Get also your free private email account for life.


Like this newsletter recommend it to your friends.


================Traffic Driving Tips==================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: The secret IS in exposure

Yes, get yourself exposedd. It truly is the answer. For those interested in
statistics, and if you have a web site and are trying to encourage people to
come to your site, then you MUST get exposure.
As a lot of people know, I am running a banner exchange, Little Acorn Banner
Exchange, at for two reasons. 1. To
provide a place for people reading this digest to get their banners into a
Banner Exchange that gives them 1 to 1 exposure ratios, completly free. 2.
To give me a platform for studying the results of banner traffic - it's
value, it's worth as a medium for exposure and so on. As the latter, it is
providing some valuable insights.  Take the snapshot from the log files. I
have selected 13 companies with banners in the rotation. The list shows
their joining date, and the number of times their banners have been exposed
to date on 'other' systems. In researching the exposures, I have discovered
something that people seem to completly miss with banner exchanges.
----> If you don't expose the banners of others in the exchange, then _your_
banners don't get exchanged.
Now I can hear you saying... "But I have the banner exchange code on my
site! I just don't seem to have any clicks!"

 20 Jan 2000 exposures 2,931
 26 Feb 2000 exposures 1
 17 Feb 2000 exposures 236
 20 Jan 2000 exposures 28
 23 Jan 2000 exposures 79
 23 Jan 2000 exposures 3,873
 20 Jan 2000 exposures 200
 21 Jan 2000 exposures 290
 21 Jan 2000 exposures 61
 12 Feb 2000 exposures 1
 21 Jan 2000 exposures 1,748
 19 Jan 2000 exposures 1,547
 26 Jan 2000 exposures 35

Some of the banners in the list above have amazing display totals! I
checked. There are no cheats. The system logs the number of exposures, and
the IP of the site that "exposed" the banner. No fakes.
I then visited the sites to find the banner exchange code. Simply put, the
sites with the high exposures have the banner display on their front page.
One site doesn't even seem to have the banner on their site at all?  Of
course, if you don't have the banner code on your page, then no one else
will display your banner, because you aren't earning any 'exposures'.
The other thing I found, was that the successful exposures - the high
numbers - obviously make a lot of use of the Search Engines. For this you
can't go past Webposition. Grab a FREE trial version from and give it a spin. Yes, you can even put
your site into some search engines with the trial version. I'm not talking
FreeFor All sites, I'm talking the main search engines, even Yahoo.

The lessons from the snapshot of the site stats?
Get you banner onto the page on your site that gets the highest traffic.
Doens't have to be at the top. The bottom of the page is best anyway.
Get that high traffic by using Webposition. The most comprehensive and
useful web tool there is.

I do hope people are finding these few tips useful. I've been in this game
for years, and am happy to pass on anyting I think can help. Be confident,
be bold, and enjoy what you do. Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Linda Caroll <>
Subject: Response to Digest #158

Hello Bogdan & Fellow Subscribers:

In Digest #158, By Archie R. Lawhorne wrote:

>When it comes right down to it, there are only
>about ten search engines that you need to concern
>yourself with, and it's fairly easy to do it yourself.

The above quote was taken from the featured article
in Issue #158.  I felt a need to respond to this
because many people that are new to online
business read Adland digest looking for help
and guidance.

If all that people concerned themselves was these
10 large search engines, odds are their listings will
be so so poor that they might as well not bother
submitting at all. You see, search engines use
"link popularity" as part of the algorithm by which
they index your site.  If you don't know what link
popularity is, your listings will reflect it!

If you would like to find out how to get better search
engines listings, I recommend you read the following
two pages that we have posted to assist our clients.
You may verify all this information right at the search
engines. (They post submission help tips.)

To those new to business online, I would like to
offer a word of advice.  Do not believe too easily
all the "free" help you are offered.  There is a
reason that 95% of the new business start ups
fail, and that is usually lack of financing and
even more so, following bad or outdated advice.

Linda Caroll

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Part 11 to 15 of the series : Essential Tips for A Great Web Site

Well, I hope everyone is getting something out of these little hints in the
Web Design School.
Simple things, but Oh So Easy to forget.
And, putting them into practice is a snap with EasyHTML. The best little
editor there is. It does just about everything an editor can do. You can
even preview your work in the editor. No need to worry about using Ripped
Off Software here, because EashHTML is absolutely FREE. Download it from's%20preview%20pages.htm or,
locate a US mirror on that page, and grab a copy from there. Compact, fast,
and efficient. Available in a large number of languages as well.

I see there is a real lot of activity on the ArtsAndMinds pages, as people
wander through the thousands of images available there now. At the last
count, around 13,000 images on almost every topic (no rude stuff - completly
G rated) You can find your way to the images on the front page of Look for the ClipArt link on the front page.
Don't forget to jot down the Login and Password on that page. You will need
them. You won't believe the number of hackers that try to crack those pages.
Unbelievable if you consider that I actually provide the Login and Password
for them :-)  I guess its an indication of their basic intelligence - or
lack of it.

The Little Acorn Banner Exchange continues to amaze me. Don't forget you can
start your banner rotations here, or simply check your
stats, for those lucky people already getting lots of exposures for their
banners. Remember, the location you put the exchange banner on your own
site, determines how often your own banner image is displayed on other
sites. The more you expose the banners of others, the more your banner is
exposed. It's FREE, its 1:1 ratio, and its a great way to get your product
or service exposed.

Ok, time for the Web Design School to go in.... ring, ring, ring
Part 11 to 15.

11. Own a domain name.
    Would you rather take a chance and spend money with a site that's called
http://homepages/server/isp/~hisname/page.html or one that's called If you can't spend $40 a year on a domain
name, then how do you think people will view your company in terms of
Point: Check that your intended domain is available at, and register it now!

12. Title Fight
    The title is one of the most important aspects in search engine
    ( Get your FREE trial
here!), so don't forget it. make sure you give every page in your site a
title, preferably a different one for each page. This is done by placing a
<title> tag between the <head> and </head> tags on your site. like this:
<title>Fred's Great Page</title>
Point: Title every page on your site.

13. META is better
    The meta tags are another important weapon in the battle for search
engine supremacy - use them wisely. Place them between the <head> tags on
your web page, and after the <title> tags.
<META name="keywords" content="palce your keywords here, seperated by
<META name="description" content="place a short description of our site
here, loading it with as many keywords as possible but still ensuring it
makes sense">
Point: Add meta tags to your site, particularly the first page.

14. Keep it up to date.
    If yoo're ging to have a 'Company News' section on your site, or
ever-changing pricees, keep them up to date! Think how unprofessional you
would look if you sent out a company brochure that was out of date, or had
all the wrong prices in your catalogue. It's ten times worse to find this on
the net, because it is so easy to update these details.
Point: If you want people to come back regularly, update your site

15. The best things in life are free.
    Attract visitors to yoursite by grabbing thier interest with a free
offer. It could be a free sample of your products, the chance to enter a
free draw, or a free screensaver. It could even be some information that you
normally charge for. The choice is endless and it doesn't have to be
something that's expensive for you to provide. Advertise the offer on search
engines, banner exchanges and in all your non-internet literature, so people
know it's there. Then watch the visitors flood in.
Point: try to offer some free product or service to your Web site visitors
that's not available elswhere.

Well that is it for this week my friends. I hope you find some value in
these little pointers, and don't forget to grab a free copy of the EasyHTML
editor, fix the tags and title in your pages, and use Webposition to get yourself noticed.

Best regards

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books Art, Design and Graphics.   Demo of
AffTrack: The Group and Affiliate
tracking software you Need.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Sheila Currie<>
Subject: An answer from Link Share, FINALLY!

Believe it or not I got an answer from link share about the 1 x 1 image on affiliate
codes.  I sent a letter in to them in December, then opened it up to the members.
Any one that deleted or corrupted this code with an YSWYG editor can relax.  You can
even hyperlink the code and still get your sales.  Here is the response:

"The code that you are referring to is a 1 by 1 pixel that LinkShare uses in
order to track the number of *impressions* served.  Some merchants choose to
serve the images themselves, and only in those instances do we generate the 1x1
pixel code.  If LinkShare serves the banner, we do not generate the 1x1 pixel.
Again, the pixel is only used to track the number of impressions served.  It
does not affect tracking to sales at all.  The portion that is necessary to
track sales is the code with the <a href= command."

Boy am I glad to hear that one.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion:)

Also, I found a program that will  be a fantastic service for small business.  I lost
a client just recently because I did not accept credit cards.  Now instead of paying
fees I make money if a client signs up. AND I mean NO FEE of any kind.  Sorry I am
still very excited about this one.  Anyway if you want to check it out here is the
link.    Even consumers can
sign up to send money to their college kids, and you can pay your affiliates with out
sending out checks.  All you need is an e-mail.  By the way for people trying to make
money on the web: you get $10.00 when you sign up and $10.00 for your referrals up to
$1000.00.  I was so depressed after checking into merchant accounts, now I can say I
take credit cars:)

Sheila Currie, CMA, CFM

Currie Business Services
Balancing, Analyzing, Budgeting!
The online family shopping mall,
indexed for easy comparisons

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Andrew Fuetterer" <>
Subject: A copy of my comments to one of the writers

In Adland Digest  #158  Ross W.Reyman writes

>Several years ago, I meet (sic) a man who had been struggling financially. He had
>a friend who sent publicity releases to a list of newspaper (sic) large and small
>across the county(sic) . He had started a dating service part-time, and the handle
>was łGrandpa  matches Oriental Ladies with American Men˛. He received over
>100,000 inquiries and he was off and running.

>I was surprised that a dating service could get so much interest. But he was (dele)
>had a service that was unusual that many would be curious to read about.

>There are thousands of similar success stories however of free success. But
>the truth is that if you are on the Internet or have a small time retail
>business that you should consider press releases.

>Web Marketeers should realize that good public relations builds
>believablability and visiablity worth millions in lead (sic) and prospects for you
>business. Whenever, (delete comma) you have any product or service that you (dele)
might be of
>nterest to many, it is time to try free publicity.

>f you are on the Internet, the place to start is
> This is an online magazine with instruction and new ideas about publicity.
> Free Publicly course can be found at
> Next, a
>blaster where you can get your publicity sent FREE to as many as 1500
>media/others is at

>Here are some starter items to help you get started. 1) Know specify (sic) what
>you want to do with your releases. What are your goals and aspirations. 2)
>Publicity releases are not ads, but announcements written more often than
>not in a human interest agenda when sent to media. Althought (sic) release (sic)
sent to
>companies and manufactures (sic) usually have only facts and concentrate on why a
>company should buy.  A release will tell about a family business (insert) and will
>more effective than most (most what?). 3) Hit those who usually buy your product. I
>receive releases about products like plumbing products when I own a freebies
>site. 4) Start you own database. If is helpful to use free services and may
>be more than helpful. But that release to that small time newspaper that is
>not on some databases may not (dele) be more effective than the big time magazine
>that have (sic) thousands of releases to review. 6) Donąt forget the local media.
>The articles about the lady who sell (sic) quilts over the Internet will bring
>much local interest. 7) Press Releases are not controllable. There is a
>lucky factor. A lot depends of the editor who is reviewing the material. But
>a lot of the time surprises are in store.


It would appear that you are trying to get some clients, for whatever service(s) you
have available.
Let me point out what should be obvious to anyone — with the convouluted sentence
structure and word usage in your writing, it would not induce me to hire any
service(s) from you — since it reads like "garbage in -- garbage out"
My first impression is that English may not be your first language. Am I right on
that assumption? Otherwise, you would have to be a product of the public fool system,
where they do not educate but instead they make you "feel good about yourself".
Go to my "correct" site below and see what I have to offer in the way of services.
I have NOT put in the corrections above, but only marked the errors.

Andrew Fuetterer (912) 987-6787

Perry, Georgia 31069-1074
You want to make sure your copy is "correct"?
Go to:
Home Page:

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From: "Michael Ryland" <>
Subject: A Little Time - A Better Impression

Dear Readers:

I wanted to write to the group to offer a suggestion that I have found invaluable.
As we all know, posting to this group (as well as other Boards and E-zines) can be
valuable both to share information and to get some publicity for our businesses.
However, I am often put off when reading articles and messages that are written and
posted carelessly.  All modern Word Processors and most newer E-mail programs have
the capacity to check spelling.  Some even allow for grammar checks.  With this
ability, it is puzzling that so many articles contain spelling and grammar errors.
This, at least for me, detracts greatly from the message itself.  It casts a less
than favorable light on the author and makes doing business with the Company much
less of a possibility.

It is often said you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.  Your idea
may be excellent; your product or service first rate.  If you don't take just a few
seconds to run the Spell-Checker the message gets lost.  So does a lot of business.
Take a little time, make a better impression.  Thanks for reading and have the best
of days.

Michael Ryland
RyComp Strategies

Toll-Free and Long-Distance Service for your Business or Home
6.9 cents per minute, Flat-Rate, 24/7
NO Setup, Activation, or Monthly Fees!!
E-mail for details and application

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From: "Robin Forbes" <>
Subject:posts in Digest #138

How To Increase Subscribers, Customers, And/Or Web Traffic:
Hullo Adland Readers;

I was going to individually reply to a couple of specific posts in Digest #138,
however I thought I would share some thoughts and insights with everyone. I'm not a
pro but I have learned a few lessons over the last 2 years of working the web. I
spend a lot of time researching, administrating, and building websites for a few

The first things that I want to know when I subscribe to a ezine or newsletter, is
who am I dealing with, and what kind of info or entertainment are they offering. Are
there past articles - where can I find them? Tip: Archive your articles on your
website in a separate section or even directory. Make a index page where surfers can
check out the various articles. Lastly - Get that page indexed by the search engines
and directories. You'll find that this also has the effect of enriching your websites
content, which will in turn also help in your rankings with the various directories.

Don't be so mysterious! I want to deal with real people offering real products and
services! If you offer a product or service and I'm going to shell out my hard earned
cash to you, then you had better provide me with some basic stats: Who are you and
how can I contact you (a real email address,  postal address and a phone #   perhaps).

Lately I've seen a lot of sites that are nothing more than billboards; get some
content on to your site. Don't just have a bunch of banners and links to your various
programs. Content adds value immeasurably both to your prospective customer and to
the search engines.

If you belong to a network marketing program or franchise then you're going to have
to differentiate yourself. As well you're going to have to use other promotion
methods rather than relying on any substantial hits from search engines. (Not that
one should rely solely on the search engines.) There are thousands of places to trade
links, drop off links, and leave your signature block on the Internet. It's an
ongoing process but one that has to be done in order to succeed. Don't forget the
offline world of advertising. Your business may be online but that shouldn't prevent
you from promoting your site and services else where. Try classifieds, flyers,
posters, post cards, business cards, stationary etc....

Make your site sell - but have fun doing it!

Robin Forbes

Site Admin for:
The Canadian Land Letter
Always Next Year

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "L Elmstrom" <>
Subject: Book to help with affiliate programs.

To all entrepreneurs and affiliates:

Most people sign up for a bunch of affiliates programs....and will do
nothing. What's worse is that their network or downline will do nothing
also.  This book is a MUST for all people who want to become a successful
affiliator or entrepreneur. I trust that you are one of the 50% of the
people who will act and find out how to make their business successful.
Go to:
Best regards and success to you

L Elmstrom

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Peter G. Browne<>
Subject: 25 questions to ask a developer before you consider paying...

Hello Bogdan and Fellow Ad landers,

We at  SWDomains have been long time readers and
participants in Adland. We have responded to website
critiques and submitted a few articles in order to pass
on knowledge. We see this a great forum not just for
teaching and passing on information but for learning as

One of the biggest questions we are always hearing is
"What should I be looking for when I want to put a website
on-line?" In general the number one answer is, "Find your
own passion and pursue it." Well having said that, once
you know what you want to do on-line what is the best
way to pursue the passion?  If you take a few moments
and read the following it might be of some use to everyone,
designers and people looking to go on-line as well. The
choice is yours, at the end is a link to receive a list of
questions that everyone should consider whenever they are
looking to put a website on-line.

Read the questions and then send for the answers, you
might just find it informative and educational.

We firmly believe that knowing how to use a piece of
software (an HTML editor) does not make one a website
developer any more than knowing how to use a knife
makes one a surgeon.

One does not need to "turn off" a paragraph or line
break tag, yet the web is full of HTML documents that
are packed with superfluous code. I have taken an
HTML file that was 98K and reduced it to 10K just by
removing superfluous code and compressing the images.
The web page went from a download time of 1.8 minutes
to a respectable 19 seconds- with the graphic images
still on the page! Happy customer? Yes.

A qualified website developer can create a website that
loads consistently on both PC and Mac platforms, in all
browsers and across all monitor resolutions. They
should ALSO offer the ability to test download time on
28.8 modems, even if they "are" on cable. We offer
that service to every client, along with a guaranteed
download time of 29 seconds or less at 28.8. The
ability, with the technical know how, is there.

We have had a law firm come to us in dismay when they
discovered that the website they'd paid to have
developed loaded only a partial page in Netscape 4.6.
It happens.

Unfortunately, the consumer as a whole does not know
enough about the ins and outs of web development to
know the level of expertise of their website developer.

A good developer develops the website with the viewer
in mind. That includes various monitor resolutions,
browser and platform compatibility - and, yes, download

We have prepared a list of 25 questions to ask a
developer before you consider paying them penny one.
If you're developing your own site, it will be helpful
to you, too. To receive these questions, send an email

You will find a link to the answers at the end of the questions

Peter G. Browne

Websites that will blow your mind - not your budget.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Steve Angove (
Subject: FREE software + income

Hello readers! It has been a long time since I have posted to the Adland
digest, as I have been very busy with my business, Angove Software.
I found a fairly new and unique way to generate revenue, and I wanted to
share it with you.
What I do is create FREE software. FREE? Yes, FREE!
What's the catch? The software is advertiser-supported, meaning their is a
little banner built into the program, which the advertisers pay for.
This means the user gets the software FREE.
I have all types of software, including FREE search engine submission
software for webmasters.
I also am placing a link back to my site into my own programs. This way if
the program is downloaded off a freeware site, the user can easily go to my
site to download more ad-supported freeware, increasing my revenue even more.

I also encourage other webmasters to link to my software. In exchange, the
webmaster can receive 5% of ALL banner revenue per product, for LIFE!

If you are interested in offering your viewers FREE software and generating
5% of all the ad revenue downloaded from your site, feel free to contact me.
Also, feel free to download the FREE software from my site for yourself.
I may also agree to place a link to YOUR site within the programs!

Steve Angove
Angove Software

===============Site Review Request(1)====================
From: (Clifton Bonney)

Hi Adland, been subscribed for sometime now, and enjoy your ezine.
Please consider reviewing my webpages:

These webpages were specifically designed for the small-business owner
or "wanna be".

Thanks for your time,
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Affiliate Programs - Good or bad?
By Leon Brickey

Affiliate programs are very popular these days despite the fact that
some of the so called "gurus" have recommended that you not join
other folks' affiliate programs, but create your own. After thinking
about this long and hard, and doing some investigating I've come to
a conclusion.


I just can't see it that way.

Here is what I've discovered. I didn't find one single webmaster that
stated this opinion in their articles, ezines, or websites that was
not promoting an affiliate program of their own, someone else's
affiliate program, or both.

Now don't misunderstand me. Your own affiliate program is a great
idea if you've got a new/updated idea, you have at least  moderate
technical knowledge to set it up properly, and some cash to promote
it aggressively. ( A few hundred dollars a month minimal.) Otherwise,
I'm convinced you are better off promoting a well-established affiliate
program of someone else's that pays a generous commission.

Allow me go into more detail to show you why this is true.

- Credibility

Not meaning to talk down to ANYBODY, but most of us don't have the
credibility in business to make hundreds, much less thousands of
people feel compelled to join our organization. There are so many scams
online that I often wonder if ANYBODY gets a paycheck in some of these
fly-by-night programs. I'm sure most marketers who have been online for
any length of time have the same thoughts as they read some of these
advertisements. If there is one thing that has been exploited "to the max"
on the internet is the anonymity that it offers; especially if you have any
technical expertise. You just can't tell who you are dealing with often

However if you are involved in an associate/affiliate program from a
company like AIS Media, PrePaid Legal, Amazon, Corey Rudl, Internet
Marketing Challenge, E-bay, Virtualis, or dozens of others they actually
lend you THEIR credibility. Then you can make make bold, attention
grabbing statements as you advertise with confidence!


Because the above mentioned companies have the credibility, finances,
technical expertise, and staff to make good on their promises. A new
affiliate program from a struggling new marketer usually doesn't have
these resources when starting out.

- Your own affiliate program could make a SLAVE out of you!


That means you answer the phone.
Sort and respond to your email.
Set-up and update web pages.
Take care of team mailings.
Maintain your merchant account.
(ie. see that you and your organization get paid, ON TIME.)
Support and troubleshoot questions and problems from your organization.
AND advertise/market your program.

Which of the above tasks does your business pay you to do?

Only one I'll bet!

Your business pays you to ADVERTISE/MARKET. This is what draws traffic;
thereby generating sales and recruits.

Now why would you want to take on all these other tasks when you can have
a great company pay you to advertise and that's all.

If you think you are going to make $100, 000 a year online by promoting/
advertising your business 5 or 10 hours a week think again. And to be
honest, if you have all the above tasks to do by yourself, you may not
even have that much time for marketing your business.

See what I'm saying?

If you have a good, solid affiliate program all you have to invest in it is
your actual advertising time and money. Whether you invest 10, 20, 30,
40, or 100 hours per week you are doing what your business pays you
to do.

When promoting a well-established affiliate program you can focus your
efforts toward promotion right from the start, thereby making a profit your
first month or two.

With your own affiliate program you will most likely not see a profit for
yourself the first few months unless you are fortunate enough to recruit
Jim Daniels, Sanford Wallace, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, or someone like that.
(Good luck!)

But Leon! Won't I make more money with my own program?

Maybe, or maybe not.

Certainly NOT if the program doesn't succeed.

But Leon, if I have my own affiliate program I get paid on what everybody
in my organization sells. Right?

True, but if you are in someone else's affiliate program or MLM (they're
all really considered MLM by the people that monitor these companies)
you get paid your sales as well as your organization's sales. The depth
to which you get paid on can vary tremendously from two tiers below
you to INFINITY! Really no different than your own program would pay
you but, with a small fraction of the headaches.

One more quick point as I prepare to close this article out.

- Commissions

This is very, VERY important.

If you join a typical two-tier affiliate program make sure you get a
sizable portion of the ticket price for what you are selling.

If you are selling a $29.95 item and you can make 25-30%, you
will only make about $10 at most on your sales and less than that
on your sub-affiliate's sales. You're going to have to make thousands
and thousands of sales to make any significant money. However if
you've got a program that will pay you $50-$75 or more on your sales
and $20-$30 on your sub-affiliates sales, it's MUCH easier for you to
make an appreciable amount of money.

To be honest, I've tried quite a few affiliate programs and I've come
to the conclusion that I'm just not going to send anyone from my
website or ezine to someone else's website for the hope of a $10
commission. Nothing personal, but I'm just not going to do it.

The larger MLM pay plans that pay deeper are more complicated.
You can learn to recognize the better ones to an extent, but I've never
talked to anyone in one of these larger programs who understood every
single aspect of the compensation plan when they first started. Often
these include pay variations for training, promotions, override bonuses,
etc. You can see the money, but you just don't understand where it all
comes from. Hopefully you are dealing with a company with good
credibility so you can have a little faith in them.

Your own affiliate program is a great idea especially if you meet the
criteria mentioned earlier in this article.

But someone elses affiliate program can be equally or MORE profitable
if you choose one:
a) offering products and services home business owners want.
b) with excellent credibility.
c) that offers at LEAST a $40 to $50 commission on your sales.

Then place 100% of your efforts into marketing and team building.
And leave the headaches to someone else.


Leon Brickey

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business into an explosive moneymaker! Free subscription to
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The Successful Formula for Selecting Affiliate Programs
By Bruce Galle

Albert Einstein believed and proved that our world revolves partially
around Mathematics. To this day his highly regarded formulas are
taught around the globe.

Mathematics is equally important in affiliate programs on the Web
today. This article will give you some insight to analyzing affiliate
programs also known as reseller programs, associate programs…
to determine if they are correct for you and your site.

In the past, many have already mentioned choosing an affiliate
program that targets your sites existing audience. This is fact!

On the other hand, many times over, we hear do not choose a program
that pays only 10% - 15% commissions. Do not choose low cost
products/services. The list of  "Do and Don't" has grown and been
repeated due to repetition of the originators. One thing our great
predecessor proved is Mathematics is a constant and precise.

Let me begin with two examples to help us comprehend this a little

Example A:

A book that is selling for $40.00 and offers a 25% commission
structure. Sounds great and could produce a handsome second income
if the book itself is well written and offers a wealth of information.
Once the book is sold, there has to be a backend product to bring
that satisfied customer back in order for any hopes of a second sale.
On the same token, the customer would have to thoroughly enjoy
the book in order to return.

Do not get me wrong, I am knocking this sort of affiliate program for
I myself belong to some.

Example B:

An affiliate program offering domain registrations. There are several
popping up on the Web, however I will use one being the
mathematical equation for this program has a much greater value on
the other side of the equal's sign. For further information on this
program visit:

Now this program offers a two-tier structure paying 10% on one's own
direct sales as well as 5% commissions on one's direct down line sales.

On a two-year domain registration the customer pays $50.00 so
commissions on level one would be $5.00 while also paying $2.50 on
the second level.

OK, now let's compare the two. The book offers a product that is
purchased of a "want basis" while domains are purchase on a
"need basis". This is also referred to as demand!

The book is more focussed towards individuals. Domains are focussed
on individuals as well as business to business. This is very important
since it is fact the majority of e-commerce transactions are business
to business as well as future predictions show this will be the
continuing trend.

At this point we can see that domains are an easier sale for the
potential market is better as well the demand.

A low number to use for domain sales would be 21 domain registrations
per week or just three domains per day. This would be a low number
for our business does quite a bit more already! If you and only ten
people in your downline each sell 21 domains a week, your commissions
would be $630.00 weekly or $32,760.00 per year!

To make the same commissions selling the above book, one would need
to sell 3,276 copies a year, 63 copies a week or 9 copies every day.
This equates to having to sell three times the number of books in which
the demand for the product is less.

Now picture this, this same domain affiliate program pays you a
residual commission. In two years when the owners renew their domain
names, you and your downline again receive your respective
commissions of 10% and 5%. Sure a percentage will not renew but a
larger percentage will. Add that to your growing sales for the same
year… I believe you see the picture now.

Which program from the above examples would you rather participate?
Is a program offering 10%-15% commissions something to avoid?
Fact is some of these programs such as the domain affiliate program
Can equal more profits for you!

Look to see what the supply and demand are for the particular
product/service. What makes a product/service unique.  One should
look at each program individually for the formula may work for a
particular program, but may not for another.

Thoroughly do your math before deciding for yourself!

Bruce Galle
The Marketing Standard
The Online Marketing Success Center

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