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From:             Bavington <>
Subject:          Re:  Low Cost Options

There are many ways of getting free publicity on the Internet.
Newsgroups is one of the easiest ways.  Short informative articles
allow you to "solicit" information about your program.  The one
problem with the newsgroups is that many of them are moderated and it
is sometimes hard to fit your information into their format.  But
there are many newsgroups which permit short advertisements.

Bulk email is another option but one that I don't use, personally.  I
live in a small community and we only have one server so any angry
letters to my server would jeopardize my Internet access.  Yet there
are companies out there who will send the email for you and screen
your replies so that you won't lost your Internet account.

And one good way to send your message out is by copying all the
addresses from your own unsolicited email...and sending them a polite
letter saying that you will consider their offer in the future...but
that you are busy with your own program at the moment....and then send
them your promo letter.

I notice that you have a web page.  Have you tried some free links to
get more traffic to your web site?  Free links are those little boxes
you see on other people's sites that give a direct link to yours.
LinkExchange is one of the most popular ones.

Barbara Bavington
HOME-BIZ* Information Services
Box 403, 429 B. Ave.,
Kaslo, BC, Canada
V0G 1M0

ph: 1-250-353-2372
From:             "Roger    L.  Martin" <>
Subject             Marketing Help

I'm  Roger  L.  Martin
and  I've been tryin to market on the net,  have several web sites,
but that is were I'm  stuck,  its the same old problem how to get
noticed and how to get people to the site,
so Question # 1 how to increase traffic to web site?
any successful but effective and inexpensive ways to do just that
would be greatly appreciated.
Now, I've tried posting on search engines, even paid for that,
and tried it my self with meta tags  etc, had the site checked out
for what tags it had, ( that was for an old site but didn't make any
difference,  I've posted ads in free ads all over the place, put many
ads in sellected news groups, bulk email, and lost server etc. 
I want to do it right, but with out spending a lot of money, I'll
spend the time, time I have, but it has to be effective!!
How do you link up to powerful sites and offer services that
really get noticed?
Again any effective methods of promotion will be greatly
I've spent 1000s of hours will little success, and the  almost the
same in dollar amounts, yet success has NOT BEEN  possible as of
Roger L. Martin

You'll be in the Save $$$$$$
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From:            Tom Cornwell   <>
Subject           Experiences  of web marketing

Hello,  I enjoyed your newsletter tonight - short and to the point...

Stimulating Questions:

The article by Jim Daniels has several statments regarding marketing
mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Any other mistakes that we could add
that you have corrected from your experiences?

Mailers:  I have been burned 3 times
over the past year-and-a-half by individuals or companies clainming to
get out great amounts of Email for my business.  I am about to do it
again, but I am going 1. Opt-In, and 2. with a company I've dealt with
over the years - they've been around as long as I have and are
consistent.  I'm ready to part with a larger amount of money for a
client with a "Targeted" campaign.

Another mistake is not getting behind what I was doing; getting too
busy with the full-time job to devote any attention to the online
business, neglecting communication (not responding immediately, or at
all) from others, wasting time and sales.  One needs to focus on what
one begins and nothing else.  Let the business grow, like a child,
learn from the mistakes and don't expect too much right off - let your
roots gain some ground and become stable.  I have many repeat
customers now.  I don't have tons yet, but I know I will by this time
next year.

Things I did RIGHT: Kept the site INFORMATIVE right from the start.
Started a newsletter, kept my overhead down, down DOWN.  This whole
thing is about information.  INFORMATION.  A weekly Shopper-type
publication is just that WEEKLY - Lots of ads, little or no other
information.  Whereas a newspaper is DAILY - lots of INFORMATION
(news), and Less (but more expensive) ads, and can support a larger
run on a daily basis.
What tweaking of your site have you tried, any successes over what
you had been doing?
Going over and over the site, listening to criticism, finding and
correcting little errors such as typing, bad or old links, etc.

Which ad tracker software works best for you?

I've used Pagecount from the beginning - it's free, you get lots of
good data and they're stable and consistent.  I don't care much for
the bulky banner ads, but I live with it for the service - you gotta
give up something for a freebie.

Any Associate Programs that have been successful for you and that you
would share with the rest of us?
I did get involved with a reciprocal advertising program for
Ezine/newsletter publisher.  It's been working fine for me.  I have
been able to track results and I know where to flow my classified ad
money now.  I don't have the URL at hand now, but I can respond later
to requests.  I'm also interested in new reciprocal offers (for free
Email publications/periodicals only - nothing else, please).

Thanks for your time.
Tom Cornwell
OraMedia - Dental Self Sufficiency
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