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         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         F e a t u r e d  P o s t
         WebDesign School. The Final 5 parts in this series

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.) 25 questions to ask a developer before you consider paying...
~ Chris Brown

2.) Dishonest Customers  (
~ Joyce Hiram

N e w     P o s t s   (7)

1.) Melody Treece Vargas
~ NEED:  Small Retailers using B2B

2.) Chris Brown
~ Testing your CGI

3.) Michael Loo
~ New Posting:  "Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

4.) Chris Brown
~ Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another  "secret reports"  site??

5.)  Ken
~ Link popularity help

6.)Phil Calvert
~ Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified

7.)Mike Lemmon
~ Chat Room / Discussion Board

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
By Iris Ford

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    Digest sponsorship info

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  155 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


This below is the message which I received recently as a feedback to
the Digest. I won't disclose  full name of the  originator as this message
was not meant for the list, but I would like to comment on that.


I read and enjoy Adland's Digest. However, I have to scroll and scroll and
scroll past contents pages, advertisements, special instuructions etc. etc.
before I get to anything of value to me. I must admit that there have been
times that although the contents looked good I get tired of trying so hard
to find the good stuff that I just delete the e-mail. I think alot of the
stuff at the beginning of the newsletter could be left out or shortened.
Just thought I would share my thoughts. Thanks, Rodney


I'm sure that you have your point here but...
as you know (in case you didn't scroll through  here)  running any discussion list
requires that somebody  makes this in the digest form (in this case
there is only digest) which requires time and resources to do that.
It is very simple to send a message which is already  put together, but
even this requires  hardware resources in case of larger lists and
time to maintain it's "up to date" status. If I wouldn't commit several
hours of my time each time this digest comes out, you would recive
tons of junk email which I filter myself  and provide here for you only
items of value,  which you admit are present here after you scroll down.

Now  the question here is, why would I spend several hours of my time and
not  get  any benefits from it.  You don't like advertising. Did you see anything
anywhere which comes free  and doesn't have advertising in it?  Even if you
pay for something like newspapers or TV?  All this has advertising in it and
you have to live with it.
This is small fee for my  time.

And other  info which you have to scroll through.
The first is the digest index. I don't relay need to comment that I guess.
Next there is a messge from me like this one. Quite often these are some
tips. I don't take usually more than one or two paragraphs (about one mouse
click if you have your email reader in full screen)
Then you get a few announcements and  offers which I want to promote
in order to be paid for the time I'm putting to run this publication.

Don't believe that people are doing things just because they are passionate
about it (this helps). You get useful information here but would you think I would be
able to put my time into it if I wouldn't get some sort of compensation for this?

Even if you scroll through this area, this is only a few extra seconds of your time.
Digest allows me on communicating some of the ideas which are not as useful
for you but are for  me. I'm a real person, with family and need for sleep.
You just have to pay the price of getting less   important content in order to get
publication, which most of the time will have something which  will help you with
your business.

The best  advice I can give you  is try to run your own list and you will see
what I mean.



Again opportunity for graphics designers.
This time I would like to pay for the  work  of the winner and
possibly some other graphics if they  can be considered as
a base for further work.
The winner will recive $200 for logo for the new sites which I
just started working on.
This new site will be dedicated to offering
free resources related to the internet.
It will be in the form of search directory.
If you have ideas about logo for this site, please direct it
to me by mailing your artwork to the following email address


I want to again start announcements  for Adland Digest success story
of the year 2000 contest.
Visit link below to see winners of  Adland Digest success story 1999
and read about rules and guidelines.

Winners of the first, second and third  place will be linked from each
AdlandPro Free World's Classifieds page throughout the  next year.

Exposure obtained from this promotion can be tremendous amount of
traffic to  winners of this contest.
AdlandPro receives 4,000 visitors with 20,000 page viewings daily.
Link to this page will be displayed 7,320,000 times during coming year,
not taking into account any traffic growth.

See this link for previous success stories.


Great online discussions supported by
be part of it.
Once you are there, post your free ad to section  "Bulletin Board".
When asked for user id and password for the first time, just
enter your favorite ones.


Another free service from
Free submitter to top 8 search engines with one click.
Please use this free submitter with care and don't submit
the same page more often than every 2 weeks and best only
if page changes.
Search engines might consider you as a spammer if you
submit the same URL to often.
Get also your free private email account for life.


Like this newsletter recommend it to your friends.


================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (1)==================
From: "Robert Olson" <>
Subject: You Can't Be a Browse and Run Victim  If You Want to Sell!

Do you get a fair amount of traffic?  Maybe, you are getting thousands of hits each
day but your visitors are leaving empty handed.  If this sounds like your website,
you could be a Browse and Run Victim!  With little or no sales, you know what it
means. You risk losing everything you have invested and for some that can be alot.
You can fix that browse and run problem with just a few sales making strategies.

Most people believe they have a really great website and sometimes, they have
every imaginable bell and whistle.  Some people have what they feel are very
professional looking sites. When visitors arrive, they begin telling them all about
their company in  great detail.  These sites can be very business looking but with
sales at a trickle.  Then there are some people who are real pros at getting great
search engine rankings.  They may bring visitors in by the thousands but they are
still unable to make those needed sales.

Do you feel that you are a Browse and Run Victim?  It is so frustrating when you
can almost hear the clicks as your visitors leave only moments after arriving.  It
leaves a person wondering why sales are so low and that's what we need to take
a good  hard look at.  To help solve this problem, let's examine the visitor and the
site  where sales are no problem!

People generally arrive at a site with the aid of a search engine, some form of
advertising or maybe a signature file. The person who buys, has immediately
found what they came for.  From the time they arrived, benefits of the product or
service filled the air, pumping their desire to buy.  More minor benefits with a call
to action of..... 'buy now'  filled the visitors head.

A link to a company information page  gave the visitor some background and
contact information. With added confidence, security and the desire to buy built in
since  arrival, the visitor heads for the order page.  Here the visitor found many
secure ordering options, making the purchase quick and simple....  and happily,
after making the purchase,  the buyer surfs on.   Within a few minutes, this buyer
receives a confirmation email giving assurance that the purchase would arrive
shortly or giving download instructions.

Have you ever clicked on a link for a particular item and found a maze? Sometimes,
you never find the actual item that was advertisied and this is a real mistake. If
you are advertising High Flying Golf Balls, take me straight to that page.  Hit me
with a powerful headline then pour out the benefits.  Continue pouring out those
benefits until you make me want to go out and hit those balls right now!  Now, if
I am interested, I will click on a link and check out your company.  Don't tell me
all about your company from the moment I arrive.... that's not what I came for!
Tell me about what I came for and there is a much better chance that I will buy
from you!

It may take a little more work to make content rich pages for various products and
services but the benefits are great.  They make great doorway pages that can give
excellent search engine rankings.... plus your visitors can go straight to what they
came  for!  Remember that these have to be  sales pages.  This means that you have
to have them filled with professional sales material.

If this isn't part of your expertise, you have a choice to make.  Either you learn to
write hard hitting sales material or you need to hire a professional! If you have to,
make a few changes to your website.  Let your ads direct your visitors right to what
they want to find and if you will make sure there is hard hitting sales copy on these
pages,  you  won't have to worry about being a Browse and Run Victim anymore.
Robert Olson Publishes FreeWebPromote. Subscribe and Learn How to Make Your
SiteSell! Visit FreeWebPromote for Lots of Free Promotional Tools. Place Free Ads
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===WebDesign School. The Final 5 parts in this series=========

From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

Here we are again, ready for the last five lessons in the Web Design School.
But first, let me tell you this. The 5 Most commonly used - the most
popular - words used as Keywords on the search engines in the last 7 days,
up to 28th Feb.2000.

1. information
2. download
3. online
4. mp3
5. music

and the list goes on.  Have a look yourself, and be amazed.

Ok, to class, class.
Part 16 to 20.

16. Content Is king.
    People won't visit your WebSite unless the content is good. Try to offer
something different, something extra. Do you sell WebDesign? Why not give
people a free meta tag generator to help them in the search engines. Are you
a recuritment site? Why not provide a free CV generator.
  If you offer articles, tips and information that people can't get
elsewhere, then they will come back to your site time and time again. When
they eventually need a service you offer, you'll be the one they buy from.
Point: Include something different in your web site's content that the
visitor can't get elsewhere, such as useful tips relating to the type of
product you sell.

17. Keep In Touch:
    There are many free ways on the internet to set up a mailing list. This
enables visitors to sign up toe receive details and information from your
company. Whether you are sending them something simple like an email letter
letting them know about updated software, or something as elaborate as a
newsletter, each one delivered is an opportunity to bring a visitor back to
your site.
Point: If you do send out e-mails to mailing list members, make sure you put
your contact details, including phone and email details. Never spam you mail

18. Make It Easy
    You'd be surprised how many web sites outthere don't provide contact
details. These people want us to part with our hard-earned cash without
knowing where it's going or who to get in touch with if something goes
Point: People need to know who you are and wher you are before they will
trust you - make it easy for them.

19. Rule Of Thumb.
    If you can't avoid having large graphics on your pages - maybe you have
to show detailed photographs of your products, or you are a photographer -
at least do you visitors the courtesy of allowing them to choose whether to
see them or not. Offer Thumbnails with a 'click to see the big picture'
caption. This means no more waiting . ... and waiting.... and waiting...
just to get to your site.
Point: If you must use large images, show a thumbnail of the image and
detail the size of the full image.

20. Think Of All Visitors.
    Unfortunatly it's not yet possible to desogn a site that is perfect in
everyone's browser, keeps all people happy, and does what you want.
Point: Keep the following in mind;
* People with older browsers - offer a non-framed, java free site
* People with slow connections - offer a text only site
* People with small screens - Dont have to scroll sideways. Set table widths
in percentages.
* visually impared people - run your site through to see
if it is accessible to people with disabilities.
* people who will hate your site whatever you do. You can't please all the
people all the time!

There you have it folks. The last lesson in this series. I'll finish up with
some reosurces you may find useful.
Checking your site:
Advertising for free:

I'm pleased to see that people are availing themselves of the Little Acorn
Banner Exchange.
It's amazing how well a couple of the sites are doing. I only hope their
traffic is reflected in their bottom line. There's no reason everyone can't
do the same. Looking at the sites, it's good design, friendly approach, ease
of use, and something to offer. I'm sorry to say, but if you site is nothing
more than a page of links to other sites, then you will be a long time
making that first dollar. If you have anything at all on your site pages
that hasn't made you even one dollar in the last four weeks - then get rid
of it. It's cluttering up your site.
The most important bit of advice I can offer about wasted bandwidth, is get
a logfile analyzer. Get your ISP to do it if they have that option. If they
don't then insist on it. Or go elsewhere.
Let me give you an example. I spent a _very_ long time designing single
page, with graphics reviews of books on to attract sales. I also
had very roughly put together lists of books in various sections, that
people could scroll through and click on a book that then took them to
amazon to order it. Simple, quick and effective. Nothing more than the book
title. You guessed it. 99% of sales of books are from simple text based
lists of books that link to the parent site. The hours of work I
put into the beautiful pages. nothing. zip. They are now gone.  Of course I
continue to make the site generally attractive and professional looking.
Personal satisfaction if for no other reason. I run my own analyser ofer the
site every day, and summarize it every month. I'm amazed at what people look
at. it's NEVER what I think it will be. The site therm is generally
graphics. What is the biggest selling single title on the site. Nothing to
do with Graphics or design... its Eastern Religion/Philosophy books, and
Motorbikes! Who can figure it. But I can be sure. If I change the theme to
be purely Eastern Religion and Motorbikes, people will want Graphics!


----------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Chris Brown" <>
Subject: 25 questions to ask a developer before you consider paying...

In Adland Digest  Peter G. Browne wrote.

> We firmly believe that knowing how to use a piece of
> software (an HTML editor) does not make one a website
> developer any more than knowing how to use a knife
> makes one a surgeon.
> One does not need to "turn off" a paragraph or line
> break tag, yet the web is full of HTML documents that
> are packed with superfluous code.

I have used a well known WYSIWYG HTML editor
(No brand names quoted, but I know a good weaver
who once had this dream...) that insists on turning off
paragraphs and fonts at each paragraph break, and then
turning them all back on again at the start of the next
line! That adds to the file considerably, so I usually
end up "tweaking" the file by hand.

It also has a nice feature of something akin to the
CGI !#include function insofar as you create a library
item of a section of code which can then be used in
subsequent pages. Nice idea ... until you check the

So that it can read through the HTML and perform the
insert action it inserts <b><b><b> into the code, plus
</b></b></b> .... not just once, but numerous times.

With all these font / paragraph / library additions, it
turned my "optimized" hand written code from 10K to
15K with just three library items used!

So in a nutshell, don`t think that an HTML editor
will automatically create the best code. It simply
creates the code needed to produce its WYSIWYG

(YES, I KNOW. There should be a sig file here, but
I`m in the process of upgrading, so no links until
I`ve finished sorting out all the CGI coding)

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Joyce Hiram <>
Subject: Dishonest Customers  (

In Digest #159  Bogdan Fiedur (moderator)  wrote

>Recently I had one advertiser who purchased advertising from
>me for around $300 and then decided to dispute the charge
>after about  2/3 of the service was provided to him. His promotion
>was going quite well , CTR 5%. After checking his site I found
>that  service he is offering are marketing secrets.
>I'm sure that he learned quite a few marketing secrets and he
>will share them with you for only $29.99 .
>His site is this
>Since he was dishonest  as a customer I can predict how
>he treats his clients. You know what my advice
>would be if you would ask me if you should buy his service.

Just recently, I received information that Master Card will do charge backs with no
questions asked where as Visa, American Express and Discover card will investigate
the charge back first. Makes you think that if you encourage customers to use the
other cards. Master Card won't be to anxious to do charge backs so quickly.
I hope you can use this information. I personally found it useful.

Joyce Hiram


Note from Moderator.

You are right on that.
The only problem is that the time needed to  collect good amount of information is
so time consuming that   recovering of your money is only symbolic. You have feeling
of job well done and you could prove that somebody was trying to be dishonest, but
aside of that you are better off to spend your time on getting more customers.
This is something I found out after my interventions.
I just hope that guy at won't  take advantage of
some readers here after they read this info.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Melody Treece Vargas" <>
Subject: NEED:  Small Retailers using B2B

Respond directly to:

Hi Bogdan & AdLanders,

The last time I asked the retailers on this list for assistance
I had great response, so I'm back again asking for your

If there are any retailers on this list that are currently using
Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce for purchasing,
for fulfillment, or for news & trends, I'd love to hear from you.

If you could briefly describe:
*What you're doing for your online or offline store with B2B
*What B2B sites you find most useful
*What segment of retail you're in (apparel, discount, etc.)

I'll also need your name and position, and your company's
name (and URL if you have one).

I am hoping to do some email interviews for my series on
how retailers are using B2B with some of you.  Of course,
anyone who is mentioned in these articles on will
be linked to if you have a URL.  This is an excellent chance
for exposure to a large audience for small retailers and an
opportunity to get mentioned in the same article as large
discount and specialty retailers.

Please respond directly to:
and mention that you're an AdLand Member.

Melody Treece Vargas
Melody Treece Vargas,
Retail Industry Guide,
Subscribe to our weekly newsletter, The Ultimate Add-On at:

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Chris Brown" <>
Subject: Testing your CGI

Most internet gurus advocate the idea of having your
own domain name, which also means you must purchase
web space. In turn, this gives access to the fabled
CGI-BIN. For the uninitiated, this allows you to do
various "magic" things like host your own guestbook,
run your own follow-up autoresponders, create
automated link lists et al.

Alas, these scripts have to be configured before they
are usable, ie you upload the files and then spend
ages online getting everything to work together. But
I have recently found another way of working which
others might care to consider .... turn your PC into
a web server!

No, I`m not suggesting leaving your PC constantly
online, but you can use the same software on your
computer as the web host has. Its called APACHE,
and has recently been developed as a WIN 95 / 98
port. You just download, unzip and that`s it!

You also need ActivePerl, which again is a version
of the main PERL language ported to Windows.
Again, download, unzip and its installed. You now
have a CGI-BIN on your home PC.

Getting it to work together can be a little daunting
initially, but basically, you start Apache which then
runs in the background, load your web browser and
call a page "" which brings up the Apache
help screen, (the browser / Apache are linked)

You now load the HTML page which contains the
link to your chosen CGI script, (which you`ll upload
eventually upload to your server). Clicking the
link is now akin to going online to your web host
.... except instead it calls the CGI-BIN on your
home PC. The CGI does its magic, and returns
the required data to the calling browser, ie your
PC screen!

Now, its not ideal as there`s certain functions these
ports cannot handle, but for simply seeing if a
program will work as planned, it might be an option.
a given CGI program

Based on docs from
Apache for Win 95
ActivePerl for Win95

(YES, I KNOW. There should be a sig file here, but
I`m in the process of upgrading, so no links until
I`ve finished sorting out all the CGI coding)

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Michael Loo" <>
Subject: New Posting:  "Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate
Members as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

Hi Bogdan,

I wish to bring up a new topic for discussion - "Are Affiliate Owners
sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members as 'Partners' or just
'Tools' to generate cheap leads to build their wealth?"

I have joined quite a number of affiliate programs since I came to this
Internet arena six months ago, I considered myself still a newbie in
view of the hugeness and deepness of Internet environment, we have
to keep learning and probing in every aspect of events we come across
on the net everyday.

I have gathered some good and some bad experiences about affiliate
programs which I would like to share with all members especially  about
the topic mentioned above.

Many Affiliate Owners are not sincere in building a true relationship
with their Affiliate Members, rather they're just exploiting the efforts
of their members to bring in the prospects for them.

Many of these Affiliate Owners keep the names of their prospects
as if properties of their own, not their members'.  Members are not
even informed who their prospects or customers are, without knowing
the identity of them.  Members are just left in the dark.  They are
treated by the Owners as just a "Traffic Generating Machine", not
a "Partner-in-business".

They don't send periodic newsletters or marketing supports for
their Members, don't take the troubles to communicate or answer
the Members' queries, and even to such an extent they hide their real
identity behind the scene.

All quiries are attended or handled by somebody down the organisation,
as if those are not important to be answered by the Owners themselves.
What these Owners are interested is just Orders...Orders...Orders!  Not
bothering whether Members are equipped or supported with enough
marketing tools or aids to build the business.  Because they think that
95% don't make money or don't stay long enough with them, so why
bother?! These types of Affiliate Owners are not going to be long in
their business, they will be wiped out in a matter of time.

But, on the other hand, I really feel we're somehow still lucky that
there are still some really good Affiliate Owners around who are sincere
and professional enough to really put in their efforts to help their Members
to build the business together.

Just mention a few of them, e.g. Jess O'Leary of Internet Marketing
Challenge, Corel Rudl of Marketing Tips, Mark Joyner of Foreverweb,
Declan Dunn of ActiveMarketPlace, Marlon Sanders of HigherResponse,
Ken Evoy of SiteSell, Rick Beneteau of EzineMoney....etc.

Only those Affiliate Owners who NOT ONLY have their customers but
also have their Members (Partners-in-business) in mind will finally excel
and lead all the way and will gain their Members' loyalty and support for a
long, long time!

We, too, as Affiliate Members are learning and becoming smarter day
by day, knowing how to pick and choose the right programs with the
right Owners, and are having greater and greater demands.  We are not
going to waste our time, efforts, money to help promote something we
are not happy or that's not going to stay for long!

What do you think about this, Bogdan?  I hope to know your readers'
feelings and please correct me if I am wrong or have been too assertive?

Michael Loo
Why Selling Other's Affiliate Programs When
You  Can Create Your Own & Make 100% Profits!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Chris Brown" <>
Subject:Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another   "secret reports"  site??

Can I state from the outset, this is NOT an ad or a
"knock". It is purely curiosity.

Like many others, I`m currently an
"Internet Marketing Challenge" affiliate. Recently, I
decided to create a marketing offer for same, so
checked out their home page again to see what it is
exactly that you get for $250. Well, it took some
digging as its not set out in an "at a glance" table,
but I think I see a series of articles, news from the
expert guru (and yes, he is if his newsletter is
any guide to the quality of writing), a discounted
web hosting and .....that`s about it! That seems
very little for the price. So am I missing anything
that only members get to know about, ie forums,
software, offers and the like ?

What I`m also interested in is what others
HONESTLY feel about the service. Is it value ?
Or am I "fleecing" my users with yet another site
dedicated to these "secret reports" ??

For obvious reasons, I don`t think its wise for
Bogdan to publish the answers within the digest,
so I would be greatful if you would direct all
comments to me personally. Thanks

Note from Editor.
I don't mind any discussion on this forum if it has learning or argumentative
You are free to post any thoughts in regards to above to the list.
I myself like very much  their weekly newsletter.
It  is always bringing something new, particularly editorial part.
I'm not even their affiliate.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "ken" <>
Subject: Link popularity help

Boost your Search Engine rankings
Link popularity is becoming a more revelant factor in search engine rankings.
I recently came accross a free site which will help by increasing the number of links
to your site.
Just post a link to your page and then upload the links page.

 Check it out at:



======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Phil Calvert <>
Subject: Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified

There are a number of programs available that can automatically submit your
advertisements to free classified sites.  Becanada's Power Submitter and
Classify98 are two that I've seen lots of affiliates promoting.  The BIG
question is, "Are they any good?"  If you use (or used) one of these
programs (or a comparable one), I'd appreciate hearing your opinion.  I
searched the Web for objective evaluations/reviews of the software, but
found mostly just blatant promotion.

Phil Calvert

The Age of the Electronic Secretary is HERE!
One Phone Number, Over 100 FEATURES!
The Leader in Unified Messaging Technology
For details, send a blank e-mail to:

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (7)========================
From: "Mike Lemmon" <>
Subject: Chat Room / Discussion Board

Hi Bogdan:
In trying to promote a community environment on our site,
we would like to add both a Chat Room and a Discussion
We have spent considerable time searching for an acceptable
solution, with no results.
We have found lots of free ones that have an excess of
banner ads, there are those with no banner ads but do
not function very well.  Then there are those that work
great with no banner ads being displayed but cost $500.+
a month.

We want a simple solution with no ads being displayed.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate

Talk to you soon!

Mike Lemmon.

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
By Iris Ford

 I was scared even to insert my first floppy disk, indeed I felt like a
floppy fish out of my depth! What's a floppy? I might as well be
surfing a world-wide-wave, it was so foreign to me.  But now the
SURFS UP FOR THIS WANABE. I'm riding the waves on the

First, let me introduce you to the bottom of my Lap Top.  Yes, that
was my first lesson, believe  it or not. There was this thing called a
CD ROM to insert. Turn the lap top over and remove cover.  Done.
Insert! Done!  Discover  I needed the other part to insert a disk.
What? It was mad confusion for days.

Where was that disk program to download? Been there! Done that!
Then finally I  held my breath and carefully clicked on my new
Internet Service Provider. It was called by the picture perfect name
of  I was IN!

Yes, I  now live by the seaside, on a lovely bit of land, reached
only by ferry,  called the Sunshine Coast. That's in beautiful
British Columbia. (Yes, I'm Canadian.) I watch surfers on the
waves and wonder if getting into surfing the Internet will dump me
as often as I see a newbie at windsurfing fall in.  Dunk!

But, take heart, fellow  Wanabes, I have learned a lot,  and am here
to tell you about it.  What I've done, you can do also.  It's called
creative retirement,  and it opens a whole wide world at your
finger tips.  My email comes from England, New Zealand, the
United States, Spain and France, just to name a few.

I've always been told I'm a pusher. If you want something done,
ask Iris. That's fine when it's 9 to 5, but all day and evening too?
This new adventure has me hooked.  My roommate has to drag me
away to walk the beach.  Silly, I know.  I shouldn't be controlled
by this little Lap Top invention.  Not even my dog has as much of
my attention.  I am determined to beat it into submission (the Lap
Top, not my dog!).  I WILL LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY

Yes, of course, I want to make some money! No, not to be a
millionaire as some have become,  but just to make enough to
augment my retirement bundle with a little more to splash around.
How to do it?

Tried a MLM, love the products,  but the income is slow in
Tried Search Engines, links, banners, and Classified
Ads. All are slow, slow, slow,  just like my steps these days.  What
to do?

Here's what I did.  I now successfully promote my various
products and free aids to  Internet Marketing by using FREE
EZINE ADVERTIZING. My #1 aid is the Directory of Ezines.
Don't leave home and hit your Lap Top without it. Here you will
find everything you need to deal successfully with Ezines. It's

Then, I found  Rick. Here's more help for all you Wanabes who
would like to surf the  net  for FREE and make a little money.
Rick reminds everyone that YOU have something to offer that
perhaps you didn't realise. It's very much needed on this  impersonal

Find out more about what Rick Beneteau has taught me in  his
ebook the EZINE MARKETING MACHINE.  You CAN market
your product for FREE with Ezine Advertizing! This book tells you
how.With these two resources you will succeed!

If you are new on the Internet and need help mastering your web
technique try the COOKIE CUTTER's BOOT CAMP.  Yes, I
know what some say,  but take a look for yourself. The system that
DUMB LITTLE AD led me into set me on the right track.

And if you are TOO TIRED for any of this, try a natural product
from STREAMLINE'S HERBAL MALL.. Immun-boost has given
me the extra energy to hang in there and surf.

Wow! Isn't this fun! This Wanabe is surfing the NET - up, up and OVER!
Iris M. Ford

For Iris Ford's Home Page, STREAMLINE and many other goodies
For the Cookie Cutter

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A mother and baby camel are talking one day when the baby
camel asks, "Mom, why have I got these huge three-toed

The mother replies, "Well, son, when we trek across the
desert, your toes will help you to stay on top of the soft

A few minutes later, the young camel asks, "Mom, why have
I got these long eyelashes?"

"They are there to keep the sand out of your eyes on the
trips through the desert."

"Mom, why have I got these great big humps on my back?"

"They are there to help us store water for our long treks
across the desert, so we can go without drinking for long

"So, we have huge feet to stop us from sinking, long
eyelashes to keep the sand out of our eyes and these humps
to store water."

"Yes, dear."

"So why are we in the San Diego Zoo?"


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