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         Ten Beaut Web Tips. This week, 1 to 5

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.) Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified
~ Greg Wilson
~ Tonya Payne

2.) Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"
~ Bruce Galle
~ Steve Zanazzi
~ Robert Chalmers
~ Melanie

3.)Too much info at the beginning of digest
~ Robert Chalmers

4.)Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another  "secret reports"  site??
~ Robert Chalmers
~ Rod MacKenzie

N e w     P o s t s   (3)

1.) Johnny Lee
~ Cheap and effective advertising

~  Awesome site for marketing

3.) Jacqueline Braun
~ Free and Low cost Advertising

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  241  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Here below are results of testing colors on banners from
Banner Tips

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Here are banners tested.

After running a least-squares regression on the banners,
we get this formula:

  CTR = 0.79 + 0.04SB - 0.27TF + 0.13NG - 0.30PR + 0.08RD + 0.08BL

  (R-squared for this regression is 0.89)

which says that our baseline CTR for a banner with no border,
white background is 0.79%. Plus, the following elements added
or subtracted from that:

 (SB) A solid color background increases CTR.
      Add 0.04% to the CTR.

 (TF) A thick frame border decreases CTR.
      Subtract 0.27% from the CTR>.

 (NG) The color orange is better than black.
      Add 0.13% to the CTR.

 (PR) The color purple doesn't work as a background color.
      Subtract 0.30% from the CTR.

 (RD) The color red is better than black.
      Add 0.08% to the CTR.

 (BL) The color blue is better than black
      Add 0.08% to the CTR.

The major findings are that the thick-framed look (8 pixel
frame) is not as effective as a frameless option (white
background) or as a solid background option, and that the
color purple makes a poor background choice. The color green
(not in the regression) is only slightly worse than orange
as a background color.

The best banner of the group was a simple line of blue text
on a white background -- no doubt because it looks similar to
a hyperlink (even though it wasn't underlined).


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From: Linda Caroll <>
Subject: Looking for stories; could you be one?

Hi Bogdan & fellow subscribers!

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Truth is stranger than fiction, and boy, does it have truth.
True stories of who's making money. And how.
True stories of who's losing their shirt. And why.

I am looking for more content. I need success stories to
highlight and not-so-successful stories that we can help
put on the right track!

Do you have a story to tell? Just curious? Details are at:

Feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Linda Caroll

The Shocking Truth About Marketing Programs

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===Ten Beaut Web Tips. This week, 1 to 5.=========
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

Recently I brought you Twenty Webdesign Tips. Well, here's a small group of
tips that you may care to think about. Tips for every web user, big or
small. Good web design, and successful site building is not something you
can sit down and do on the spot. If you do, that's how your site will look.
Unprofessional, hurried, and amateurish. So here's some...

Before You Do Anything Tips.

1. Sort out your ISP:
Sort out the ISP or server you're going to use. Make sure you've checked it
supports any extras you need, such as Active Server Pages, FrontPage
extensions, passwords and so on. Also view other sites using the server to
check it's able to deliver information at a reasonable speed.

2. Navigation Is All:
Achieving a good navigational structure is not an abstract puzzle. You need
to consider what people will be looking for when they reach your site and
how to make your site as easy as possible to navigate. Draw up your plans,
writing down how many clicks or pages it takes to reach each section.

3. Hit Your Target:
Decide who your audience is, as this will determine whether you use DHTML or
Flash and so on. Do you need to cater to people who may have older browsers
and slower machines? If so, are you going to create two sites, one more
flashy than the other?

4. Directory Structure:
There's nothing worse than having to reorganize your directory structure
after you've started putting your site together. So, once you've designed a
structure on paper, set up a directory structure on your hard drive to
reflect it. Give it plenty of consideration until you're sure it's

5. Think First:
Write down all the different tasks involved in creating the web site, so you
can work out how long it's going to take. Allow yourself a week to create
this list:you need time for everything you need to do to occur to you.

That's the lesson for this week folks.

And for Adland readers, I have a couple of REALLY GOOD offers. The Referral
Code, the "Send A Friend" to the site little fill in is getting better. I'm
just about half way through the stats component, so people will be able to
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If you want to try the Admin Functions, click on the Demo's upper left icon,
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The package is fully functional and tracks levels down to 5 deep. For one
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thanks for your time people, hope the 21st century is treating you well. Clipart And Books
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Greg Wilson <>
Subject: Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified

> From: Phil Calvert <>
> Subject: Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified
> There are a number of programs available that can automatically submit your
> advertisements to free classified sites.  Becanada's Power Submitter and
> Classify98 are two that I've seen lots of affiliates promoting.  The BIG
> question is, "Are they any good?"  If you use (or used) one of these
> programs (or a comparable one), I'd appreciate hearing your opinion.  I
> searched the Web for objective evaluations/reviews of the software, but
> found mostly just blatant promotion.

I'd looked for reviews previously, as well.  There was word that PCWeek
(or a similar franchise) had posted a Classify98 review online, but it
couldn't be found scouring their site.

I've used Becanada's Power Submitter (plus Bulletin Board Blaster) for
over a year now, and Trellian Software's Classify 98 for the last six
months or so.  Honest opinion?  Both are slightly better than adequate.
But neither can be considered a terriffic product.  I'll focus
specifically on the drawbacks here.

Becanada:  That the software is essentially Javascript so that it can
run on any browser/platform is a plus and a minus.  I fully appreciate a
client that can run on Mac, and use it both on Mac and Windoze (in
emulation).  But the fact that it is browser based allows for multiple
issues: 1. Heavy advertising for Becanada's "program du jour", including
a pop-up window; 2. Multiple optimization configurations for multiple
browsers and browser versions; 3. Software cannot simply skip a 'DNS:
host not found' or 'host not responding' message, this must be attended
by a human hitting the enter key; 4. Multiple page setup for submitting
to bulletin boards (such as while I realize it's a
good idea to separate all that data for easier page loading in your
browser of choice, they probably could have tightened it up a little,
and eliminated the duplicates (currently, page 5 is almost an exact
duplicate of page 1).

Classify 98:  1. Often slow to update sites and purge older ones.  2.  I
can't find a single primary category that will allow me to submit to our
own classified site, which is listed as submittable in their software.
3.  Often restrictive category selection: a lot of choices, but you must
be specific with your subcategories, which vastly (and unneccesarily)
narrows your submittable classified engines (see #2). . . I still
haven't found a workaround for this.

I've been planning a critical review on submission software for
AccuSubmit for the last six months now, including time trials, but
simply haven't had the time to do it.  Sorry, no url. . .

Greg Wilson, AccuSubmit!
Home of Free Site Promotion.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Tonya Payne" <>
Subject: Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified

Hi Bogdan and Adlanders!

I wanted to respond to Phil Calvert's query in #160 regarding classified submission

I used Classify98 (the service, not the software) to promote my program in January
2000.  I paid $19.95 to submit my ad to 500 classified sites...or so I thought.   Now
before I go any further, I think the people who run Classify98 are not trying to
cheat people...they seem very above board and I did get quick responses to my
technical questions.  However, I really don't think that they submitted to very many
'true' classified sites as I received over two hundred FFA autoresponder emails
regarding my ad submission.  I don't know about anyone else, but I don't consider FFA
pages true classifieds.  I get tons of emails every day for FFA pages where I can
'submit my link to thousands of sites' and I could do this type of thing myself
without paying for it! Anyway, my response rate was zero...  I also downloaded the
trial version of Classify98 and found that many (most?) of the links were dead.  That
was what made the decision as far as using them again or purchasing the full version
of the software.  Unless they've upgraded the service, I wouldn't recommend them.

I also tried Becanada's trial version of their submitter...again, many autoresponder
replies but nothing of value.  Maybe the full version is better.

If you're looking for advertising, I've had a great deal of success with targeted
ezine advertising and Resource-A-Day.  I had over 2000 hits to my site and more
prospects in two days than I'd had in four months combined! For more information on
Resource-A-Day, click on my link at
Their advertising rates are very competitive AND they offer incentives for the
readers to visit your's too much information to explain here, so check out
the site if you're interested.  PLUS, you get a great free tool or site promotion tip
every day...

Hope this helps!

Tonya Payne


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Bruce Galle <>
Subject: vs. The People

If you have not heard already, there is history actually taking place
on the Web today! It is happening outside a courtroom in the open
space of the WWW. I am referring to the David and Goliath Story
of today, vs. The People.

It seems both and the USPTO (United States Patent
and Trademark Office) are guilty according to the people. There
seems to be a strong general consensus that has
taken advantage here. By utilizing the USPTO and its lack of
knowledge on Web Technology to its advantage only for self-gain
The only purpose for obtaining theses patents seems to be for the
sole purpose of squashing the competition. At the same time the
USPTO according to consensus has let the people down.
Overwhelmed not only by the vast number of patent applications
in the ever expanding technological field of the web, but also the
lack of understanding and comprehension of what they are granting
patents on. If they fully understood the technology they were issuing
patents on, they would clearly see their mistakes.

Has Forgot Who Made Them Successful?

While and their attorney's were probably ecstatic this
week with the granting of the latest patent on affiliate "technology",
they forgot one thing, the PEOPLE. They forgot the power of
numbers from small business owners to all the consumers that
make their success possible.

All those faithful affiliates of that promoted their
book store over the years and are affiliates of other programs as
well. If enforces this patent as it has in the past with
another patent, their faithful affiliates stand to lose a majority of
their income. Most affiliates of belong to other
programs that pay much better and produce a larger percentage
of their income. At the same time, many of their customers are
affiliates of as well as small to large businesses
utilizing affiliate software. Enforcement of this patent would not
only be detrimental to all affiliates on the WWW, but also create
economic loss to other businesses in the amount of millions to
billions of dollars.

The Little Guy Fights Back

Even though was a pioneer in the area of affiliate
programs, it has truly amazed myself by the power of the Web
and how quickly it can turn tables. Here, the once gentle, well
respected giant, decided to look out for number one, themselves,
forgetting about all those little people who made them so successful.
Well, the little people decided to do something about it. Like ants
coming out of an anthill to protect their queen, the little people are
scurrying to spread the news to boycott

This has to be the greatest moment to date on the WWW. I am not
referring to and what the future holds for the Company.
This is about the global unity for a common cause. Never before has
there been such a global out pouring of people from all cultures.
Their message, to inform and forewarn others applying
for technological patents for web based applications, do not stand in
the way of progress by stepping on the freedom of the Web.

Here is the ironic part thus far to date. The fact that
has been losing what once were their customers, to their number
one competitor, Barnes & Noble, by taking such bold steps in
procuring technology that rightfully should remain free for all to
use. What was done for self-gain at present has successfully
succeeded in backfiring on's bookshelves.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as we read from a book purchased
at Barnes and Noble!

Bruce Galle

Order Your Domains
Two-Tier Residual Affiliate Program For The People

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From: Steve Zanazzi <>
Subject:Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

In Adland Digest  #160 Michael Loo" <>

>Hi Bogdan,

>I wish to bring up a new topic for discussion - "Are Affiliate Owners
>incere enough to treat their Affiliate Members as 'Partners' or just
>Tools' to generate cheap leads to build their wealth?"

I would like to share with you,
 Affiliate program allows you to see your referrals downline in real
time. It also lets you see your commissions in real time. Affiliates
receive 10% of the cash commissions as long as they promote the sight
and as long as the referral uses the sight. We are completely up front
with our Affiliates. We believe you help us and we REWARD you. Trade
Rewards <- Trade What You Have For What You Want

Steve Zanazzi

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject:Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

This is rapidly becoming my pet hate on the Internet. Organizations that
treat their affiliates like rubber stamps - or worse, unpaid slave labor.
One in particular has to be the worst I have ever come across - in the music
business as it turns out, but I won't name names. They may be Liquid now,
but one wonders for how long. All I ever get from them is a weekly "This is
the latest releases" newsletter. There is NO facility for checking
statistics, sales, clickthroughs or anything. There are no emailed
statistics or other information, and even worse, they don't answer email
written to them. Except to send another Weekly Update. Sheeesss.
   There are a few others I have crossed off the list. One spends hours and
hours setting up hosts and pages to promote the goods and make sales. Then
the company itself treats you as though they are doing you a favor. Not any
more for this little black duck! If companies want me to carry their
product, or promote it now, then they pay me up front to do it. I've slowly
gotten rid of the rest.
   As I mentioned in a previous posting, if you haven't turned a dollar from
a promotion in 4 weeks, chances are you never will. Dump it and move on to
something you really like doing. Of course, if you actually LIKE promoting
affiliate programs, then go right ahead. However, there are thousands out
there now, so keep sifting until you find a few that work for you.

----------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.4)=============
From: "Melanie" <>
Subject:Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

Michael Loo said:

"I wish to bring up a new topic for discussion - "Are Affiliate Owners
sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members as 'Partners' or just
'Tools' to generate cheap leads to build their wealth?"

I hope this will be a tremendous thread and we should all be able to
glean some important tips from it.

Treating your customers like "little gods"  I believe is a quote from
Ken Evoy (somewwhere)...Just as important is that to be carried
over to how you feel about and treat your affiliates!!

Here is my view:

~My affiliates bring me traffic and sales I would not ever see
without them.

~My affiliates joined with ME (not some other guy)

~My affiliates are my Partners (and I give them bonus $$$ for X# of
sales per month out of pocket)

~My affiliates are my *cyber-friends* (not all of them, but the ones
that write to me--we generally start having conversations and I love

~I will bend over backwards to help any of my affiliates and I have
not yet had any incident of spam (knock on wood).

Point #2 - they joined with ME - not the other guy...there is a TON
of data competition online.  There are a Ton of affiliate programs
similar to **Everything** (what ever you sell-there's many more like
'um.)  They chose to join with me - that MEANS something to me.
I take it seriously.

Treat your affiliates as they ARE - partners - (lil' gods ;} ) and you
will find that what goes around - comes around.

and that is my experience...

All the best-Melanie

Investigative Resources for Everyone

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Too much info at the begining of digest

In Adland Digest 160 Rodney wrote.

>I read and enjoy Adland's Digest. However, I have to scroll and scroll and
>scroll past contents pages, advertisements, special instuructions etc. etc.
>before I get to anything of value to me. I must admit that there have been
>imes that although the contents looked good I get tired of trying so hard
>o find the good stuff that I just delete the e-mail. I think alot of the
>tuff at the beginning of the newsletter could be left out or shortened.
>ust thought I would share my thoughts. Thanks, Rodney

In reply to the good person having a problem with the digest, initially I
had the same reaction. Believe it or not, I still use a 14" monitor in 800x600
mode, and scrolling text can make me dizzy enough to fall off the chair -
nearly... but, I print it out.!!
Bogdan, keep up the good work on this digest. I love the format. Text, easy
to read. I print each one out, and usually leave it on the coffee table so I
can read it while the news is on TV, or I'm just relaxing. There is always a
lot of really useful information from people, and interesting ideas to use
and consider. I for one hope you don't change the format, and _never_ start
sending html newsletters.

----------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject:Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another   "secret reports"  site??

  In short! Yes. but with some qualifications. I paid the dollars way back
when. Received two huge ring bind folders in the mail in the form of a
course. Which of course was outdated within weeks. There is also some
encouragement to use BulkMail (read Spam) though it's never stated outright.
If you haven't found out yet, spamming is the quickest way to get yourself
blacklisted there is. Most major servers in the world now simply blackhole
spam, and even the spammer never knows its happening. Maybe I'm being unfair
there though.
Having said that, I get their newsletter every week of course, and it more
often than not has some pretty useful information in it. Anything that
provides you with tips is worth reading, even if only to refresh your
memory. There is so much, its easy to forget.
  Would I spend $250 on it again. I personally would not. Everything you
want to know about anything is available on the net for free these days.
Even as it turns out, from their own site. Look, I have a host set up for
them as an affiliate, . From here
a person can subscribe to the IMC weekly newsletter. Usually worth reading,
and its free.  From there you can also jump to their home page, where the
spiel starts. In brief;

Four simple and sure-fire techniques for getting visitors to give you their
email addresses!
How to get as many as 10,000 or more visitors to your web site within 48
Over 20 proven tactics to get anybody and everybody to promote your business
and web site .
The secret on how to get listed on the most popular search engine ever -

Almost all the software offered will cost you heaps of extra bucks. No
   Read those carefully: EVERY one of them have been discussed in Bogdan's
very own digest. Hope you keep back issues!
The answers really are pretty simple - unless this is only your second week
on the internet.
   What you should look at in this case, is the _marketing_ used by the
company itself. It's made it's owner a very rich man. He works hard at it,
and practices what he preaches, and he spends a LOT of money doing it. It is
the same as any other business, you get back what you put into it. If you
promote the product as an affiliate make sure of the following.
1. You can get access to stats to see how your promotion of the product is
doing. On their site, or by regular mailings from them or whatever. If you
never get AffiliateMail from them and can't check how your promotions are
doing, then they come under the heading of the discussion on Affiliates as
Tools. In that case dump them.
2. You give your promotion your full attention for four weeks. If #1 is ok
that is. Don't spam, as they will drop you like a hot potato.

In short - in reply to your original question. The product is good. For
beginners to internet marketing, its a great KickStarter. Encourage your
prospects to not only study the course if they get it, but to study the SITE
that it comes from. For others, it comes with a money back policy anyway I
believe. Believe it. This is one of the few really successful Internet
companies there is.
As an Affiliate for that prodcut... I get a lot of IMC newsletters, but no
AffiliateMail.... How do I check stats. Don't know.


---------------------------------------------------------------- Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From: "Rod MacKenzie" <>
Subject:Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another   "secret reports"  site??

This is in response to Chris Brown's question re:
IMC.  I am new to the internet marketing scene.  I
work part-time in a well established MLM company (not
the  opportunity as in the signature below) and was
very impressed with their products and marketing plan.
However, I wanted to grow this business more quickly,
so I turned to the internet.  After a month of
bumbling around, I stumbled upon the IMC site, and
decided to bite the bullet and spend some money to see
if I could get some direction.
   I was, and still am impressed with their private
site and service.  It is very extensive, and support
has been A-1 so far.  Information includes everything
from the technicalities of creating a web site to how
to write good sales copy for the internet, to how to
advertise your site, with lots of helpful links.
There is a forum for discussion and other member
benefits as well.  I am in the process of creating
what I believe to be a very good site to market my MLM
business and have learned many other ways to make a
few dollars while I'm at it.  I should have my site up
in April if you want to see the results of IMC's
   From the perspective above, I would recommend this
program to anyone new, or wanting to improve their
site or internet marketing and advertising plans.  If
you have further questions about the IMC program, send
a note to and I'll do my best
to answer them!

Rod MacKenzie

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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Johnny Lee <>
Subject: Cheap and effective advertising

New concept in web advertising launched
WatermarkAd: a simpler approach for webmasters and advertisers

Washington, DC - 29 January, 2000 -- Webmasters and advertisers: Tired of those same
old web banner ads cluttering up your sites and annoying your customers? Now there's
a new way to generate site-revenue, and to get your message across to site-visitors.
Introducing: the WatermarkAd.

A WatermarkAd is a small logo which floats above a web site display, at the
bottom-right corner of the screen.  It gives advertisers the benefit of constant
display of their logos, to visitors of thousand web sites, for a small cost.
Meanwhile, webmasters
 share the revenue (50/50) by displaying those advertising logos on their sites.

Advertisers: You may begin a campaign for as little as $10.00. And now, when you open
an account with the PayPal Payment System to handle the financial
transactions, you'll automatically receive a $10.00 account-bonus. The result: The
initial cost of your ad-campaign could be as little as ... NOTHING!

Meanwhile, your logo is 125 pixels in width and may be up to 125 pixels in height.
The cost for display is only two cents per click. It's a simple, effective, low-cost
way to get your message across, without bothering customers or webmasters with bulky
banners and slow page-loads.

Webmasters: You may sign up and place a WatermarkAd on your site in about 5 minutes.
You'll then receive half of all revenues generated from your site, even if
advertising rates increase. Whether it's 2 cents per click or 50 cents per click,
you'll always get half of any revenues raised from your site.

Moreover, since a WatermarkAd displays at the corner of the screen, it doesn't
interfere with site design or content, the way banner ads do. Also, a WatermarkAd
is just over 2K in file-size, and is the last thing to load on the page, so it will
not slow down site-loading.  It is a wonderful way to gain revenue without disturbing
the look of the web site!

Co-branding is also available, and fully customized. The benefits of co-branding, of
course, are free content and advertising exposure. In this case, the
WatermarkAd features a small (125 x 15) banner, right beneath the advertiser's logo,
which links directly to the co-branding site. Co-branding owners receive those
click-throughs for free; webmasters still get paid their share for the clicks. (Note:
At present, co-branding is only available for high-traffic sites that already work

WatermarkAd is a newly formed Internet advertising service, established in January,
2000, and located in Washington, D.C. allows advertisers a
new way to deliver their message across the web, while webmasters share half of the a
dvertising revenue.


Note from Moderator.

I was just curios if anybody used this service and what are the results.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
Subject: Awesome site for marketing

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transported straight to your web site. They won't even know. Best of all
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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Jacqueline Braun
Subject: Free and Low cost Advertising

Hello Adland Members,

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                                   Jacqueline Braun

The DHS Club
The best opportunity, because it
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===============Site Review Request(1)====================
From: "Jerry Brooks" <>

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I would like you to take a few minutes of your precious time
and look at what the "Rookie" has done!

I own the exclusive rights in the following states: Alaska,
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Would you please look over this fantastic opportunity and tell
me honestly if you can see why this program will not work?

I highly respect you opinion, and your skills as a marketing
expert on the Internet, and I truly would like your views on this.

Your friend

Jerry Brooks


===============Site Review Request(2)====================
From: Linda Laubenthal <>

Hello Bogdan and all Adland readers.

I am requesting a site review. I have been reading a lot of marketing
newsletters (including this one!) and have made a lot of changes to my web
store. I'd like to know, how am I doing? What am I missing? What needs
rearranging yet? Thanks for any input any of you have to give.

Linda Laubenthal

Linda Laubenthal-owner

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
How to Easily Increase Your Affiliate Commissions in Two Days or Less
By Mark Joyner, CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

Clearly, the people benefiting the most from affiliate programs are the companies
running them. My goal here is to help you - the affiliate - earn more money. If
you've gotten past the idea that you can simply slap a banner up on your site and
start earning money, but you're not sure what to do next, this article is for you.

Allow me to cut right to the chase. Here is a plan of action. This may seem like a
lot of work, but don't worry! At the very end, I'll show you how to automate all of
these steps. For now, just read through to get a general idea of how you need to

**Day 1**

Step 1- Vow to organize your affiliate efforts. Begin with organizing all contact
information, payment information, and vital statistics about your affiliate programs
in one central location. This may seem like a silly step, but believe me; you don't
want to spend your time digging through emails for contact information and codes. You
should also know, with just a few mouse clicks, how much is owed you by the various
affiliate programs in which you are participating.

Step 2 - Select one affiliate program on which to focus your efforts for the next 3
weeks. In order to apply some of the various principles I will show you in a few
moments, you need to select one area of focus. It's best to select an affiliate
program that has several products, instant online tracking of sales, instant
notification of sales, and the ability to segment your promotions. Internet Marketing
ProShop has all of this and more:

Step 3 - Select three promotion methods and two products to promote.

This is crucial. This will make sense in a few moments. If you can't think of three
promotion methods, here are a few ideas:

An ad in someone else's eZine A mailing to your own subscription list A text link on
your site with some ad copy A banner on your site A product review on your site An
FFA submission

Now, some of these methods are more effective than others. But you don't need me to
tell you that. I'll show you how to find out for yourself.

Step 4 - For each promotion method and each product, develop two ads. So, since you
have three promotion methods, two products, and two ads for each - you will have to
write 12 ads total. So, for each ad, let's give it a code. If it's method one,
product one, ad one, you can call it:


For method one, product one, ad two, you can call it:


For example, if you plan to promote my marketing course 1,001 Killer Internet
Marketing Tactics using ads in someone else's eZine, you will need two ads. One would
be M1P1A1, and the other would be M1P1A2. If you also plan to promote it using a
review on your site, the first review would be M2P1A1 (method 2, product 1, ad 1) and
the second would be M2P1A2 (method 2, product 1, ad 2). This is just one way to code
your ads. You can do this any way you like as long as you can distinguish precisely
which campaign these codes refer to.

This sounds like a lot of writing. Don't be daunted by this! Just crank it out. Don't
think too much about each ad. We'll find out in a while which one is good and which
one is bad. You won't decide this - your customers will! Don't be afraid to try
something wild.

Now, when you promote each product, you'll need to tie each promotion to the code you
created. With the Internet Marketing ProShop Partner program, you can segment your
campaigns by adding an _code to the end of the URL you use to promote each product

. For example, if you are promoting 1,001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics, you
would use this URL

: ..../kt.cgi?sponsorID

To segment your campaigns, you would add your campaign code on the end of that URL
for each campaign:

..../kt.cgi?sponsorID_M1P1A1 (for campaign one)

..../kt.cgi?sponsorID_M1P1A2 (for campaign two)

Note: The above method is only valid for our affiliate program, so don't try this
with any other affiliate program. We don't know of any other affiliate programs that
allow you to segment your campaigns, this way, so please use caution here.

Step 5 - Before you finish for the day, promote the product using your "ad 1" for
each product.

You'll need to record:

Impressions. If you're advertising on a web page, this will be the number of times
your ad appeared on the page - or the number of times the page was viewed if your ad
comes up each time the page is viewed. If you're advertising using some form of
email, impressions = number of emails sent.

Clicks. You should be able to get this from the affiliate program you are promoting.

Amount Earned. Again, your affiliate program should provide this information to you
in real time.

Now, in order to do a valid test, you'll need to promote to a fairly significant
number of people. I would recommend that at least 300 people see each ad. Otherwise,
you won't have enough information to make a valid judgment. Ideally, you should hit
about 2,000 with each ad, but your resources may not allow for this.

*Learning point: If you're going to send an ad via a newsletter, see if you can run a
"split". That is, get one ad sent to 1/2 of the list and another sent to the other
1/2. That is the most accurate way to compare the effectiveness of any pair of ads.

**Day 2**

Step 6 - Run your "B" ads. Now that you have run your "A" ads and have given them a
bit of time to take effect, run your B ads. Do this first thing this morning!

By the end of the day, you should have some good results from both campaigns to
compare and see where you stand

. By comparing and analyzing all of the information you have just compiled, you will
be able to start to have a good idea about:

a. Which product seems to sell more.

b. Which type of campaign is most effective

c. Which type of ad for each campaign is most effective

This short bit of testing won't allow you to make clear conclusions, but it will put
you on the right track. Immediately, you should start using the ads that *sell* as
much as you can. If ad A is making you 5 cents per impression and ad B is making you
5 dollars per impression - using ad B just increased your affiliate commissions by
9900%! OK, that's a dramatic example, but you get the point, right? If you aren't
tracking these things, you'll never know. If you track and continue to refine, before
you know it, you'll have an arsenal of ads that you know pull well, and you can use
them over and over again. Once you do the leg work, it's easy!

As you see, though, this can get quite complex. How does one actually analyze these
campaigns? What if you have scores of affiliate programs and quite a few campaigns
for each?

Don't worry. As I told you at the beginning, there is an easy, cost effective way to
keep track of all of these things with just a few mouse clicks. It's called Affiliate

I highly recommend checking this out as it will, among other things, allow you to
quickly and easily implement the above plan in one central location. With just a few
mouse clicks you can compare and analyze all of your various affiliate ad campaigns
so you'll know which are making you money and which are wasting you time.

You could do all of the same things yourself with a good database program and
multiple spreadsheets, but Affiliate Assistant will save you quite a bit of time and
money without having to go through all that.

Either way, you should implement some type of organizational and tracking plan like
this for your affiliate advertising efforts immediately. The amount of time you put
into this will pay off exponentially in terms of higher commissions.

Mark Joyner

CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A man traveling by train asks the ticket collector what time
the train stops at Victoria.

"Sir, we don't stop at Victoria."

"But I have to get off there!"

"Well, there might be one thing I can do.  I might be able to
get the engineer to slow down the train a little.  Then I can
dangle you out the door and lower you onto the platform."

"Will that work?"

"It's worth a try."

As they approached the platform, the train is slowing from
50 MPH.  The collector hangs the man in mid-air out the
door.  The man starts running in mid-air.  "Run faster!
Faster!"  He lowers the man and the man's feet touch the
platform.  His shoes start to smoke!  His heel comes off!
He's running at 30 MPH.  He's made it!  He starts to slow
down!  The other passengers stare in amazement.

As the last car goes by, a hand grabs the man by the shirt
collar and lifts the man right back into the train!  As he's
helped back on the train the gent who picked him up says,
"Man you're lucky I was here to help!  This train doesn't even
STOP in Victoria!"


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