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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.)Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?
~ Jason Lamure

2.) Fake and Misleading Advertising
~ Trevor Davis

3.) Push in the right direction to make some money
~ Robert Lee

4.)  About vs the People
~ Bogdan Fiedur

N e w     P o s t s   (7)

1.)  Testimonial
~ Evelyn Van Winkle

2.)  Dr. Donald E. Wetmore
~ Not to train

3.)Ken Bechervaise
~ Free OnLine Courses

4.) Geoff Dodd
~ Which Ads. work best?

5.) Bill Bacellar
~  A new type of merchant  account

6.) Joe Brown
~ Recommendations for a WebHost

7.) LA Seymore
~ Advertising Question

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
How do I know what to market from my website?
Copyright 2000 Leon Brickey

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Geoff Dodd
Western Australia.

or another one couple weeks earlier.

Just to let you know, due to your service my traffic has increase over 300%
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excellent business venture.

Thanks for all your help.

Chris Mather
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Jason Lamure <>
Subject:Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?

In issue  Rafael Aguilo wrote.

<Dear Bogdan and Adlanders:
<I wanted to make a few observations about the use
<and miss-use of 'Free Stuff' on Websites.
<If you take a "Cyber-Trip" to the most popular
<Websites, you'll notice that the most common
<attraction they have is Free "Whatever".

Hello Bogdan, Rafeal and fellow Adlanders!

After reading Rafeal's posting on giving away free
items from your site I just wanted some opinions on
how I've incorporated some FREEBIES to my site.

My first freebie is in exchange for subscribing to
my E-zine. Subscribers receive 10 free marketing

Another idea I am trying out is my free Search
Engine Submission offer which I hope to use in my
efforts to build a successful paid to surf

Rafeal, would you consider these sound strategies
for using freebies?

Jason Lamure

Absolutely FREE Url Submissions to 1000+ Engines!
575 Water St. Plantagenet, Ont, Canada, k0b 1l0
Voice: 1.613.673.4828 - 1.877.565.9555

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Trevor Davis <>
Subject: Fake and Misleading Advertising

Hi folks,  I would like to continue from Mr Lee and say...

>Keep it clean and targeted and you'll do well, mess it up and you can buy a
>broom at and start over. Ruin your
>reputation and you won't be welcome here anymore.
>Good Luck To All!
>Robert Lee.

I agree with the need to contain the "Advertising" in these posts,
It is very easy to just ad a signature to the end of your post and let it be at this.

I would like to bring up a new topic and that is "Fake and Misleading Advertising"
I Know you all know what I am talking about...

How many times have you got an email that goes something like this...
FREE FREE FREE Blah Blah Blah Make Zillions Today Do Nothing Get Paid Blah Blah

Or worse...
I saw your ad.... And I am interested... By the way check this out...

Or even worse ...

This is one I get on a regular basis and I (in the desire to keep my members and
potential members updated) will quickly open it, only to find that it is a
advertisement for some thing that has nothing to do with my site and has no mention
of wanting to j oin my site...

I mean what possible good could such a deceptive and worthless technique be good for,
other than getting your name and email officially added to my ever growing wall of
"Sticky Notes" that is labeled NEVER BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!

It gets me to thinking.  I have to ask myself, being in the Internet marketing
business, do people actually open these misleading and exaggerated messages and
actually read the information contained within with any interest?

I can deal with the auto-responders that say "Thanks for the note I will consider it,
in the mean time check this out..."  But if you are going to Brazenly state you want
to join and/or have an interest in what I have to offer with absolute ly no intention
or knowledge of who or what you are referring to then I ask...

Is it out of line if I send these people an Invoice for Membership to the program
they so eagerly wanted to join?

I think not but I sure feel like I should...

Anyway any continued thoughts on this subject will be eagerly awaited

Trevor Davis

E-Ticket Marketing

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You will learn how to turn every 12 visitors that go to your web site,
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Robert Lee" <>
Subject:Push in the right direction to make some money

Since my spiel in the last issue, I've made a couple of new friends and I am
realizing that many members of this newsletter need help with the earnings.
They need a push in the right direction to make some money.
Here's my push!
Out of all the links that you have for selling things for others, find a
particular product line and build your site around it.
You have nothing more than a page of links that will not show up in the
search engines under anything specific.
Find a topic that you can become somewhat of an expert at and
fill your pages with the information that people will be looking for. Then
link to places that they can buy the product.
Take a look at my webcam page.
This is nothing more than me looking out into cyberspace and a lot of
banners of webcam rings and a couple of revenue earning banners that I make
money from. This is an interactive page with a form that people can send me
a message with and I always reply and ask them to come back again. The real
key here is that I select programs that the average visitor may be
interested in, but the big thing here is the "Make your own webcam page"
Follow it.
The setup page has the information that someone is interested in and leads
them to buy a webcam from
Very targeted and direct, wouldn't you think?

I sell OK with and here's how you could too:
Incorporate books, videos, whatever matches with your (now) main topic and
area of expertise and the books, music, electronics and videos that go with
Take a look at:
The top book links lead to a page about the title and a review of each book.
This system does very well for me and I get a lot of hits and sales for
these individual titles because the review is so well targeted for people
searching about the author and title of the book as well as search engines.
And I submit the individual review page to every search engine that I can
Thank Bogdan for making the big 8 easy!
Now granted, there may not be 35 million people looking for "The Reader by
Bernhard Schlink"
But would you like to know how many I've sold for a minimum of work? And at
a 15% commission? It's US$1.30 every time someone buys it and why do they
buy it from me? Because they found it at my site and not yours!

I could go on, but I am sure that you get the basic idea.
Now get to work and make me proud!
Stop looking for more easy ways to make money and use what you have to your
Become an expert and grow your site around it!
Happy Selling,

Robert Lee
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Bogdan Fiedur" <>
Subject: About vs the People

In last issue  Robert Lee wrote.
> vs. The People scares me to death.
>Get started and help stop this menace before its too late!

Last  week I recived letter from which went like this

> Dear e-Card sender,
> Just a quick note to thank you for helping us to make
> e-Cards so successful.  We've had a lot of fun building our e-Cards
> service, and we couldn't have done it without you.

and more info here how to take adventage of discounts and so on.

I responded to this

I believe  you  lost me as a customer and an affiliate.
I won't visit your site ever and all links to your site are taken down.
Your business doesn't belong to my interests anymore and I will
do my best to make sure that everybody I deal with knows it.
Stop sending any messages to me or I will consider it as a spam.


I'm sure that if all affiliates would send similar letters
this could  bring them back on the earth.


Bogdan Fiedur
AdlandPro Free World's Classifieds
Get linked from 4,800 sites for FREE with one click

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Evelyn Van Winkle" <>
Subject: Testimonial

Dear Bogdan,

My promotion efforts yield what hundreds, sometimes thousands of emails a
day.  Many get deleted without a read.  But when I seem y Adland Digest come
in, I stop, read, pay attention.

In my year of internet marketing, I have found Adland Digest to be one of
the most valuable tools available!  Thank you so much for your diligence in
gathering and disseminating valuabe information for us.

Have a fine day!

AAA Promotions

Note from Moderator.

Thank you Eve.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Dr. Donald E. Wetmore" <>
Subject: Not to train

Corporate budgets are often tight and postponing, reducing,
or even eliminating training may be the result. For the most
part, the price for not training is more costly than the
price for training, if not in the short term, than in the
long term. It can be a strategy that is "penny- wise but
dollar foolish". I explored this in an article entitled,
"Price of (Not) Training" and I would be happy to share it
with members of the List. To get your free copy, email your
request for "price" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington St. P.O. Box 2126 Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902 fax: (203) 929-8151

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Ken Bechervaise " <>
Subject: Free OnLine Courses

Dear Bogdan and Adlanders,

Ken Envoy of "Make-Your-Site-Sell" fame has just released the first in a series of
free online courses. The title of the first course is "Affiliate Masters" and it's
principles apply to any program.

Some of the material covered :
     why standard banners are counter productive
     the importance of "PRE selling"
     why "conversion rates" are critical to your web business
     how to discover your passion and develop it into a web business
    search engine listing techniques that assure success
    a step by step ACTION plan to jump start your project

EXCELLENT Intense material !

I particularly like the the Search Engine lesson which details how to compete  with
the pros for top listings ( and at no cost).
 The course is delivered by email. One section a day for five days.
 Did I mention that the course is FREE !!
Ken promises that "You will emerge from this course with a radically stronger
information base and skill set"
Check it out at:

All the best

Ken Bechervaise ( Adland # 12995)

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Geoff Dodd" <>
Subject: Which Ads. work best?

Advertising directly on the Internet has been something of a hit-or-miss affair, like
shooting a pop-gun into the dark, distant recesses of a giant spider's lair, hoping
for the spider's attention. So far.

Effective tracking of an advertising campaign's actual hits has required both time
and technical brilliance, until now... Mark Joyner and his team at Aesop Marketing
Corp. in Los Angeles have now devised a simple method of tracking advertising
campaigns, named ROIbot: - "Return-on-Investment bot"
The service is run on Aesop's web-servers. There is a free version which can be
upgraded to the Pro, paid version. How do you use it? You simply enter your web-site
url, and a brief description of your ad. campaign, then you are given a Roibot
tracking url to use in place of your usual url. You use this new url with your banner
ad., your text ad., your classified posting, etc. Preferably, use a separate tracking
url for each specific campaign or ad. type that you choose to run.
Now you are in a position to run a test on any form of Internet-based advertising
that uses an url address as the target.
The free trial version of Roibot is limited to three tracking urls, (very useful!)
and is everlasting... The Pro sign-up offers unlimited tracking urls and a very
generous two-tier affiliate package, for a small monthly charge. (I chose the
latter.) Where do you find it?

Our co-branded homepage explains all:
Generating your 'campaign test results' is an exciting event, to rival the
Indianapolis 500, the Melbourne Grand Prix, a bungy jump or your first leap from a
light aircraft.
I challenge you to take the free-trial version of Roibot for a spin! Be prepared for
some clear and unequivocal ad. campaign test results!
More information is at:

(Note use of Tracking url for campaign designated 'gp5')

Geoff Dodd

Geoff operates 'metro-flow creative' web design
at Port Kennedy in Western Australia.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Bill Bacellar <>
Subject: A new type of merchant  account

I'd like to share with all of you who might
be internet merchants, a new type of merchant
account. This account offers 0% interest to the
merchant and only a 26 cents transaction fee
no matter what the $$$ amount of the sale
might be. If anyone is interest in finding
more information, please email me

Merchants, ask yourself this question?
"If a visa or mastercard card holder
is already being charged 15% interest
average, why should THE MERCHANT also
be charge Average fees below?

--Transaction fee-- 30 to 50 cents per transaction
--Merchant account fee-- $30 per month
--Interest on sales-- $1.75 to $3.00% of the sale ticket amount

Isn't that greedy?

Thankfully Yours,

Bill Bacellar

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Joe Brown <>
Subject: Recommendations for a WebHost

Hello.  I was hoping to get the group's opinion on the
best web hosting companies that offer Reseller
opportunities.  I hear Advanced Internet Technologies has an excellent reseller
package but I want to investigate other opportunities
as not to jump the gun.  If anyone is hosting or
reselling with AITcom or another host, I'd appreciate
some advice.

Thank You.

Kenneth Smith

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (7)========================
From: LA Seymore <>
Subject: Advertising Question

I need some seasoned advise about advertising my new
classifieds site. I live in Kentucky but was born and
raised in Tennessee. So I thought that it would be a
profitable venture to limit the postings to KY/TN area
and charge a low price. The newspapers and classifieds
here cost a small fortune to advertise. I thought i
would use the classifieds and newspaper to advertise
MY ad but they refused to run it because it creates
competition for them. I do not know how to people from
KY/TN of the web. Perhaps i am spreading the target
area to wide to advertise? Any suggestions would be
MUCH appreciated! Thanks



To succeed you MUST advertise. It's vital to your business. That is
 why you set-up your web business in the first instance. Everything
 we do is all about advertising. Classified advertising is one of the best
advertising methods today.  But to really reap the benefits from classifieds
you need to run the same ads several times. For the next 6 to 12 months you
can now run the same ad consistently and persistently worldwide for FREE.

We have subscribers  from different parts of the world. And each month
they get a copy of our magazine with your ad inside. Earn free monthly
 income  of US$7500 if you want by becoming our broker.
Plus free ad broadcast to our  +8000  opt-in members. If you are not
selling off-line you are loosing out.  This is how I made it within six
months and launched my magazine.   Learn from our experience free.
< >
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to-  fax all  from USA. Find details here<

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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
How do I know what to market from my website?
Copyright 2000 Leon Brickey

When building a website there are many things you must
take into consideration. You have your web hosting, web
design, aquirement of products and services to market,
marketing of those products and services, etc. and ALL
are very important.

What I would like to do with this article is explain how you
should decide which products and services you need to
market from your website.

First thing to consider is what type site are you planning to
build(market) and what are your hopes and plans for your
online business? There is a key word here...."PLAN." If you
don't have a "PLAN" get one! You're wasting your time
otherwise. If you think you are gonna just "poke around"
aimlessly in the dark and build a successful internet business
FORGET IT. It's very, very unlikely to say the least.

Do you want to have a very narrow, focused site that is only
designed to get visitors to buy one or two products or join one
program, possibly yours? Or do you want to have a website
that offers lots of, quality, up-to-date content and market an
array of information, products, and services for the visitor to
choose from?

Regarding the website that only markets one program and/or
one or two products and services... these are usually brief,
to the point, and try to close the sale or sign-up the prospect
right away. They may make you want to go back once or twice
to look closer but they generally don't encourage regular return
visits. You get a domain and market your product, service,
or afilliate program OR you could market someone else's product,
service, or affiliate program. If you do a site like this you have to
be able to convey excitement and command folks to take action
NOW. A great deal of your traffic will be a one time visitor. If
you miss the sale the first time, many of your visitors WON'T
be back. These sites are quite often of the "hard sell" type.

On the other hand you could build a much larger site that
offers lots of free content, encourages regular return visits,
and offers multiple programs, products, and services.

It's really up to YOU...both have advantages and
disadvantages, and you can be successful with either

But before you actually start to build the site you must
decide which one is right for you.

If you choose the single program site you are going to need
the absolute best copy writing possible, whether that's from
you or you have to hire a professional copy writer. If it's any
less than "top notch" you'll fail...PERIOD. And one more
thing...the first draft probably won't be sufficient. You're
gonna need regular tune-ups from time to time. There are
only two things you want to do with this website... get the
sale and/or recruit.

If you are relatively new to online marketing and do this
type of site it is my best advice to tell you NOT to use
a new affiliate program of your own. I know that's
contrary to what some are teaching, but to be perfectly
honest you won't have the credibility or knowledge to
make folks want to buy your products or join your
programs if you are new to online marketing. There are
some really good, credible opportunities available
currently from solid, well known, credible companies.
No need to get involved with a flimsy, "fly-by-night"
program that does not have a good reputation. And
no need for you to create an inferior product, service,
or program before you have the knowledge and skills
to do a REALLY good one.

If you do an already established program you just
market, Market, MARKET! (ie. make sales and
sign-up recruits.) However if you are doing your own
affiliate program I can assure you that you'll be doing
MANY things besides marketing, and most of those
things don't directly pay you money.

After you have some experience and have gained some
knowledge start all the affiliate programs you want to
start, but don't let it be your first project online. Get
some expertise first!

The second type site I mentioned is a larger site that
offers free content to visitors and promotes multiple
products, services, and programs. One of the main
benefits of these kind of sites is that they promote
return visits and an ongoing business relationship.

A large site with lots of free content will draw visitors
back regularly. These sites usually offer resources that
are of value to small business owners and cause the
visitor to drop in regularly, maybe even DAILY! Add a
free ezine subscription to that and you have the perfect
ongoing business relationship. Your chances of getting
sales and sign-ups from this type site are greatly improved,
because your visitors are coming back to your site regularly
and your ezine allows you to email your visitors that
subscribe regularly with updates, additions, and

When it comes to actually choosing which programs,
products, and services to promote, here is my very best
DOING NOTHING SCHEMES!! Think credibility! Promote
programs that sell software, books, web hosting,
technology products, and other reputable services that
work. Look for full names, mailing addresses, phone numbers,
etc. When it comes to references, look for references that
give a name, website, and/or email address. I just don't
believe a program that uses "LB from Virginia made $10,000
after joining this program" as a testimonial. And I would
encourage you not to believe it either.

For a visitor to look deeply into your site and consider
buying or joining they have to believe in you and they have
to believe in your product, service, or program. Folks
nowadays have their "scam radar" on high alert at all
times, and rightfully so! Be honest and straightforward.
If you can't promote your pogram honestly and believe
in it yourself, get a new one right away. Or else you
will surely fail AND ruin your reputation at the same


Leon Brickey is webmaster and owner of At Appalachian Online
Marketing you can find everything you need to turn your
struggling business into an explosive moneymaker! Free
subscription to Absolute Internet Marketing Resources Ezine
containing the most current, up to date online marketing
resources on the planet.
*Article may be used freely as long as the entire article appears
along with this sig file.

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A salesman dropped in to see a business customer. Not a
soul was in the office except a big dog emptying
wastebaskets. The salesman stared at the animal, wondering
if his imagination could be playing tricks on him.  The dog
looked up and said, "Don't be surprised. This is just part of my

"Incredible!" exclaimed the man. "I can't believe it! Does your
boss know what a prize he has in you? An animal that can

"No, no," pleaded the dog. "Please don't! If that man finds out
I can talk, he make me answer the phone as well!"


Let's hear from you......

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