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Word from Publisher
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C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.)Looking for the truth on E-Commerce
~ Bob K.

2.) Have you been scammed by PIYB???
~Frederika Rotchford
~Seeth Seethram

3.)Surfing A Triangle Shaped Wave
~ John Colanzi
~ Terry Gillis

4.) Flash Site (Was Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?)
~ Adrian Elman

N e w P o s t s (4)

1.) Gian Luigi Ruggeri

2.) Paul Kovac
~ International site

3.)Ian Jensen-Young
~ What works for me

4.) Wild Bill Montgomery
~ The Ad Writers Tip List

A l e r t S e c t i o n(1)
1.) Envelope Stuffing Scams.

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Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)
by Debbie Solomon

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome 143 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


How to get listed on Yahoo.

Since only about 10% submitted sites ever get listed on Yahoo,
there is little chance for a starting business to ever be considered
by Yahoo reviewers team
Yahoo has two ways to be searched.
1. By their categories
2. So called Web Pages results.

To get listed in Yahoo categories, one has to go through reviewer
team but to get listed in Web Pages results, you just need to
be submitted to Inktomi which Yahoo uses for their web page
There is more search engines which use Inktomi for their results
and also to populate their database.
What you need to do, is just access one of those search engines
which gather web pages for Inktomi and you will be also
listed in Yahoo.

Try this search engine and see if you will show up in Yahoo.


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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Let Your Competitors Indulge In Flag Waving...

Recently I brought you a small series of articles on Basic Web Design. Now
is your chance to put it to use!
In this article, you may find some useful ideas.

"Let your competitors indulge in "Flag Waving"... while YOU make a
Before you commence your next assult on your precious marketing resources,
let me remind you of a basic rule.
The purpose of every marketing communication is to ...
1. Get people to act.
2. Get people to ACT FASTER
Glaringly obvious? YOu would think so. Yet, even the briefest glance through
a newspaper or in your mailbox will show you that so many marketers don't
get this.
They think the purpose of spending thier marketing budget is to guild
their company's image... or to tell their life story... or to support thier
ego... or to fly the flag. Pulllllease!
SELL! Don't just inform...
Whether you are writing copy for a letter, your Indtenet site or your
brochure, you must be mindful of your objective. From the moment you get
your prospect's attention, every paragraph must lead them towards that
glorious moment when they get you to solve their problem... and as a resul,
swell your coffers.
The key to all this is 'salesmanship'!

Walk a mile in the other person's shoes...
Don't rant and rave about you and your product. Instead, take the time to
_empathise_ with your readers - and with thier dreams, asperations, fears
and desires.
By bothering to think about such issues as...
* How do they see themselves.
* What is happening/not happening in their lives that you can fix.
* What they want.
* How they feel RIGHT/NOW, without your product/service.
* How they want to feel.
...and so on.
Armed with these insights, you can write compelling, believable,
benefit-rich copy.
Most importantly, you'll be able to build the Perceived Value of your
product or service - thus putting you head-and-shoulders in front of your

Here's a small example to give you some idea. I'll base it on a service we
are about to offer, and use a 'fictious' client marketing Health Care
Products. To the prospective client(s) the message goes like this. Indeed,
if you care to contact us, you may well be in the lead with commercial
advertising on Quantum Radio!
You are knowlegeable in the field of Health Care Products. Indeed you see
yourself as having a product that would really enhance the lives of
thousands - if not millions of your fellow countrymen and women. But what's
happening! You just don't seem to be getting the message across. It's
getting lost in the flurry of competing products. Your current marketing
strategies are simply not reaching your target market.
Quantum Radio can fix your problems in reaching that target market. The
demographics of Quantum Radio ( listeners
tell you that they are the Baby Boomers. This is the very target market that
YOU want. More money is being spent on health care products by the Baby
Boomer generation than in any other area, and you want to reach that
Without placing your commercial spots in our broadcast stream, your
chances of reaching a large part of that Baby Boomer group will remain hit
and miss at the best. Just like now. You'll be very surprised at just how
cost effective it is to place a promotion made up of thirty second spots
into the broadcast, spread over a whole month. You should contact now for a copy of the promotion package.
Imagine how you will feel as the responses start to roll in. Revenues
will be up, turnover will be up, and you may indeed get to take that
vacation in the Bahamas after all. Make the decision NOW, and help the
people who need your product to find you.

Well there you are. Actually, that's a real promotional letter. It does
generate leads. Next week, I'll give you some pointers on the next part of
your activities. Just as important:
"You Just Generated A Pile Of Leads... but will you convert them to sales?"

Robert Chalmers

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Bob K." <>
Subject: Looking for the truth on E-Commerce

Most individuals that want an Online E-Commerce business are not aware of
the setup and time it involves! Shopping around for the best company to host
your business is an important factor.
Comp-Designz Has the Online Business person in mind. With an Ecomerece
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program included?
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Are you interested in accepting Credit cards over the internet.
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services fees per month.
This is not talked about as openly as one would like. Do you know how to
link your shopping cart to a Merchant account.
Did you know that most Merchant accounts require a 48 month contract.
Why get stuck in a contract for 48 months.

We Go the extra mile for our customers. The is no need to keep them in the
Most companies are hard to reach for question like these.
Review your hosting company and see what exactly you are getting. If after
they tell you what they want you to hear instead of what you need to hear
give us call. We will try to help with any question. Stop playing hide and
seek with your hosting company!
Call us, no hype no gimicks just truth and hosting is what we promote.

Special for April Website Design is only $15.00 an hour.
800 N. Shoreline Blvd., Suite 700 N.
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Worried about long distance charges?
Simple call us and tell us to call you back at your number.

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Frederika Rotchford" <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

Hello everybody,
I am new in your group, and also very new with computer/internet.
I have already burned myself, but then we all learn through trial and error.

Bogdan, I responded to one of the persons advertising in your digest, and
he/they had a special offer, instead of $495.00 was for up to 27 of
March,2000 only $99.00.-
It was not so much the money as the opportunity that was offered, that made
me apply. So, I went through with registering, my payment was made with my
credit card, I logged into all the links they put-up for me, and when all
was ready (or so I thought) I received an email on the 28th of March,2000
asking me to make my payment in another way, and until that happened they
will not activate the web sites. Now, that, I think, smells bad.
Here I am with all these merchants, all the links in my name, and no way I
can do anything about this.!!!! Any suggestions.??

Is there a forum where we can talk at the same time, or all the contacts
have to be made throught our emails?

Well greetings from England, talk to you again.
Frederika Rotchford
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Note from moderator

I believe you are referring to PIYB which was advertised in Adland Digest
for a while and recently their problems were discussed here.
I outlined how you can recover your money in last digest.
Please access this link and read section "From Editor"
I would like also to hear feedback if anybody tried it and what were the


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From: "Seeth Seethram" <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

Yes, I too fell for the PIYB - only because this newsletter had big
advertorial recommendations on that right at the top. I waited for two
months and got in when the price went up to $349!

Oh, well, another lesson learned.

Seeth Seethram

Note from Moderator

I had several more posts like this one to which I already responded
They all were looking for help on how to recover money paid and the main
disappointment of them was that they bought this advertising mainly because
of the reputation of Adland Digest and recommendation of advertiser.

This is what was my response to them.

<-----------Start of Letter---------->

I outlined in Adland Digest the procedure how you should go about
recovering of your money due to purchase of PIYB service.

Neither AdlandPro nor Adland Classifieds are affiliated with PIYB other
than running their advertisement in the past. You will see in each Adland
Digest advertisements from people and companies which might prove
unreliable or go out of business.
Ads are run to support work on this publication and there is no way
to ensure that claims made by advertisers are true.
You will see similar advertisements in each E-zine or web page.
Site or ezine owners are not responsible for what advertisers do.

PIYB wasn't recommended but advertised. I never gave them any
In fact I was printing this line under each PIYB ad.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please Support Our Sponsor~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The above guarantees are made by Sponsor not Adland Digest publisher.

I understand that you are only looking for help in recovering of your money
but you need to understand how far I can help you.
PIYB doesn't exist formally as I'm concerned and there are two paths of
recovering of your money.

First approach is outlined in last issue of Adland Digest
and the second is filing of complaint to Attorney
General of Illinois which doesn't guaranty your money back but
creates such potential.
<-----------End of Letter---------------->

I realize that this explanation won't help those who trusted this
publication and bought service advertised by PIYB here.
We all are constantly on untested waters and our fingers are being burnt
each day.
I myself loose more than those amounts on weekly bases due to dishonest
customers, thieves of credit cards and people who believe that leaving in
different country is giving them immunity from persecution for fraud.
Initially when I started my business, I would spend hours of my time
trying to chase those who fooled me. Then I realized that the time
spent, was much more worth than money which I managed to recover,
not mentioning the stress which I was imposing on myself when contacting
all parties and had to argue with them over the email or phone.

Now when I get charge-back from my bank, I close an account in question
and go on. I try to enjoy what is working.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "John Colanzi" <>
Subject: Re:Surfing A Triangle Shaped Wave

I was reading Daniels ideas about using downline clubs. I agree
100 %. The best way to build your referals is using a downline club
or other method for attracting qualified prospects.

Posting paid for programs on the ad sites usually gets you more
offers than sign ups.

I've joined a program which he neglected to mention. It's the duplicator
and it not only offers a Free web page, but a daily training

So far I haven't been asked to join any programs. I've been allowed to
build leads for my newsletter and the programs I already promote.

I've also come up with a twist which I've just presented to my readers.

Some of your readers may not know it but there are presently over 100
ezines that offer Free ads to subscribers.

My suggestion is to subscribe to these ezines and place your ads. Then
forward the list to your first level and they do the same and so on.

With some programs paying up to 6 levels imagine the amount of Free
advertising you can get for your program. Even more to the point imagine
how fast you can build your downline!

John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From: "Terry Gillis" <>
Subject: Re:Surfing A Triangle Shaped Wave:

Hi Fellow Adlanders,

I just thought I'd drop you all a quick note.

If you do P2S (paid to surf for the newcomer) then you really have to check
out Ghostsurfers. This is a brand new program that is 200 times better than
any regular paid to surf program. Not only does Ghostsurfers pay you for
your time, but they also allow you to make money from all of your P2S and
referral programs from one free site (directory), they provide terrific
support and training, and have all kinds of wonderful income streams coming
up in the furture.

Because Ghostsurfers is fairly new, you can build a huge downline, and once
you understand how their unlimited downline plan works, you'll be as excited
as I am. And it's all FREE. check it out at

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.



Make Free Money on the Web:

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Adrian Elman" <>
Subject: Flash Site (Was Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?)

Hello Bogdan,

I didn't really want to get involved in any arguments over the
validity of offering freebies and if your readers feel that it's
the best way to go, then they are of course at liberty to
operate as they wish.

In response to Melanie and Ray regarding my Flash site at I feel compelled to
apologize for the slowness they may have encountered. I
host with Virtualis who announced they were having a
slowness problem due to Verio's network being down and
having to reroute through Qwest. This problem has since
been resolved.

Unlike Java, Flash cannot freeze or crash your computer.
Melanie stated she would never download the Flash plugin
but she also said she used IE5.0 which comes with the
Flash plugin as standard. Therefore the presentation should
have played in her browser anyway.

She also said that clicking on the non-Flash content link
produced a 404 error but nobody has managed to repeat
that so I imagine that we can put that down to internet
conditions at the time. The internet is still very much in its
beta testing phase and far from perfect. Things will not
always be perfect and if you expect them to be so, you
are going to be in for many disappointments.

Ray feels that the use of a $24,000 Flash site to show
our business is misplaced and would have been more
effective without it. With all due respect Ray, since we
launched that our profits have soared. Members are
leaving posts on our board ecstatic that they made
their $410 investment back in anything between 3
days to a week and a half. Since I last wrote to this
ezine 2 weeks ago my daily turnover has increased
by 20%. It's all very hard work but it brings home the
bacon in no small amounts.

Incidentally Ray, if you strip off the main.htm suffix you
will come to our previous non-Flash site which looks
professional but never brought in the sales like the new
Flash site. These are facts but you are welcome to be
skeptical and cling to the standard HTML concept. For
my part, I am going to develop more Flash sites as I
remain utterly convinced of their effectiveness in online

Adrian Elman

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
>From : Gian Luigi Ruggeri <>

Everyone involved in online marketing surely has to do with email ads.

As a netmarketer you will have to consider the emails from both the
sides: writing them and reading them.
Normally you start handling email ads as a receiver, as a reader.

If we want to use a marketing term, you are the TARGET.
And the sender actually desires to HIT this target.

Of course it depends on what is the aim of his mailing: add subscribers,
sell products, start relations, have a website visited.

As a reader you should think of which email ads are most effective on you.
Which grab your attention and are kept instead of make you press the
"del" key after 0,5-2 seconds.

This can be important for you, as it is the starting point to understand
the process to become an email ads writer.

In my opinion very important is to become a CAREFUL email ads reader.
Well... I don't mean you have to read every email ad deeply, and then
go looking new ones. No!

This is not the meaning of careful I have in mind.

Simply read with consciousness. When you read your emails always put some
attention and ask yourself which are the ones that hit you, and try to
find out why.

Then try to use what worked to grab your attention writing your email ads,
to grab the attention of others on your email ads.

When you are an experienced email ads reader and writer you will use some
"filters" automatically in your mind, to find the emails to read amongst
all the ones you receive, and to write emails that hit their target.

And now I will share with you some tips, some of these automatic filters
my mind sets up when is having to do with email ads.
These are suggestions I hope can be of help to you.

- Always have the text of your emails well formatted.
It is important. Would you signup for the same program from an email that
has some lines long 75 characters, then some others of 60 and finally a
couple of 85, or would you prefer one that has all the lines long the same?

- Always write in a good English, without grammar errors.
Even if you are 18 you prefer to send out emails that looks trustworthy.
You don't want the reader to smile to the monitor at the second grammar
error while a finger is looking for the "del" key.
Simply spend a couple of minute more to check your writing.

- Never write what you can't deliver.
I don't like the hypes. As everybody I signed up for programs that promise
an incredible earning just for signing up and watch around.
I never see it happen, doing nothing. And a lot of people thinks like that.
Avoid impossible promises. It will pay in the long run.

- Never write too long paragraphs.
Netmarketers receive dozen of emails each day.
They will read with attention emails from people they already know, and
that already gained their confidence. Anyway often is a lot of reading,
and if they don't know you they will have a few time for you.
So I suggest you to keep your emails short at the beginning and write long
emails only to people you already correspond with.

I hope these tips can be of help to your online business :-)

To find other tips, advices, as well as articles, tools and resources
to help your net marketing activity please visit the website

A DOOR TO SUCCESS - Netmarketers Help Centre

and become a member!!!

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Paul Kovac" <>
Subject:International site

Just wanted to tell you thanks, again, for a great ezine. I always enjoy
the great articles. Many people were discussing the broad nature of the
ezine, as it goes to other countries. The site that I have found to be very
valuable to me in making a custom website has been: It already is available in several
different languages just by clicking on the desired one. The site is for
each and every new person on the Net for business or not. It is very
affordable and professionally done. It is all most people will ever want on
the Net. Training for the computers and popular software is included, too!
Thanks again, to all submissions to the Adland Digest.
Paul Kovac


======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Ian Jensen-Young <>
Subject: What works for me

Some things work well for some and better or not as well for others. One
thing I find about success online is dynamicism. You have to constantly
update your site but not bog it down with huge images or a 100 page menu.
The thing I enjoy is looking for
ideas all over the net and when I see something I think is good I try and
duplicate it on my site. If there is a way to make this into a revenue
source then I will do it. If not I will add stuff because I want to; it is
after all my site. My site like
many others is for me. It is my design ideas and my content. I know many
others that are like this also. We all think that $1000/day is good income
but there are many others that just want to do their own thing. If this can
be turned into revenues the
n that would be a bonus. If not have fun!

I have just added many FREE items including a place to add your own FREEBIE.
Most links are currently mine and they almost all pay something( even if its
only 3 cents per clikc). I may not get rich but I like looking for FREE
stuff to give to others. T
his may not be for everyone and may not work on all sites. In a while it
may not work on my site or I may find something else I prefer more. In the
mean time I get monthly income that supports all my internet costs including
hosting and site hosting. W
ell thats my 2 cents worth.

For FREE webmaster resources or just to see what I have to offer please
visit my site at

Ian Jensen-Young

Need Cash? Need Traffic?
edgeSPEED consulting group
resources for webmasters and advertisers

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Wild Bill Montgomery" <>
Subject:The Ad Writers Tip List

Whether you are a seasoned copywriter or writing your first ad, you must
understand and relate to "How People Think, Feel and Respond".

You must also know the common sense tips and tricks that will help you
create killer ad copy.

Following is a list of key elements of writing successful ads:

- Appeal to the reader's emotions and instincts.

- Must convince even the most hardened skeptics.

- Overcome any objections the buyer may have.

- Use power words that literally force people to act.

- Capture and keep the reader's interest.

- Appeal to the reader's ego and self-interest.

- Show the facts and proof of your claims.

- Help the reader justify the purchase.

- Write copy that coincides with current attitudes in your target group.

- Motivate you reader to buy NOW.

- Use "special" benefits to make your product more attractive.

- Make your reader believe in you.

- Ad copy must relate and communicate like average people.

- Know what your target market really wants.

- Be able to easily lead into your back-end offers

- Emulate other successful (but not over used) ad copy structures.

- Make your product so attractive that your reader has no choice but to buy.

- Remember that your HEADLINE is the most important part of your ad.

- Write, re-write and re-write and re-write and re-write again...

These are the various techniques and rules of reason used by the
professional copywriters to develop successful advertising campaigns.

I would like to impress upon you however, the importance of HEADLINES. No
one will read the ad copy that you have spent countless hours researching
and re-writing, if you don't grab their attention with a great Headline. It
may take you dozens of tries before finding that one Headline that will have
the Attention Pulling Power that you need to get your ad read.Hey! You can
reprint this article in your ezine or on your site as the article is
presented in it's original state and you include my humble resource box

Happy Writing!
"Wild Bill"

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We also specialize in CGI Business Applications!

===============Site Review Request===============
From: "Mark Stephenson" <>

Well I cannot call this a success story yet, But I think perhaps I will
Soon. I am a relative newcomer to mlm and therefore would really appreciate
some feedback from the more experienced. I have just put up my own webpage

and I would be genuinely interested in some constuctive critisism. Please
mail coments to
Thanyou all.
Mark Stephenson

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
by Debbie Solomon
owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine

It is obvious that we all need to re-think our plan of action
every few months in order to keep a fresh and positive
attitude towards our business. Things get old fast
and we all tend to get bored with the same ole' thing
happening everyday.

As we all know our main priority is to get traffic to our
website. We advertise our product like crazy. We have
great catchy Ads, but it just doesn't quite do it the way
we want it to. Here is an incentive that will drive people
to your site and keep them coming back:

Give something of value away. A Freebie. But, don't
just give it away, have a monthly contest drawing,
so people will keep coming back each month.
Now, this does not have to cost
you an arm and an leg, but you need to make sure it is
quality that you are giving. Here are a few ideas of what
you can do:

**Buy a worthwhile valuable E-Book, or a collection
of E-books for your monthly drawing. Check out the
E-book collection at:

**Give away a FREE Vacation Getaway for 2. This is a valuable
asset and main attraction. You can do this for very little
investment. Go to: and check it out.

**A nice gift. Find someone online who has beautiful gifts
to sell and see if you can come up with a deal for the
monthly drawings at a discounted price along with
FREE promotion on your site. People in business are
always willing to work with you, if you give them a chance.
It builds credibility. Maybe try:

The key is, people will keep coming back trying to win these valuable
assets, and though they may not discover the GREAT product or
service you are selling right away, but they will notice it once they go
to your site a few times.

But that is not is the FUN part. The Advertising. There is so
much competition out there selling the same type of products & services,
you need to get people to YOUR site rather than someone else's.
ADVERTISE your Big Contest and get people to your site for the
contest rather than advertise for your product. Once they are at your site,
they will see your product or service and will notice it. They will
gain respect from your professionalism and great giveaways, you
will make the sale.

One important thing you need to remember:
You MUST have this promotion clearly stated on your site. Do not make
your prospects run in circles around your site for the contest or giveaway.
They will lose their interest, exit out and you will never see them AGAIN.

This is a sure fire way to drive people to your site. You will gain
respect by giving something of value away. You can always just
give something away to everyone, but where is the excitement?
People LOVE to WIN contests. It heightens their day and really
raises the adrenaline.

In fact, here is another little promotional aspect to this great
Monthly contest....once you have your winner, email them
and announce the great news. Also ADD your little pitch
about your product or service along with it. This is double
promotion now.

This is a Win/Win situation for you. It gets you out
of the everyday blunders of the same old advertising.
It adds excitement for you as a business entrepreneur to
be able to offer something of value. And the increased
traffic to your site will really raise some positive action
on your part. I LOVE to write ADs for contests. It is
different and much more attractive looking. I get
instant hits to my site upon publishing these ADs.

This is a different Plan-Of -Action then most of
you see around, but that is why it works so well.

Written by Debbie Solomon
The creator of the World Renowned MarketingTrendz Workshop.

Author of 2 Business Building E-Books
And also the Owner of the Top Rated OnLine Exchange Ezine.
Visit me at:
"Subscribe to our FREE Ezine and you will automatically
Enter our Monthly Drawing for a FREE Vacation Getaway for 2 with a
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A preacher went to his church office on Monday morning and
discovered a dead mule (jackass to the knowing) in the
church yard. He called the police. Since there did not appear
to be any foul play, the police referred the preacher to the
health department.

They said since there was no health threat that he should call
the sanitation department. The sanitation manager said he
could not pick up the mule without authorization from the

Now, the preacher knew the mayor, and was not to eager to
call him. The mayor had a bad temper and was generally hard
to deal with, but the preacher called him anyway.

The mayor did not disappoint. He immediately began to rant
and rave at the pastor and finally said, "Why did you call me
anyway? Isn't it your job to bury the dead?"

The preacher paused for a brief prayer and asked the Lord to
direct his response. He was led to say, "Yes, Mayor, it is my
job to bury the dead, but I always like to notify the next of kin


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