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                          Vol 1, #17, August 10, 1998


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Announcement:          Adlands' Awards
Marketing Help         "Bob Cortez (E-mail)"
General Query                Steve Mathe <>
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WebSite 500  at
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From:            Bob Cortez <>
Subject             Marketing Help

"Roger   L.  Martin" <> Wrote

Question # 1 how to increase traffic to web site?
any successful but effective and inexpensive ways to do just that
would be greatly appreciated. </snip>

Press releases can be very effective. offers free

Participating in online discussion forums is also effective.

Advertise in or submit articles for newsletters.

Use targeted "Opt-In" mailing lists

Use autoresponders

Find reciprocal link partners. TO SUBSCRIBE -

Search engines and directories are helpful, but they are not the
end all of online marketing and promotion.  Free classifieds and
Free for all links have also been mostly ineffective in my
experience.  I have had some success with paid classifieds

Create and use a compelling, informative "sig-file" for all of
your email communications. (See below)

One last suggestion.... Contract me! (sorry, couldn't resist <g>)

Bob Cortez
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From:             Steve Mathe <>
Subject:          Query

Hello All!

I'm calling from Aussie Land.

I've been an awoved reader of Adland for a while now, and what
struck (me) is that out of the many members subscribed, only a very
few seem to add to the forum.  I plead guilty to the fact also!

What I am curious about though, are the small
numbers of the contributors to the forum due to:
a)  indifference? or,
b)  censored off by the moderator?

May Allah bless you all with beards down to your knees, and bless you
with a hundred grand children!
Yours.......Steve Mathe
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Steve Mathe <>
Moderators' .02
I'm glad you decided to jump in Steve. You are very astute and
observant. Your conclusions may not be valid however.  The moderator
could be at fault but not because I censor posts.
We have probably just over 1000 members by now, I haven't checked
with Fiedur lately.  Based on our very early poll, it may be due
to inexperience rather than indifference. To me that would mean a
much larger response than normal with lots of questions. My fear
would be that we would not have the experience to answer them.
Posts have been scarce. I might add that I have sensored some posts
since they are blatant advertisements with no redeeming list value.
So with that I will throw out this gauntlet.........
Send in your posts about: What are  your
expectations of the list? What do you want to see?
Do you need technical help?
Much more in the way of marketing and promotion?
Send us your success stories. How and why you succeeded.
Last issue dealt with some failures or mistakes. What did you learn
not to do?
Do you want  an archive. Those of you who are recent joiners, would
you be interested in the back issues?

Don't be afraid to ask. There are no dumb questions. We are here
to help one another. Post away...........
Let's hear from you......

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