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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) I might be able to help your subscribers...
~  John Lock

2.) Putting FFA links to bed. Some interesting statistics.
~ Robert Chalmers

3.)Once again the spam false accusation
~ Angie Boldwyn

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.) Don Wetmore
~ Price

2.)Chrisi Darrington
~ Looking for freebie data base  (Q)

3.)Sharon Evans
~ Benefits of going wireless for SBO

A l e r t   S e c t i o n(0)

Site Review Responses (1)
~ Jack Yakima

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)

"Are You Really Cut Out For This?"
By  Jim Daniels

Joke of the Day


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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  186 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

I must say that response to my call for success stories was great
I received  4 success stories which will be printed one in each issue.
Today success story from  Adrian Elman.


I would like to mention that  we are nearing the  completion of our new
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This means that you will earn money from people who join our
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Freebonanza affiliates will automatically become members of
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If you own site offering free service to small business owners, this is your
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Send information of your site as follows.

Site Owner Name:
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URL of the site:
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Are you willing to offer discounts, samples or other freebies to
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and send it to

Please note that we are looking for sites which genuinely offer free
Any affiliate links or pages with links to sites with affiliate programs
won't be taken into consideration, unless your site is quality directory
of such links and contains hundreds or thousands of them.
You would be then placed in section of such directories.

We will be also accepting sponsors in sections of the site which might
be relevant to your business or might be of  interest to you.
If you would like to be provided with more details about it, please
contact me at


For the last three issues in the row I'm getting bounced messages from
Not all of the subscribers are being bounced but the fact that several
hundred of them out of 2,500 are, proves that hotmail is blocking
some of Adland Digest mailings.
After last issue I have changed email address from which I usually
deliver Adland Digest and I mailed special short note to all of the hotmail
subscribers and none of them  was bounced back to me.
This  proves that hotmail is blocking  particular email address
which I use to deliver Adland Digest.
I could have changed email address used to send digest ( I did this
in the past) but I'm slowly getting sick of it and instead I just want
to ask everybody who is using  hotmail  right now,  to re-subscribe using
some sort of  "real" email address.
Access this form to re-subscribe

If you would like to still  keep your email address personal, you can
get free email address offered by my company and never be blocked.

You should go with reliable  companies  if you expect to look
Also no third party should make any decisions what email you should be
receiving  and what not.
This is such a bad remainder for me from times when I used to live in
communist Poland.
This is violation of privacy and freedom.

My complaint to Hotmail was ignored and   I will be removing all of the
hotmail addresses which bounce back to me.

You will probably receive this message now  because it is
being sent from different email address than last time, but who knows
for how long.
In those old times we used to say "Big Brother is taking care of you"


Send your Success Story for Adland Digest success story
of the year 2000 contest.
Visit link below to see winners of Adland Digest success story 1999
and read about rules and guidelines.

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==========Success Story=============
From: "Adrian Elman " <>

Hello Bogdan,

I won't tell you it has been easy because that would be the
kind of story that the hype merchants use. Quite the opposite
is true in fact...

I started working online in April '98 by attempting to create
a marketing infrastructure for all members of my Life Plus
downline. I worked myself to the bone and created a powerful
CD ROM which trained people in sales and marketing techniques
but few wanted to buy it and my upline was dead against it as
it conflicted with the techniques they wanted to teach.

13 months after I had started, I still hadn't made a dime. To
tell it like it was, I had invested at least $5000 in my site
and my wife was not the slightest bit impressed with the
results. She urged me to give it all up on numerous occasions.

In March '99, I bumped into the Cookie Cutter through a guy
called Frederick Lewis. I bought it through fascination rather
than the desire to make money. I just couldn't understand how
anyone could let me buy a product and then resell it keeping
100% of the profits. I put my $20 into it in search of the
catch and there wasn't one after all. Cookie Cutter's founder
had made a grave miscalculation and by giving away 100% of the
profit had effectively lost control of his own product. He has
made a lot of money from it but I doubt he will repeat that
error again.

His program helped me to see where I had gone wrong and what I
needed to do in order to turn things in my favor. I had been
devoted to the Life Plus members but they were not devoted to
me so I learned to open my support system to Joe Public and
kiss Life Plus goodbye. Using Cookie Cutter as a front end
product, I bolted my support system to the back of it and
created a 2-tier affiliate program. Experience had shown me
that Cookie Cutter marketers were mercenaries out to make a
few bucks and they had no regard for the people they were
bringing into the program. A healthy 2-tier compensation plan
paying 25% on both first and second tiers meant that people
would be well remunerated if they gave support to their team.
Quite simply, their people would only go out and make plenty
of sales provided they had the knowledge and tools to do it
with. Thus began the International Resources family.

Today, they can be seen on our members message board helping
each other with all kinds of sales techniques. They solve each
others problems so well that people have said they would never
want to go anywhere else. Feel free to stop by and get advice:

Cookie Cutter also taught me the importance of developing my
own products and services so that's exactly what I did. Today,
I have 7 top class affiliate programs and 3 companies. I am not
a rich man but I am financially independent.

The secrets to my success can be boiled down to the following:

1. I was never interested in the money.

This is absolutely true! I could survive quite happily on $2000
a month and it didn't take me long to reach that level. What
drove me was the challenge...the sheer excitement of doing what
people all around me kept saying couldn't be done. My mission
was to build something of value that would stand the test of
time. My mission has not changed today as can be seen in my
monthly ezine "FireTalk".

I often wondered what makes a man like Bill Gates want to
keep working? He already has more money than he could possibly
spend if he tried. I think I am finally getting to grips with
the way rich people think. It isn't the money that motivates
them. We think it is because when we haven't got any it is
easy to believe that that's what life is all about. No, I am
convinced they do what they do for the challenge and personal
growth it gives them. Bill is already the richest man on the
planet. He has already made his place in history, and yet he
carries on pushing the frontiers of technology to new limits.

2. I came right out of my comfort zone.

I'm still wearing clothes I bought 6 or 7 years ago. I get no
time to watch TV, no time for exercise, friends, family. It's
a story of work, work, work till you drop. Not nice I know, and
I hate it but it's what is necessary when you're in the building

I allow myself no luxuries whatsoever. Every cent of profit I
have made has been reinvested in the business to provide our
affiliates with quality marketing tools so that they can make
plenty of sales. I will only make money if they make money so
they are my priority and they all know it.

I saved up all my profits from the last 4 months and ploughed
them into a new advanced autoresponder script for our QuickTell
program. To boost our members sales I hired a full-time Flash
programmer to redevelop our site and build cutting edge tools
for marketing the service with. Then I purchased my 5th server
just to host the new script. The cost of this dedicated server
is horrendous but reliability is paramount when people depend
on it for their businesses.

3. Give first class service or go bust!

The internet is flooded with competitors and it is going to
get worse so if I was to survive I had to provide a service
that people could rely on. My key is to answer my mail once
every 30 minutes and reply as fast as possible. It makes it
very hard to develop the time I need on new product research
and development, and writing my ezine has become a mammoth
task that often suffers in delays. But customers don't care
about my problems, it's theirs that matter and if I don't
satsify their needs they will go elsewhere.

4. Lead by innovation.

It doesn't matter how good you think you are, someone else
is going to be messing around in your back yard if you don't
set the pace. Whatever I do today will be improved upon
tomorrow. There is no other way! This is a very fast paced
industry which does not tolerate laziness in any shape or
form. If you want to stand up and be counted you MUST stay
ahead of the pack. That's why we are always coming out with
new products.

QuickTell is something that everyone needs and wants. It is
streets ahead of all our competitors and that's why it is
going through constant growth. No autoresponder company
has yet matched us on value for money or comp plan but now
we just moved the goal posts again. Now the service itself
has just set a new standard within the industry and people
are amazed at what we have done. Don't take my word for it,
if you want to see the future of autoresponders send a
blank and feast your eyes on
the technology!

5. Controversial marketing techniques.

With tabloids saying that 95% of people working online are
losing money, I don't want to become another statistic. I've
watched all the amateurs copying each others tactics and I
have warned my own affiliates over and over again "If 95%
are failing why be in a rush to copy their formula?"

Often accused of using aggressive marketing techniques, I
stand by the old adage "You can't make an omelette without
breaking a few eggs." That's what competition is all about
and if you can't stand the heat...better get out of the
kitchen! I am not afraid of shaking the trees to make the
fruit fall. 99% of my affiliates appreciate that. They love
the thrill of doing it differently to the rest and the
results that come from it.

6. Focus on one thing only.

Look at peoples signature files. So many stack opportunities
one on top of another. They look more like a restaurant menu
than a serious business proposition! They believe in the
theory of not putting all your eggs in one basket while I
believe that you can't drive more than one vehicle at the
same time.

I teach my affiliates to focus on just one of our products
and become specialized in it. Learn how to market it. Fall
in love with the process and let the results take care of
themselves. Less than 10% can do it. Most are always on the
lookout for greener pastures and when they find them they
discover that the grass is just as hard to mow. Those that
are disciplined, teachable, and have desire, are showing
the others that there is plenty of money to be made on the
net provided you have focus!

There you have it Bogdan. It may not be music to everyones
ears but that's how the International Resources Group made
its mark.

Best regards,
Adrian Elman

International Resources
Support systems and marketing tools

=========Why Selling Other's Affiliate Programs=============

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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Secure Servers for Secure Transactions. It's not that much of a

I received an interesting note from a visitor the other day. One of
Bogdan's subscribers who had read my articles in this newsletter, and had
paid a visit to my Afftrack site. This nifty piece of software is designed
to allow your affiliates, or MLM members to offer their downline their own
webpage to market from, as well as allow the first level person to keep
track of all the members or affiliates. It's the thing that most Affiliate
programs forget. They don't treat their affiliates like they should, so they
loose them - but that's another issue. The issue that the reader raised with
me was my lack of SSL, or Secure Transaction capability on my ordering
I have the advantage of owning and operating my own servers, and network,
and I had looked at running up the SSL side of things so that people could
place orders with confidence that the 128 bit key would encode their details
for security.
There is some evidence to suggest that the market place is about 50/50 on
the need for secure servers in day to day transactions?
Well, I just spent two days setting up the Secure Server  side of things to
protect ordering on my Afftrack site. where
you can purchase the really nice piece software for the miniscule price of
$5.00. Now you can have the assurance that your details are being encrypted,
using our own InHouse signed Certificate.

Having now put that in place, I'm feeling pretty good about it, so I've
decided to pass on the news to my fellow readers of Bogdan's excellent
newsletter. Thinking of putting your own server in place? It's easier than
you think these days. I'll be following up with some more detail, as well as
adding it to the HOT GOSSIP introduced in the next paragraph!

And now to the next bit of news. Coming soon, a FREE service that will be
offered to readers of this newsletter only.
HOT GOSSIP - The Marketing Tips You Need To Hear Regularly.
Good, money-making basics are funny things. You hear them. You get excited
about the possibilities. You may even put them into action for a while.

But then, you get busy-and things just slip back to 'normal' again. To stay
in front of your competitors, you and your team need a regular 'TOP UP' to
keep you focussed on what works. the basics that bring in the bucks.

Subscribe to our FREE 'HOT GOSSIP' service. You'll learn how to...

Write gold bearing sales-letters
Say the right things to convert more inquiries into sales.
Fix your brochures & adverts so people get excited about YOUR products.
Capture and hold the attention of your prospects and customers when you
write sales letters.
Bring in MORE repeat and referral business!
Identify elements within your own advertisements that are letting you down.
Tune up your website so you become one of the few who actually MAKE MONEY on
the Internet.
Use super-hot headlines to make your adverts STAND OUT and bring you more

It's FREE and it's yours for the asking!
To arrange your FREE subscription, send an e-mail NOW, to and put "SEND ME HOT GOSSIP" in the subject
line. Just to be sure I have your email address correct, you might put it in
the message part of the email.
You won't be bombarded with spam, your address won't be sold or traded - all
you will get are occasional HOT GOSSIP tips by email.

As was once said by a man with pointy ears...  Live long and prosper.

Robert Chalmers

***************** HOT RESOURCE OF THE WEEK ***********************

This site will DOUBLE your internet connection S-P-E-E-D by up to 100%.
It's absolutly **F-R-E-E**, has no banner ads, no hardware to install,
and it really does work. I've been surfing for 6 years, and I'm now
surfing faster than ever before. Very cool!

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "John Lock" <>
Subject: I might be able to help your subscribers...

Hi Bogdan,

Many thanks for mentioning my offer (Wednesday 10th. May) I wound up the
elastic band at 0600 this morning as is normal, downloaded my usual emails
etc. Usually takes me hours just sifting before I get to the real emails.
Did well today so I logged on again and had such a response from your
subscribers that it's going to take me a couple of days to respond to them
all, for that I apologise.

I am planning to upload my updated pages within the next 24-48 and as I've
told your subscribers, shall update at least weekly probably more frequently
depending on how much I have prepared. I have, judging by the responses, got
to add more categories to my links pages and am working on that. I've
explained that I can't, in fact refuse point blank, to allow political or
offensive material in my pages, not that any of your subscribers have so far
requested such, but as with my 'regular snail mail newsletter', I keep it
family friendly, if I didn't, my Bishop would be firing me pretty quickly.

If you think I can be of any assistance to your subscribers, just direct
them along to me and I'll gladly try and help them. There's absolutely
no-obligation whatsoever although if they could take the time to view my
pages, they might just well want to try and help me in my work - it need not
cost them anything more than a postage stamp.

Thanks again Bogdan.

Best wishes.

John        (Rev Dr John Lock - IFCRA-Christian Care)


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Putting FFA links to bed. Some interesting statistics.

For those who have been following the FFA discussions I have some very
interesting statistics you may be interested in. I personally think, and
have said so before, that FFA links are useless. This may actually be the
proof you need to sway you one way or the other in your decisions.
Firstly, I had a ffa type Links site up on my server since sometime last
year. I decided this year to do some long term analysis of the traffic. Some
o this I put up a week or so ago. The bandwidth consumed by ffa requests is
considerable. Now I have the traffic statistics from the log files.

Period:  11th February. 2000  to  11th May. 2000        [3 months]

Total requests made to the cgi file (links.cgi) in that period:      171,776
[ Posts to the ffa page]
Total requests made to the html file (links.html) in that period:        639
[ Requests to read ffa pages]

The Totals were then sorted by Unique IP of the site posting, or reading. In
other words, counting the unique visitors to the ffa page/script in that

Total unique posting sites in that period: 21,911
Total unique reading sites in that period:      127

Now even Blind Freddy can see that in the three month period, a total of 127
people reading as few as 639 pages out of a total of 171,776 links is pretty
minimal exposure.

The 21,911 sites who are putting their links into the ffa engines are
banking on some pretty low viewer ratios.
I'd certainly want a few more than 127 people visiting a page in three
months to make it worth while.

Lets hope the figures are of some use to you in determining your path to

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Angie Boldwyn <>
Subject: Once again the spam false accusation

In response to Debbie  from issue #173

Perhaps you should take a new approach and pay for the sources
you advertise in.

You could probably work out a deal with many publishers which is
excellent advertising. Many offer free ads and you could contact
each personally and let them know your business and that you will
be submitting ads for different people. I cannot see that they
object if you let your customers know where their ads are placed,
that's free exposure for their newsletter.

Join safelists (paid are best for this sort of thing) and submit
your customer's ads there.

There are also many free one's that if set up right can lend
great exposure. Software here for many and a way to set it up
easily. To set it all up automatic would be the only time and
cost efficient way.

Set up a page that would cause repeat visits and advertise it.
List your advertisers down the left hand side or something like
"500" Free Email Accounts or such as this that you keep updated
(just an example). If the source was good enough, many would link
to you from their sites.

Just some ideas you may not have thought of :)
Angie Boldwyn


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Price

Some look at training as an expense, yet it ought to be viewed as an
investment. The larger cost of training is often in "not" training. I have a
short article entitled, "The Price of (Not) Training" that you will find
useful. To get your free copy, email your request for "price" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington ST. Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902
Visit our Supersite:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From:Chrisi Darrington
Subject: Looking for freebie data base

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for websites that have a data base of freebies
where you can ADD your own freebie. It's a great way to
attract people to your website. John Lock posted in here
about his site doing just what I need. I though perhaps
there are more of you out there that know of places
like his that allow people to do this.

If you do, please email me here:

Thanks for your help.

Wishing you all success,
Chrisi Darrington

Helping web masters with tips, strategies, and ideas.
Subscribe by sending a blank email:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Sharon Evans" <>
Subject: Benefits of going wireless for SBO

Benefits of going wireless for small business owners.

It is expected by the year 2004, 75% (1 billion people) of all pc users will
have gone wireless.  How will this help a small business?
It will free the wires that bind you.  It's like going naked, being free to
come and go as you like.  No longer will you have to be tied to a desk like
a ball and chain.  Imagine being able to be on the golf course, or beach
having fun, while yet your business is right at your finger tips to grab
your next important contract or put out fires before they become forest
fires.  This is just one of the great reasons a small business will love to
take advantage of this next advancement in technology.

One of the emerging leaders in the wireless industry is a company out of
Akron Ohio.  Alphacom communications.  With their recent release of their
wireless access, and network utilities software,  it will revolutionize the
way the world uses and connects to the web.
Imagine ripping around the net up to a 1000xs faster and wireless at the
same time?

Fact: Every one wastes two full days every year waiting for downloads.  With
time being the most valuable asset to a small business, two days lost
waiting for downloads is two days lost earning money, which does impact a
small business where it hurts most their bottom line.  Like they say Time is

Another great benefit by going wireless it's easier on their pocketbook.
There is no need to invest in  bigger pcs, or laptops, or paying for high
price cable and dsl connections, this new technology works with what you all
ready have and works with any ISP even AOL.
Small businesses will find wireless to be a great ally providing solutions
to saving time and money.  Leaving more time to relax and enjoy life the way
is meant to be.

For more information about this new technology by Alphacom Communications
please visit

Article written
By Sharon Evans

The Internet Speed Demon
An independent Alphcom Dist.

===============Site Review Response(1.1)===============
From: "Jack Yakima" <>

Chris McCreedy asked for comments about her website at

My recommendation is that she change the background color.  Black may be
fine for a site highlighting graphics/pictures, but just does not do well
for a commercial site.


===============Site Review Request(1)===============
From: "Chris McCreedy" <>

Hi Bogdan,

I would be extremely pleased if you would include my new business site, in your excellent ezine for review by your
discerning members.

I only ask that responses be truthful as to layout and content.  I have been
on the internet now for almost 3 years and am still in the learning process.
There is still a long way to go before I'll be able to say those magic words
"I made it on the internet".

I have to say though that I have the feeling that I'm on the way at last.
Each and every one of the programs on my site have paid me or will be paying
me commission checks .. including Adland!


Improve Your Finances
"Want to stop paying $20-$40 for a carton of cigarettes?

***********YOU can own an online CASINO site NOW!***********
  YES YOU CAN & the profits from this site are staggering.
*****Yeah, but how much?  Less than dinner and a movie.*****
Fast, easy, 5 minute set up and you own an Internet CASH COW!
You have to see it. Click NOW for FREE details & $495 bonus!
Limited time offer - Don't miss it!

===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
"Are You Really Cut Out For This?"
By  Jim Daniels

>Jim, can a new small business really make money online?
>I've been trying for nearly a year and I need to start
>making more than I'm losing. PLEASE, tell me how you
>did it so quickly!

The message above is just one plea for guidance, among the
thousands I've received over the past few years. I'll cut
right to the chase...

The answer is yes. New businesses really can make money,
especially on the Net. Many new small businesses are
earning a substantial and steadily-growing income.


It cannot and will not happen overnight. No matter what
you may have heard, ANY business demands your time, your
dedication and most of all, persistence.

I learned that first-hand in 1995. Before the web was the
marketing tool it is today, I tried and failed at my first
home business venture. As a hard-working nine-to-fiver
trying to carve out a home business in my spare time, I
spent five months writing what I thought was a decent
manual about how to start a mail-order business. I sold
ONE in four months. End of project.

Why did that venture fail? Lots of reasons.
Among them:

1. I knew little about marketing. (The experience itself was
my best lesson on the importance of marketing.)

2. There were already about a million similar products.

3. I had no marketing budget, a BIG problem before the
emergence of the "commercial" internet.

So why am I sharing my first failure with you?

Because it is important to know that over HALF of all
successful entrepreneurs experience at least one failure
along the way to success. Success demands persistence.

I did NOT let my first setback stop me from achieving my
dream. Yes, it was depressing to open the mailbox, praying
for an order or two, and finding it empty day after day.
Had someone told me my home-business would reach a six-
figure within two years, I would have considered them

Thanks to the web and a little persistence, I managed to
make my dreams come true. So to all you new internet
business owners reading this right now, here's a bit of
advice from my own experiences online...

o Stay focused on your goals.

o Put up a professional website and use it to grow your
own opt-in email list.

o Build multiple, TARGETED income sources and expand them
tactfully and continually.

o Set up a few residual income streams that will keep income
coming in whether you work or not.

o Spend at least 20% of your work time every week on
marketing activities or new marketing ideas.

o Stay confident and accept nothing less than success...

Back when I was failing miserably, just when my doubt was
reaching a peak, I received a little 3" X 4" card and I
still have it today. The words on that card turned out to be
just the encouragement I needed. Perhaps these words of
wisdom can help you stay focused on your dream too...


Failed in Business - Bankruptcy, 1831

Defeated for Legislature, 1832

Sweetheart/Fiancee Dies, 1835

Nervous Breakdown, 1836

Defeated in Election, 1836

Defeated for U.S. Congress, 1843

Defeated again for U.S. Congress, 1846

Defeated once again for U.S. Congress, 1848

Defeated for U.S. Senate, 1855

Defeated for U.S. Vice President, 1856

Defeated again for U.S. Senate, 1858


Elected President of the U.S.A., 1860

You cannot fail... unless you quit!"

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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

I saw an interview on TV where this one old farmer won ten
million in the Lottery.

Naturally he was asked what he was gonna do with all that

He kinda scratched his head and said, "Not sure as I know
right off. Guess I'll keep farmin' till it's all gone."


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