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1.)Bob Sharpe
~ Watch Out! The Internet Cops Are Stealing Your Email!

2.)Don Wetmore
~ Workaholic

3.)Chelsa Hunter
~ Starting a new business

4.) Tom Dahne
~ Free Website Submitting And Promoting Club

5.) John Hernandez

6.) Phil Calvert
~ Anyone have any luck with "Safe Lists"?

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~ Robin Forbes

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Why you should never pay "rate-card"
By Neil l Moran

Joke of the Day


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Greetings All

Welcome  231  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


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realize that visitors from other countries, might not know exactly, how
much money they will owe you in their currency.   Recently I found
this free currency converter which will convert majority of currencies
back and forth. You just need to place link around the area where your
customers could have these type of questions and open it in the pop up


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==========Success Story=============
From: "Judith Tramayne-Barth" <>


Here is my success story from that newbie you helped over a
year ago:

When I went on the Internet a year ago, my goal was to make
a living from my home.  I live in a small rural city where
you have to go to the Post Office to pick up your mail and
the nearest large city (11,000) people is 23 miles away.
Jobs are not plentiful here especially if you are an

So for a 11 months, I built two websites.  One for my art at and the other for my writing at  I spent 12 and 16 hours a day
learning how to do this and also market.  Has my goal been
reached?  I am happy to say yes, but not quite in the way I

While my sites are building up a following, sales would
still give a new meaning to the words "starving artist."
No, my living is from what I call lateral opportunities from
the Internet.  While marketing and surfing, I came across a
company asking for greeting card writers.  I applied and was
accepted.  Since December, 1999 I have been receiving checks
each month.  In my travels, I also came across a company
where I developed original art greeting card packs on spec.
This also provides an income.

What I am trying to do is develop five or more streams of
income coming into my mail from different sources each
month.  I have just started writing articles for another
site which pays me when people click on my article to read
it.  This is also earning me money.

Since I am on the Internet for the long term, I am not real
concerned about my site's lack of income.  In fact, I offer
my first murder mystery conspiracy with a touch of the
paranormal as a free download.  Why?  Because I am creating
a following for the second e-book in my trilogy.  Is it
working?  Yes.  I will have a ready made customer base when
my next e-book is released.  In fact, I have had two major
e-publishers contact me to use my free e-book on their
sites.  One is and the other was
an online magazine  called Whispers where my book was
serialized in four monthly installments.

So what I guess I am saying to people with sites that have
solid products to sell is, don't give up.  The opportunities
are there but just maybe you should be thinking less
linearly  and more laterally to enjoy the income
opportunities  available on the web.

Judith Tramayne-Barth

Like Murder Mysteries
Read one FREE at:
U-Paint Craft Kits &
Other Artistic Endeavors

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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: John Botscharow <>
Subject: Being blocked by Hotmail

On Mon, 15 May 2000 23:59:43 -0500
"Bogdan Fiedur\(AdlandPro\)" <> wrote:

> For the last three issues in the row I'm getting bounced messages from
> Hotmail.
> Not all of the subscribers are being bounced but the fact that several
> hundred of them out of 2,500 are, proves that hotmail is blocking
> some of Adland Digest mailings.
> After last issue, I have changed email address from which I usually
> deliver Adland Digest and I mailed special short note to all of the
> subscribers and none of them  was bounced back to me.
> This  proves that hotmail is blocking  particular email address
> which I use to deliver Adland Digest.
> I could have changed email address used to send digest ( I did this
> in the past) but I'm slowly getting sick of it and instead I just want
> to ask everybody who is using  hotmail  right now,  to re-subscribe using
> some sort of  "real" email address.
> Access this form to re-subscribe
> If you would like to still  keep your email address personal, you can
> get free email address offered by my company and never be blocked.
> You should go with reliable  companies  if you expect to look
> reliable.
> Also no third party should make any decisions what email you should be
> receiving  and what not.
> This is such a bad remainder for me from times when I used to live in
> communist Poland.
> This is violation of privacy and freedom.
> My complaint to Hotmail was ignored and   I will be removing all of the
> hotmail addresses which bounce back to me.
> You will probably receive this message now  because it is
> being sent from different email address than last time, but who knows
> for how long.
> In those old times we used to say "Big Brother is taking care of you"
Pani Bogdan:

Jak sie macie? (I think that's correct - it's been over 15 years since I
was in graduate school - tool two years of Polish and spent one summer -
1983 - in Lublin at the Catholic Unversity studying Polish language,
history and culture! What a country - I loved it!!)

Anyway, don't waste your breath on Hotmail. Although they are THE most
virulent  of the "viral marketers," they are against anyone marketing on
their system. I had my account shut down with no explanation, except
referrals to their Terms of Service - garbage written by lawyers who
feel it necessary to write in a manner nobody can understand.

Understand, I have nothing against viral marketing - actually I
encourage it. I just published the first in a series of articles on
viral marketing in my newsletter (to see it

It's just ridiculous that MSN, one of the most prolific and powerful
marketing agents on the Internet, is so anti-marketing. And their
customer service is a joke. Don't waste time sending them e-mail - all
you get back is an auto-responder message. Don't try calling them - they
leave you on hold forever, while you listen to their marketing
recordings over and over again - until you get sick of it and hang up!!!

There are certain elements on the Internet that think that the Internet
should be some form or another of a private club. The ISPs think that
because they are private companies, they decide what you can read or
send on the Internet. I do not  condone the sending of unsolicited
commercial e-mail, especially in bulk, to whole lots of people you don't
know and never had any contact with. But if I "bulk" mail a message to
everybody on my mailing list - people I know and have done business with
in the past - that's NOT SPAM. Bulk mail does NOT equal SPAM!! Bulk
mailing done correctly is good business!! (For a more detailed
discussion of what constitutes SPAM, go to
and read the thread about "My Inbox is Mine - Not Yours."

The purpose of all of this is to invite you personally to join
e-Crucible, a restricted membership group dedicated to fighting for a
saner approach to SPAM and fighting for some semblance of due process by
service providers when one of their clients is accused of SPAMMING.

It is my feeling that the anit-SPAM hysteria exhibited by the most rabid
opponents of "SPAM" (those that, for instance, consider ANY form of bulk
mailing as SPAM) is anti-business, especially anti-small business.

Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

Best regards,

John Botscharow

JBot Advertising Specialties
(870) 424-5826
To subscribe to our newsletter:
<a href="" /a>
For ads, submissions, comments, critiques:
<a href="" /a>

Note from Editor.

Hi John, (Ja sie mam calkiem niezle)
I used to live one hour drive from Lublin and
my wife finished there her secondary education.

You just confirmed that  Hotmail service shouldn't be used by anybody
who wants to look like a serious entrepreneur. I encountered many services
which won't do business with anybody who uses any of these free email
providers like Hotmail or Yahoo mail. They are becoming synonymous with
There is no customer support and no reliability. Very often visitors to my
site using  email addresses from Hotmail particularly, are trying to
purchase my services with stolen credit cards because there is no risk.
Even if I complain to Hotmail, (which I did in the past) I  didn't get any
response of dealing with the issue.

As  regarding your privet club e-Crucible.
How do you join it?


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Bob Sharpe <>
Subject:Watch Out! The Internet Cops Are Stealing Your Email!

Some of the people in my sales organization use Altavista, Hotmail or
Linkline for their email. I have had a lot of the regular email I send
to them bounced back. It is getting intercepted by a self-appointed
Internet cop organization. ( The
reasoning they gave me is that somebody used the same server that I use
to send spam. Therefore anyone--spammer or not--who uses that server is
now having their email intercepted. The internet cops told me that
Altavista, Hotmail and Linkline are contracting with them to "protect"
their customers from all of us who use a server they don't like. It's
like sending all Ford owners to jail because some bank robber used a
Ford one time as his getaway car.

After making several complaints by email, their rep, Peter Popovich
( started blocking my email to him. I included
his contact information because he is the person you need to contact if
you are victimized. Assuming he doesn't "blackhole" your email to him.

So now if I change servers (which I definitely don't want to do), how
long will it be before these internet cops and their customers decide
they don't like my new server and start stealing my email again? Or
maybe some servers are using these cops to eliminate the competition?

Take a look at the emails that come back to you to see if they have been
"blackholed." That means the "internet cops" are victimizing you, too.
They are interfering with our businesses.

This is very frustrating. I am not a spammer, and I don't condone it in
any way. But these internet cops don't have the right to interfere with
a person's legitimate business.

Bob Sharpe

The Home Business Career Center

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Workaholic

Compared with just ten years ago, we are working 15% more
hours and have about one-third less leisure time. Most are
forced to do more with less. I wrote an article entitled,
"You Just Might be a Workaholic" that takes a humorous view
of this issue that members of the List will enjoy. To get
your free copy, email your request for "might" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute Time Management Seminars
60 Huntington ST. Shelton, CT 06484
(203) 929-9902
Visit our Supersite:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Chelsa Hunter <>
Subject: Starting a new business

Hi,  my name is Chelsa Hunter and I recently started
an internet business.  I am having difficulties
getting it started due to the fact I have no money for
advertising.  I would like to find some sites or get
some info on some places where I can advertise
effectively and hopefully make enough money to start
buying into some advertising.  If anyone has any ideas
or has had some good luck with some sites please let
me know.  THANKS!!

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: Tom Dahne <>
Subject: Free Website Submitting And Promoting Club

HI All

I am looking for people who are interested in starting up a Free Website
Submitting And Promoting Club.

Also I will offer 4 weeks of free website submitting for people who wish to
join and
choose to swap links or banners between other members websites.

The way I will submit your website will be 2 times per week for 4 weeks

This will be to over 1500+ search engines and 500+ Classified Ad websites
plus heaps of others.

I will email you a detailed report each time I submit your website. Or
Classifed Ad.

No Adult or Illegal Site will be accepted. And we will not accept members
spaming to promote each others website.

This is an idea I have had for a while for people like you and me to join
together and promote each others websites
for free.

So if anyone is interested in joining or talking to me a little bit more in
detail about this idea or other Ideas to help get this started
please feel free to visit my website or email me at

Tom Dahne

======================N e w P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "John Hernandez" <>
Subject: TO BE OR NOT TO BE...

Hi, I'm John Hernandez.  I am concerned with the obvious speed at which the
internet is taking off.  It is literally going to where no person in
business has gone before.  We are just barely learning its potential, yet,
some of us, including myself feel a little overwhelmed at which way to go
with our ideas and business endeavours!
There is so much freeway out there, it's incredible to even be able to think
straight.  Although, I am finding my way around it, I am open to helping
anyone new, who perhaps is still getting their feet wet.  I would like to
share my experiences good and bad, and see if they are of use to anyone out
there, tring to get started in business here in webland.
Yours Trully, John Hernandez (

For free information regaring how to advertise successfully on the net, the
following URL link is available.  The information if free, I advise you to
take a look at it. You have nothing to lose.

======================N e w P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: Phil Calvert <>
Subject: Anyone have any luck with "Safe Lists"?

Hi fellow Adlanders,

Anyone have success with so-called "Safe Lists"?  I'm thinking about giving
them a try, but I've heard of people losing their Net access by posting to
these.  This doesn't make sense to me because there's a big difference
between posting to a public mailing list and spamming.  What's the story

Phil Calvert

The Age of the Electronic Secretary is HERE!
One Phone Number, Over 100 FEATURES!
The Leader in Unified Messaging Technology
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===============Site Review Response(1)===============
From: "Robin Forbes" <>

I've been to your site, ( )Chris, before and
after you changed the black background. The change to the white background
is a great improvement. From the tone of your post in this digest I can tell
you're excited about your site and what you have to offer people - prepped
with that, I was able to see that in your writing at your site. However,
going in cold to your site I'm not sure if I would be able to. Perhaps a
little more copy could go in to your pages - this would help to show your
excitement to these programs/services and the reasons to try them. This
would also alleviate the banner syndrome page look. Do you use these
services? Stretch your imagination! The one service that you offer on your
site that I'm very familiar with is the personals matching service. I Love
It! I don't use it anymore as I'm now happily married with the guy of my
dreams, that I met through it! Our 1st anniversary is coming up in a few

Chris, have you submitted your site to the search engines or directories?
I'm having a heck of a time trying to find your site through them. Just
doing a search using your domain name should turn up something, but it's
not. If you haven't then you might want to try this: Submit as is, watch
your results for about a month. After you've done that try adjusting your
meta keywords. Although, you've got a lot of good and true keywords I think
that you may have to tweak them as they are for a topic that is heavily
overused - and competitive. (getting a high listing with the current words
may prove difficult).

Robin Forbes

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Why you should never pay "rate-card"
By Neil l Moran

Going by last weeks issue #172, there are quite a few people out there
getting a bit fed up with FFA and submission sites etc.
So I thought I'd tell you what I know about off-line advertising and
save all you Adland readers alot of money.

I've had to divide this up into three parts:-
Why you should never pay "rate-card"
What determines the REAL rate for an advert?
How to buy ad space at really cheap prices!

Off line advertising is a great way to get an extra traffic
boost, but it can be very expensive if you haven't done it

  There is a 'fixed', published rate for advertising in
newspapers and magazines.  This is called the "rate-card"
price. The 'rate-card' is a newspapers or magazines published
"priced list" of space in the publication concerned.

  Does the "rate-card" price reflect the average price you
could expect to pay in the publication concerned? NO!  It
represents the absolute highest, top dollar rate you could
ever be insane enough to contemplate paying!!  The "rate
card" price for say Daily Mirror would be the 5000 price.
The"rate card is a kind of wish list from the newspapers.
This is the price they would like to get for all of their adverts.

This is what they consider the space to be "really" worth.
In practice, they hardly EVER get "rate card" for an advert,
and most of the time they get half of one-third of rate card

  However, if you are naive little bunny, and you telephone
any national newspaper classified department and say to
them;  "Hey, look, I'm a rank amateur in this business, I was
wondering if you could see your way clear to telling me how
much my half-page advert would cost to insert in your
excellent publication."

  They will reply......

  "Why certainly sir, our rate card for that advert is....let
me see now....ah yes, 5000."

  And you hop away thinking:-
  "Cripes! That's a bit steep.  But if the competition is
paying that rate , then they must be really pulling in the
orders".  So you stump up your five grand, and send your
advert into the paper.  The conversation on the classified
desk goes something like this:-

Sue:  "Here , John, you'll never guess what! You know that
ACME publishing company I quoted five grand last week?"

John:  "Yeah?"

Sue:  "They've only gone and sent me a cheque and their

John:  "What!!! You're pulling my plonker!"

Sue:  (Laughing). No. Straight up. Look, here's the cheque."

John:  "Bank it, quick!"

  Etc., Etc.
  You sit back and wait expectantly.  The advert appears. The
phones start ringing, the first day's post arrives.  The
results look unpromising, but you reassure yourself that
people need a bit of time to respond, and the post is a bit
slow etc. Next day you get about one third of the post you
expected.  You put this down to a hold-up at the sorting
office. Next day you get about one tenth of the post you
expected. and the following day you get about three letters!
You start to become alarmed.  Ten days later, you know you've
blown about three grand.  You hastily examine your advert.
What's wrong with it?  You look at the competition.  Hmm,
they're offering a thirty day money-back guarantee and you're
only offering fourteen.  Damn!  That must be it.

  You call Sue (now your friend) on the classified desk.  You
tell her your tale of woe.  She's biting her wrist to stop
laughing long enough to talk to you.  The conversation might
go like this:-

You:  "Sue, I had a terrible response to that advert."

Sue:  (Sympathetic) "Oh no!  Give it a bit more time.
Sometimes the first advert never does well because you're a
new company.  People need to see the advert a few more times
before they're confident enough to buy from you."

You:  "You reckon?"

Sue:  (Hardly able to control her mirth).  "No doubt about
it,  Also, you went in on a Tuesday, didn't you?"

You:  "Yes...."

Sue:  "I think you ought to try a Friday.  It's closer to the
weekend, and people are more relaxed."

You:  (Growing donkey ears).  "Do you really think so...?"

Sue:  "Definitely. As it happens, we have some space in this
Fridays issue.  It's a really great position.  We normally
charge more for a Friday, but since you lost money last time,
we'll let you have it for 4700."

  So you book the space, and increase your money-back
guarantee (or whatever).  You've guessed the rest.  Friday
comes and goes and the response is about the same as your
last advert.  You kiss another three grand bye-byes.  But
before this, down at the classified department:-

Sue:  "Here's a riddle for you, John.  What company starts
with "A" and has just sent me a cheque for 4700?"

John:  "You're putting me on!!"

Sue:  (Waiving cheque) "Tum tee tum tum!"

John:  "You jammy sod!"

  Etc. Etc.

  Now why would a nice girl like Sue take such enormous
pleasure in stitching you up?  Does she hate you? Did you kick
her cat once, and she's never forgotten? Oh no, nothing so
personal.  Sue is pleased because:-

She's making a thumping ten percent commission on each advert
she sells!!

  And ten percent of five grand is 500.  Ten percent of
4700 is 470.  That makes 970 for two phone calls from you!
 She's probably quite a nice girl.  I'm sure she buys her
mother flowers on Mothers' Day.  And I also know that she is
having an expensive foreign holiday this year, courtesy of
ACME publishing!

More next week....

All the best
Neil Moran
Get the last website you will ever need to promote!

======================Joke of the Day=====================
From: "Dennis Sutherland" <>

A famed English explorer was invited to Dartmouth
to tell of his adventures in the African jungle.

 "Can you imagine," he demanded, "people so primitive
that they love to eat the embryo of certain birds, and slices
from the belly of certain animals?

And grind up grass seed, make it into a paste, burn it
over a fire, then smear it with a greasy mess they extract from
the mammary fluid of certain other animals?"

When the students looked startled by such barbarism,
the explorer added softly, "What I've been describing, of course,
is a breakfast of bacon and eggs and buttered toast."

Dennis Sutherland


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