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You hear "Work at Home", "Financial Freedom", "Be Your Own Boss", "Create
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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.)Free Graphics
~ Judy Hunyady

2.) Sheila
~ Free Website Submitting and Promoting Club

N e w     P o s t s   (4)

1. Teresa Kirk
~  Free Web Sites

2.Don Wetmore

3.Henryk Bartnicki
~ Reseller's Problems

4.Angie Boldwyn
~ Offline advertising

A l e r t   S e c t i o n(1)
1.) From: "Tim S."

Site Review Responses (0)

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
My Top 10 Website Traffic Sources
By Jim Daniels

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

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certain degree and make your campaign much, much  more effective if
you use legitimate ways of providing useful information to those
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People are becoming  familiar with certain name and are viewing
it positively, if introduction is done in not intrusive way and  within
certain time intervals. Name of your business is becoming associated
with positive feelings and  even if your message is being ignored
for several times  it will be eventfully   read, if you give it enough
opportunities. This is how newsletters work, but they require
constant work and  good content.

Autoresponder is accomplishing similar  task in lesser degree but
it gets your job done. This happens virtually without your intervention,
except for initial set up and  arrangement of it on your site or newsletter
in such a way, so it can be initiated by sending a blank  message to
special  email address.
Upon that, sequence of messages can be sent to the sender
within specific intervals, delivering information which is arranged
in follow-up sequence and looks like it was sent from somebody

I sometimes  request myself such autrespnoses (not business
opportunity ones, I read most of them) and am surprised
myself how  this can be illusive, even knowing that computer
program is sending this letters to me.

If you would like to  use Adrian Elman's excellent autoresponders
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==========Success Story Update=============
From: Fiona Heares

Note from Moderator.

I had to call this section "Success Story Update" as
we are dealing here with  certain point of Fiona's business
development which hit its low point but as you will
see after reading it, she is not  planning on giving up.

Her first post to success story about year ago can be seen

Dear Bogdan,
I was happy to read in your  newsletter that we could send in our
success story "updates". I had assumed that once {well in our case twice
:) } submitted last year you would have heard enough about us !

Actually I really appreciate the opportunity as we did receive a number of
visitors, opportunities and some great feedback by having our success story
on your site.
So thank you very much!   I shall be as verbose as I always am :))

Partly as a result of some of that feedback we have very recently started up
a marketing site .
Aimed primarily at helping local businesses here in Dunedin with their
Internet marketing. We have and will be taking a "hands-on" approach to
train people and small businesses here on Internet marketing.
Here in Dunedin people's eyes still glaze over when you mention Internet or
the web .. it's quite funny really, but of course presents a golden
opportunity to be in on the ground floor.

Anyway I digress, but where to start ... such a lot has happened since last
So many hurdles to overcome and many frustrations and many successes. I'll
say one thing it is NEVER, ever boring!

Well during the course of the year we grew our business and website slowly
and steadily. No great sudden overnight success and no gazillions to go
burn, but we were in the black and able to start putting money back into the
website and business and even SPEND little bits on marketing!!

We tried innumerous  marketing techniques, some better than others. I still
believe it is variety and targeting that give the best results in marketing
and of course trying new ideas (The creativeness that marketing on the
Internet generates in yourself - has been a surprise to me - I was one of
those business-phobes previously)

We were particularly pleased with our Search Engine positioning, which just
seemed to go from strength to strength. Having a number of different
products that we were able to use to target different keywords worked very
well for us. It gave us highly targeted placements on the search engines.

Our product range grew and grew and we made a couple of changes to the site.
I was now doing most of the HTML having exhausted 4 web designers in the
process! ( A girl could get a complex about this )
But of course as the products (over 200 products now) and site grew so did
the time required to maintain and update it. It was becoming apparent we
needed a shopping cart and a reliable, capable web master.
Besides this we were becoming more unhappy with our web host server and the
inordinate amount of down time, poor communication and customer service.

Being a gift site Oct - Jan went beyond our hopes and expectations. We had a
couple of very good business/corporate gift sales as well.

Then the second week in February the world disappeared! What happened??
We began to think that the millennium dooms day predictions had happened and
that NZ was the only place left on earth!

We went scuttling off to find a new webmaster and host server. "We NEED a
shopping cart and new host server".
"No problem" said our best-yet webmaster and abracadabra we had a shopping
cart and were moved...and a complete site redesign.
It was magic - really.......until ooopss we didn't realise, but all our
products were on cgi generated pages.....Search Engines don't love cgi
pages. Uh oh.....
What's going to happen to our search engine positions? Hey where's Alta
vista gone ?? uh oh.... AV has tossed us out of their data base, but why
what did we do?
Some new invisible anti-spam rules that we have apparently inadvertently
transgressed (honest I try to be good  - honestly I do) and we are still to
this day not listed at all on AV,  despite several e-mails asking for
reasons and some pretty sad and pathetic pleadings and sob stories -
heartless lot they are. (BUT I am not giving up!)

To overcome the dilemma of the other search engine placements I uploaded all
our old html pages and redirected them to the new cgi product pages.

In the meantime we were still marketing for the Beer in Mind Site and had
been recommended to , who then asked us to do a bit of
marketing for them.
We had excellent feedback to a number of articles we had written and
numerous requests to use them.
We have also been asked to present a workshop for the New Zealand Institute
of Management Women's Forum on e-commerce and Internet Marketing, which we
will be presenting this Thursday.

So we thought it is about time we had an Internet presence for what was
looking to be a new growth area for us and developed the
site. This was the first site I had made from scratch and it was a
I wouldn't be a web designer for anything - everyone is an editor !
Fortunately i didn't have to tackle that awful cgi stuff.... our wonderful
marvellous web designer did all that for us.

Sales and traffic started to pick up again on our gift site and we had
another inquiry about our marketing services. We began to feel a little
better and bought another domain name, for what we anticipate a  growing
business/opportunity. www.corporate-gift-ideas   for us. (Coming soonish)

However we had some unease with the new host server in that it appeared to
have more down time than the one we moved from and had absolutely NO
customer service. In fact, one time when we complained we were invited to
The e-mail and newsletter set-up was a little dodgy to say the least (As
Bogdan will verify - he was invited to join our newsletter everytime he sent
us one of his!).

And then presto! Web master is moving out of town, got a fantastic offer for
a real job and can't work on your site anymore...... WHAT?
What  about all this cgi stuff ( I simply didn't have time to learn it,
besides the move had already taken up way too much of my marketing time as
it was).
What about this web host server?? What are we going to do now....

The departing web masters recommendation was to find a new host
server....... ohhhhhhh happy, happy, joy, joy ...NOT!

And so we have, and this is where we are up to at the moment.
Except, none of the links worked and visitors were unable to travel through
the site, newsletter script is still not working, order pages weren't
working properly, broken graphics and links and so on....

Remember all those HTML pages I redirected to the cgi pages? Well guess
what? They point to the OLD site, I am going to have to pull them all down
or redirect them once gut feeling is that I should start from
scratch again and make some gateways. As I feel I have completely lost the
plot on where we are at with our search engine positioning.

We are NEVER moving again. This particular move to say it was a nightmare
would be an understatement. Anything that could possibly go wrong has and
still is. I am anticipating spending the next two weeks just fixing things
up on the site, and we haven't even tried to move the site
yet - wish us luck!
This feels like we are starting from the beginning again.

Last week, after some very sad personal news, was the first time I honestly
thought about giving up.

Then I read an article in a Women's Business magazine about discovering your
passion and living it.
Did you know that Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different ways to produce light
before the light bulb was invented? and that Henry Ford went bankrupt three
times before designing an affordable car? Margaret Mitchell's book "Gone
With The Wind " was rejected by 25 publicists before it was published?

Guess what?
This IS my passion!
I DO want to live it and right now that is about all we have to go on, but
it is enough :)

And so we will work through this step by step and start again if we have to,
and we will move and i will build the

And we WILL make it a success because we are passionate about our
business/es and the work we are attempting to make a living from and the
artists we are trying to help :)

Fiona Heares & Joan Greaves

An Internet Shopping Experience!!
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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: "Marilou Ovalsen " <>
Subject: Making Money on the Net.

Firstly, thanks for the great e-zine .. I have gained many useful insights

I just had to comment on a couple of things.

Hotmail:  I have an account there (from a very early affiliation which will
not change my email address) and lately they have introduced a way to screen
'senders'  - I regularly screen out all the SPAM mail.  On my own newsletter
I have had a few subscribers use this method rather than emailing me with
'remove.' I just get a return message from Hotmail saying 'email not
accepted by sender.'  I wonder if this is why some of you think that Hotmail
are being invasive?

Making Money on the Internet:  I have a chuckle when I read of people who
have spent heaps on promotion and have spent 'at least 2 hours a day' on
their website...
I began from absolute scratch 16 months ago and have spent zero on
promotion. I did, however , work 14-16 hours a day, seven days a week.
(still do)  I read for around 2-3 hours (e-zines, new software, SE's etc.) I
provide a very personal service to my clients so answering emails takes
another 4-5 hrs and the rest is on tuning my 8 websites and promoting them.
(SE's, Directories, Link Exchange etc etc.

In October '99 I made my first 'real' money ($400 USD) In November I
organized my own Merchant Account with my local bank and my income topped
$4,000 for the month.   My next financial year will easily go into six
figures.. My only costs are 2 phone lines, 4 ISP's and web hosting costs,
total less than $350 USD per month. (Now I have people paying me to place
their banners on my sites as well, although I haven't even begun to solicit
this type of income as yet.)

My traffic comes mostly from Directories, Top100 Lists and SE's way behind.
(I have one page, out of about 60, on Yahoo)  I don't use any 'tricks' such
as doorway pages etc.. (yet!)

Half my income is from my Relationship related services and half from
re-selling for 3 or 4 larger web sites.

My keywords to anyone really wanting a well paid Internet Lifestyle... Time
and Passion.

Spent huge amounts of time and do something you have a passion for....

Best Wishes,

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Judy Hunyady <>
Subject:  Free Graphics

In Adland Digest #177 wrote.

>If you read the disclaimer on the page, there is some
>question about a webmaster's ability to use the touted "free" graphic
>arts creations on commercial web pages.  The disclaimer is as follows:

>"Disclaimer: Some of the graphics in this archive were not created by All
>Free Art. They were acquired from a number of different sites on the net.
>The authors of the graphics in this archive may not agree in the use of
>their graphics in commercial projects. All Free Art does not take claim of
>ownership to all of the graphics in this archive and if you have comments
>questions about this archive or the graphics featured in it, please email
>the webmaster."

>Are the authors of the showcased art even aware that their products are
>being offered for use on the internet???   Were these pieces "acquired"
>the individual authors' knowledge?  No mention is made of which pieces are
>"free" and which are not.

Hi Bogdan and Adlanders,
Many of the graphics were created by me, but I also
present some that I found to be public domain.  In
addition, there are about 40 more that are displayed
with the author's permission.

I hope this answers your question.

I wish you the best with your Internet business


-- -- Graphic designer at
- -- Marketing manager at


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Sheila" <>
Subject: Free Website Submitting and Promoting Club

This is in response to Tom Dahne's posting regarding his website from Issue

Tom.  Your spelling and grammar are atrocious!  I don't know how many times
I've read this newsletter from want-to-be professional webmasters who do not
know how to spell or write properly!  I was a bit curious as to whether or
not you wrote this way because you were in a rush or if you were upset with
Rob Lee's opinion of your ideas, so I went to visit your site.  What I found
were numerous spelling, grammar, punctuation and spacing mistakes!  When I
visit sites and I view these mistakes - over and over and over again on one
page alone - I cannot take these sites seriously.  If you are going to take
the time to get your ideas across to people, especially trying to sell
people a product or idea, the least you can do is go over your site and make
sure everything is in order.

Now maybe I'm being picky, but I expect allot out of the work that I do on
site.  And I expect the same from "professional" sites that I visit.   I
can't think of the term "professional" for a site or webmaster when all I'm
doing is focussing on its mistakes.

It pays to listen to people who have been around the block for a long time.
Trying new things out is fine.  But don't try every little thing that comes
out on the Net.  Most of the time it's been done before, just in a different
approach or look.

I believe the whole idea of this newsletter is to give newbies like yourself
advice from seasoned professionals such as Rob Lee.  Listen to find out if
what a person says makes sense.  If it does, then look into it some more.
If necessary, and this is very important, find out what worked or didn't
work for someone.  That way you can weed through things that you may have
paid quite a few dollars for that was totally unnecessary in the first

But Tom, my first suggestion to you is to do a spell check on all of your
work.  You want people to focus on your ideas, not your mistakes.

If you want to be taken seriously, and this goes out to everyone, then I
suggest using your Spell Checker, going over your site and writings with a
fine tooth comb, and making sure that you keep your mistakes to a minimum,
if nothing at all.


Sheila's Kissing Booth

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Teresa Kirk <>
Subject:  Free Web Sites

Just to add to the discussion on free web sites.  I've got one that I really
love that made it soooo easy to ease into writing my own HTML code and make
a little money, too.

I signed up for a site at IBMPS.COM, Internet Business Market PS, which is
run by a wonderful man named Peter Simmons.  He gives the pages away to
simply maximize his referrals for a select few surf and affiliate programs,
but it gets better.  He allows you to make any changes you would like to the
pages (any additions or subtractions) without needing to have any knowledge
of HTML programming.
You simply email to him your referral ID's and links and he changes the code
for your page for you.

Believe me, I was requesting changes almost daily and he never seemed to
tire of me.  Eventually, I felt guilty enough to start sending him the
actual code for each link, errors and all, and he just corrected the code,
updated the page and advised me of the mistakes I was making.
Talk about a mentor!

Well now, I just send him my updated page (still almost daily) and he just
loads it up.  My page is nothing like the one he originally provided me
with, but he doesn't seem to mind one bit.  We've formed a relationship
where we try when we can to join affiliate and pay programs under one
another, which is the whole point of forming the partnership.

Check out the page he hosts for me at and run on over to IBMPS.COM if
you'd like to ease into HTML programming with a VERY patient mentor.

Teresa Kirk

FREE Personalized Email at
Sign up at

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>

Much of planning time is wasted time when we fail to
execute, when we procrastinate. I write about five useful
tips to overcome procrastination in my article,
"Procrastination Pointers."  To get your free copy, email
your request for "pointers" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

Productivity Institute
Time Management Seminars
Visit our Supersite:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From:   "Henryk Bartnicki" <>
Subject: Reseller's Problems.

Hello Bogdan,
Greetings to all Adlanders,

It's been some time now since I posted here, but although I am not very
active member of this community, at the moment, I simply love AdlandPro, and
I always look forward to AdlandPro's Digest.
As this is a community of people who really care about others trying to find
their chance for online success, I decided to post again to seek help with
my problems.
First I would like to remind myself to you. Although I am not an expert in
e-business, I am not a newbie either.
I have tried many money-to-be-online programs  ( have built some downline in
some of them ). To promote my online activity I joined nearly a dozen
marketing systems, including AdlandPro (as an affiliate, of course ). Thank
you Bogdan, AdlandPro is great. I like your daily messages confirming that I
had a response to my ads at AdlandPro. I joined as an affiliate such network
marketing systems as Adnetworknu, Ad Track Classified Systems, MegaResponse,
SmallBizFFAs etc. With nearly all of them I created a dozen of door pages
for each one. Every single door page allows you to find me with different
key words. All of them are already indexed. So it's now easy to find me
among the top10 sites, using such key words as:
how to promote effectively on the web,
how to submit to millions for free
proven methods of how to advertise effectively,
how to neutralize computer's harmful ionizing, etc.
I believe that this ( plus my other online activities) should lead me
directly to some success.
Unfortunately it's not so easy, no much of a success. Why? Maybe this is the

I created 3 online stores, through, and I started to promote
them largely. I focussed my attention on one of them especially ( Belgian
chocolates in large choice of flavours, shapes, prices, etc.). I begun to
observe my account, and my commissions from the very first day. Nothing
there, of course. Then I opened my account once a week, then once a month.
No commissions, although I promoted it largely. Then after few months I
begun to have problems with getting to my store's addresses. Now I have not
been able to open my stores, at my web addresses, at all, for the last two
months. What's the problem? I couldn't even contact the administration.
Then, the other day I went to my friend and I tried to reach my stores from
his computer. I reached them easily, but to my great shock the chocolate
store wasn't mine any longer.
I do not intend to promote it here, but I want to get you idea of the
situation. I promoted it at the address: and through my virtual
It bears now the links, banners and text of somebody else: HWY? And how is it possible at
I can assure you there is no mistake of the address, as I used to open it
so many times, I have it in my files, have the pages printed, have my email
signatures set up, etc.
When I opened my account from my friend's computer, there was no chocolates
store. Has it been removed, or has it been stolen?
If it's been removed because of some reasons, why wasn't I informed?!
Any comments will be appreciated.

Bogdan, you will have to wait some time for my success story, I am afraid.

Best regards,
Henryk Bartnicki
Can You write classified ads?! So you're a winner!

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: Angie Boldwyn <>
Subject: offline advertising

I'm doing research into various forms of offline advertising.
Does anyone know of offline advertising accessible on the net?

Angie Boldwyn

Note from Moderator.

Try this.
I would appreciate your feedback
in case you use it.


============A l e r t   S e c t i o n====================
From: "Tim S." <>

Hello Adland Readers

Tim here, from with another update of important info.
Last time I was printed here I used an example of some research I did about
the Alphacom opportunity? Apparently some readers wrote about it to Alphacom
leader Ray Clifton, he answered (sent me a copy) the debate by accusing me
of being unable to spell, calling me names, proclaiming that the inventor of
the transistor was on the Alphacom board of directors? (the three men that
invented the transistor have been dead for some time?)  I'm not here to
throw stones and I'm not including the email but will make it available upon
request to those interested? Rather I am here to tell you about some really
great sites! First is World Wide Scams (currently investigating the Alphacom
opportunity:~)  featuring reports on almost 50 Internet opportunities and
featured at CTV  Mark Schneiders, Digital Desk report. Have you been getting
the hundreds of emails (like I do) about ReferEveryone? Did you know this is
Phil Piccolos 4th attempt at running a scam?  Protect yourself, be aware,
visit this site and always use Common Sense!

Continuing my Protect yourself article,

Have you gotten the Virus scare emails? The ones that contain a commission
link to buy Virus software? Are you aware that every hour of everyday that
hackers are scanning the net to steal your software and private information?
Did you know that the solutions are FREE and available to anyone to download

I have put the links in our new Common Sense Search Engine, Please follow
the link below and look in the Computer section under "software" You will
find a site that will test your computers vulnerability and a link to a FREE
Firewall solution. Also there is a link to FREE virus software that stacks
right up there with big boys! I've been using it for months and I am very
pleased with not only the program but also the support.

While your there please feel free to add your sites link so our Common Sense
members can find you!

The Internet is a wonderful thing, but like all good things it also contains
evil, protect yourself and your computer so you can better enjoy the good
side of what the net offers!

Thank you
Tim Sanders

Bringing Enlightenment to the Web
with a Common Sense Approach

========= Site Review Request (1)===========
From: "Tony" <>

Just set up a new web site called
I would appreciate any comments or suggestions for promotion and design.



========= Site Review Request (2)==========
From: "Rhonda Blum" <>

Dear Bogdan and Fellow Subscribers-
I have been a reader for awhile, love your ezine and value your
I am constantly tinkering with my site
small business resource.
Since I work alone, I have not gotten any outside opinions.
Can you please take a look and give me any comments and suggestions.
I appreciate your time.
Rhonda Blum

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
My Top 10 Website Traffic Sources
By Jim Daniels

No matter what you are promoting online, in order to earn
the bucks, ya gotta get website traffic, and lots of it.
Whether you are promoting products, services or affiliate
programs, more website traffic means more income.

Today I'll share with you the best FREE AND CHEAP ways I've
learned to get website traffic.

Newbie Note: If you're new at e-commerce, before concentrating
your efforts of getting site traffic, take the time to make
sure "what" you will be promoting will actually SELL. If you
plan to market your own products or services, you'll need to
identify a large group of potential buyers FIRST. If you plan
to promote an existing product, service or opportunity get
some REAL income figures from others already doing it. Once
you've accomplished this, you'll have some solid figures to
shoot for and you can start pouring on the traffic.

Here's what really works for growing lots of site traffic...

1. Give away value with no strings attached

Giving something of value away for free is a great way to
attract website visitors. Thanks to the web, distributing
freebies is in itself, free. You don't have to spend a dime
to pass out freebies left and right. All you need are a few
quality freebies.

More Info:

2. Go "viral" with your freebies

Viral strategies allow you to multiply your marketing
efforts without actually doing more work. Take that example
above. You offer a great freebie like an ebook or tutorial.
Now, let others give it away for free at their site too, as
an incentive, bonus or just for the heck of it. Why not? It
adds value to their offering and it creates more visitors to
your site as your freebie spreads.

My own example:

3. Position your site in the search engines

While you absolutely MUST add your website URL to all the
major engines, search engine promotion does not stop there.
You need to improve your raking so that your website is not
lost among the millions of sites on the web. Unfortunately,
many webmasters spend FAR too much time on their search
engine ranking. The best strategy in my experience is to
optimize all your pages for good ranking, concentrate on
getting links, then let the rest take care of itself.

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4. Use "pay for rank" search engines

Every month I get a few thousands visitors from,
the web's leading pay for rank search engine. These visitors
cost me an average of less than a dime each. There are more
and more "pay for rank" engines cropping up on the web and
they offer a great way to get targeted traffic cheap. I
suggest you try a few.

More Info on GoTo:
24 pay for rank engines:

5. Advertise in email newsletters

Still a bargain. Have you noticed the larger companies
jumping on the ezine advertising bandwagon? They know the
value of a dollar. For a few thousand bucks they can take
out a half-page ad in ONE magazine offline. For the same
price they can advertise in multiple ezines and reach
literally hundreds of thousands of prospects, faster and

More Info:

6. Publish your own ezine!

I've been publishing this gazette since August of 1996.
Looking back, starting this publication may have been my
wisest decision to date. My e-newsletter brings the
life-blood of my business (you!) back to my site on a
regular basis. Every webmaster should offer a way for
surfers to sign up for a regular email notice. It doesn't
have to be an ezine, you can send specials, freebies or even
site updates notices. The key is to keep in touch with the
people you manage to get to your site. It's hard work
getting traffic, don't let them leave without offering to
stay in touch!

More Info:

7. "Rent" Opt-in email lists

Here's a promotion method that works. It can be a bit more
costly than the other methods mentioned here, but it does
pull in lots of website traffic. Just visit -- arguably the net's most
prominent opt-in list services provider, and click on
"read some case studies". There you'll see an unsolicited
testimonial from yours truly. Although I don't spend money
on opt-in list rental too often (I'm cheap!) I do use opt-in
services when I need a quick boost in sales.

More Info and list sources:

8. Offer an affiliate program

If the product or service you are promoting is your own,
adding an affiliate program to your site is a great "pay for
performance only" method of increasing website traffic and
in turn sales. It's no wonder that thousands of websites now
offer to "share the profits" with their customers.

More Info:

9. Write Articles

Anyone who reads my stuff regularly knows I rave about this
promotion method. The fact is, it is responsible for a large
part of my traffic. It still surprises me how many people
don't try this. All it takes is a few hours each week or
month to write about what you know and then have it looked
over by someone with editing skills. Then, you tack on a
small footer with your URL and fire it off to a list of
editors who publish material related to what you're
marketing. You then post the articles at your own site with
re-publishing permission for other webmasters.

More Info:
Article Submissions:
Article Submissions:

10. Create and promote joint ventures

Up until last year I had overlooked joint venture marketing
almost completely. What a mistake. Joint ventures are a
powerful way to get traffic and additional income online.
One particular joint venture I'm involved with is solely for
generating for new ezine subscribers. The JV 'contest" at includes five other
ezine publishers like myself and generate over a hundred new
subscribers every single week! Your own JV possibilities are
limited only by your imagination. If you haven't tried JV's
yet, start by keeping a notebook of possible joint venture
candidates and contact one or two every few months.

More Info:

That's it for today. See you next week with some slick
email tricks and secrets. You'll love next week's tip...

Tips by Jim Daniels, owner of <>.
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helped thousands of small business owners actual start
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A young woman was preparing a ham dinner.  After she cut
off the end of the ham, she placed it in a pan for baking.  Her
friend asked her,"Why did you cut off the end of the ham"?
And she replied ,"I really don't know but my mother always
did, so I thought you were supposed to."

Later when talking to her mother she asked her why she cut
off the end of the ham before baking it, and her mother
replied,"I really don't know, but that's the way my mom
always did it."

A few weeks later while visiting her grandmother, the young
woman asked, "Grandma, why is it that you cut off the end
of a ham before you bake it?"

Her grandmother replied ,"Well dear, it would never fit into
my baking pan."

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