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C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n s (0)

N e w P o s t s (4)

1. Ward Dougherty
~Mail List problems

2. Don Wetmore
~ Multiplying

3. Christopher Mawhood
~ Non-English Websites SOMEHOW get onto YAHOO !!!

4. Frank Jamison
~ Affiliate program directory feedback needed

A l e r t S e c t i o n(1)
1. FBI, DOJ Issue List of Worst Net Threats

Site Review Responses (0)
~ Robert Lee

Site Review Requests (0)

G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)
Marketing On The Internet Today Is A Brand New Ball Game.
Here Is What's Really Working Now!
By Cory Friedman, Successful Internet Marketer

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome 210 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


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are only 4-5 people who were successful with their internet
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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>

Hi Bogdan and AdLanders!

I'm getting ready for a new series of articles for's
Retail Industry site that will
be focusing on online order fulfillment. Since AdLand members
were a great small business resource for my previous retail
loyalty series, I'd like to ask for volunteers again. Of course
anyone who is interviewed for the article will be mentioned and
a link provided to your site.
is a MediaMetrix Top 10 (April) company.

I need small to medium size business owners or managers
that are using e-fulfillment services OR doing their fulfillment
themselves from home or a business address. I also need
a few additional businesses who provide order fulfillment for
others. If you are in the Chicagoland area and would be open
to my visiting your facilities, I promise to bring
t-shirts or other goodies for you and your staff.

I should mention that I am not considering affiliate programs
to be online fulfillment providers for the purpose of this series
(I will be doing another series on affiliates later this summer).
In addition, the fulfillment should be for tangible items--physical
product, not e-books or software downloaded online.

If anyone is interested in participating, please contact me

Melody T Vargas
Melody Treece Vargas
Retail Industry Guide,

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Ward Dougherty <>
Subject: Mail List problems

I am getting bogged down, time wise, with my Ezine Mailing
List. I finally got it Alphabetized using Excel, I think????

I now have approximately 4,300 Email Addresses. A lot of these have come
from opt-in Emails. I have tried several methods to get more opt-in Emails
from Water Sports people, but haven't been that successful up to now.

My problem with my Email List now is; it is so manual and time consuming.
A friend of mine suggested an auto responder, which I am not familiar
I told him that I was going to Email you for suggestions.
This is the type of system I would like:

(1) Alphabetize Master list.

(2) Be able to see it and it not be stored in a "little black box."

(3) Be able to add or delete Email addresses.

(4) Also, have them broken down by source where I got the Emails.
Like Subscribers, Opt-In Emails, Etc. Right now I have my Email
List separated into about 13 sub-groups and are sending them
through the Jackson State Community College Server, because my
Internet Provider began cutting down on the number of Emails that
I could send at once (50 approx.) I can send approximately 300+
at a time through Jackson State's Email Server and then get all my
incoming Email, as before, through Aneas Internet Service.

(5) Some system that would reject an Email already on my Main List,
like using "My Favorites File" where it rejects any Website URL that
I try to enter to a particular category, such as "Swimming", if that URL
is already in that File.( Wishful thinking on my part?????????)

(6) Another problem I have is when someone wants to Unsubscribe using
their Primary Email address, and I don't have that address on file, but
another Email Address that they also use that links back to their
Primary Email Address. If they would follow my "REMOVE"
instructions; that works great with my manual system. I can then narrow
down their Email Address that I have on my Main List, as well as my
coded sub-groups.

(7) Etc.

I am open to any suggestions that you might recommend.

Thanks, and l bring me up to date with what is going on with you.


Note from Moderator.


There are many software solutions, some expensive, some free.

1. Unitymail.

You can get their software (mail server) installed on your computers.
For this you need fast connection, as all the letters are originating
from your computer.

This is very flexible solutions, although expensive.
Check out their site here.

You can also get set-up on their website and they will run your newsletter
for you.
The same functionality but you are not limited by bandwidth of your
connection. Info at url above.

2. Free solutions is

It is free and I can see that it is being used a lot recently by many businesses.
It has many features but it is not as powerful as unitymail.
Free might be a factor.

I'm not sure how flexible is that one, but it is also free or for a fee with
extra features. is called Subscribe Me Pro

5. which let's you create both HTML and text-based
email newsletters, effortlessly.

6. You can also check "Email Experts" at

The reason I'm listing these sources is that I'm myself now investigating
best solutions for Adland Digest (reaching 20,000 subscribers).
If you know about other solutions or have any experiences with the
above, please send it to digest.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Multiplying

An essential Time Management tool is maintaining a sound
network of people who can assist in your success. In my
article, "Multiplying With Networking", I discuss this
valuable concept and I would be happy to share it with
members of the List. To get your free copy, email your
request for "multiplying" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore-Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute-Time Management Seminars
Free Time Management Tips Newsletter:
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======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Christopher Mawhood" <>
Subject: Non-English Websites SOMEHOW get onto YAHOO !!!

Dear Bogdan

I would like to pass on to Adland Digest readers
a VERY good way of getting a Non-English website
on to Yahoo! within say 48 hours
- I found this out completely by accident ???

Even though <for example> my Nederlandse
<Dutch> is rudimentary but sufficient I set up
<please do mention either the war or copyright>
and then advertised it with all the LOCAL Nederlandse
<Dutch> search engines I could find

The next thing I discovered was that I was on Yahoo in
48 hours !!! - while a website in English takes weeks/months

I have done the same with other non-English AllAdvantage sites
with similar results - please see
<Russian but not yet in the public domain - look at it to see why ?>

Frankly the best results are from the Northern European
Languages - i.e. North of the line from Vlaamse Ostend via/ Aachen
<Aix La Chapelle>/ Luxemburg/Basel/Schweitser Deutsch/

I had hoped that my Portuguese site would be a success
- BUT I now understand that Brazil is not yet in AllAdvantage
as compensation I hope it will be by 31.12.00

To translate your website into another European language
you can use
BUT please get a native speaker of that language to correct
the auto-translation

Final advice to Adland Digest readers - GO NOW FOR GERMANY

And Final Question - Should we submit our English websites to
non - English search engines in order to get listed at Yahoo!

God bless/ Vaya con Dios

Regards Christopher Mawhood

Ph 44-1494-529719
Powerful Always Free Submission Software

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Frank Jamison" <>
Subject: Affiliate program directory feedback needed

Dear Bogdan,

My name is Frank Jamison and I am starting a new affiliate program directory
abd shopping mall. I would like to get some input on advertising resources
for my site, as I am on a limited budget.

I also saw your request for input on DigitalWork. I have placed an order
with them for 500 web cards. I will let you know of my experience with them
when the transaction is complete.

I would also like to request a site review from your readers. The site name
is It is an affiliate program directory and shopping

Lastly, I saw a request for offline advertising resources online. I would


Frank Jamison


==============A l e r t S e c t i o n(1)================

FBI, DOJ Issue List of Worst Net Threats

The FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the System
Administration Networking and Security Institute are jointly
releasing a list detailing the 10 most critical Internet
security threats and how to eliminate them.

Full article at:

========= Site Review Response (1)===========
From: "Robert Lee" <>

From: "Rhonda Blum" <>
Dear Bogdan and Fellow Subscribers-
I have been a reader for awhile, love your ezine and value your
I am constantly tinkering with my site
small business resource.
Since I work alone, I have not gotten any outside opinions.
Can you please take a look and give me any comments and suggestions.
I appreciate your time.
Rhonda Blum

Sure Rhonda,
I'll take a quick look.
First off, reduce the size of your overall table, it shouldn't be 830 pixels
wide, just 800. Most monitors are set at 800x600 resolution and I personally
hate to scroll left and right. This will put some people off, but more
importantly, many will just miss the info on the right side that is hidden
off the screen.
You prominently state "As a service to our customers and visitors to our
site, we have developed this online Business Resource Center." yet the link
takes me to 2 items, nicely chosen to help me promote an offline business,
but hardly worth the effort in seeing them. The Vision USA 2000 product had
no link and the text "Free sample offer on select items to qualified
respondents." - could you not expand on this and let me know if I qualify
already? and tell me where to inquire about this particular product? If I
just stumbled across your site, wouldn't it be helpful to have ideas about
off-line promotional techniques? How to send the products, how to choose who
gets what? That type of thing?
"The show's a week from Monday..." line is an attention grabber, but
shouldn't it lead to a better catalogue of possible items, not just your
contact phone number (with NO email address in sight)? I realize that the
links on the left are the products, but the buttons are terribly done, some
with text running beyond the edges of the buttons, not a very professional
I realize that "Click here to email us" is a link that opens up my mail
program and will allow me to send you a message, but why is your email
address not actually written anywhere on your site?
Your form states that you have a catalogue that can be sent to someone
requesting it. A picture of it would be nice here.
Overall, you have a great site that needs navigational improvements and
additional information to help new customers. If this is just a support
website for your existing customers, they'll certainly appreciate a better
design structure and links system.
As for the Giftmaze.... that's a whole different topic, maybe you'd like me
to share my opinions about that site as well some day?

Robert Lee
Thank You For Choosing Us As Your
Dating Service Directory
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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Marketing On The Internet Today Is A Brand New Ball Game.
Here Is What's Really Working Now!

By Cory Friedman, Successful Internet Marketer

It's amazing, every month thousands of internet newbies come online and
soon enough, many of those newbies start off on the long journey of learning
the skill of internet marketing. Usually the first thing that these newbies
do is gather as much information on internet marketing as they can. Since
they are all so eager to make money online in the quickest time possible,
they often buy expensive advertising services. Most of the time the advertising
service that they purchased will end up being a worthless, profitless, expense
that they will soon enough realize was just a waste of time and money.

As these newbies become more advanced they will have tried many different
marketing methods. They will also have experienced a taste of what works
great, what works ok, and what is just a waste of time.

Back in the beginning of the internet it was a much easier time for
entrepreneurs to profit online. Back then a few posts of a classified ad and
a few ffa submissions was all it took to generate some traffic, and maybe a
sale or two. But, today the internet is a totally different place and it
demands much more from entrepreneurs.

Today, in order to profit online you don't have to work harder, but you do
have to work smarter. The many internet marketing methods that proved to be
fruitful many years ago, just aren't nearly as powerful, or as profitable

Take for instance the search engines. Everyone who has ever been involved in
internet marketing has heard that top search engine placement is the
solution to everything. Well GREAT! Now all anyone has to do to be successful
online is learn how to work the search engines, right? Wrong. Very Wrong.

Statistics have shown that the search engines aren't nearly as useful as
they used to be a while ago. Many people just like me have put tremendous
effort into search engines. We have studied various courses, applied all the
so-called "secret" techniques, and never ended up with any success. This is
not to say that search engines should be shunned out of the internet
marketing game. It's just to say that the search engines (at this time) are
totally unreliable and gaining a top position in any of the major search
engines is an incredibly hard task.

I think of the search engines as a lottery. Are you willing to devote day
after day trying to learn the search engines only to be given an incredibly
slim chance of even getting a measly amount of success? I know I'm not. I
would much rather devote my time and money to marketing methods that are
"very effective" and have very high chances of success.

Right now on the internet there is one marketing method that is blowing all
other techniques out of the scene. Those who are using it properly are
experiencing tremendous success. Can you guess what this "golden marketing
technique" is? You're reading it right now! This incredibly profitable technique
is called "Ezine Advertising." There are a few reasons why Ezine Advertising
proves to be such a profitable marketing method. Here are the reasons that
make it the #1 internet marketing method of all time.

1. Your ads can always be sent to a targeted audience because Ezines are
specialty newsletters that cater to particular interests and topics. Since
the audience is always targeted, you will always be advertising to people
who are already interested in the type of product you offer. This means your
response rates with a well written ad can be incredibly high.

2. Ezine Advertising is usually pretty cheap. That means you can receive the
"best bang for you buck" advertising available. And just a few sales
generated from your ad can easily yield a profit over the inexpensive ad
costs that many Ezines have. You'll be surprised how easy it is to receive
many sales from a well written ad, in a targeted Ezine.

3. The amount of exposure you can receive for such little cost is
mind-boggling. Often a 20-dollar ad can give you exposure to more than
20,000 people. That is incredibly high exposure for such a small cost.

Now it's up to you. You can forget about this whole article and keep
struggling on the same old marketing methods that aren't bringing in good
results. Or you can take the knowledge I just gave you, and put Ezine
advertising to work for you.

Ezine advertising is the marketing breakthrough for the year 2000.
Learn how to use it effectively, and prosper.

Get serious about Ezine Advertising and learn how to use the
latest cutting edge Ezine tactics to send your profits through the
roof! Incredibly successful internet marketer (Rick Beneteau)
reveals his proven Ezine Marketing tactics guaranteed to make you
serious money. For exciting info visit:

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Submitted by Sharon Rothe <>

"I Love You"

This is the Unix version of "I Love You". It works on the honor

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