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Inexpensive Advertising       "Sharon Evans" <>
                                              Ruth Rathbun
Feedback/Successes;             "Dianne D. Spyridon" <>
Website Help                           Danielle Amory <>
Meta Tags                     (WILL WARD)
Marketing Ideas                     Keeley Nowalk <>
Promotion Help                    Daniel Matovinovic <>
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Moderators' Comments:
After the last two issues we seem to have succeeded in getting some 
lurkers to respond. That is terrific. Glad you did, and I'll bet it
wasn't even painful. We have some excellent posts that need some
answers and help. I'm going to give all of you first crack, so have
at it.

NOTE: Some educational updates:  All of you reading this post are
subscribed. I want to make note that there is a very large printed
note just under the heading informing you where the post and
unsubscribing info is located. When and if you decide to unsubscribe,
please follow the directions. I am getting some to my personal
address, unfortunately I can't do anything for you. I need to forward
the notice to Bogdan who has access to the list. It is much easier
for all of us if you just follow directions.
For posting, there are still some who are sending to me personally
also. Note the posting address below and mail. Using the proper
address makes it easier for me, but also guarantees that I get it.

In the last post I asked about an archive. Several have responded
postively. We are going to begin working on making it available.
We will definitely keep you posted.
From:             "Sharon Evans" <>
Subject:          I have found some real inexpensive ways to promote

I have found a great place to run your own classified site for free!
Another great place is message boards there are many people out there
attempting for the first time how to run a small business and they are
looking for you that has knowledge.  I have pick up a few great
contacts by offering support.  Plus I have come across free link
programs that save you time.  Plus I found searching for all the free
classified ads to post my ad a difficult and long task.  I found a
site with over 7000 free sites to advertise in and it's cost was just
29.95  some times we have to remember the fast pace of the net time is
money and a little bit here and there in investing in things that
aren't going to break your bank is worth it. Plus I have collected
alot of free websites I have found one that is the the best  you can
even have music and there is no cost!  If you would like any info on
these places e-mail me thanks best of luck with your venture!
From:              "rrathbun" <>
To:                <>
Subject:          Free ads work
Date sent:        Mon, 10 Aug 1998 22:13:22 -0400

Hello all,
I've been subscribed to this list for some time now and until today,
did not feel I had anything to offer in the way of marketing ideas
that work. I do, however, disagree with the statement that posting
free classified ads, doesn't work.  I have been working a business for
about 1 1/2 months, and have built a downline of over 140, just by
placing free ads.  I post consistently to a few sites, each and every
day.  I also post to FFA link pages, and submit to search engines.
But, most of my signups come from the free ads. Just my 2cents.

Ruth Rathbun (Hot Free Biz- Try it)
From:             "Dianne D. Spyridon" <>
Subject:          AdLand: You asked for feedback...

>From the last message, dated Monday, August 10, 1998:

>Send in your posts about: What are  your
>expectations of the list? What do you want to see?
>Much more in the way of marketing and promotion?

I am starting a company from my home.  (October 1 is my official
date).  My company will do a variety of things, including web
hosting/design, programming *and* Internet Marketing.  I subscribed to
this list to find out about new and interesting ways to do on-line
marketing (not MLM stuff) for those sites.  Mabey there are things out
there that I have not thought of, mabey I know things that other's
have not though of.... in any case, that is why I am here. (you asked

>Send us your success stories.

  Well one way I know of that no-one has mentioned yet (or mabey they
I'm relatively new to this list) is through links that pay you per
clickthrough.  For example one of the companies I use for my personal
site is ClickTrade (   They have a huge database of
sites who each pay you between $.01 and $.40 per person (each person
only counts once a day) who clicks from your link on your site.  This
money you get per click goes into an account, You can then offer the
same to other people (you write the description for your link - ie:
MyPage - The best site on the net, come see!). You get to approve
every request from someone who wants to place your link on their site,
and you set the price per click.  The money that is paid to these
people comes out of your account, if your account gets low, a reminder
is sent to you, you can then either send money to clicktrade (to fill
your account again), or you can place more clickthrough's on your site
(to get more money for click's). BTW - Just so you know, I *do not
work* for ClickTrade, *or endorse it* in any way, it's just an easy to
explain example.

PS - My buisness (the one I reffered to above) will be located at it's not up yet, but check it out in a few
weeks, I would appreciate any feedback or constructive criticisms.
THANK YOU! :) (This is not an ad, just a plea for help!) ;)
Dianne D. Spyridon
From:             Danielle Amory <>
Subject:          New post: Website design

I've been reading and saving everything since I joined Adland's list
but now I need help so here goes: I'm new to online commerce/marketing
so of course my first few months were spent doing the obvious stuff:
Getting on every mailing list I could find, etc. I even got one of
those 'Free' office space thingies and 'played at' being a webmaster.
Now I'm ready for the real thing so I purchased, Publish It On The Web
by Bryan Pfaffenberger, and realized - I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS FOR A
LIVING!! Sorry for shouting but that's exactly what I've learned.
Design, hosting, etc. is not my business 'goal', so now I'm looking
for someone to do all the stuff for me. I've been to Virtualsys and
one of my business associates has one. I want to know this: How do I
know I'm getting offered a fair price for what I want to do? I've been
quoted everything from $200 for design and $50 a month for hosting to
$1500 for design and $35 a month for hosting. The middle ground is
$500 design/$50 hosting. How does one find what is reasonable? $1500
is not my idea of reasonable when they had the same specifics for
doing the site as the other two.

Anyone can help? I appreciate it. Pleeease, no more 'Free Website and
Make Money too' stuff. My site must be under my or my webmaster's
control for editing. Danielle
From:    (WILL WARD)
Subject:          META Tags and site inspection

We have had our site online for a little over a month.  We have just
about got it completed so we asked for a check up from a web garage !!
When we got the results it said that we did not have Meta discription
tag or Meta keywords.  What are these and how do we creat them?
Please be very specific since we have webtv and not a computer.  If
you need to go to our site for the answers to my questions (not in
promoting our own site) our URL is Thank You for your
help, and we will be waiting to hear from anyone, who can help with
this issue in the future issues of the digest.

Will & Lorene Ward
From:             <>
Subject:          More Marketing Ideas

Hi!  I look forward to reading each new edition of the digest and
decided that I should add my two cents!  I have a few ideas about how
to increase a web site's traffic in addition to Bob Cortez's

I agree that submitting to search engines is necessary, but most of my
visitors have not come from there.  I recommend participating in
banner exchanges.  Although it may not generate a lot of traffic, with
a with a good banner design that leaves the viewers curious, it may
generate more traffic.  Also, submitting links on links pages that
have a good lead-in to your site.  Make them curious, so they come to
your site to find out more!

I think that a key to getting visitors is to have something that will
keep visitors coming back and bring others.  Something like a contest
or giveaway. I use this on my site, and after only a week of being
on-line, my site has generated nearly 150 visitors.  If advertised
correctly, this will draw people to your site again and again, and the
more they visit, the more likely they are to look deeper and deeper
into your site which leads to the possibility of more sales!

Another idea that I use is to offer visitors free help.  This may or
may not work, depending on the content of your site.  My web site's
content is business opportunities, and to help those that I sponsor
feel more at ease with starting their own business, I offer them one
place to find links to submit their ads and URLs and various other
links to help them get their business going and making profits.  The
more information that they have, the less intimidated they are by the
idea of where to start!

Keely Nowalk -- A Family Affair
Increase Your Site's Traffic, Give Away Vacations Every Day!   or
From:             Daniel Matovinovic <>
Subject:          Promotion Help

I have been subscribed to you for a few weeks, but have not had the
time to read every e-mail I get, but let me tell you... don't stop,
the information you provide is excellent and I am glad that there is
some company out there willing to help, without a fee.
I have one question what companies do you recomend for url
Should I go with the company that provides the top 20 search engines
or 200 search engines and data bases, which co.'s do you know of that
is reliable.
Also do you have any opinion on the what does a host provider need to
qualify as a good one. I found one for $13.99 a month after you
contract for 17.99 for one year.
I am trying to market my web design business that is very new, but
they are a dime a dozen on the web. I am trying to look for
different ways to market my customers web pages... any help would be

Let's hear from you......

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