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         Success Story
         Featured Article

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.) Mail  List Solutions

2.) DigitalWork
~ Frank Jamison

N e w     P o s t s   (3)

1.Gene Brown
~ I just got done adding 26 doorway pages. What next?

2.D Adams
~ I'm still alive and kicking

3. Mark
~ Quest For Help

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Site Review Responses (1)

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Search Engine tips
By Melanie Kozik

Joke of the Day


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Digest sponsorship info

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome 151  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Whenever I get unsolicited testimonials  from my affiliates or advertisers,
I take advantage of it and post it here in Adland Digest to show to
my readers what else I'm doing except for running this list.
I hope that this will give a little bit more idea about myself and
things I'm doing.


Hello Bogdan,

I just want to thank you for providing an excellent opportunity for free
traffic to my website, your programe really does work with minimal effort.
I also look forward to reading your supperb Adland Digest news letter.

Affiliate for life

Chris Hands
Webhosting Services

From: "Chris Mather" <>

Hi Bogdan,

The link at the top is working really well. I cant believe how many sales we
have made this week.
The link cost $200.00 and is the best form of advertising I have ever bought
from your company.
Just within the last week, we have taken in $5400US, 90% of them were
referred from Adland.
Wow... Keep this up and I'll retire soon. Some of our advertising is on
Australian TV and newspaper. Even they do not come close to the response
rate and conversion rate that your company provides. I would love to
continue for another month. Let me know when it is time for payment.

Thanks for everything.

Chris Mather
Rep ID 8767



In last issue of Adland Digest
Mike <>
recommended  to manage  newsletter and mailing list
to Ward who asked for this type of suggestions. Since I'm myself looking
for better list management, I applied to topica for acceptance of Adland
Digest and importing of my list of 20,000 subscribers.
After two days I received message declining their free service to me
with the following explanation.

Topica will not host lists with the intent of generating non-specific
commercial offers as their primary function.

We will also not accept any of the following types of lists: Get Rich
Quick, pyramid schemes, lists that appear to be involved with fraud, and
lists that send unsolicted opt-in offers.

Your list fits one or more of the above criteria, so we will not be
adding it to the Topica system. We apologize for not having informed you
of this earlier.

After reading this message I sent complaint to company CEO and
to the support team at Topica. My complain wasn't the fact that my list was
not  accepted, but  their classification of the list. I was hurt and
expressed my  disappointment with company response.

Two days later  I received another message

Topica takes a pro-active approach to spam prevention. If a list looks
suspicious, our Abuse Team is authorized to remove that list before it
can generate any unwanted email to our users.

We have looked at your list archives and feel that the type of content
your list generates, given the size of your list, would cause subscriber
complaints. Your discussion of FFA's, affiliate programs, not to mention
the featured "Dirty Tricks With Autoresponders" are topics that we
discourage at Topica.

We regret that our service cannot suite your list needs.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

So as you can see from the above, discussing  FFA's and affiliate
programs is considered as a very bad thing  regardless of your
I'm not sure where they came up with "Dirty tricks..., but if you
go to their site, there is a  link which says
"Tell a friend -Earn $300" which  opens page with Topica
referral program. Ahhaaa. Topica can run affiliate program, but
nobody should be able to talk about it. So it is O.K. to run
affiliate program but anybody talking about it is a potential trouble
for Topica.

Congratulations Topica. This really made me confused.
I'm running my business on the net for about  three years now, and
I felt I'm quite familiar with it, but you have really  got me
thinking and made me for a moment feel like a newcomer.

So everybody if you have intention to talk abut FFA's and affiliate
programs or use autoresponders in your everyday bisness, don't tell
about this to Topica Abuse team, because they won't accept
you.  They probably already don't like you because you are
on this list, so be careful when you  exchange your correspondence
with them not to mention Adland Digest.

Do I recommend their service?
I leave it up to you.


==========Success Story=============
From: Jeanne Bermudez <>

Dear Bogdan:
I set up a modest web site in March 1999 after spending a solid month
receiving hundreds of newsletters on the subject of Internet marketing.  I
printed out many of the better issues to read in the evening while watching
TV.  This crash course in Internet marketing helped me a great deal because
I was able to start picking out the real information from the thinly veiled
"get rich quick" schemes.  I made a deal with myself that I would not shell
out any money for advertising or fancy marketing ploys for six months.

My business received its first order in April 1999 and began to steadily
grow from there.  I stuck to my "no advertising budget" but did submit to
search engines and FFA's and a few directories.  I also started a newsletter
for animal lovers called Pet Patter.  I did not accept advertising in the
newsletter but used it primarily to keep in touch with my very slowly
expanding list of subscribers. Things were rolling along quite nicely when,
in October 1999 I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery in
November.  Between the surgery and the following radiation therapy, I
completely missed the 1999 holiday season, having to post an  "on vacation"
(some vacation!) notice on my site.  I was barely able to fill the few
orders that people sent me but I managed to keep going.  By February 2000 I
felt well enough to start doing some promotion and to expand my site.   I
had received tremendous support from my newsletter readers through my
illness and realized that I had managed to form a very loyal community via
my newsletter.

The number of repeat customers is most gratifying and the number of folks
who say that they have been referred by a friend or associate tells me that
word of mouth advertising is working extremely well.  I check and answer my
e-mail many times each day. Establishing a friendly, helpful professional
relationship with my customers is paramount.

To my advantage, I have my own product, a product that I had sold locally
quite successful for several years.  Pet Bandanas?  They were a natural to
sell on the internet, easy to market, simple to manufacture and easy to
ship. Best of all, I absolutely love what I am doing.  I manage my own
website, I edit and publish my own newsletter, I design and  manufacture my
own products and handle all the paper work involved.

Do I now have an advertising budget?  Yes, I do use GoTo.Com to the tune of
perhaps $15 per month.  Other than that I do not spend advertising dollars.
I really cannot handle a major increase in  business at the moment.  What
about online ordering and credit cards?  I am afraid that if I took that
next step I would be buried in more orders than I could handle.  Eager
advertisers who try to talk me into spending my money may have a hard time
believing it, but I don't need to advertise at this point in time.  I don't
quite understand it myself but I am quite content to ride this wave of
buying enthusiasm.  On down the road I may need to change this, but for now
I am doing very well with my low tech, no frills site.  I am breaking all
the "rules" but am successfully marketing on the Internet anyway.

More and more of my customers are buying neckwear and headwear for
themselves, as well as their animals, so I am expanding my products to move
with this trend.  Wholesale and bulk orders for "people" bandanas are
increasing.  In the future I may have to drop the "Pet Fashions" part of the
company name.(g)

The month of May was my best ever, more than quadrupling previous sales.
June is another record-breaking month although not quite as big as May.  My
hard work and determination seem to be paying off.  Best of all, I am
passionately in love with what I am doing.  I wake up in the morning at 5
a.m. and can't wait to start work.  Sometimes I can be found at work late at
night, tweaking the website or shopping on line for that elusive "just
right" fabric.  I love what I am doing.  Not bad for a stay-at-home grandma,
would you say?

Jeanne Bermudez
Huge Selection of Bandanas &
Scarfs for Pets and People Too!
Free bandana, Free newsletter

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Internet Marketing and Joint Ventures. The Ebook is priced at $49, but we
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go to:
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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t(1)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>

Hi Bogdan and AdLanders!

In AdLand Digest #180 "Dan Corkery Seraph" <>
asked for site reviews of his first creation at:

First of all the site was painfully slow to load and I have broadband access
via cable modem.  The links also take too long to load.  As a visitor I
would move on to faster pastures.  More than 8 seconds to load will kill
your site, and most people won't even wait that long anymore.

I'm not a savvy HTML programmer, but I think that a lot of it is due to all
the XML and other overhead on the page (view the source to see what I
mean).  Not only does it slow down loading, it will harm search engine
placement because it takes so long to find the actual text.

All of the style information in your header is a real drag on loading.  I
tried stripping the HTML down to the 50 or so lines of actual work and
it loaded in a flash.  I don't see any reason to keep all the style data in
header because the page isn't complex.  I'd redo it.

The Title Meta Tag should include more than just the site name.  Pick
some good text from the text on the page that is compelling, descriptive
of the site, and keyword rich.  Add that to the title and it will place
better in most search engines and people will be more interested in
clicking through.  I have some links to good search engine information
at:   Search Engine
Watch and I-Search both have very useful information.  The frames can
hurt search engine placement too, think about using tables instead.

The color scheme is a turn off.  My demographics are: female, 30's,
married, work-from-home mom, so if I'm the target audience, change the
scheme.  If you are trying to attract the same crowd that would be
interested in HTML, programming, warez, or high tech toys, then you
could leave the scheme the way it is.  Think about what will appeal to
the visitors you want to keep on your site when you design.  The blue
links on the black background on the Ads & Posting Them page are
very hard to read.

Use an active and friendly voice in when writing.  EmeraldSurfer is a mix
of passive and active writing.  Find the BENEFIT of the site and promote
it on the homepage.  "If you are new to the Internet, Business and Online
Marketing, then you have come to the right place. Bookmark this site now,
as it is updated often." WHY is it the right place?  Is there commentary
on how the ops are working on your site?  Is there fresh analysis or reviews
of programs?  Do you try to separate legit from illegitimate offers?  Tell
the visitors what's in it for them.

There is some really useful stuff on creating sites that sell in Ken Evoy's
ebook "Make Your Site Sell"
I highly recommend it.  EmeraldSurfer is an affiliate of the program, but I
didn't see much of it in use of the ideas on the site.  I'd read or re-read
the manual and try some of the ideas.  It's worth the time and price is
right (less than $18 US) for anyone who doesn't have a copy.

**Warning: Shameless Self-Promotion Ahead**
I use many Make Your Site Sell ideas on my own personal site and have
had really good results from them.  Mostly recently I received a "Sites of
link from the popular Inc. Magazine for my own resource directory

Overall, the site is little amateurish and nothing new.  I think Dan has a
good idea with finding a target audience.  EmeraldSurfer could be charming
if was continually redone using things found online.  I suggest trying some
of the advertised programs and recommendations, then write reviews of the
process.  Show before and after results either of Screen prints or charts of
hits or something else compelling.  Give visitors a sense of what they could
accomplish by seeing what has succeeded at EmeraldSurfer.

Good luck with your business,

Melody T Vargas,
Success-Solution, Resources, tips, & solutions for working at home

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
Subject: Mail  List Solutions

I've been checking out programs for automating my newsletter
and so far the one that I've decided to test out is Postmaster
Online. I like it because you can set up multiple lists, I've got
50 autoresponders and a lot of other features.

I just signed up for the 30 Demo and haven't had a chance
to test it yet, but it looks like it should make my life a little

You can check it out at: :

John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:  Frank Jamison <>


In issue 179, I stated that I would get back to you on my dealings with
DigitalWork regarding my 500 webcard transaction.

As they stated, they got back to me within a week and had a preview set up
for me online.  I liked the preview, but had made some major changes to my
site that I wanted reflected on the postcards.  One of the major changes I
made was the header graphic, which is now animated.  When I created the
graphic, I took care to make sure that the company name was the first frame,
as this is the frame captured when the graphic is static.  About a week
later, I received another email to preview my postcards.  To my suprise,
they did not capture the first frame of the graphic.  I was displeased with
this, but noted in their email that they would charge me an additional
$20.00 to make any more corrections.  Needless to say, I wrote them this
evening and asked them politely to cancel the order, as I was not going to
pay the additional $20.00 to change what I believe to be an error on their

On the other hand, I also ordered 100 business cards from them using their
online business card builder.  Other than being restricted to 3 fonts to
choose from, I found their service relatively easy to use and their delivery
to be prompt.

It will be a big plus if they offer to redo the webcards with the proper
frame, and I would then applaud them for their customer service as well as
their product.  It is my opinion that they should offer at least 2 changes
to items which cannot be directly controlled by the user.  Other than
that...I would use them again.

Follow up

I received an email today from DigitalWork regarding my problem with the
webcards.  They did offer to correct the error at no additional charge.
Customer Service gets a big plus there.  I will write again when I receive
them to inform you of the quality of their work.

Frank Jamison

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Mark" <>
Subject: Quest For Help

Dear Bogdan,

Growing Net Sales on a SMALL Budget.  Can it be done?

I own a small computer company called Calibre Computing
It is based in the UK, and was started with 2,500 a year ago.  The products
sold are inkjet cartridges for Epson, Canon, HP and Lexmark.  Both original
and compatible brands.  Our Prices are very competitive but am trying to
focus on providing a very easy shopping experience with fast delivery.

Current internet sales average about 500 per week, but I really want to get
this up to 2,000 per week. These sales come from search engines(mainly ask
jeeves), hard copy advert in a free advertiser mag and recommendations.

Being a small budget start-up, I cannot afford to pay for banners/exposure
on sites, but really want to increase Internet sales.  The remainder of
sales come through telephone and visitors to office.

My request for help is how do I grow Internet sales on a small budget?  The
only avenue that I am currently investigating is the potential of starting
an affiliate program.  Comments anyone?

BTW, great newsletter, as a complete newbie to Internet Marketing it has
been providing invaluable reading and an excellent source of knowledge to
make me feel less ignorant.


Note from Moderatro.

Mark. Affiliate program is a must for any internet business.
You will build it slowly but if you provide support and will
structure your program properly, your affiliates will become
your customers and will recommend you to everybody.
One of the best tools to learn about  building your own
affiliate program is MYSS
another to give you built ready to use tools is
My Affiliate Program
In addition to affiliate program, you should start
your own newsletter if you haven't done this yet.
I recommend that you talk about this to
Ward Dougherty <> who once like
you asked me some questions and today is running
his own successful newsletter.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "D Adams" <>
Subject:I'm still alive and kicking

  Hi Bogdan,

  Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and kicking.  As you know
  I have been in direct on line retail for several years now and out of
  pure boredom have decided to try a different format on a web site.
  My old standby with the hammering baby has
  served me well for a long time.  And every time I have attempted to
  do a change to it my sales have dropped.

  But as I said, out of pure boredom I have given in to a different
  idea that seems to have some merit considering recent sales.  I would
  greatly appreciate it if you and the readers would take a look and
  give me your honest opinion.

  It's at my new domain

  When I first did it I felt kind of cornball.  But after seeing the
  sales directed from the site I'm beginning to wonder if I've hit onto
  an idea that could be expanded on.

  This is the first time in over three years that I have attempted to
  use a seller site without my hammering baby on it.  He's been like a
  lucky rabbits foot to me and by now I probably have him out there
  hammering on several hundred sites.  But even though the sales have
  given me reason not to experiment to much.  I just feel the
  tremendous urge for something new.

  All feedback and opinions (good or bad) will be greatly appreciated
  in the form of a free bottle of TMR.  Just send your opinion along
  with your name and mailing address to   (This free
  offer is good until July 4th , year 2000)

  Would lastly like to say that if any of the readers are still holding
  back on getting their sites set up to take credit cards ... don't.  I
  spent a lost year of minimum business income thinking I couldn't
  afford to get a merchant account.  Now I realize I couldn't afford
  not to.  If money is a present issue or if you're just in doubts as
  to whether your product or service will take off.  Then at least use
  one of the free merchant services until your ready for your own
  merchant account.  You can offer credit card acceptance by using any
  of several free on line companies.  I have used and in the past.  Both of these have been serving the internet
  merchants for several years now.  Just be carefull because I lost
  several hundred dollars to a free merchant service back in 98' when
  they were closed down do to too many fraudulent cards being
  accepted.  Fortunately I was a fairly new business and my gross
  monthly sales that was lost when they were closed down wasn't big
  enough to bankrupt me.

  As always, my sincerest thanks to you, Bogdan, for offering such a
  tremendous hearing board for those of us who are truly trying to
  create a quality niche in the cyber market.  And my thanks to all who
  take the time to review my new site and give me their honest
  opinion.  (My initial opinion of the site was to laugh, but then I
  kinda got use to it)

  Thanks again,

  Best Wishes To All

  Dan Adams, mktg mgr

  Dan Adams, mktg. mgr.
  Buy n Bart (BnB Associates)
  PO Box 16572
  Louisville, Kentucky 40256
  Toll Free VoiceMail/fax:(877)228-6977

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Gene Brown
Subject:I just got done adding 26 doorway pages. What next?

Hello, Bogan

I think your newsletter is so helpful.  Many of the links that u post in
your publication has been of great help.  As a matter of Fact I would
like for you to  give me some feed back ( critique ) regarding my website--

I just got done adding 26 doorway pages.  One of my Affiliate
Sites--Classified Club
say that  these doorways need not be registered with the search engines.
They should be  uploaded to my server, which i have done. Do you think its
good to register  them anyway???  Its been since 06/18/00 I uploaded the
On the 19th  i got an order for products.  I would really like to get my hit
rate up from the meer 10-20 per day.  I have a strong feeling the doorways
would help. In the past my hits were as much as 100-300 per day and all
of a sudden it went down.  At that point I would get orders by snail mail.
Help please?????

Stay Healthy and Get Wealthy,  Sincerely

Gene Brown

========= Site Review Request (1)===========
From: (Clifton Bonney)

Hi Adlanders,
I have been a subscriber for almost a year now, and would love the
readers to visit and review my website. Many changes have taken place
over the past year as the online business community races to be the
BEST, FASTEST, and CHEAPEST ever! There is something for all online
business owners at Click City webpages.
Many of your questions asked at ADLAND will be answered in the CITY.
Thanks for your time.
Clifton Bonney/new-preneur

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Money Maker!!! Pays On TWO Levels!!!
Get in Before the Masses do!!!
Click Now!!!

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Search Engine tips
By Melanie Kozik

Hi everyone.  I am sending out some Search Engine tips here for
anyone who needs a tip or two.

Tip #1 -Turning your images into keywords.

Search Engines do not index graphics, but there is a way to make
your images work for you by turning them into keywords and
therefore making your pages keyword rich.

Make use of the alt tag!  Every image on your page should make
use of this tag and it looks like this:

<IMG SRC = "doggy.gif" ALT="dogs,dog training,dog breeders,dog
behaviour" height=50 width=120>

The alt tag should follow the .gif or .jpg image directly.  This tag
can highly improve your SE rankings.

Tip #2 - Don't have many images on your site?  Great!  Not only do
pages load faster that way but there is a way to take advantage of
tip #1 without slow loading graphics.  Here's how:

Make a 1x1 pixel image the same color as the background of your
webpage.  Name it pixel1.gif (whatever you want) then insert it with
the IMG tag on your page using the ALT tag the same way you did
in tip #1.  A 1x1 pixel image takes no time to load, it isn't noticed
by visitors and yet it enriches your keyword density dramatically.
A few are fine but don't overdo it!

Tip #3 - Automatically generated doorway pages are being
recognized as a form of spam by the SE.  Never submit them
manually!  If you have or are planning to use doorway & hallway
pages, simply provide a hidden pixel image to them and they will
eventually get indexed.  Make use of them wisely and once again,
don't go crazy and overdo it.  Handmade doorways that provide at
least a *minimum of content are always better.

Tip #4 - Use the comment tag in your html.  Some SE still use it to
determine relevancy.  The ones who don't just ignore it.

<!--the dogs training text begins here-->

The comment tag is not read by any browser so it doesn't show up
at all on your webpage.

Tip # 5 - **Remember - the SE love text rich pages!

Tip #6 - Link Popularity is a way in which the SE determine
relevancy.  Get as many links back to your website as you can. provides on way to do this.  You can also create
your own *award* and give them away.  *BestoftheWeb* ect...
awards provide more links back to your site.

Tip #7 - Make sure that you name all of your domain sub pages
something with a keyword in it.  EG:

(Plurals are always best.  Using dogs instead of dog will get you
brought up with the term dog but it does not appear to work the
other way around.  If your keyword is DOG, then *dogs* won't
come up.)

Tip #8 - Do not use frames!  There is no reason to use frames and
the SE will not even index framed pages unless you make use of
the <NOFRAMES> tag.

Tip #9 - Highly targeted .01 traffic.

 Use the suggestion tool.  Type in your most prominent
keyword.  It may be going for $3.50 for top rank-whoa!  Now scroll
down to the bottom of the suggestion box.  There are a lot of words
searched for that get 30-5 hits a month.  Bid on them all!  For 1
cent each, you get the #1 spot!  Hundreds of hits of highly targeted
traffic for 1 penny.

I use all of these tips myself and have a great deal of success with
SE rankings.  While some of them require a bit of html know-how,
none of them are difficult.

As they say, take what you need and leave the rest! :o}

All the best-Melanie Kozik

Get the Sledge... and crush your Competition

======================Joke of the Day=====================

The following short quiz consists of 4 questions and tells
whether you are qualified to be a "professional". Scroll down for
each answer. The questions are not that difficult.

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe
and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple
things in an overly complicated way.

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Wrong Answer: Open the refrigerator, put in the elephant and
close the refrigerator.
Correct Answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put
in the elephant and close the door.

This question tests your ability to think through the
repercussions of your actions.

3. The Lion King is hosting an animal conference. All the
animals attend except one.  Which animal does not attend?

Correct Answer: The Elephant. The Elephant is in the

This tests your memory.

OK, even if you did not answer the first three questions,
correctly, you still have one more chance to show your abilities.

4. There is a river you must cross. But it is inhabited by
crocodiles.  How do you manage it?

Correct Answer: You swim across. All the Crocodiles are
attending the Animal Meeting.
This question tests whether you learn quickly from your

According to Andersen Consulting Worldwide, around 90% of
the professionals they tested got all questions wrong. But many
preschoolers got several correct answers.

Anderson Consulting says this conclusively disproves the theory
that most professionals have the brains of a four year old.

Let's hear from you......

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