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         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)
1.)(was A SCAM REVEALED!!!)  1-800discount
~ Bill Bauer

2.)Response: Pre-Written JavaScript Code and Java Applets
~ Edward "Mr. Ed"  Mayo

N e w     P o s t s   (4)
1.)Henryk Bartnicki
~ Free trade boards submitters, good for nothing?!

2.)Paul P.
~ How to build referrals?

3.)Laurie Rogers
~ My main goal is to help people stop being scammed.

4.)Scott B. Alliy
~ There is a FREE Personal Success Book Available

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (1)
1.)(Darin Hunter)
~ Problems with

Site Review Responses (2)
1.)Frank Jamison

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Getting Listed in the Yahoo! directory
By Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  190   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


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Again call for more success stories.
I run out of my supplies and expect to receive some more from you,
before next issue goes out.
You did great job so far.

If you think,  you have an interesting success story to tell, please send
it to digest as usual and indicate as such.
At the end of year I will create web page and will invite everybody
to vote for the "Success Story Of The Year"
Best voted story will receive one FREE year of advertising
in the form of  small button at the bottom of each AdlandPro page.
AdlandPro  receives  600,000 page viewings , 150,000 unique
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To be eligible for the prize, this story has to be from your own

See existing success stories here


===================Success Story===================
From: "Frank Jamison" <>


My success story is rather unique and I thought it might be of interest to
you and your readers.

Dot Com on Disability
By Frank Jamison

If you think a professional website will cost you "big bucks," think again!
I created while on disability, and the only money I
spent on creating it was the $120.00.

Obviously, I built the website myself, but it wasn't because I spent years
in school to learn web design or paid big bucks for a web design
program...resourcefulness has gotten me far.  Let me explain:

$50.00 of the $120.00 I spent was on a book to learn how to build websites.
The book was Using HTML 3.2 - Third Edition by QUE publishing.  The other
$70.00 was on the domain name.

I read the book and built my first website, and a really terrible one at
that.  But it was my creation, and I was proud.  I then started surfing the
net for a good HTML editor.  What I found was a beta version of HomeSite
4.5.  A FREE beta version!  What Luck!

My next obstacle was web hosting.  There are lots of free hosting companies
out there, and I've used quite a few.  And I started posting to newsgroups
asking for reviews of my website.  I was crushed at the response.

Several people pointed out that if I wanted to get taken seriously, I needed
my own domain name.  I needed to optimize my graphics, and I needed to
create a user-friendly navigation system.

I couldn't afford the monthly hosting fees, so I needed to find an
alternative.  It couldn't be a free site, because I wouldn't be taken
seriously.  What was I to do?

My solution was to join a reseller program.  What I was looking for was a
discount on hosting. What I found was a  company who would host their
resellers sites for free AND pay me to resell their services!  Thus, my
affiliate career was born.

After several redesigns of my website, I finally decided that I wanted to
build an affiliate program directory, and so was born.
It had  lots of free java scripts and graphics and loaded real slow...but it
was my best creation yet.  I started asking for reviews again...and got some
good ones.  I then found a website called Exchanging Ideas
(  I posted a site review request to their
discussion board and got a response to my request from the site owner,
Duncan Carver.  His review was incredible and enlightening.  It took me a
month to redesign my website to implement all of his ideas, but it was well
worth the effort!  I now get 500-600 click-thrus to my affiliate programs
each month...and my site design rivals even the best of affiliate program

Now I just need to concentrate on the advertising!

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison
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facts you need to know BEFORE you join a program!

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
Subject: (was A SCAM REVEALED!!!)  1-800discount

Hi Bogdan,

After reading the post by the person that was calling the 1-
800discount thing a scam... i copied the whole message and sent
it to the company to see if they would respond as to the accuracy
of the contents (see below) , ( i have been promoting pretty heavy
too)... after reading their response and the terms of service, it
appears to me that the mix up is in 'payment for referrals' vs.
payment for 'cashback'.....anyway they responded within about 30
minutes with the following:

------- Forwarded message follows -------
From:           "Member Services" <>
To:             <>
Subject:        Re: is this serious?
Date sent:      Tue, 15 Aug 2000 08:58:03 -0600

This information is incorrect.  As you can imagine with as lucrative a
bonus as 1 800 provides there are those who have
taken advantage. The following is the reason the pending referral
bonus  was implemented.

Due to the fraudulent activity of some we have instituted a referral
method which reward those who provide legitimate referrals.  The
pending referral bonus is where referrals you have made is held until
they reach our $35 payout level.  Once a referred member reaches
the $35 payout level they are considered a legitimate referral and
will be credited to your account balance.

We have thousands of members who reach the payout level on a monthly
basis, the only drawback for some with this method has been that
fraudulent referrals are no longer worth creating as well as for some
they may take over a month to earn the $35 payout level.

I hope my explanation has provided you with the answers you have
requested. If you have any further questions please feel free to
contact me.

Shauna Smith

VP Business & Member Service
1 800

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Bill Bauer <>

Subject: (was A SCAM REVEALED!!!)  1-800discount

Your article in this issue about scams is my reason for replying.
Here is what can be done about scams.
Figure out how much the scammer has beat you out of.
Obtain one or more copies of IRS form 1099-C.
Fill them out with the name of the company that scammed you.
If it's a recurring monthly payment they owe you, then file a new 1099-C on
them each and every month forgiving them for their debt to you.
What this does is to tell the IRS that they owe you money, but that you are
"forgiving" them their indebtedness. This becomes a "gift" on your part to
the person or company that scammed you.
IRS will go collect gift taxes on the gift you gave them. And if they have
not reported their gift to the IRS and paid taxes on that gift, then the
problems incurred by the scammer increase very rapidly.
Failure to file and other penalties will apply. If enough people do this,
the scammer is going to have more problems than a cat trying to have kittens
on a hot tin roof.
But of course, one cannot use these gifts as a deduction on their own tax
returns because they never paid income tax on the money they lost.  Just
file the 1099-C forms and forget about it.

Bill Bauer

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Edward "Mr. Ed"  Mayo <>
Subject: Response: Pre-Written JavaScript Code and Java Applets

In the last issue of adland digest, Rick James mentioned that he was
looking for Pre-written Java Scripts and Applets.  Though it's hard to
find exactly what you may be looking for in a script, here are some
websites containing free scripts, tutorials, links to programmers, and
other resources for those interested in sprucing up their websites:
Cut and Paste JavaScript:
JavaScript World:

I hope this helps,

Edward "Mr. Ed"  Mayo

VP Ecomm Services
K-Factor Technologies, Inc
One of the Best Malls on the Net! Get Your Free Listing Today!

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From:   "Henryk Bartnicki" <>
Subject: Free trade boards submitters, good for nothing?!

Dear Bogdan,
Dear Adlanders,

I will sound like a complete newbie today, but I have to seek your help on
the matters concerned with posting to free trade boards. I advertise a lot
on the net posting to many B2B portals ( with some of them I am associated,
as I am a marketer for some real life business - manufacturers and suppliers
of garden furniture and ornaments), and I have reasonably good response from
my marketing through those medias. Unfortunately B2B communities do not
allow for promoting any kind of e-bizopps, and because I tend to focus, at
least, part of my attention on money2be-online programs I always look for
some marketing systems that really work. I do not have to tell you that I
regard AdlandPro to be the best one.
Nevertheless I also tried posting to many free trade boards, including those
400 free trade boards submitters, not much of a response from them. Why?! I
started analysing them.
One of those business forums ( SSR/Holland ) offers a collection of
multi-post submitters. I had been using two of them for about 3 months. I
didn't spam them. I posted as a registered member of SSR/Holland only once a
day, and never the same ad more often than once a week.I had been following
the links to at least 100 of those 400 free trade boards to see my ads
placed there. What I noticed was that, even if my ads were shown there
 some of them didn't show them even at the time of my posting ), when I came
back to a given trade board, few minutes later my ad weren't there any more.
Not to mention my checking it an hour, or a day later.
The fact is that there were some postings from previous days, and from other
marketers, but I never saw my ad placed there a day before.
What's the problem? Is it possible that those postings are deleted on
regular basis ( a short time after being posted)?
What makes me think about it is the fact that many times, after my posting,
when I tried to get to my ad I had a message displayed: " you have the
access forbidden to this server"
What is the use of posting through all those 400 free trade boards
submitters. Do all of them work the same way.
Do you have any experience with those tools? Please comment.

Best regards,
Henryk Bartnicki,

BH NETwork, 67-106 Modrzyca, PL
Get your very own Directory of your very own
bizopps and manage them from that single, free,
yet professional directory to your online success:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Paul P." <>
Subject: How to build referrals?

Since the day I have subscribe to Bogdans digest, I have been reading it
like a Harry Potter Book, can't wait for the next one.

I have been an online marketer for almost two years now and been scammed
here and there, became affiliated with programs after programs without so
much success.

For once I would just love to have 20 people under me in some get paid to
surf program or SOMETHING !

I would like to ask some of your heavy hitters HOW THE HECK DID THEY GET SO
MANY REFERRALS.  Can they give us ( rookies ) any tips where to post, which
ezine to advertise, how much money you have to spend, what submission tools
to buy.

Today I was waiting at the bus stop and notice an ad taped against the glass
about AllAdvantage.  It was a check for $789 Canadian dollars with all the
referral links and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I would love to be making
that kind of money from just one program.

If anyone out there who can give us newbies tips on how to build referrals
will be greatly appreciated.

Paul P

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Laurie Rogers" <>
Subject: My main goal is to help people stop being scammed.

Hi There,

I was hoping you could put this article in your newsletter as I am really
trying to get some feedback regarding this matter,

 I currently run a newsletter which I put out 3 times per week and lately I
have continuous people wanting to subscribe that are from a company called
Project 21. Allot of times if someone submits an ad to my newsletter and if
seems a little fishy, I check it out at the Fraud Bureau. Now sure enough
this company has been reported at least twice, what I am wondering is why
some of the other newsletters continue to run these ads?

Now I do realize that most people do have disclaimers for their newsletters
claiming they are not responsible for the ads featured but I think they
should stop allowing people to post ads that rip people off! This is a very
growing concern of mine because my main goal is to help people stop being
scammed in my newsletter and I am very disappointed in some of the list
owners for not also trying to do the same.

By the way I do love your newsletter! I think it's an excellent one and I
look forward to reading it!

Laurie Rogers


======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: Scott B. Alliy <>
Subject: There is a FREE Personal Success Book Available

Please note that I have published my E-Book "Personal Success 2000" and am
offering it free at

It is intended to stimulate your thinking and allow you to identify your
strengths, set concrete goals, and achieve them steadily.

Your comments and suggestion are appreciated and welcome.

I would also be interested in what you have to say about an E-book
containing sound and video

Please e-mail me at


Scott B. Alliy

Success Planning International
Get Your FREE Internet Home Business and 4 Step Financial Freedom Plan

============A l e r t   S e c t i o n (1)===============
From: (Darin Hunter)
Subject: Problems with


I was wondering if anyone else has been having problems with the company
ValidPay, aka ValidCheck.  They offer a service that allows you to
accept checks online.  I have been using their service for over a year
and had been very satisfied with their service.  However, they seem to
have stopped mailing checks.  I currently have checks in their system
dating back back to April 20th that they have yet to send - in the past
they have arrived in about a week.  I have sent them countless emails
with no response and at last check their phone number had been
disconnected.  The frightening thing is that their website,
is still accepting applications for their service.  Has anyone else been
having similar problems with this company and is their anything that can
be done?


===========Site Review Response(1)=============
From: "Frank Jamison" <>


On the positive side, your site
loaded very quickly, and this is a very important attribute.  I did,
however, note several areas that could use improvement.

One of the first things I learned on the internet is that hosting your
business with a free service is a big no-no.  The image you present to your
audience is that you don't care enough about your business to get your own
domain name.  With the deregulation of domain name providers, you can now
register a domain name for as low as $15.00/year.  You can also host your
site for $20.00 or less per month...a small price to pay for a great
increase in credibility.

The second thing I noticed right off was the graphic with the red text on
the green background.  I'm not sure what it says, and frankly, it was not
worth my effort to get up out of my chair and put my nose to the screen to
read it.

Finally, I found your site to be very "busy."  By this, I mean that I had to
go to a lot of different places on your site to find the information I was
looking for.  Also, most of your graphics are unrelated to your content.
While they may look "cute," I don't think this is the impression you are
trying to give to your visitors.  Internet Surfers are an "I want it now"
kind of people, and they won't stay long if they can't find what they are
looking for right away.

I know I may sound harsh, but I only wish to help.

 Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate program directory
and get the facts you need to know BEFORE you join a program!

===========Site Review Response(2)=============
From: "Frank Jamison" <>

Heather & Clint,

You're on your way to having a good site!  You have your own domain name,
your front page drew me in (after I closed the irritating pop-up window
without even reading the ad), your color scheme is nicely thought out, and
then...I got turned off by the hype.

It took me 5 pages to get to the "nitty-gritty" of your offer, and I didn't
even read the "stories" you made me go through to get there.  Stories about
satisfied customers are good, but not if I don't have a choice.  You might
consider making this an option for visitors who want to read them.

Most visitors will not take the time to read through all the hype to get to
the offer.  If I had found your site while surfing, I would have moved on
after the second page.  You might consider a menu where visitors can get to
the information they want quickly.  You also might consider cutting out some
of the graphics, or at least making them a bit smaller.

I hope I haven't offended you with my critique, I'm just trying to help.

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate program directory
and get the facts you need to know BEFORE you join a program!

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: Del Taylor

Hello, Bogdan Fiedur.

I would appreciate it very much if you could review my new web site and "lay
it on the line" your opinion of it.

You can locate it at:

As I said, I want all your "constructive criticism" to tell me if this will

Thank you very much.
Del Taylor

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Getting Listed in the Yahoo! directory
By Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Editor

Getting listed in Yahoo!'s directory is very difficult
these days, even for professionally designed sites. Yahoo! has two sections:
(1) the directory with its topic headings, and search results under "Yahoo!
Site Matches," and (2) the "web page matches" that come up if nothing is
found in the Yahoo! directory. Currently "web page matches" is powered by
the Google search engine. It's worthwhile and not too difficult to get
listed in Google.  Even better, submit
your site to the Open Directory Project that feeds data to
Google and many search engines. But a listing in the Yahoo! Directory may
well bring more traffic than all these combined.

Unlike a true search engine, Yahoo! Directory is compiled by human beings.
Yahoo!'s editors are trying to make it a quality directory, so make sure
your site looks great and all the links work, since your site reflects on
them. Tacky-looking sites need not apply. Here are some tips:

Tip: Even though Yahoo! allows you a maximum of 200 characters including
spaces to describe your site, use half that amount, describing your site as
sparely as you know how, while using the search words you desire that are
not repeated in the category you seek to be listed in. If you're not brief,
the Yahoo! editor will probably shorten your description drastically,
destroying your keyword strategy.

But with millions of webpages being added daily, the editors are simply
overwhelmed. I submitted Doctor Ebiz in February, May, and June with no
results -- and I used every trick I know. They finally looked at it when I
paid $199 for Yahoo! Business Express service with a guarantee that my
site would be considered (not necessarily accepted) within seven business
days. Many directory categories don't allow the Business Express option. The
category must be within the Business and Economy > Business to Business >
and Business and Economy > Shopping and Services > hierarchies. Tip: If your
site best suits a Yahoo! category that doesn't allow Business Express
service, choose the closest category that allows it, and then also suggest
the category that you think is ideal for your site.

Is $199 too much for a small business to pay for a Yahoo! directory listing?
No. If it gets you a Yahoo! listing you can't get otherwise, it's probably
the most cost-effective marketing investment you can make to bring traffic
to your site.
Copyright 2000, Ralph F. Wilson. All rights reserved. Doctor Ebiz is a
trademark of
 Wilson Internet Services. Text, graphics, and HTML code are protected by US
International Copyright Laws, and may not be copied, reprinted, published,
hosted, or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit permission..

======================Joke of the Day=====================

A man was giving a speech at his lodge meeting. He got a bit
carried away and talked for two hours. Finally, he realized
what he had done and said, "I'm sorry I talked so long. I left
my watch at home."

A voice from the back of the room replied, "There's a calendar
behind you..."

Let's hear from you......

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