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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.) I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.
~ Tony Tezak
~ Angie Boldwyn
~ Melody T Vargas
~ Dick Simpson
~ Melanie Kozik

2.)PayToSurf success tips (Was How to build referrals)
~ Melody T Vargas

N e w     P o s t s   (1)
1.) Jolenn Eichert
~ How to find Newsletter targeted for my business?

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (0)

Site Review Responses (1)
~ Tony Murtagh
~ Frank Jamison
~ Melody T Vargas

  Site Review Requests (4)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (0)

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  230   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Paul Penafile writes after last issue of Adland Digest.

I just can't say thank you enough for all the wonderful emails that I
received from your loyal readers.
The response to my submitted article to your newsletter regarding "building
referrals" have been overwhelming.
English is my second language and I just can't find the right words how to
express my utmost thank you to those who offered their suggestions, tips and
help in response to my article.

Thank you all and god bless you.

Paul Penafiel
Rookie Online Marketer

First I have to say you are welcome Paul.

The point I'm trying to make here by printing this response, is
the fact that if you participate in any discussion and you ask right
questions, you are going to get lots of responses. It is very important
that when you are sending your  message to this and any other
discussion group, that you clearly state your problems,  what you
already tried and how this worked for you. Other readers will see
that  you are not just trying to bring them to their site to build
temporary flow of traffic,  but you are genuinely trying to solve
your own problem. When solving your own problem, you might
be helping hundreds of others having similar situation which never
occurred to them that thy could approach it that way.

After each issue of Adland Digest and  following week, I receive
daily  20-30 messages with intention to be sent to the entire list.
This messages  are nothing else but  unsolicited posts claiming that
they are responding to my ad  or a letter.  Out of these 20-30,
there is maybe one or two messages which can be later published
in the digest.

Here is what happens. These people messages not only won't be  published
in the digest but  even if they ever have real question to the list, they
won't be able to send it, because if I see such  spammer over and over
with  the same message after each issue, I block them and they are just
ignored for ever , at least for this particular email  address.

To close this.  Those who are trying to make noise only, will be
treated like  noise only and those who are bringing something
to the table, problems to solve or solutions to those problems
are welcomed and will  benefit from Adland Digest and most
aspects of their life in general, because they already learned
that  noise is not enough to get anything done.



This time we had quite a few responses for Heather in regards
to her post "I have absolutely no idea about how to get started."
I would like to also point out a page of AdlandPro Classifieds,
which I have put together to list resources which I have found
useful in building my own business and recommend to AdlandPro
This page is linked from over 3,000 pages of Adlandpro affiliates.
If you think that you have information which could enhance this
page, please email me your url and possible two sentence description.
The intent of this page are resources for building of traffic.
The intent of this page are resources for building of traffic.
Possibly free.

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Tony Tezak <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

Hello All,

Many of the articles are about people who want to know 'how to' fill in
the space.  I know a Free 30-day online marketing course that will
answer many of the 'how to' questions of doing business on the
internet.  The best part is you can complete the course to fit your

'Mastering the Art of Duplication' is a concept that works.  Someone
taught me 'how to', we pass the knowledge to you and you duplicate the
process. We will teach you key basics, like;
        - 'Cyber Wheel' Marketing Techniques
        - 'Viral' Networking Strategies
        - Targeted Traffic Generation Methods
        - Retention practices to retain Team Members
        - Identify & Capitalize on your experience and efforts

The course starts September 19th, 2000 and is delivered via email from
our MoneyLegs in-house email service.  Segments will be sent out Monday
to Friday over a four week period.   This course is designed for 3STEP
and MoneyLegs       members and support programs, but experience has
shown us this course will improve your responses and results for any
legitimate online enterprise.

We will teach you key basics, like;
        - 'Cyber Wheel' Marketing Techniques
        - 'Viral' Networking Strategies
        - Targeted Traffic Generation Methods
        - Retention practices to retain Team Members
        - Identify & Capitalize on your experience and efforts

You can subscribe by visiting:

Tony Tezak

Webmaster,  &

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Angie Boldwyn <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

Hi Heather

Many hosting services now have site tools. I suppose yours
doesn't? You might check and see. They make it easy.

Here is a tool I found lately and told my readers about it...

Teach Me HTML 1.5   Free
Allows you to learn the basics of HTML coding
Teach yourself will learn the basics of
HTML in only 1 hour!
Problem: You want to learn HTML so you can create
webpages just like the professionals.
However, you don't know a thing about HTML
or even where to start.


Angie Boldwyn :)

Free and Fee Advertising That Works!

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

Heather <> had "absolutely no
idea about how to get started"

"How does a novice get to the place one needs to be to set up a site"

I recommend a couple of sites that aren't going to try to sell you any
thing while you're there.  You can get a good feel for the business side
without wondering if there is an "angle."  Try:

For E-Commerce (online business) help
For learning to build Web pages try the tutorials at

There is an angle to this one, but the book is less than $18 and the
best buy out there for helping you figure out what works in creating a
site that generates sales.  I use it myself and it's absolutely fabulous:
Make Your Site Sell

Good luck,
Melody T Vargas
Success-Solution: Tips, resources & solutions for working at home
==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From: "KEN WEAVER" <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

Fellow Adland Subscribers,

I have seen a lot of people with questions on webpage building. I have been
there and I am still learning. I do have a websute that I feel can help
allot. It's at:

I've assembled all the tools to build, advertise,maintain and make money
there, and most are Free.You can also get a Free website and hosting there
if you need it.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From: Dick Simpson <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

So often, those of us who are knowledgeable about
computing and the internet, have forgotten our
start-up days when we were NEWBIES.
    Well, a couple of guys, one in the USA and the
other in the UK have come up with a site for
newbies which has a lot of FREE information-honest.
Take a look at their work.

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.5)=============
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

PLEASE Heather - go and download that free ebook The Seven Secrets to
Unlimited Website Traffic!
 It is all you need to get a handle on getting your business WAY off the
ground.  Read it over and over again until it flows for you.  Sign up for
the free reports (6 of them)  there too if you like.  They are short -
Concise - and to the *filler*.

Until next time friends.

All the best to you - Melanie Kozik

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>
Subject: PayToSurf success tips

Hi Bogdan & AdLanders!

In Adland Digest #191 There were several things I wanted to comment
on and here's one:

Kenneth L. Hanna replied to a post I missed from Paul P about building
referrals.  I have to say that he hit a lot of it on the nose.  I'm not at
a check, but I am earning between $300-$400 a month just from one PTS,
GoToWorld.  I guess that makes me a medium hitter, not a big one, but
I've never considered PayToSurf as a business opportunity.

Kenneth wrote:
"Most of the PTS programs are geared so that you can't even get in touch
with your downlines. I believe that is a key element in any business
opportunity that you try. You have to let your downline know that you are
there to help in any way possible. Next to impossible when you don't
have an email address."

I agree that in a biz op being available and helping anyone in your downline
who WANTS help can improve your earning power.  However, I disagree
with the assumption that if you could reach your downline in a PTS that it
would help.  Most people who do PTS are there for the same reason I am,
to earn a little extra money, not as a biz op. That's the audience I try to

Success in building a PTS is a little different from biz op.  I find that the
key is finding a new audience with the interest in doing this for extra
spending money and then getting them to recommend this "really neat
program" to others because they like it and they get checks.  Word of mouth,
built on happy customers and locating untapped markets is the way to go
with PTS.
It also gives you a downline that uses the program and doesn't abandon it
for the next hot biz op.

Melody T Vargas
Success-Solution: Tips, resources & solutions for working at home

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Jolenn Eichert <>
Subject: How to find Newsletter targeted for my business?

I have been a lurker for quite some time, and I
finally decided to start my own internet business. The
people on this board seem especially knowledgeable in
regards to business promotion.
I perform background checks - especially for
pre-employment purposes. I have a limited advertising
budget, and I have looked up many e-zines which I
thought would be good for either sending in articles
regarding background checks, or purchasing ad space.
I cannot seem to find something targeted toward
existing businesses - especially to Human Resources.
If anyone could help me, or point me in the right
direction, it would be truly appreciated.
My signature blurb is:

Avoid lawsuits, uncertainty, and financial ruin.
Accurate Screens can do quick, accurate, inexpensive
background checks online.
Be safe. Be smart. Use Accurate Screens
for your background checking service.

 Any comments or suggestions?

Thank you,
J Eichert

Note from Editor.

There is an excellent site which might potentially help you
with finding newsletters with audience for your type of business.
Jerome Chapman gathered most known  newsletters and e-zines
from the entire internet and categorized them in such a way that
by using appropriate keywords  you will find all related results
with circulation, prices contact info and  other important details.

See link below for access to his site.


""""""" NO Inventory--NO Employees--NO Hassles'''''''''''
  FREE Software   FREE Report
        HOW to COMBINE the

            LEARN and EARN

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===========Site Review Response(1)=============
From: "Tony Murtagh" <>

Hi Miriam

I took a look at your site and would like to make the following comments.

First, as you say yourself, you must get your own domain name - no one wants
to see pop-up boxes when visiting a "serious" site.

I can appreciate why you are attempting to capture the visitors email
address, but the reasons you give for them to give it to you just do not
work. Why should I need you to remind me? - how will you know that I need

Why don't you consider asking for the address so they can join your
newsletter which will give them up to date information about your site and
relevant articles etc., etc. or so that you can mail them when new courses
come out.

Also, I believe that a visitor should see immediately what benefits a site
has for him/her, without having to scroll down the page. The first view
visitors get of your site gives them no particular reason to go further into
the site.

My main comment however about both your intro page and your main pages is
that you are trying to sell both the course and the business opportunity at
the same time, which confuses the visitor.

The main benefit for someone taking a course, is not to get residual income.
It is to allow them to do better in their job, to build their own website,
to change career or a dozen other reasons.

Conversely, people who want a money making opportunity do not necessarily
want or need to learn about the workings of a computer - they are more
likely to be interested in a marketing course!

I think that overall the idea could be a good one, and that people are
definitely interested in furthering their computer skills. I also believe
that there could be a good business opportunity marketing courses, however,
if this is the web page you are given as your marketing tool, I would look
for another programme to market unless they can provide you with one site
for selling the course and a separate one for signing up affiliates or

Trusting that you find the above comments of some use, all the best for the

Kind regards

Tony Murtagh

Subscribe and claim your FREE copy of MASTERS OF MARKETING ebook
or visit my site at

===========Site Review Response(2)=============
From: "Frank Jamison" <>


Well, you already knew my first comment on your site, and that is a good how about the rest?

The second thing I noticed about your site was that it was very "spacious."
By that, I mean that there are a lot of graphics that are plopped here and
there with an excessive amount of white space.

I had to hit the scrollbar 4 times before I got to the request for my email
address, and then you gave me no reason for me to put it in there.  In fact,
you contradict yourself in the last paragraph.  First you insinuate that
putting my email address in the box will get me more information, and in the
next sentence, you say it's just so you can remind me where the site is.

I did like the questions...they piqued my interest, but there was no
follow-up information.  Visitors need a little taste of what's to follow if
they are going to click through to the next page.  Give them a sample of the
kinds of courses offered.  I got more information from your site review
request than I did from your main webpage.

I also noticed that all of your graphics point to, even
your email graphic, and only the "GO" button points to the
website.  ALL of your graphics should point to the site, as
this is the program you are trying to market.

Finally, I think a smaller text size would look better, and including mete
tags in you page will help visitors find your site a bit better.

In summary, less space, more information, a reason to get users to give you
their email address, smaller fonts, META tags, and, of course, your own
domain name.

Don't get looks a heck of a lot better than my first
website!  I hope this critique will help you on your way to a fantastic site
and a lucrative business.

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate
program directory and get the facts you
need to know BEFORE you join a program!

===========Site Review Response(3)=============
From: "Melody T Vargas" <>

"M Shaw" <> asked for a site review of: in AdLand Digest #191.

The intro page is disjointed and displays poorly when the browser
window size is changed.  Everything is kind of all over the place
and makes only minimal sense.  Had I not been there for a site
review, I would have left immediately.

Are you promoting or
If I click the pictures, I get MyFreeOffice, if I click the GO
button, I get 21stNetwork.

Don't try to capture the email address.  Create something like a
newsletter or let the user know what the bonus is if they sign-up.
Now it looks like an invitation to receive spam, nothing more.  I
don't see any good reason to give up an email address based on
your copy.

I agree about not using freebie sites, especially those with pop-ups.
I liked the clever use of redirect:  'easy to do' was
a fun choice.

I don't know if I'm supposed to review the 21stNetwork stuff or
not. But I do have comments.  Is this thing about selling course
or selling a biz op?  It starts off with trying to get the user to
enrol or look at courses and then all of a sudden jumps off onto
another tangent trying to convince people to "Make serious money
from the comfort of your own home."  It is speaking to different
groups of people.  It's okay to do both from one site, but trying to
do both from one page does both a disservice.  I can't imagine
any corporations taking this seriously.  Concentrate on one
aspect of the business at a time.

Melody T Vargas
Success-Solution: Tips, resources & solutions for working at home

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "Trevor Davis" <>

Hello Bogdan

I would like to go ahead and ask your members to review my site.

But more than that I would like them to really get inside and kick the tires
and tell me what they think.
That is why I would like to offer any and all of your members a chance to
enter the secured members only area and check it out.
So anyone who would like to login and tell me what they think I would
appreciate it.

Just tell them to use the following information to login in from the main
username:     adland
password:     testdrive

Notice:  This is a 100% full access password so anyone who go to the site
will be able to download anything on the site and that's allot of stuff.  All
I ask is they tell me what they think when they are done helping themselves.

I will leave this username and password active for a week or so to give
every one a chance to check it out.
Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and your members

Trevor Davis
E-Ticket Marketing

Be Sure To Check Out Our Affiliate Program That Pays 70%

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Cameron Smith" <>

Hi my name is CameronSmith, I am 17 and have built the
website Could you please let me know
how I could improve my site.
Also how is the best way to promote my business?
I have listed in most of the largest search engines
and have been getting a few hits from them but not
I have found to be quite good, and to be the best counter.

thanks for you time


========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: "J.F. (Jim) Straw" <>

First ... I am a newcomer to your AdLand Digest and have found it to be one
of the best I have discovered to date.

My site
has been up since September, 1999, and is currently producing about 15% of
my gross revenue - but - I firmly believe my site could be improved.

Give me an honest opinion, constructive criticism and any ideas, please.


========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: "Karen Fegarty" <>


I have really enjoyed reading your newsletter in the last number of months
and found it quite informative.  I have seen that many readers have provided
good insight and comments on the presentation of other's websites.  We are a
new Canadian company that has been in existence since December 1999.  Our
main focus is the development and sale of Broadc@st - an email marketing
tool.  We are currently looking at the look and feel of our site and would
welcome any suggestions that your readers may have.  On a side note, we are
looking to expand our product offerings and would welcome suggestions on
what your readers feel would be good complimentary products.

Thanks in advance.

Karen Fegarty

Download a Copy TODAY!

======================Joke of the Day=====================

Linda and Jill are having coffee when Linda notices that Jill
seems troubled and asks her, "Is something bugging you?
You look anxious."

"Well, my boyfriend just lost all his money and life savings in
the stock market," Jill explained.

"Oh, that's too bad," Linda sympathized. "I'm sure you're
feeling sorry for him."

"Yeah, I am," Jill said. "He'll miss me."

Let's hear from you......

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