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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) How to find Newsletter targeted for my business?
~ Frank Jamison
~ Ross W. Reyman, Jr

2.)PayToSurf success tips (Was How to build referrals)
~ Kenneth L. Hanna

3.)(HTML help)
~ Swati Jain

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.)Luigi Marruso
~ Ranking and targeted advertising

2.) Marianne Payton
~ Human Click

3.) Dealon Bracelets
~ Make a Circle

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (1)
1.Tom Dahne
~ My Free Ebook Called ScamFreeZone

Site Review Responses (2)
1.) Frank Jamison

2.) Bob Cortez

  Site Review Requests (5)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (0)

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  240   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Hello everybody.

Some of you might have noticed that guest articles didn't show up
in recent few issues of Adland Digest. This is due to the fact that
subscribers number to the digest reached now over 20,000, and to
deliver this letter to everybody over my existing channels, is becoming
a challenge. To make sure that digest is delivered within one day to
everybody I'm limiting space here and only post messages which
come from subscribers. This will change soon, as I'm getting extra
bandwidth and will be sending, guest articles probably as an extra
issue, where one sponsor ad will be allowed. Articles as always will
be on topics around marketing and promotion. You will have option
to receive just typical Adland Digest  as usual and, newsletter issue
or just one of them only.


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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Frank Jamison <>
Subject: How to find Newsletter targeted for my business?


You might try
Here is a link to their employment ezines:

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate program directory and get
the facts you need to know BEFORE you join a program!

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Ross W. Reyman, Jr." <>
Subject: How to find Newsletter targeted for my business?


I have a new web page that your reader might be interested in. It contains
70 free ezine ad sources, a free ezine directory and an ezine success course

Any reader who has an ezine which has free ads are invited to write me at and I will promptly list them.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Kenneth L. Hanna
Subject: PayToSurf success tips (Was How to build referrals)

Hi Bogdan and all you Adlanders!

I didn't mean to start a weekly column here but although Melody T. Vargas
did make a few good points, I wish to clarify some of my views also.
Long winded as always. :)

Melody wrote:
"I'm not at$800 a check, but I am earning between $300-$400 a month just
from one PTS, GoToWorld.  I guess that makes me a medium hitter, not a big
one, but I've never considered PayToSurf as a business opportunity."

I can see where she is coming from in not thinking of the PayToSurf as a
business opportunity. She is right, most just use them to earn a couple of
extra bucks  to help with start up costs elsewhere. But what is a business

I've always though of a business opportunity as buying a product at the
lowest  available cost and reselling at a nice profit. Well, the product
(PTS Viewbars) is available at the lowest cost possible, FREE. And you can
really make a nice profit (usually 1%-10% of your referrals' usage). That's
a bad markup for  a product that doesn't cost anything. But how do I sell

I agree with Melody when she wrote:
"Word of mouth, built on happy customers and locating untapped markets is
the way to go with PTS. It also gives you a downline that uses the program
doesn't abandon it for the next hot biz op."

Selling the viewbars are as easy as adding a signature link to your sells
letters or any other various means of promotions, free or paid. And they are
FREE so you will get lots of buyers. But how many of these new customers are
going to stay happy making $10-$50 a month? How many of you out there would
like to be earning an extra $300-$400 a month from one viewbar while online
promoting your main business?

I wrote:
"Most of the PTS programs are geared so that you can't even get in touch
with your downlines. I believe that is a key element in any business
opportunity that you try. You have to let your downline know that you are
there to help in any way possible. Next to impossible when you don't
have an email address."

Melody wrote:
"I agree that in a biz op being available and helping anyone in your
downline who WANTS help can improve your earning power.  However,
I disagree with the assumption that if you could reach your downline in a
PTS that it
would help.  Most people who do PTS are there for the same reason I am,
to earn a little extra money, not as a biz op. That's the audience I try to

With any opportunity, you have to be able to stay in touch with the
Remind them to use the product. Let them know of new products that are
offered. And let them know that you are there to backup any product that
you sell them.

Myself, I am into the more personal approach when selling a product. I want
a satisfied customer no matter what I have to do. If I have to explain what
the difference between a download and an upload is, I will do my best.
Computers can be tough sometimes. Without any outside help, you can drive
yourself nuts trying to figure out how to make this thing work. I have been
through  that hase and want to share my experience with others not just to
increase MY earning power but THEIRS also. Can't do that if I can't get in
touch with  them  or them with me.

Kenneth L. Hanna

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Swati Jain" <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

You can also learn HTML by going to They have some
really good resources, tips and stuff.


I have a new web page that your reader might be interested in. It contains
70 free ezine ad sources, a free ezine directory and an ezine success course

Any reader who has an ezine which has free ads are invited to write me at and I will promptly list them.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Luigi Marruso  <>
Subject: Ranking and targeted advertising

Hi All,

I'm a member since several months but, not having a lot of time available, I
must still read many past issues of this interesting ezine so, in case this
topic has been already discussed, accept my apologises.

I have 2 Websites:
* 1 Chat Network (
*2 Art and Sculpture Network
Either still under constructions and online within October 2000.

Considering these 2 activities will be very important for us, I need to know
all the best and cheapest (in some cases free) ways actually available to:
1- Get my 2 Sites at the top of the major search engines;
2- Where could I advertise them to reach people interested in:
 - Joining our chat network (hundred topic channels covering all countries
and major cities worldwide) ?
 - Considering to buy good pictures and sculptures + art object in general
made by young unknown Italian artists ?
 - Finding topic engines for chat lines and art in general ?

Thanks for your help, contact us at:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Marianne Payton" <>
Subject: Human Click

Hello Bogdan and Hello Adlanders:

    It has been some time since I have contributed to the
forum, but I have read every issue and gain much knowledge from everyone,
even though I don't say much.  This is one wonderful, informative ezine
and I do look forward to each issue and have them all in their neat little
folder on my hard drive.  Keep up the good work Bogdan and everyone who

    I am excited over that little free program "Human
Click".  Everyone has probably heard of it, but how many of you have
actually used it?
What made me think about mentioning it was because I  just
had a visitor to one of my sites (yes, it is on all of my sites)
and the visitor was recommended from Adland!

    This program is so neat and whatever site is being
visited, you can watch by double clicking the icon on your tool bar when it
"dings" and begins blinking to let you know someone is there.  When your
visitor requests to talk to you, a little phone rings to let you

    It gives you a good bit of knowledge about your site.
for instance, how long your visitor stays, how many pages are visited and
one of my favorites is seeing when the site is being "spidered" or
being visited by one of the search engine "robots".  We all know
if we have submitted our site to the search engines that "eventually"
they will get to us - but actually seeing it, to me, was a real treat, and
a surprise!  I say it was a surprise because it wasn't that long ago that I
submitted to the search engines, so this was rather quick.  Of course,
the best part of all is actually being able to chat with your
visitors and answer their questions.  It also keeps a history of how often
the visitors return!

    Human Click has just released its Pro Version, which is
still free, that is until next year and they haven't announced what the
price will be but the regular version will "still be free."  You can't
beat that bargain. And, on top of all of this, if you are a newbie and
aren't sure you can do this yourself, they will automatically imbed the
for you. The Pro Version was a little tricky to install and frankly, I did
get lost.
So, I contacted them and they talked right back to me!  I asked them to
imbed the new icons and it was done in a flash - on all of my sites - on all
my pages, even down to the page where you sign the Guest Book and the
Bulletin Board!  Now, that's service you can't beat - and all for free!

    I could go on and on because I am really impressed with
this program. But, I will only leave you with one thought - it is safe!  I
had all of my ports probed to see if Human Click was leaving an opening for
another Trojan Horse to get on my computer and fortunately, it is not even
seen by the test. I had to reformat my hard drive to get rid of the one and
only Trojan Horse I ever had and have taken all precautions to avoid
So, this is a safe program.  If you haven't tried it - take a good look at
what it can do for your site.  Just visit  and see
for yourself.  Or, if you are on a site and see the icon, you can contact
them from there.  Also, if you have not had your computer checked out for
problems or had your ports probed for safety, visit  -
rather be safe than sorry.

    Bogdan, keep it coming, my friend.  You just keep on
doing good for everyone.

God Bless ,
Marianne E. Payton

God created the stars in His Heavens as a guiding
pathway in the lives of those who are seeking.
            Please visit my other sites!

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            LEARN and EARN

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Dealon Bracelets <>
Subject: Make a Circle

Hi Bogdan:

Congratulations on a great ezine! I've written before
and have received excellent advice from you and your

Could I use this forum to suggest forming an internet
circle?  We all have different talents and I think we
improve and expand only by interaction with others.
I'm in Las Vegas and I've been trying, for ages, to
form an internet group for discussion and practical
ideas.  My commercial site has been up since 1996 so I
have lots of experience but I'm useless at certain
things.  The only people who have contacted me are
blatant sales people.  Doesn't anybody from Las Vegas
think this is a good idea?

Could I ask your readers for suggestions?


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==================Alert Section==================
From: Tom Dahne <>
Subject: My Free Ebook Called ScamFreeZone

Hi Adland

I have just been reading a few postings in your newsletter and seems a lot
of people are getting scammed.

I have put together a free ebook using the PDF scamfreezone file from Neil
Shearing at

This ebook explains in plain English how to avoid getting court by scammers.
And it is available for people to download for free from my website at

It also has links to other websites and discussion group that talk about
Internet scams.

Tom Dahne


===========Site Review Response(1)=============
From: "Frank Jamison" <>



WOW!  You've got a lot of information there, and it was actually interesting
enough for me to read most of it.  Kudos on the content!

What you site lacks is aesthetics.  You've got a powerhouse under the hood,
but without a decent paint job, you're going to have a hard time selling the

The one key thing that's missing is a decent navigational system.  You need
a menu, preferably on the left side of the screen, and a little color.
Also, the text (comic-sans, is it?) does not convey a professional feel.
You might try Arial instead.  If you look at the major sites, you will see
that this is the most common font used.

Your on you way to great success!



Wow, great site!  Very professionally done!  My only suggestion would be to
either make the navigation on the front page the same as the other pages, or
make the navigation bar on the left side of the front page span the entire
length of the page.  Also, there is too much white space between your text
and the menu at the bottom of your main page.

As for complimentary products, you might consider posting some free reports
on how to maximize the use of your product...perhaps some "how-to" articles
on email marketing.

Other than that, you have a fantastically great and professional website!
Definitely a site worth looking at.



The first thing I noticed on your site was the color scheme.  The white text
on light blue buttons on a baby blue background is very difficult to read.

Frames are generally difficult for some search engines to spider.  You might
consider changing your site to a non frames version.  Also, you should
include META tags on ALL of your pages, not just the main page.

The only other suggestions I have is to add some color to your site...a
graphic or two for aesthetic value.  And you might consider starting an
listing available domain names.  Your list of available domain names is over
2 months old.  You want your website to maintain it's "freshness" to get
visitors to RETURN to your website.

Other than these few suggestions, your site looks ok.  It's easy to navigate
and loads quickly.  Make some aesthetic changes and keep your site
up-to-date, and you'll have a GREAT site.


I spent 3 hours on your website and have one question for you:  Where is
this incredible system that you want us to pay $50.00 for?

What I found when I got in to your website were hundreds of links to other
websites and downloads that can be found elsewhere on the web ABSOLUTELY
FREE, some of which I have on my own website.

If I HAD paid $50.00 for membership, you can bet your bottom dollar I would
be demanding a refund.

Several of your links broken, and several others are "Under Construction."
You offer what appears to be an illegal code to open the Express Email
Server an an incentive to join.  And there are several spelling errors on
your site.

Your color scheme of red on orange is atrocious.  I could barely read the
headers in your menu frame, and your graphics are also difficult to read, as
the drop shadow is too dark.

Even your signature line is a lie, as your affiliate program only pays 50%
on the first tier and 20% on the second tier.  Heck...I want a refund on my
three hours!

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate program directory and get
the facts you need to know BEFORE you join a program!

===========Site Review Response(2)=============
From: "Bob Cortez" <>

Karen Fegarty requested a site review of in the AdlandPro Digest Vol. 1, #192
Aug 28, 2000.

First of all let me say that this is a very well designed and
professional looking site.  The navigation, graphics, and general
layout are excellent.  The only problem I find in it is that it
lacks any character, content, or community.  In short, its an
excellent brochure, but lacks the necessary components to be an
excellent web site.

Here is what I suggest:

1) Begin with identifying your core audience.  Who is it
specifically you are trying to reach?  Is it established small
businesses, mom and pop home businesses, fast track
entrepreneurs, or Fortune 500 companies?  If your answer is 'all
of them', then it may as well be 'none of them'. You need to
identify what segment of the business community you want to
attract and communicate to.

2) With your core audience in mind, answer this question in the
first paragraph of your home page: "What's in it for them?".  Why
should they spend another 10 seconds on your site? What is the
chief benefit for them to investigate further?  What problem will
you solve?  How can you make their life and business better,
easier, more enjoyable or profitable?

3) Now that you have their attention, they know what you offer
and why they need it.  You need to tell them why your
product/service is THE solution.  Why should they download your
software NOW? What will they be able to do with it?  How is this
better than what they are doing/using now? What are the key
benefits that set your product/service apart from the

4) Add some relevant content.  Links to other information
resources, related products and services, articles and experts.
Make yourself the authority and resource centre for everything
concerning your products/services and industry.  Make your site
'bookmarkable' as a resource to be used and shared with others.

5) Create a community of users.  The Internet is all about
interaction.  Let your users interact with each other, your
support staff, and related businesses.  Let them share their
ideas, tips, tricks and techniques to get the most out of your
product or service.  Encourage them to suggest improvements,
report bugs, ask questions and share solutions.  Use this as a
basis for further product development, service enhancements, and
your regular email newsletter.

6) Throughout your site you want to communicate to your core
audience who you are, and why you should be trusted.  The first
steps in making the sale is to develop rapport and trust.  Your
site is your 'Virtual You', let your prospects see you as if they
were meeting you in the office. Speak in your own voice,
communicate your passion for your product (Don't hype), solicit
their feedback, questions and problems.  Indicate your interest
in THEM, their business, and their success.

I know these suggestions are fairly generic, but to develop
specific ideas for you and your business is what I get paid for
and requires more time than I can offer for free.  However, if
you really work on these six points over time I believe your
business will increase dramatically.

Hope this helps.

Bob Cortez, President

Total Quality Marketing, Inc.

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "Shawn Shellenbarger" <>

Good evening everyone.  I have been a long time reader but Ive never posted.
I have just  set-up    But some people complain about slow load
times.  But its so fast here with a 56k.
Any Ideas on how to speed it up?  I'm looking for content to add to my
newsletter and the site itself.  Please give me a little feedback.
Best Regards,
Shawn Shellenbarger

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Rob and Traci" <>


Having seen all the useful comments posted regarding site reviews I wondered
if your subscribers would be willing to review my site.

I have been lucky enough to gain my own domain name through another
programme in the last couple of weeks. All I have done so far is transfer my
site which was on a 'freebie' site and taken off their pop-ups etc. The main
focus of review I would appreciate are:-

1. Search engine ranking. What am I doing wrong?
2.Is there anything I can do to make the site more appealing?

I have been considering re-vamping or possibly re-writing but would
appreciate fresh ideas as to the best way forward.

Thankyou very much indeed


Lets share our FREE Advertising resources

========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: Bill Brown <>


I would appreciate any feedback
negative as well as positive as to
reviewing my new website...

I am open to any suggestions or
helpful hints to getting traffic to my
website and build my newsletter list.

Thank you,

William E. Brown,

Systems Administrator
Doing business online since 2000!

========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: Mark Crisp <>


 Great read, really like the site review. I wonder if some of those "net
gurus" will give the lowdown on my site.

 thank you

Get your banner on 35,000+ web sites FREE

========================Site Review Request(5)=========================
From: Dmitry Kluchnev <>

Hello Bogdan,
I am your subscriber and wanted to ask other subscribers to check my
We really spent much time and money but still have no any success.
This is just a scream of help!
Thank you,
Dmitry Kluchnev

======================Joke of the Day=====================

An Italian cab driver was telling a passenger that only real
men drive taxis in Rome.

"We use our left hand for signals and our right hand to wave
at women," he proclaimed.

The tourist asked, "But how do you steer?"

"I just told you," the cabbie replied, "that only real men drive
taxis in Rome."

Let's hear from you......

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