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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (1)

1.) I didn't have idea how to get started
~ Heather

N e w     P o s t s   (4)
1.) Chris Gozdzik
~ How to improve conversion ratio?

2.) Melanie Kozik
~*Traffic Slamming*

3.) Tom Falco
~ Get to the Top of the Search Engines!

4.) Melanie Kozik
~ Kewl Advertising - If you like

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (0)

Site Review Responses (0)

  Site Review Requests (4)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
SEARCH ENGINES - an overview -
by Tony Murtagh

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  260   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I would like to thank everybody who sent me their comments
Most of them were very helpful and some of them are
either already implemented or are on to do list.
Thanks again.

If you are looking for free resources on the internet, visit our
new site
You will find there everything needed to start your internet
business, enhance your website, or find affiliate program
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Free month of advertising on before credits which
he/she  purchased will be used.

Enter this code  (FreeMonth)    in the description field on the advertising
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Most of the time questions or topics discussed here, are concerning
promotion and creating of traffic. What we really mean by that, is how
to make sales and generate profits.
Working on this aspects for several years myself, I'm finding that  being
focused on particular area is paying off the most.
If you are experienced internet user or just starter, you won't have usually
troubles to distinguish good site from the bad one. This brings me to the
point that actually it shouldn't be a problem for everybody, to be able to
see if their site is looking good or bad. If their site have any chances of
generating sales or not. So why are we seeing so many sites just having
farms of banners, sites with distracting backgrounds and sites trying
to cover  virtually any topic of human life.

When building my business, I've always tried to stress the value
of  what I'm offering to my visitors and I've always looked how
can I give more of things which can fit in the character of business
which I've initiated. is attracting all kinds of people interested in
posting ads.  Since ads are meant to promote ones business,
I looked for other ways which can broaden this kind of service.

I added
banner advertising,
Adland Digest,
then search engine submissions,
later free email,
free merchant account
and now I added tools for building of Free websites

and have partnered to built site,
offering free resources.

I'm sure that you have noticed  last couple of items  have word
"Free" associated with them

How "Free" can help me in building my business.
Answer to this will continue in next issue.
Just a hint: except for, I haven't done
a thing to get other three free services on my site, but they benefit
me greatly.


Get More people coming back to your site by asking them to
create your home page as their starting point.

Use this java script below and either note or add some programming
to hide it for Netscape users. This script will only work in I.E.

<A href="javascript:{}"
://');">Make us your homepage!</A>

==============Success Story==================
From: Angie Boldwyn <>

Manager to Maid to Entrepreneur

Years ago I read an article about a
famous author who took a job picking
tomatoes so he could get his exercise
and get away from his typewriter.

He used this time to enjoy the outdoors
and did alot of his writing in his mind.

I wish I could remember who it was but I've
never forgotten it and have now taken the
same road.

For years, I worked in a Convenience Store
Chain (4 at the time in our small town).
I started at the bottom but since I could
never learn to do things in a small way,
before long I was managing and went on to
auditing and traveling.

This, of course, took it's toll on my family
and I decided to move on.

- Out of the frying pan and into the fire. -

I then started working at a local newspaper
as a newspaper carrier in the country out of my
car. This gave me time to follow my entrepreneurial
side until I agreed to graduate to assistant
circulation manager.

Then, guess what, the overstressed manager walked
out. You guessed it again, I'm now the manager.
This was not what I wanted but I did it until
they found another person to take my place. Poor
soul is now working the 12 hour days.

I read an ad in our newspaper one day for a
local motel looking for housekeepers. You
could work part time and still have benefits,

Guess what! I was a housekeeper for two years.

I worked part time, kept my semi-gorgeous figure
(just kidding), and had plenty of time alone
in the rooms while I worked to think.

What's this got to do with the Internet?

I started in 1997. The perfect vent
for my entrepreneurial, creative side. I made
all the classic mistakes, I even gave it up
at one point but just couldn't get my mind off
of it. I knew it could work!

I enjoy the challenge of marketing and the
creativity that goes with it so I decided to
focus on marketing / advertising and try to
help others as I go along.

Guess what! That was the key all along!

I am now a full-time webmaster. I gave up
my outside job as of 9-6-00 and dusted off
my exercise machine that was in the corner
of my office. Ha!

The key is choosing a niche you enjoy and
staying with it. I am now in the black and
look forward to work everyday not to mention
all the wonderful people I have met through
the Internet along the way.

If you have a dream, you should do what it takes
to follow through.

Yes, many people will think you're crazy but
many will actually be secretly envious you have
the guts to go against the flow.

Angie Boldwyn, Entrepreneur

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====================Featured Post(1)=====================
From: "Frank Jamison" <>

Dear Bogdan and Fellow Adlanders,

By now you've noticed that I have not posted site reviews for the past two
weeks and are probably wondering what has happened.

To make a long story short, I have been preoccupied with other matters, and
I must apologize to those who have requested reviews and have not received

I have recently been released from disability and am now seeking full-time
employment, as well as being a stay-at-home dad in the interim.  To
complicate matters more, I am transferring my affiliate program tracking
system from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database, and it's a long,
slow process.

Rest assured, however, that you have not been forgotten!  I have placed your
site review requests in my tasks manager and will respond to them ASAP.
Keep reading the digest and keep your eyes peeled for them.

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Note from Editor.

Frank is  helping others because as he mentioned in one of his previous
postings, in the past somebody reviewed for him his site and helped him
with suggestions and critique. Now he is giving back what he received from others.
In my opinion he gave already enough and even if he has been busy with other
things, he wrote this note to let us know that he is still there.
Thank you Frank. People like you are making places like Adland Digest
success. We had many reviewers in the past who from time to time send
their reviews to the digest and I'm sure that there are others who send
their notes directly to people in question. Thank you everybody for your
contribution to better internet.


====================Featured Post(2)=====================
From: Tony Murtagh <>

Hi Bogdan

Have just received your latest newsletter, and once again congratulations on
providing an interesting and informative read as usual.

First, I would just like to reply to Miriam Shaw who wrote thanking the
readers (including myself) who had sent in a site review of her site.  This
is the third or fourth site review I have done and I think it is the first
time that the site owner has bothered to say thank you.  It does take time
to review a site properly and although it is something I enjoy doing, a
quick "thank you" is always appreciated.  :-)    By, the way, I have visited
Miriams re-designed site and must say that it looks to me to be a vast
improvement on the old one - I have already requested the Free Downloads she
mentioned - so she has captured my email address!

Kind regards

Tony Murtagh


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Heather <>
Subject: I didn't have idea how to get started

Finally   some success at last.    Thanks to all the advice I received from
your readers, I know have my very first web pages up and running.  Whilst I
can appreciate that they are only very basic, It is very exciting for me to
say the least.   I finally, after many many attempts, have an accessible, readable
web site.  Now I just have to fine tune it and get people to the site.

It is a positive step for me and I am looking forward to progressing to the
next level of web designing.  If those of you who offered advice would like
to take a quick peek at what I have done so far the address for the moment
is: and as usual I would appreciate
your critique of the pages.  (but don't be too critical, remember it's only my
first attempt  lol).

Keep up the good work Adland.  I'd never have made it this far without your

"Make it a great day"


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Chris Gozdzik" <>
Subject: How to improve conversion ratio?

Czesc Bogdan, hi everybody!

A few issues ago I presented my little success story. Things
have been improving and I'm getting about 800 visits a day, but my
conversion ratio is way down now.
Majority of my visitors come either from search engines or from
reciprocal links on other (related) sites, so it is a fairly highly
targeted "crowd" - my site caters to a niche market.
I'd like your opinion/advice on improving the ratio of visitors to
buyers. I've made some small changes, but I feel I need a major
overhaul of my navigation system and need some help in creating
an easy flow from introduction to the order page.
My goal is to have first: people buying directly on their first visit,
then subscribers to my newsletter. I also try to make it easy to
bookmark my site to potential re-visitors. (I get a lot of repeat
How about the overall feel of it? Most of my customers are
people interested in paranormal, spiritual growth, healers, dowsers,
etc. Should I spruce it up a bit? A different colour scheme?
I'd appreciate your comments and opinions, no matter how
painful they are. It's fairly difficult for me to put my customer's
shoes - I'm too close to my "baby"  :o)

P.S. Can anybody recommend a good webhost - customer support
is my number one concern, followed by decent features and of
course a good price.

Take care!

Chris Gozdzik

Dowsing Tools With A Difference

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject: *Traffic Slamming*

Okay Adlanders-I'm letting a rather large Cat out of the bag no one i have talked to knows about this and a few
who have tried it have been...well...I think the word was floored.  It's
called *Traffic Slamming* and I've written a report about how it

(Frankly-I feel like I'm releasing a big secret!)  but I think that there
are a lot of people in this forum who will find this to be not only very
profitable for them-but it's VERY fun too!  I did it on a lark at first-
then as market testing, then I got hooked beginning about 4
months back and...

In a nutshell, this is what you get - Dirt cheap traffic -  Literally
1000's of Real people - guaranteed visitors to your site in a few
hours/days.  If you use HumanClick, you will have such fun
watching this happen to your website.

 You may us this report in your newsletter or whatever if you wish,
but please let me know about it and leave my information in tact.
There are NO links from anywhere on the web pointing to this report!
I know who has access to it. ;}

GO read the report and then --go kick some marketing butt!

Melanie Kozik

All the best - Melanie Kozik
Investigative Resources

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Tom Falco
Subject: Get to the Top of the Search Engines!

Hi all,
One major way of getting your site to the top of the search engines is to
actually submit the site(s) yourself.

Many people pay lots of money to others or use free placement services that
will place their sites with the click of one button. They actually advertise
get on 100 search engines, click here.

You actually need to place your site on search engines one at a time
I repeat. You can not put your site on all engines in one shot. You need to
actually go from engine to engine and place your site. Also, please don't
forget to list all your pages and submit them separately to the engines.
Don't spam if they are all similar topics, but if you have items that are
different, you can treat each page as a separate gateway page on most

For instance, we offer custom discount printing on line. We have one page
for custom printed post-it notes, we have one page for custom printed pens,
we have one page for custom printed t-shirts, etc. etc. Each page consists of
completely different content than the others and it helps to get them listed
as separate "gateway" pages on the search engines. So that if someone needs
business cards or labels, they can go directly to that page when they type
in the search word and find the page on the search engines, bypassing the home

You may check out what I mean at:

We also offer FREE Search Engine submissions to over 50 of the most popular
search engines at:
Here is where you can do it yourself and make sure it is done right. It is
very simple, just go from one engine to the next and fill in the required
fields. You will have a much better chance this way, than sending your site
to a lot of search engines at once without using their forms or criteria.

Thank you. Hope this helps!
Tom Falco


======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject: Kewl Advertising - If you like

I just received a favorite ezine of mine - from Phil Wiley - anyway-if
you don't get that ezine, he mentioned that a friend of his (Bill
Burdin of AdTrack Classifieds, Affiliate Options, etc.) has a new SE
that is rather like ...only this is way kewler for the
advertiser ;}.

You can buy 5 keywords (limit) and here's the thing! - YOU CAN'T
GET BUMPED!  It's first come-first gets the words!

They are yours - top 10 so long as you pay.  For example - I got
the terms *web hosting* and *ecommerce* for .02 cents a click
(and 3 other keywords of my choice) and they are MINE so long as
I pay for them!  It gets even better - You can SELL them to other
people later on if you *park them*!  Say this thing really takes off,
can you imagine how much choice key-words will be worth?

It costs $100.00 to sign up and get your words on (they are up
really fast) and that money is used up in the clicks-thrus.

Anyway-I of course do not know if it will be a huge success or
anything but I am already getting hits from there and it just went
live apparently last week.

I like it so much-I signed up as an affiliate!  If you want to check it
out-here's my affiliate link:

If you don't want to go in through my link - it's just   (but I would appreciate the kudos of course)

I mean...I am spending over $150.00 a month at goto (don't get me
wrong, its worth it) -- so this doesn't seem like much money  to
give it a whirl!

Have fun!  Brainstorm away!

Melanie Kozik


========================Site Review Request(1)=========================

Hi folks

My name is Jerry Goodwin, I am a personal Trainer and Nutritional
Specialist in Moultrie Georgia and I really would like to invite you to
take a look at the site that my wife and I have put together. We are
still building and remodelling sort of speak and hopefully improving the
site. I add new things almost daily and would really like your opinion on
the site. There is a guestbook there on the site please take a few
minutes of your very busy schedule and look at this site. As a sort of a
bribe to  get you to look, there are many FREE ads sources there and I
will be adding a completely FREE internet Marketing course today that you
can get when you just click on the link and sign up FREE. The course
would probably sell for over 300.00 and you get ongoing training
supplements so it really is invaluable. The site I would like you to look
at is as

I would also like to complement the editor (Bogdan)  of  Adlands Digest,
he is doing a great job. I print out the issues and try to read every
word. I love the articles and posts from the other subscribers as the
stories often hit very close to home.

BMG Services Fitness and Nutrition. Come see us on the web at   We can help you improve your
 Body and Mind to reach your Goals.
For the best deals on Cell Phones and Long distance go

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "BigMike" <>

  Would appreciate a site review.

This site was originally constructed for my friends who kept bugging me for
addresses to all the places we were getting free stuff from and information
about how we built our on-line store for free (at  ) which is doing quite well, and the only thing
we've paid for so far is our merchant account, since we also have off line

We were among those who utilized the "internet" back in the days of Packet &
monochrome monitors with only text based capabilities, and have amassed tons
of research, information, resources and "connections" to all the best places
on what is "Now" the "Internet" and sharing that information with friends
became a massive letter writing, data sorting chore, so we wrote a guide to
help the newbies, and created a website to save us time in sending
information and instructions for every person that asked.

The 10 Step Directory and guide was originally e-mailed to our friends, (who
didn't even know how to "copy and paste" or what a browser address bar
was)... then after awhile, we joined the affiliate programs for most all of
the links, and have tried to maintain the Keep It Sweet & Simple format
without a lot of flash, graphics and banner ads.

But, even with all the affiliate links and various pay for referral
programs, our commission checks have not materialized. Not that we really
care a whole lot since this entire project started as a service for our
friends, but it would be nice to be rewarded for advertising all these

We were thinking that perhaps it was the design of our site, or maybe just a
case of information overload, or perhaps the affiliate programs themselves.

What do you think?


========================Site Review Request(3)=========================

My site is at I would like to know what I could do to
make it look like more professional. I have been using FrontPage 2000 to
build it, while teaching myself from the tutorials on the web. I would like
to someday build or fix website for others. Thank you for your time.

========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: Ronald Coble <>

Hello Bogdan,

I want to congratulate you on being one of the few
Ezines that we continue to subscribe to after reviewing
hundreds in the last 3 years.

I would also like to ask you and your readers to
give our website a review and offer up any suggestions
that might help our conversion to order ratio.

We receive a good deal of traffic, but our conversion
to orders is quite low if you go by some of the "guru's"
standards that state 1 out of every 100 should become
a customer.

The URL for our site is:

Thanks again for providing a great Ezine with great

Best regards,
Ron Coble
Coble International

""""""" NO Inventory--NO Employees--NO Hassles'''''''''''

              FREE Software   FREE Report
                  HOW to COMBINE the

                    LEARN and EARN


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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
SEARCH ENGINES - an overview - by Tony Murtagh

I could devote a whole site to search engines and on how to get good
search engine placement, but for the purpose of this article, I will give
a brief outline of what they are and what they do, the benefits of
achieving a high placement with them and a few general tips.

Basically, there are two types of search engines, the first, such as Alta
Vista and Excite, will use an automated programme to search your site (A
"Robot" who will "Spider" your site). All Search Engines use slightly
differing criteria and methods (algorithms), so if you set your site up
for one engine, it will not necessarily follow that another engine will
give it the same listing - or any listing at all!

Some engines will read your "Meta" tags - see the guest article below for
more information - - and some will ignore them and read the actual text on
your home page. Some will spider through your whole site, listing a large
number of your pages and others will only list your home page. Over the
years Webmasters have attempted to trick the engines into giving them
higher rankings by various methods, but they have become wise to most of
the tricks and now either ignore them or de-list a site altogether!

The second type of Search Engines are directories, the most important of
all being Yahoo. With them once a url is submitted for consideration, the
site will be looked at (eventually) and may, or may not be listed. They do
offer an express listing service for $199 where they will look at your
site within a week or so, but they still give no guarantee of actually
listing it!

Generally speaking, for the average web site, particularly one that is not
part of a major off-line company (e.g. Ford, General Motors, IBM) the
majority of the traffic is going to come from a good search engine
position - I have seen statistics showing it to be as high as 85%. It is
not enough though, just to get listed - if you were in every search engine
and directory in the world you would get no traffic unless people
searching for you found your site in the top 20 or 30 in their search

The majority of surfers only look at the first ten or a dozen results and
ones past number 30 are rarely visited.

So to obtain a good search engine position, you can do one of three

Pay a good Search Engine Placement company to place your site - the good
companies give you a guarantee as to the number of top ten places they
will obtain for your chosen search words,

Study the Search Engine Placement articles in the archives on my site or
on many of the excellent sites dealing with the subject and try and do the
job yourself. My favourite site for articles and info on this is:

Get listed in a "pay to search" engine.

The choice between the first two options is that of between time and
money. A good search engine placement is vital to really make your
business grow and if you have the budget, spend some of it with a good
placement company and spend your time on marketing your business.

If however, you are just starting the business and have very little
capital, take the second route and at least spend some time on optimising
your meta tags, keywords, keyword placement etc. If you are in a
non-competitive area you may be able to achieve reasonable placings in
some search engines yourself.

The majority of traffic will come from the top engines and while it does
no harm to get your site listed on the hundreds of engines and directories
that some auto-submission programmes will do for you, often free of
charge, you will never get much traffic from them. The major sites to
concentrate on are :


Alta Vista







Northern Light





Web Crawler

If you are going to attempt Search Engine Placement yourself, I can
recommend that you download Web Position Gold Trial - this is a FREE
thirty day, limited trial version of the programme that is widely accepted
as the best web positioning programme available. Even if you do not go on
to sign up for the full product, you will learn a great deal from this
trial version to help you in the future.

If you then wish to take your own Search Engine Placement one step
further, check out the JER Group, Inc. who have been producing online
courses since 1994 and whose latest course is specifically on Search
Engine Placement using Web Position Gold.

The final course of action is to try Pay Per Click Search Engine placement
through the likes of, and The idea
with these is that you bid on a certain keyword or phrase and dependant on
where your bid is in terms of other bids for the same phrase, determines
where in the search result your site comes. If you have the highest bid,
your site comes out number one and so on. You only pay for the number of
hits your site actually receives from someone searching for it.

Whilst Go To is by far the largest, it may prove less expensive to try one
of the others. On Go To you are able to check out how often a particular
phrase or word was searched for in the previous month and how much it
costs to bid on it to achieve the required position in the search results.
There may well be a large gap in the bidding between number one position
and, say number three, and as both sites would be seen on the same page by
the person doing the searching, it may well be more economical to set your
bid to come third or fourth, without losing much impact.

Another trick on these pay per click search engines, is to bid for several
keywords that are not searched upon very often, rather than the leading
keyword. If, for example the most searched for keyword relevant to you
cost $2, ten visitors to your site would cost you $20. If however you bid
on ten keywords for only 10c each, your $20 dollars would bring you 200
hits! Whilst the top keyword applicable to you may receive 1,000 hits per
month, you get the same hit rate by bidding for 10 keywords that each
receive 100 hits per month. It takes a little longer, but is far more cost

The last time I updated my bidding at GoTo, I found several phrases that
had been searched on 30/40 times in the previous month, but had received
no bids. I was therefore able to ensure coming out top for those key words
for just $0.01 per click, so I am getting 100 hits per dollar!

By - Tony Murtagh
Tony Murtagh has spent all his career involved in sales, sales
management, marketing and PR. He was a UK National Sales Manger
(Major Accounts) for a mobile communications company, had his own
publishing company producing a monthly Business to Business
magazine and has acted as a PR consultant for a number of small
businesses. He is now sharing his wide experience of sales, marketing
and promotion in his new web site: -
and in a weekly e-ezine Aardvark Marketing, which you can subscribe
to from the site, or

======================Joke of the Day=====================

One day, Uncle Joe got fired from his construction job.  His
nephew asked him what happened.

"You know what a foreman is?" he asked. "The one who
stands around and watches the other men work?"

"What's that got to do with it?" he asked.

"Well, he just got jealous of me," Uncle Joe explained.
"Everyone thought I was the foreman."

Let's hear from you......

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