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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Featured Post

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N e w     P o s t s   (6)
1.) Ted Pollard
~ Suggestions on the selection of the best tools

2.)Adam Jackson
~ You Really CAN Earn A Good Income With your Own...
    Business....But You Must Understand These Five Tips First.

3.) Patricia Odell
~ Newsletter review request

4.)Don Wetmore
~ Reading

5.) Floyd Lunow
~ Search engine placement companys

~ Mailing list software

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Site Review Responses (1)
1. Tony Murtagh

  Site Review Requests (5)


G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Making It Online;
By Bob Dragojevic

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  310   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


It appears that Melanie Kozik made an error, when providing url to
her website with traffic building tips in last issue of Adland Digest.
Here is the correct one.


I'm still getting messages from people who purchased services from
the company called PIYB and had troubles in getting their refunds
as promised. In order to support further communication for those
who would like to look farther into this issue, I have created
special section called "PIYB-Scam" in active forum of
AdlandPro Classifieds.
Go here to access it.


How "Free" can help me in building of my business?

This was  the question which I posed in last issue
of Adland Digest.

Everybody likes "free", and  almost everybody will
want to see it. By offering free service or product,
you are hooking up the visitor to your site and your business.
Of course behind offering of "free", your intended goal is to create
favourable climate and better reception of your future offerings.
Whenever you are offering free service or product to your
visitors, you ask for contact information, or for  permission to
send them your information on periodic bases.

You have to provide a  way for your subscribers to be removed
from your list if they like to do this at some point.
You probably noticed  that when you opened this email, you were
given information how to remove yourself from my list.

In order to offer free service or product, you don't need to own
any of them. There are companies on the internet, which will give
you their product or service which you can offer as yours.
They will get their appreciation by sharing with you benefits
of  being able to get access to your visitors or customers.

Some  of such services which you can offer on your site
are free email , free website, free merchant account and
free reports which  almost each publisher will want to
display on your site for publicity reasons.

To find  sites which offer free products or services, you need to visit
our new site which list  several thousands of sites offering
free resources, services or commissions.

I also welcome your submissions.
Don't forget to join our associate program which pays
for hits, sales  based on two-tier model and we are just
working on addition of new  section, where you will
get paid  for submission to our database of new
free resources on the internet up to $0.50 each.
To join our associate program, please go here.

==================Featured Post====================
From: N. Akbar
Subject: Newbies, learn from my mistakes........

To my fellow cyber-marketers:

I am writing this in hopes to assist the Newbies to avoid many mistakes that
I made in the beginning.  I have been involved in Network Marketing for
almost 2 years. When I first started, I joined numerous free to join
programs, thinking that I was going to be one of the ones that made a lot of
money on the Internet. Well, I made nothing, nada, zip!  Folks, you must
remember that "nothing from nothing, leaves nothing."  Now, don't
misunderstand me I never lost sight of that, but, the programs made it sound
so easy.  Without the sale of some kind of product.........their is NO
Well, why didn't someone tell me this in the beginning? Why didn't someone
explain how to promote?  The best places to advertise?  Maybe that was just
my initiation.  Anyway, don't despair their is a lot of very good programs
being offered.  You must first investigate. I was blessed to find one and
guess what.......I quit my job the beginning of February. I waited until I
consistently made 3 times my monthly salary for 6 months straight. (Well,
truth be told I was unhappy their anyway.)  But make sure you check to see
what the companies track record is.  How long have they been in business?
Contact your sponsor 2-3 levels up-line and ask them how long have they been
involved, and how long did it take them to get their first commission check,
and exactly what position are they now in the matrix of the compensation
plan?  If you can't get that info I would suggest you keep looking.  In
to be successful, the marketing plan must be duplicatable.  Your sponsor
should be more than willing to teach you how to promote the program, because
Together Everybody Achieves More!  And then as you sponsor you too, must
become a teacher. Lastly, allow the search engines to become your best
friend. I hope this at least gives you something to think about!  One book I
feel is a must read for anyone involved in Network Marketing. it's entitled
he Greatest Networker in the World." By John Milton Fogg.  Again, I repeat
this is a MUST READ for all Networkers. You can read it on-line at   <A HREF="">Click
here: GreatestNetworker.comUNITY - Welcome</A>
If I can be of assistance, don't hesitate to email me!  Just put I need help
in the subject box.

Wishing you all Good Fortunes,
N. Akbar
To learn how to be a Professional Network Marketer, send blank email for my
Free info  to
To start earning within 2 weeks, while building a Safelist send blank email
to or visit my website at:

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Ted Pollard" <>
Subject: Suggestions on the selection of the best tools

I also would like suggestions on the selection of the best tools to build
and manage a large photo database with the capability of watermarking
photographs, and selling photographs online though downloads tied in with a
E-commerce store solution.  This site would be directly linked to each of
the country pages and thousands of photos of countries around
the world can be viewed and purchased.  A voting system would be also
included for viewers to vote for the photographs they most like.
Photographers around the world could also add their photographs to the site.
an image contest would also be part of the program with prizes given for
different categories.  I would appreciate all comments and suggestions and
contact Ted Pollard

thank you,  Ted Pollard  650 856 6478

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Adam Jackson" <>
Subject:You Really CAN Earn A Good Income With your Own
Business....But You Must Understand These Five Tips First.

Once again our economy is getting tighter. The big boom
days of Internet money-for-nothing are probably over.
Now, more than ever, people are starting their own
businesses to insure extra income and job security.

Small businesses thrive no matter what. We have the ability
to change and adjust to any situation. There are now more
than 20 million Americans working successfully from home.
The average income of an established small business is now
$70,000 or more. That is generally twice what the owner
was earning in his or her previous job.

Here are five things you MUST consider before you start
your own business.

1. Pick a business that sells something you would enjoy
getting behind. Don't sign up to push a product you think
is stupid, silly, or a poor value. Find something that gets
your juices flowing. It is FAR easier to sell something that
you believe in (in fact, it rarely seems like work).

2. Sell products and services that have an established
audience. Your products should help solve a pressing
problem a particular group of prospects suffers with. They
will pay good money NOW to get relief.

3. Look for a company to team up with that provides
marketing know-how along with their opportunity.
Marketing and advertising are very complicated fields. You
are miles ahead if the opportunity you join has expert ad
copy, a web site, or email messages already written for you.

4. Don't discount a company that has been around a long
time. Even though there are lots of very exciting
cutting-edge opportunities to get into, a tried-and-true firm
that has stood the test of time may be the one that is still
there for you a year from now.

5. Finally, you MUST promote your business. Even the
greatest ideas in the world won't get more than a trickle of
sales if they aren't continuously marketed. Find a good
marketing strategy that reaches the people who are most
likely to become your best customers. Then use that
strategy over and over again until you get the results you

Adam Jackson

Adam Jackson is the founder of
See his Top 5 list of solid, exciting businesses you can
start from home. He examines hundreds of programs
to discover the best opportunities to help you achieve a
variety of income goals.

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "patricia odell" <>
Subject: Newsletter review request

Hello Bogdan and Fellow Subscribers,

It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I have just been
reading and checking out links.  There is some really good stuff submitted
by readers.  Thanks to all of you for the learning experience.

I have a different kind of request.  Instead of a site review, I would like
a review of my ezine.  I boast of having Bob Perks and Terry Dean among my
subscribers as well as some other well known internet names. (Please forgive
me for the name dropping)

Rainbows is a different kind of publication.  I try to give my readers a
break from the usual rat race with a little humor and encouragement.  Just
something in the email to bring a smile and warm the heart.

If anyone is interested in reading the ezine and giving me a review of it
they can email me and I will send them the last issue to read .

Just email me at and request a sample issue.

As one of your readers said, Adland Digest is the one ezine that I have
remained a faithful subscriber to.  There is so much in it that I save them
to read and reread.

Have a wonderful week.

N.Patricia Briggs O'Dell

Subscribe to "Rainbows"
Every heart needs a rainbow to get through the tough times.  Let me send
you a Rainbow twice a month.  Inspirational and uplifting stories and
articles, jokes to make you smile, links to interesting sites, something
free and a famous recipe in every issue.

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======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Don Wetmore" <>
Subject: Reading

We have accumulated some interested reading facts and some
ideas on how you can get more reading done in less time. To
get yours, email your request for "facts" to:

Dr. Donald E. Wetmore-Professional Speaker

Productivity Institute-Time Management Seminars
Free Time Management Tips Newsletter:
Visit our Supersite:

======================N e w P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Floyd Lunow <>
Subject: Search engine placement companys

Hello, I was reading your information on search engines and found this very
interesting but wanted to know where I may go to find out about good or
excellent (good search engine placement companys) is there a chance you
could email me on these. Thanks for your time,

Floyd Lunow

======================N e w P o s t i n g (6)========================
From: "George" <>
Subject: Mailing list software

My name is George Belanger, I am a member of the Adland Digest.
We are about to start a newsletter for members, and I need a couple of
things, maybe you can help.
1.  The HTML you use for signup for the newsletter, and  how to verify the
emails (responder).   Our site has only been up 2 months as of today, and we
are beginning to have request for this.   I am now on 82% of the WWW and
growing.  Any help you can send me or locations to get the information we
need would be greatful.

I look forward to your experience and valued knowledge to help us.   Thank
you inadvance.



Note from Editor.

Hi George,

Depending on your needs and budget you can find solutions
from free to  about $20,000 for list software or hosting.

Depending what are your initial needs, you can start with
free newsletter hosting companies   like

If you would like  tools more customizable but still affordable
you can try

If you are looking for professional expensive solutions

I hope this helps.


Bogdan Fiedur

======================Site Review Resposne========================
From: Tony Murtagh <>
Hi Bogdan,

just a few comments following the site review request from Heather of the
Table Talking site.

First, as I and many other reviewers would say PLEASE, PLEASE get your own
domain name and web site host. I found the continuous pop up screens very
irritating, and even if you do not spend any money on anything else (there
are lots of ways to advertise and promote sites for free) you MUST have your
own web site if you are to be taken seriously. I would certainly not part
with in excess of $100 to someone running a business on a "free" site.
Secondly, I do not know where visitors to the site would be coming from, but
the first thing I looked at - the About Us page, did not tell me anything
about the people running the site, and neither did it give any indication to
the geographical area covered.

Even the "Coming Up" page was confusing. Is the "Sydney" referred to, the
host to the current Olympic Games; is Newcastle in the North East of

Many of the pages or frames could not be viewed when I visited the site - is
this the  fault of the "Free" web host?

I think the idea is basically sound, but the marketing needs to be more
focused on the geographical areas where the service is available - don't
forget that the web is world-wide!!

Also the "Business Opportunity" page is the second link - this distracts
from the basic idea of attracting new singles to the site. By all means have
it, but not in such a high priority position.
(I couldn't actually review this section because it was not available - DNS

The About Us page should be about the site owners - it should be a means of
building confidence in the site and the service offered.

I could go on, but not being able to view all the pages makes things

I hope I have not been too critical - I DO think it is a great idea, that
with time can be developed not only into a profitable site, but one which
will prove of value to many of the single people out there.

Tony Murtagh

Subscribe and claim your FREE copy of MASTERS OF MARKETING ebook
or visit my site at

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "Sarita Ragazzone" <>


I finally worked up the nerve to suggest a site review for my website. I
have been working on my site for almost a year now. With no previous website
development or marketing experience I had alot to learn. I seem to have
managed to successfully register my website with the major search engines
and am starting to generate about 1500 - 2000 hits a week.  This took ALOT
of reading on creating keyword specific gateway pages and learning how to
properly insert all the necessary meta-tags and keywords throughout my site.

I also started publishing a newsletter, (first issue published 7-1-00)
Absolute Work-At-Home Solutions and my subscriber list is now at 250+.

My website's current title is WebZone2000, however, when I tried to register
my own domain name it was not available, so I went with I
am now working on transferring my site to a new server and changing the
necessary titles. I am also working on changing my main page so that it will
have updated content on a regular basis and not just the description of my
website contents. I will use my current main page as a site index.

Please send me any positive or negative comments or suggestions regarding my
website even  if they hurt my feelings. (be nice!)

My website address which I used to submit to the search engine is:
My main page is :

Thank You,

Sarita Ragazzone

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Lou Fabiano, editor" <>

Hello Bogdan,
We have just done an extensive redesign of our site and would like to
request that Adland readers review it.
Webmaster Programs features real reviews of over 1000 affiliate programs
that webmasters can use to earn money on their sites. We also provide
industry news, helpful articles, free website promotion tools and more.

Lou Fabiano, editor

========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
"Ted Pollard" <>

Site  provides Your Online Purchasing Management
Portal where business buyers can purchase products and services utilizing a
FREE online purchasing management system which can reduce the cost of
purchasing as much as $100 per purchase order.  Purchase rebates are
provided when buying from multiple suppliers.  Business which use the Free
service tend to use it all the time for all of their purchases.  It saves
considerable time and places the entire process under accounting control.
The information can also be transferred into standard accounting software

I would like to have your readers review the site and provide
their thoughts and suggestions on how they can be improved.  Also, If they
have any questions regarding any of the sites have them contact Ted Pollard

Ted Pollard

========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: John <>

Could I request that my site is reviewed please?



========================Site Review Request(5)=========================
From:Don Manacapelli

Hello, Bogdan!

I would very much like you or one of your staff to review my website at  Please let me know if this is possible.

Best regards,
Don Manacapelli

Making It Online;

By Bob Dragojevic

""""""" NO Inventory--NO Employees--NO Hassles'''''''''''

              FREE Software   FREE Report
                  HOW to COMBINE the

                    LEARN and EARN


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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Making It Online;
By Bob Dragojevic

So, You've heard about the net and how people are making $$$$$. It's all
over the place and you wantin on the internet action. You've either tried a
few programs by now, got burned and disappointed oryou're as "Green" as they
come. A Brand New "Net Newbie" but don't want to be taken for a ride.
You'resitting there wondering how do you tackle the Internet marketing Wave
and make it pay you. Of courseyou want to do a program that works but at the
same time you like the idea of earning multipleincomes. So you start to
explore this and that wondering which one to join. You've narrowed it downto
a select few and decide on the best program for you. The "eager beaver",
"ready to take on theworld", character takes over you, ready to get down to
business and make all your dreams come true.Financial Freedom is only a few
weeks away.A few days to a week go past, you've learnt the material and gone
through the training.Enthusiastically you apply all that you've learnt and
start seeing a few positive results. Like somehits to your site, maybe also
a sale or two. One or Two weeks later you start analysing what's going on
and if you were lucky enough to make some sales your only "Just Satisfied",
with that fact. Projections show that this is what you should be making and
yet you are nowhere near that. Scratching your head you start to wonder
things. "Never Mind I'll Try Again", is your thinking and you start all over
from another angle. Pretty soon you've exhausted your angles and if you were
lucky you're still making a few sales a week. But nowhere near what you
anticipated and now that "Financial Freedom In Just A Few Weeks" starts to
seem like it will never come. Or by the time it does you'll be grey and old
or six feet under. By this point in time you start doubting yourself.
"Reality" IS "Sinking In" and you really start feeling like YOU HAVE, "Been
Taken For A Ride". By now majority of people who have gone through the above
give up on the Net and put it down to a bad job. "What Went Wrong?" you
start thinking to yourself. Then the worst part hits you, "Maybe This
Internet Game Is Not For Me?".Lets just back it up a little and examine what
went on here as I'm positive that a lot of you haveexperienced the above in
some form or the other. So much so, that I have decided to put this article
together that focuses on the basics of "making it online." If you're a Net
Newbie contemplating your first online venture, the following material will
prove useful in helping you avoid some serious drawbacks in the early stages
of the game.

1) Choosing Your First Program;
If you're new to net and especially if you know nothing about internet marketing,
the best optionforyou would be to join a program that relates to your background.
IE: You maybe a nurse byprofession so a health food/medicinal company or industry
wouldsuit you better. Why? because beingin that profession you already posses the
necessary background knowledge. Thereby saving you a lotof time and energy
in having to learn from scratch the complete details of the company's
products.You also make this experience a little easier to take on. So think
about this first and figure outwhat you are naturally good at or a talent
you may have before jumping into a program. It will makeyour life online a
little easier.

2) Learning The Marketing Game;

Ok. So now you have your program but everything is so new, you find you
could do with some help or advice in getting started. At this point your
best source of information is Ezines. I know you've heard it before but a
majority of the people don't realise that Ezines are literally "Goldmines"
for them. You can get them virtually all over the net and they're free to
use. Pretty much the same way you got onto this Ezine. So make sure you join
them but don't stop there. Make sure you drop the publisher or webmaster a
line and talk to them. There's nothing better than having the interaction
with those who have developed their online businesses. They have had their
share of successes and failures and most importantly LEARNED FROM THEM!
These people have developed a sense of what will work and what won't. They
are in an excellent position to help you pick your way through the Internet
Marketing Minefield without coming to grief.

3) Reseller Training Courses;
Courses offered through various reseller companies are a good place
to start. There are also othernumerous training courses offered on the net.
Unlike our friend in the above example you need tobear One Important & Major
Factor in mind. That is to utilise the said "starter" training courses asa
launching pad. Then develop, develop, develop it further from there. I know
you probably don'twant to hear this but developing your internet marketing
know how is a continual process. So isresearching. Are you in an online
business?? Are you doing any of these 2 major steps?? It canliterally mean
the difference between succeeding online or failing. After all it's, "Those
In TheKnow" that get the competitive edge over you or your business. This is
why ezines become your bestsource of information, when it comes to continual
development and research. Ezines can save you alot of time and energy.
Otherwise you would have to make the time just to research the same info
tokeep yourself informed and updated. The ezine publishers have done the
homework for you.

4) Working The Program You Have Chosen;
Most people start
with one reseller program and get their first taste of online marketing. It
comesas a shock to most of them at first. All that info to learn so little
time to do it in. However, ifyou stick with it and see it through you will
reap the fruits of your labour. But here's the amusingpart. Pretty soon some
start thinking, "Why don't I join a few of those reseller programs and
earnmultiple incomes? WOW!!!." They start seeing the big dollar signs of
being able to promote thatidea. Some at this stage decide,  "Why not join a
few programs and learn them all. After all I'm atthe learning stage now
anyway." This is one of the biggest mistakes I've seen people make
(meinclusive), and contributes more to their failing rather than the other
way around. It's easy to seewhy. It's no picnic trying to balance more than
one or two reseller programs at a time. Especially when you're just starting
out. So lets establish a couple of extra important points here.

4a) Learn One
Program First Until You Get Up To Speed.Then focus on your next reseller
program but only after you starting earning a continuous flow ofincome.
Those continual checks is a good indication that you've got your marketing
know how figuredout. Another good business approach to adopt is to pay for
anything additional you want out of yourprofits. This goes without saying.
It's simple advice but a lot of people can't see past the big $$$signs and
completely disregard this simple factor. These are the ones that go right
past the "nittygritty" details of "building" their business. Definitely Not
the way to build a successful onlinebusiness.

4b) At this point you're ready to earn multiple incomes from other programs.
The best way toaccomplish this is to get your own domain & list server.
A domain centralises your operation andcuts your promotional efforts to less
than half the time you're spending online now. (To see anexample of what
I mean just visit I personally have tried it
the way millions of Newbies are trying now without a domain. I also found out
there wasn't enough time in the day towork reseller programs A-Z individually
to get a decent result. So much for that. It's way easier topromote one center
( and get some chance of offering visitors your
A-Zproducts then to promote one biz with one product. Given the fact that
internet marketing is "ANumbers Game" and having been down that track
before, the odds would be much better utilising a domain to achieve the
above. Another important tool you can use is The List Server. A List Server
is a communication tool that helps you stay in contact with those visitors
that visited your site. What better way to do just that than by offering
them a free newsletter or similar. A list server is another goldmine tool
you can capitalise on and get yourself repeat business.

5) Become A Master Of
Your Own Domain;Once you start making the "Mulla" it's time to think in
terms of "Maintaining Your OnlineExistence." As mentioned earlier there is
no better way I know to do this than to have your domainregistered to you.
Plus the people you are catering to will take you more seriously. Think
about thefirst time you came to a "company website". What were you thinking
or feeling at the time. Whateverit was I'm pretty damn sure it was, "This
One's For Real." That little bit of sparked interest inyour visitor can
literally mean the difference between people staying at your site or just
flying by.

Remember also, now your playing with the "Big Boys" of the internet. It's
time to consider what you

have that's unique and cater for your market accordingly. Sounds simple
doesn't it? Are you the mostfrequent visitor to your site? Then perhaps your
not getting the BIG picture yet. You don't justthrow a domain up on the net,
slap on some info or reseller programs and expect to have yourbusiness
giving you a nice fat turnover. If that's what you're expecting I'm sorry to
disappointyou. Like researching and developing your business your domain is
another task that involvescontinual work and promoting. You can start with a
basic approach and work on "integrating" all thenecessary components
together to turn your domain into a "Money Making Machine." What do I mean
bythat??? You need to adopt a systematic approach to running your domain. To
make it simple for you tounderstand and without going into heavier details,
here are the basic components you need tointegrate into your domain.

5a) TRAFFIC"Traffic Is The Bloodline Of Any Online Operation." We have
all seen and heard this a whole lot. Yetthere are companies today that still fall for
The "Post It And They Will Come" syndrome. Or in the case ofNewbies starting
a domain the "Build It And They Will Come" syndrome. These people eventually
wonderwhy they went broke???? There are many things you can do to help drive
traffic to your site. You'll find a

host of tips and tools to accomplish just that at this link

5b) SALES MANAGERYou need a system
to manage sending your sales information & follow up. Follow up is another
factorthat is an integral part of the Sales Formula. No follow up, No Sales.
Simple but True. After allyou're trying to turn the odds in your favour of
landing a sale right?. You can't afford not to.When I wasn't regular with my
follow up it really bugged me. And it should bug you too. Go
to and click on Sales Manager to
discover how the follow up system can assist you with your sales.

5c) LIST
SERVERList Servers are a must. As mentioned earlier. It's the best way to
get in contact with yourvisitors and keep in touch with them. This form of
contact helps you turn your visitors intopotential buyers. It helps you sift
out the ones that are serious about what you have to offer, fromthe ones who
are just fishing for information. A List Server is definitely a sure bet to
safe guard your business against spam. I've had this happen to myself once
and it wasn't pretty. I'll tell youthat now. Lost everything that I had been
slaving over for more than a few months in my first online

venture. Just head on down to and
click on "List Server"

to learn more.

Product is the key. Whatever your product is it's
important. Although, equally important is being able to deliver your product
using a similar approach to the above steps and generate your
leads/visitors. Then it's just a matter of "Following Through To The Sale."
After all there's not much point in having a terrific product if your
marketing plan or approach "Stinks." You're going to be the only one who
knows about your "Terrific Product" and that's not going to get you rich on
the net. Definitely not the way to get sales either.The above discussion is
just a rundown of what's entailed in running your own domain or starting
your first online venture on the net. What we have covered here are some
underlining differences why somecompanies fail and why others succeed in the
fast changing world of Internet & E-commerce. Using theabove as a guide will
help you avoid half the pitfalls and mistakes most internet newbies or
newbiedomain owners make. A lot of people are falling for all the built up
hype surrounding the Internetfuelled especially by the media like "make
millions on the Net" or similar style ads/features. Only laterdoes the
newcomer get a dose of the "Real Deal" and discovers otherwise the actual
work involved. There is money to be made online no doubt about that. But
like everything else if you put in the effort and work with the people that
can help you achieve your goals, you can get there that much quicker. My
good friend and business associate told me once,

"Bob, You Have To Learn From Other People's Mistakes, Because Life's Too
Short To Make Them All Yourself". Until next time.
Stay Successful

Bob Dragojevic

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======================Joke of the Day=====================

Little Johnny watched, fascinated, as his mother smoothed
cold cream on her face.

"Why do you do that, Mom?"

"To make myself beautiful," she answered.  She then began
to remove the cream with a tissue.

"What's the matter?" Johnny started.  "Giving up?"

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