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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)
1.) Newbies, learn from my mistakes........
~ Earl Babin

2.) Search engine placement companies
~ Dmitry Kluchnev

3.) (was Mailing List Software) How to start newsletter.
~ A.L Haines

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.) Howard
~ Free Web Site

2.) Cynthia Korpan
~ The Genii Project

3.) Niki Hankins
~ Need advice how to get started

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (0)

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  Site Review Requests (4)


G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Are YOU Guilty of Cloak and Dagger Marketing? Stop
Wasting Your Money!
by Joe Reinbold

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  310   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Passion is what will help you in getting through difficult times in the
of  building your business and will also infect people who partner or
work with you. Many will say that reason should go over the  passion but
it is the passion which gives us feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction.

I almost feel like I wouldn't want any kind of money in exchange for
my everyday struggles if  I  wouldn't be able to be challenged and solve
problems which help me in becoming an expert in areas which I never
though existed at all.

In the Featured article,  John Audette  (moderator of I-Sales digest and
of    Audette  Media) writes about passion and building of your own
I-Sales digest is a must for anybody who wants to learn all ins and
outs of building/running  internet business.
Here you will find info about I-Sales and other discussions run
by John.



It appears that I gave somewhat wrong link in last Adland Digest
in regards to PIYB refunds discussion.
Please access Active Forum directly here and choose section
PIYB-scam to read or post in regards to it.


==================Featured Post(1)====================
>From John Audette
Subject: Sweet 16 - Principle # 5 Niche with Passion

This used to apply to small Internet business endeavors, but with the
Internet world awash in cash it's starting to apply to larger and larger
ones. Back in 1994, when I got started with Multimedia Marketing Group,
there was very little activity on the Internet -- therefore the barriers to
entry were low. It didn't require a $25M advertising campaign to kick things
off. So in those days you could go into a broad category with some
expectation of success.

No more.

The game has grown and entry fees have grown along with it. Brick and mortar
Big Dogs such as Wal-Mart now believe that the 'Net is for real (duh!) and
are entering the game with big bucks and big experience. And the new dotcoms
coming in are doing so with venture capital funding in the tens of millions.
The belief in first mover advantage has become a mantra and there's a
willingness to pile giant amounts of money on unproven concepts. So what's a
small business to do? You already know the answer:

Niche -- and niche with passion.

Inventory your list of interests and note the ones that you are most excited
about, most passionate about. Those are your potential online businesses.
The smaller the market, the more highly specialized, the better. You have a
great chance of success:

The Big Dogs aren't interested in small niches. They're after the kajillion
dollar markets.

Some of the new dotcoms target relatively small niches, but most of them are
in it solely for the money and will not do as good a job as someone
motivated by other things as well.
Passion, interest and knowledge are powerful. I spent many years working as
a stockbroker, an environment that was not native to me and therefore was
all about money. I made a high current income, but never really built up a
significant net worth. And I didn't really enjoy the work. So in the late
80's I quit. And I made a vow to myself at that time -- never again do
anything solely for money.

I decided to make my living doing something that I was genuinely interested
in, that I was passionate about. And I made peace with the belief that I
would probably not make as much money as I had during by brokerage career.

And then a funny thing happened -- I started two Internet companies that
would end up being worth $20,000,000.

I didn't start those companies to make $20,000,000. I started them because I
loved the Internet (I still do). As an aging child of the 60's I loved the
"power to the people" aspect of the 'Net (I still do). I ended up working in
niches that perfectly matched my interests and passions. I-Sales itself is a
perfect example.

Some of you remember that the I-Marketing Discussion List, moderated by
Glenn Fleishmann, was the king of the hill back in 1995. It was a great list
with about 7,000 subscribers, huge for that time. I posted there frequently
(I still remember how excited I was when my first post was published there)
and found it to be extremely valuable as I started learning about the

There was one aspect of I-Marketing that wasn't perfect for me, however. The
discussions tended to get pretty theoretical and often hovered at 40,000
feet. I wanted to get down to ground level and discuss real things learned
from experience (a niche). I discussed this with Glenn, and with his
permission and support, I launched I-Sales for exactly that purpose. (I
know, I know, we have wandered up to 40,000 feet on occasion).

I spent countless hours on I-Sales in the early days with no revenue model
in sight. It excited me to be able to provide a forum for others like me who
were trying to figure out this Internet thing (it still does). One of MMG's
early clients was completely perplexed that I was spending so much time on
something that was producing no revenues and criticized me often. I ignored

Looking back, it's apparent that I-Sales has been the single most important
component in the building of the modest Internet success I have had. So I
had that pretty well figured out, right?

Nope. I simply followed my interests and my passion.

It's very powerful to be motivated by forces other than money. It gives you
awesome tenacity that those chasing money don't have. It gives you the
discipline to give up a quick buck today in return for furthering a
relationship that will yield greater rewards over the long-term.

So niche -- and niche with passion.

John Audette

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==================Featured Post(2)====================
Allan Gardyne      wrote in his newsletter
about 15 things, super affiliates do and I thought that this would be
very  useful for subscribers of Adland Digest.

If you are interested in review of affiliate programs and nicely
categorized  directory,  check his site.   ------

Here are 15 things super affiliates do:

 * First, and most important of all, they collect huge databases
of e-mail addresses - using opt-in lists or newsletters. One
enthusiastic, personal endorsement mail-out to such a list can
earn them in one day the sort of commissions which most
affiliates would struggle to earn in a year.

 * They work very hard to build trust and credibility.

 * They develop strategic relationships - they have friends in
key places. They understand that highly successful affiliate
marketing is often much more about networking and making friends
than about pasting banners or links on a page.

 * They build mini-websites (perhaps only two or three pages)
devoted to ONE product or perhaps a small group of products, and
then promote that site in creative ways, sometimes with the help
of strategic relationships. With a small, simple site, you have
plenty of time available for marketing.

 * They maximize the way they earn income from their sites, using
as many different forms of income streams as possible, including
pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, and banner and button

 * They appreciate that if they choose affiliate programs
carefully there is huge scope and incentive for them to actively
support the merchant. Probably the best way to do that is to
create a website devoted to one product.

 * They use sequential autoresponders because they know that
sending more than one response to a prospect will often increase
your profits substantially. One autoresponder they often
recommend is AWeber:

 * They build teams of sub-associates, and actively help those
sub-associates earn referral fees.

 * They use affiliate programs for back-end sales because they
know that someone who has just bought a product is often in the
mood for buying a second product.

 * They are keen students of persuasive copywriting techniques,
endlessly learning from direct marketing masters and adapting
their methods for the Net.

 * They test, test, and test again, tracking click-throughs so
that they know precisely what works today and what doesn't.

 * They go where the money is. They promote items which many
people want to buy.

 * They become search engine experts or they hire search engine

 * They develop a deep interest in affiliate merchants'
 conversion rates. They quickly dump programs which don't sell.

 * They have a lot of fun, the way they did at the Boulder

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Earl Babin" <>
Subject: Newbies, learn from my mistakes........

Hello Bogdan,

This is in regards to article posted in adlands digest #196:

From: N. Akbar
Subject: Newbies, learn from my mistakes........

I would like to post my suggestions to the aforementioned post.

I agree wholeheartedly...I made several mistakes mentioned in the article.
But, there is a silver lining, finding the right affiliate programs. For all
the newbies out not try to join every program that comes your
way. Most of these programs do not deliver as promised. Remember, if it
sound too good to be probably is. There are some really great
affiliate programs that do deliver as promised.

If you do choose to promote an affiliate program, try to keep in theme with
what your website is about. One program that I have been with for over two
years is the Virtualis Reseller Program. They pay !0% - 30% residual monthly
commissions for hosting package sales and domain name registrations. The key
is, they pay on time and give great support in closing sales for you. The
program, which you can view at is free to join and
includes a free website and member area. If anyone is interested please
visit the page mentioned or contact me at for more
details. Anyone interested may see my commissions for the past two years to
see that this program does what it says.

Thank you,
Earl Babin

------------------------------------------------ Internet Services

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Dmitry Kluchnev<>
Subject: Search engine placement companies

In request  from Floyd Lunow in last digest
for information on search engine placement companies.

I would suggest you to visit
This is a company which registers you for free to 600+ seacrh engines.
Very simple to use.

Dmitry Kluchnev

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "A.L Haines" <>
Subject: (was Mailing List Software) How to start newsletter.

Hey George, (Hi Bogdan!!)

Maybe this will help with starting your newsletter.
Have thought about eGroups??
Its a Free email control center and message board in one.
I operate several clubs at eGroups myself.
Here's a few things that helped me get started.
When you get the ball really rolling you might switch
to something more secure.

Newsletter exposure.

Would you like free classified ads?
Here are 3 places you can get them.

The Swap Shop
Swap, trade or barter with other newsletters owners
for free classified ads.

Ezine Ad Swap
They have a 2 tier program that's quite unique

Another fast rising ad swap club

Articles for your newsletter.

Here are 2 places you may wish to go for free articles to
use in your newsletter.
They both cover topics related to internet marketing.

The Article Depot

The Articles Archives

Another thing you will need to do is get listed in
Ezine & Newsletter list sites.
There are about 15-20 excellent resources here.

A.L Haines

Note from Moderator.

In addition when you start your newsletter you will need to
announce it.

Check list below.
Some of this link might be outdated but they are worth a
The most important one is this one.

List follows.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Howard ." <>
Subject: Free Web Site

Hi ,

I've just found something of real value on the Internet.

What I've come across is a company called, and they
offer free websites - the tools to build your page with and free hosting!

Their breakthrough technology finally makes it easy to build a website  and
what's more, they don't load you down with banners and pop-up windows, the
way other free providers do.

They've even got a plan where you can sign up as a free customer - and give
away web sites yourself! Actually, it's a worldwide business opportunity if
you can catch the vision and go for it.

Where else on the planet could you make money by giving away free web sites
and hosting? That's right - CooleBiz is actually giving away something of
value to millions of small businesses across the globe.



Note from Moderator.

Fellow Adlanders.

You can also get free website from AdlandPro and  there is no banners
or any other advertising except for small button  image at the bottom
saying "Provided by AdlandPro"

If you decide later, you can upgrade your website and enable it
to process credit cards and add shopping basket.
The free site comes with built-in guest book.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Cynthia Korpan <>
Subject: The Genii Project

Hello Bogdan,

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for awhile now, and appreciate
the information that you and your readers have provided.  We have been
preparing to launch our site.  The design, the components, the research and
the marketing are all in place.'s, The Genii Project, is an
on-line magazine whose focus is to comment on web content.  By web content,
we mean, anything and everything that is available on the internet as
information, whether that applies to an educational site or a commercial
site.  We are composing our first issue and would like to ask yours and your
reader's response to our first question: Why do you have a web site?  Our
web magazine has no intent to make any judgments, only comments about how
important content and contextual issues are regarding the internet.  We are
proponents of free thought and the right everyone has to information.  We
look forward to your replies.
Cynthia Korpan

------------------------------ (soon to be launched)

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: Niki Hankins <>
Subject: Need advice how to get started

OK, here's the scoop...I am a new mom and don't want to be away from
home anymore.  I bought this web site and I believe I can make money
with it.  Is there any advise that ya'll can give to help me get started
faster?  I'd appreciate any advise I can get.  Thanks!

///////...$ecrets 2 $uccess Inc.
  @ @  ...Check out the information that will UNLOCK your doors
   I success and TRUE WEALTH, ... and IT'S FREE!!!!!
  <->  ...

Note from Moderator.

The new site which we just launched three weeks ago, contains
section with marketing courses. They will help you in getting
faster ahead.

Check them out. They are all free.

Also check Traffic builder page at


========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "Natalie Zacharko" <>


I've been receiving the Digest for a few weeks now, and find it
very useful!  I really like the site reviews, because that gives
me a chance to look over the site being reviewed while
discovering what to do and what not to do.

I'm almost afraid to ask, but would any of your readers review my
site?  I want the criticism, I really do - it's the only way I'm
going to make it better.   It is at:

I've tried to make it as professional as possible, while
maintaining a personal relationship with the visitor.  I have
created it myself completely in html, which I have just learned,
and I just can't seem to get it to feel and look like I want it
too.  Any comments, good or bad, would be most helpful!

Thank You,
Natalie Zacharko


========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Lorraine Innes" <>

Hi Bogdan,

I would like to request a site review for my website at

Also, how much do META tags matter in getting listed on search engines?  I
am having trouble getting listed.

Thanks for any help.l


Note from Editor.


Meta Tags won't help you in getting listed.
They will only help you in getting ranked appropriately and this
will  have different effect in  each search engine.
Of course ranking will follow successful submission.


========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: "Graeme Carter" <>

Hello there
I have recently set up a site and would appreciate if some one would take a
look and offer their advice.
I understand some search engines rank you higher if you have links in from
several other sites. Could a reader tell me how to get links or is there
someone there would like to swap links?
My site URL is
Graeme Carter

========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: Rick Howard

What Is Wrong With it?

I would like some professional constructive criticism of my web site.
Thank you.
                                 Rick Howard

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
Are YOU Guilty of Cloak and Dagger Marketing? Stop
Wasting Your Money!
by Joe Reinbold

I know you have seen the statistic that over 90% of those
attempting to build an online business or income will fail.
It is a statistic that is not hard to believe when I scan
the hundreds of emails I get everyday. Why does someone
hide their identity in their email marketing program?

Here are a couple of the biggest lies I see when I scan
the subjects or initial paragraphs of my email everyday - -

"This is not spam since you are either on my mailing list
because we corresponded in the past, you sent me a
previous email or you posted at my site."

"We want to join your program! Thanks for sending the
information on your program, please take a look at ours!"

"We Love Your Site!"

"You Have A New Member"

And there are many more similar come ons that are used.

When I take a closer look at the address it was sent to,
I note it is one of my autoresponder addresses! Then I
notice that there are four more messages in my email
with the same subject and from the same mailer. They are
addressed to four other autoresponders that I maintain.
I currently have about 30 autoresponders working around
the clock with various sales literature and free information
and they are all subject to getting these anonymous

Others are sent to it to me at email addresses that are use
specific, addresses like, or These are addresses that are never
used for promotion or marketing activities. They are normally
used to control incoming requests and information. The only
place they would get these type addresses would be at our
web site.

So I didn't correspond before, I am not on your mailing
list, and I didn't post at your site. Nor did I send my
program to you for your review. I just don't use
autoresponders in that manner. You have to request the
information from the autoresponder yourself.

There is only one way they would have gotten those
addresses on their mailing list. They harvested or
extracted them from my site using some type of bulk mail
software that automatically goes around to sites,
stripping and stealing the email addresses.

I particularly get a kick out of the ones that say "we
just visited your site at..." and the next word is a
hyperlink that is supposed to be our site but it is a
link to some site we have never heard of. Sounds like
their bulk email program screwed up!

And of course, if you try the removal address that is
listed at the end of some of the documents, there is a
99% chance your removal message will bounce back because
it is false too.

About two weeks ago we received a group of sales messages
that really didn't say specifically what they were for.
They all came to our various autoresponder addresses so
we had a pretty good idea they were from a fictitious
address. Their request was to submit your name, address
and telephone number for additional information and you
were to email it to them at an email address in the message.
So we filled it out (with fictitious info) and returned
it. It bounced right back. I don't understand why anyone
would send out a mailing and use a fictitious address
even for the information they were requesting. Dah!

I don't know of anything you can currently do to restrict
someone from harvesting all the email addresses you might
be using other than some of the new encryption software.
So basically you have to live with it. Luckily if you're
using a program like Eudora Pro, you can set up filters
to control the flow of some of this garbage.

You can send me all the covert messages and sales
propositions you want, I will never even check one of
them out. It may be one of the most enticing offers I
have ever seen, and it will go in the trash folder. If
I am going to do business with someone, I want to know
that you are above board and I am not going to be
associated with someone that may possibly get ME a
bad reputation due to their bad mailing habits.

In a lot of instances, it isn't the new marketer's
fault, he or she is all enthused about starting a
business and making some good money. It is the hype
sellers and bulk email pushers who sell them a bill of
goods. The individual purchases one of these disks of
100,000 HOT email addresses and a stealth bulk mailing
software program and are off to make a million dollars!
But they soon find out that they don't even make enough
to cover their expenses. Then they become one of those
statistics I mentioned at the beginning.

Don't get sucked in by the hype! There are plenty of places
on the web where you can ask questions and get pretty
honest answers that might save you a great deal of money
and embarrassment. Visit forums, discussion boards, subscribe
to newsletters like this one. Get to know the Net before
you jump in! Don't start out by operating your business
in a covert manner using false addresses, lies, and intrusive
marketing programs. You will lose in the long run!
Joe Reinbold, Owner & creator of The Entrepreneur's Home
Business Link publishes a free weekly email newsletter
"Home Income Quarterly E-dition" which is dedicated to
assisting online marketers and entrepreneur. For a free
subscription just  or
visit his site at

======================Joke of the Day=====================

At the cocktail party, one woman said to another, "Aren't you
wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?"

The other replied "Yes, I am, I married the wrong man."

Let's hear from you......

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