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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)
~ Bill Bauer
~ Peter G. Browne
~ Angie Boldwyn

2.) e-Groups
~ Sandra Poulas

3.) How to generate traffic.
~ Judith Tramayne-Barth
~ Udo Achatz
~ Dmitry Kluchnev

4.) Submissions to search engines
~ Udo Achatz

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1.) General Kimbrough

2.) Matt and Michelle Sundakov
~ New and fresh approach to marketing

3.) Tom Falco
~ Following Up Makes Good Business Sense!

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Site Review Responses (2)
1. Chrisi Darrington


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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)

Marketing Course Part 2
by  Richard Igoe

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  290   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Very often we can't make next step to  bring our business to the higher
level, due to costs associated with the transition. We end up  spending
more time doing things which if done properly can be fully automated.
Some of you probably already tried several ways of  running their
e-commerce stores with less or more success. Whenever you
get somebody running for you your store, you need to commit to longer
term in order to get acceptable price.
How about paying as you go. If it doesn't work for you, you just
don't extend it for the next month.

I got associated with the business, which will provide you with everything
- merchant account ,
-unlimited product space,
- no programming necessary,
- real time secure credit card processing,
- automated email confirmations to customers,
- your own search engine.
- You can even run this store if you already have your own
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==================Featured Post(1)====================
From: "Laurie" <>
Subject: message for discussion

Hi Bogdan and Hi everyone!

Over the past few days an issue has come to my attention that has really
made me angry. It seems that during this past weekend an unethical
newsletter owner took it upon himself to show his subscribers how to
cheat free ad offers in newsletters. This man took it upon himself to go
into great detail, on how to set up "dump email accounts", then
to subscribe to about a hundred or so newsletters and ezines, take
the free ads, wait a few days unsubscribe and repeat the process. So
that way they could market their ads and never pay a dime. He also quite
bluntly even went as far to tell them to keep a diary, so they wouldn't be
confused in keeping track of the free ad offers.

Now for me as being a fellow newsletter owner myself I find this thoroughly
disgusting! I think it is immoral and unethical and I refuse to tolerate it!
We as newsletter owners have a responsibility to teach our subscribers
ethical marketing techniques, whether they just subscribed for a free ad
or not. We have chosen "our field" of being newsletter owners, no one
forced us to do it, therefore we owe it to our subscribers to teach them
effectively and ethically. By doing this they want to stay subscribed,
they want to feel they belong with a group of people that has their best
interest at heart, they want to know they can come to you if they have a
question or a problem and not feel like they have been made out to feel like
a fool by asking it.

This act has really made me question allot of advertisements in my
and I took it upon myself to announce to my subscribers that I would no
longer publish certain ads under no uncertain terms. I thought well either
they will appreciate the fact that I care about their best interests or
bluntly they will unsubscribe. The feedback that I received about my
announcement was absolutely tremendous and was completely 99.9% positive,
they were raving on how I cared about their best interests! Which I can
say I do, I have heard nightmare after nightmare about people conned and
scammed and I just got tired of it.
Therefore I did my best to eliminate the problem!

I just want everyone out there to know that not all newsletter owners are in
the publishing business for the money, I am certainly not! I thoroughly
enjoy helping people succeed, it gives me more joy and more happiness than
any dollar amount could ever bring!

Laurie Rogers


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God Bless You
Marianne E. Payton

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Bill Bauer <>

    If my experiences help one person, I will be very happy.

I have 2 more domains to move, but you can bet I will be
better informed before I try another move.  If anyone has
any suggestions as to how to overcome these problems, I
would love to hear from them.  I have been very happy with
Network Solutions, but with this problem, I am beginning to
wonder if it is worthwhile to even have a domain name and I
have three!

    Advice anyone?

Well,  I can't really offer a lot of help, but I will
comment that you have violated one of my most
basic rules which is never, never, never under any
circumstances allow your ISP to host a website for you, not
ever for "free" and never, never, never under any
circumstances allow your ISP to handle your e-mail either.
You have no choice but to use your ISP to send out your
e-mails, but never allow them to receive any of them.

That's a big NONO in my books and a rule I never violate for
any reason.

It's almost too late for you now, I suppose, but remember it
in the future.

bill bauer

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Peter G. Browne <>

Hello Bogdan and Fellow Adland Readers,

Today I would like to respond to a letter  in Digest #198
from: "Marianne Payton" <>

Being the owner of a website hosting and design company I can tell you that
this is something that happens more frequently that a lot of you might
think. Everything from using a hosts "Page Wizard" to being locked out of
the log in area, to cancelled e-mail, I hear about it and witness it daily.

"Little did I know someone there would immediately advise
my current host that I was moving. I was not given the
courtesy of advising them myself. "

The old host is always sent an e-mail informing them of the transfer when
they are listed as the technical contact it is the same auto responder that
you receive. Also if you are paying for hosting and not using a free service
you need to check into the policies they have posted so you are sure that
you have informed them yourself in the manner that they prescribe that you
are moving. This auto responder isn't sufficient to let them know, as you
not reply to the auto0responder and actually decide to remain where you are.
I had one client that after moving from one host to another (this was before
he was my client) and not telling the first host in the manner prescribed in
policies was still billed hosting for close to eight months. He was in error
had to pay them even though he was no longer using the host. They were not
informed in writing by him that he was moving, so the server space was still
set up for his domain.

As a website designer and a webmaster I am always hearing people say that
you can just use a website creation tools at this host and everything will
be fine,
and while it might give you some sort of a website and it had a cost to you
was almost nothing and you did not have to pay professional design fees
is a much bigger price to pay when things like this happen. One wizard on
host might not load on another that's how they  keep people hosting there.
It isn't through good customer service or reliability it is because you
can't move the current information from host to host.

Customer service is the most important service any host should offer and
that takes time I know this because we give that sort of service everyday to
our clients.
I have very specific information for my clients whenever they are going to
go to a new host and for the most part they move to me with no downtime and
very few problems.
No one can eliminate all the problems as we do not have any control over
what any other person will do but we can make it easier and less painful,
it is painful just ask Marianne she'll tell you how painful this can be. I
am sure that
her e-mail only touches on the level of frustration she is feeling.

All the issues raised by Marianne are just a few reasons why you should
always consider having your site designed by a professional company and why
you also should consider your host in the same manner you would when you
look for a new home for yourself.

Designing websites, hosting domains and customer service are what a
professional design and hosting company are about on the surface, but it is
what your money pays for. There is so much more that goes on behind the
that you might never know about, and some of those things help to prevent
Marianne is going through or at least get you through it while remaining
The amount of customer service that  is given to anyone client far out ways
actually cost that the client pays. I know this because I deal with my
clients and
help many people through this nightmare of transferring from another host.
very many hosts are willing to give as much help in moving away as they are
you want to locate on their servers. Like everything in life if you don't do
homework BEFORE then the problems are going to make you ill.

I could never in a  million years list everything you would need to know in
a small post such as this, that's why I use my website as a tool, that's why
I get
hundreds of e-mail every week. This is what I do I am a host and as such
I have to think about my customers and their concerns every step of the way.

So what I am saying is the price of a professional is usually worth it in
the end in one way or another after all the dentist can fix that tooth or
you could
just tie a string to door knob and the tooth and hope for the best.

One big mistake I see in all of this is that Marianne might be thinking that
you have to host with your ISP, thus the change form Earthlink to
You can host on any hosting service and hosting on your ISP is a great way
to introduce bottlenecks to your domain load time. A true domain hosting
does just that, host domains no dial up, no user connections, just host

So remember this, you only get what you pay for and your company that
supplies your connection to the net, while they offer you free server space
for your
"home page" they are actually only supplying your connection to the net they
are not a
website hosting company.

Peter G. Browne


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From: Angie Boldwyn <>

Advice anyone?
God Bless,
Marianne E. Payton

Hi Marianne and Fellow Adlanders

I can't help with moving your website because I always used
netscape composer and ftp. Thus I had my website on my computer.
That was the easy part of changing hosts.

Network Solutions was another matter. My email address had been
put in incorrectly by an earlier host. I had tried to change it
to no avail but when I wanted to change hosts again, I wanted it

I was going thru the same things. Bounceback, bounceback,
bounceback. Here's what I did...

You already know about the fax forms if your email needs changed.
I faxed a contact and administration change form of authorization
with a copy of my driver's license. It's like you're letting
someone else manage your site but I was just getting my correct
email into the system.

I awaited the email that said my info had been changed. I
received it, went to the site but it did not show this. OK, now I
filled out the change contact form online. It came back approved
with a new ID number. That's the key, notice the new # attached
to your name.

Now go back and change all of your info for your site. It finally
worked for me. Do keep trying. They make it very difficult, I
know. I was spitting nails, especially since the mistake on my
email address was so odvious.

I do see the point in security, however, we sure do not want
others to be able to change our info.

Hope this helped,


Angie Boldwyn :)

Free and Fee Advertising That Works! Directory

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Sandra Poulas" <>
Subject: Re: e-Groups

I, too, joined an e-group and tried to delete myself. I get a notice that
this group is not listed, So therefore, I cannot unsubscribe from it. I get
dozens of emails a day from them. I contacted the administrator of the group
and received no response. I have been blocking the senders daily which is
time consuming. About the time I think I'm finally succeeded getting them
all blocked, evidently a bunch of people sign up for this E-group and here
we go again. I agree that e-Groups are something to stay away from.

Best regards,

Note from moderator.

To add to Sandra's post  and posts from previous
issues of Adland Digest, here is my recent  encounter
with E-groups.

I left for the weekend with my kinds and when I returned home,
in my mailbox there were 900 messages coming from one
discussion group hosted by e-groups.

In suspect that owner of this discussion group purchased bulk email
addresses and added all this  to his new product notification list.

Many of the subscribers were replying angry to be removed from
the list , which was causing even more messages resent to anybody
on the list. Some of less experienced unintended subscribers were
again replying to those messages which in the end produced about
900 post in my inbox. Finely when I arrived home, I blocked the IP
address of sending server.
After three days of this misunderstanding nobody from E-groups
did a thing to stop it.
I don't think this requires any comments.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Judith Tramayne-Barth" <>
Subject: How to generate traffic.

In answer to:
From: Joey <>
Subject: How to generate traffic.

I haven't been able to generate much traffic to my
site even with links. Can anyone help me find the best

Well Joey, there are several ways you can increase traffic
and bring TARGETED visitors to your site.  The key way is to
make sure your web site pages are ready BEFORE you submit
them to search engines.  So what do I mean by ready.  The
following list in order of importance will show you how:

==> Different Title On Each Page

Think about what keyword or phrase your visitors would input
into a search engine if they wanted your product or service.
Use these keyword(s) in your title and make sure you don't
use more than eight words (five would be better).

For instance, let's say you sell heat pumps.  Your keyword
phrases would be heat pumps or HVAC because these are the
words someone might input into a search box when they are
looking for this product.  So you use these keywords in your
title (i.e., "Heat Pumps, HVACs at") on your index
(home) page title.

Then figure out what else they would input like "electric
heat" or "pumps" and put these in other titles on subsequent
pages.  The object here is to use each page on your web site
as a place your visitor can enter from when clicking on a
search engine link.  Not just a link to your home page.

If your site has 20 pages filled with heat pumps and
accessories, you have the opportunity to have 20 different
keyword phrases your visitor might input into a search box
and thus come to your site.

Webmasters make the mistake of just putting in their
business names.  Unless you're Sears, KMart, etc., your name
doesn't mean squat to the average surfer. But if your title
uses words which somebody is searching for, your site will
come up first even before the "branded" names.  And, instead
of just getting hits, you are getting targeted hits.

Also make sure your keyword or phrase is the first word(s)
in your title.  This also helps rank your site higher when
push comes to shove and another site has the same keyword or

==> Meta Name "Description" Content = Tag

This tag must also use your keyword or phrase and match what
you've used in your title.  The trick here is to write a
short concise sentence in 25 words or less which will make
the surfer want to click your link on the search engine

Give considerable thought to this sentence.  Write, rewrite
and write it again until it's perfect.  Do not just use the
keyword or phrase over and over again because the search
engines are wise to this and will consider it spamming and
you'll never get listed.

==> Meta Name "Keywords" Content =

Quite frankly some search engines use them but some larger
ones don't even include them in their ranking criteria.  The
reason -- too many sites put in keywords which have nothing
to do with the content in their pages.  If you do decide to
use this meta name tag, only use your keyword or phrase.

==> First sentence uses keyword or phrase

The first sentence the robot "sees" or "crawls" through
should almost be the same as your meta name description
sentence.  It is looking for a match.  And, search engines
give added weight (score) to those sites who use this

==> Content must include keyword or phrase

The search engines rank sites higher by how you use keywords
in your content.  This means the top third of your pages
should have four (4) instances of your keyword or phrase and
the last two-thirds should have three (3).  No more than
seven instances of your keyword phrase should be on a page;
otherwise, the search engines will think you are spamming.

This means your copy (content) must be very well planned.
It has to make sense to the visitor yet, be "robot
friendly."  Not an easy task when writing copy but well
worth the time you spend doing this.

If you use the guidelines above, you should see your site's
ranking go much higher.  By following them exactly, then
more than likely you will be in the top 10 on at least one
of your pages.

You have the opportunity to make every one of the pages on
your site a gateway or doorway page.  Instead of wasting
your time writing gateway (doorway) pages, finding web
hosting sites to place them on and redirecting them to your
home page, design the pages on your site to do the same

Use this time you save writing how-to or informative
articles on what people should look for if they want your
service or product.  Not only will you show you are an
expert in your field; but, you'll have a larger more
interesting site.  Also if you use the techniques outlined
above on each of these new pages, they'll lead more targeted
visitors to your site.

Plus and this is a huge plus, the search engines will be
filled with less "garbage" or as I like to call them
"patootie" pages.  Actually, I use a stronger word but this
post has a "G" rating :-)

Judith Tramayne-Barth
Freelance Writer For Hire
who knows how to market

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From: "Udo Achatz" <>
Subject: How to generate traffic.

Joey  wrote

<Subject: How to generate traffic.

<I haven't been able to generate much traffic to my
<site even with links. Can anyone help me find the best method?

Hello Joey.

I´ve discovered the best to drive traffic is a mixture of advertising.
Here is a list of possibilities I use and how often I use them :

Submit to FFA-Networks - daily (Best if you use a submitter service and a
separate Email account cause of the Confirmation Letters).

Submit to Search Engine - Once per month (Do it with some Submitter Service

Email Advertising - daily (But don´t spam them. Instead write back an
counteroffer to the Spammails you receive in your Inbox).

Classified Ads - I put 3 ClasAds on different Pages every day.

Signature - Every mail going out got an signature with my Emailaddress and
Page URL.

Newsgroups - Join 5-10 Newsgroups about your topic. Take 1 week to read the
mails coming in and than try to help the people asking questions. Don´t put
an Advertising in them !!! Use only your Signature to promote your business.
By helping others you will get a good name on the newsgroups and people
will visit your URL or send you mails asking about your business.

Doing all this will cost you 1-2 hours per day. But you will realize your
Counter will start to spin up a little faster than now.

Warm Regards.

    Udo Achatz

    PostLaunch - The Best Opportunity
    T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More!

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From: Dmitry Kluchnev <>
Subject: How to generate traffic.

Joey  wrote

>Subject: How to generate traffic.

>I haven't been able to generate much traffic to my
>site even with links. Can anyone help me find the best method?

Dear Joey,
you can easily generate the traffic accepting the banner exchange
programs. You can find one of the at This is free
and works very well.
Also use newsgroups to post your site advertisement.

Dmitry Kluchnev
Service Manager

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Udo Achatz" <>
Subject: Submissions to search engines

Tom Falco wrote in recent issue of Adland Digest

<I keep noticing that people are always promoting search engine submission
<services that place their sites on over 600 or so search engines. To begin
<with, the only real search engines that count are maybe the top 10.
<99% of internet users use these. Also, it is very important to place your
<site on search engines one at a time and not leave it to free services that
<place your sites in one big blast. Most search engines don't even use these
<multi-submitter spams.
<Try the free submitter at
<You can put your site on free, one page at a time and actually have a
<at getting listed!

Hello Tom.

On the one hand you´re right. On the other hand you´re wrong.
Sure there are the TOP 10 Searchengines where 90% of the
Users will use. But to get a good place on those 10 search engines
it´s important to get as much other sites with a link to your site as
possible. And with much FFA-Sites permitted their lists to only
50 Ads and/or such a high traffic your Ad will fall out within 1 hour
you better pray the Big ones check your page as fast as possible.

I figured out the best way to get a got position in the TOP 10 Engines
will be if you first use one to three of this "free services" where you can
submit your Site to 600-1400 Search Engines. Than wait 1 day to get
most of them a chance to spider your site and update their database.
Than you need 2-3 days with 1-3 hours of work.
Day 1 : Submit your site to FFA-Pages using a free service to blast it out.
            On the same time this service is working in the background you
            should submit your Site manual to the Top 10 Searchengines.

Day 2 : Use again the FFA-Submitter Service to post your site. This time
            you should use it two times. First in the morning and the second
            time in the evening.

Day 3 : Same as Day 2.

Now check the big ones to see if your site is listed. If so you can stop. If
you´re not listed on them repeat Day 2 as long as you got your place in the
big Search engines.
(Hopefully you put the best META-Tags in your Page and made it Searchengine
friendly :-))

Warm Regards.

    Udo Achatz
    PostLaunch - The Best Opportunity
    T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More!

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "General Kimbrough" <>

I love reading this list it is full of so much information all the time.
I co-own a coffee service and have been posting ads everywhere I can think
of and getting very little response.

I was told that posting to various places including search engine was very
important in getting people to your site.   My reason for writing is that I
have read a lot about the FFA listing and that they are a good place to
advertise and I also read that you have to post to them at least once a day
to get any benefit from them.  When you post to them you get so much e-mail
you do not have time to go though all of it.  So I got another e-mail just
for that now I have to clean out two e-mails.  What I want to know is, is it
really worth posting to this FFA's or are they a waste of time and if any
one have done any good with them.  I also see that you can use automatic
posting to them and if so what good is it to post to them?  For my type of
business (Coffee Service) is there any particular place that are better than
other to place an ad for this type of service?

If you have any information that you would like to share on this subject  it
would be gladly appreciated.
Any information on good places to post an ad for my coffee service would
also be appreciated.  You can e-mail me at

To Marianne Payton I am changing Domain Host too and I just started
today(10-4) and I which I had read this before I started and I would have
known what to look for.

Thanx for your time
Debra Glinsey

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Matt and Michelle Sundakov" <>
Subject: New and fresh approach to marketing

Dear Bogdan, dear all!

It appears that every subscriber of Adland Digest is preoccupied with two
major problems:

  1.. How to increase their traffic; and
  2.. How to increase the amount of sales.
There are many good ideas and plenty of great software to use, however it
seems that not many people around (if at all) give serious thought to other
ways of significantly extending their market.

Everybody understands that thanks to the Internet we are now doing business
on a global scale. However, many business people do not take into account
that not everyone in the world is able to communicate in English (especially
on a good professional level). The result is millions (if not billions) of
potentially lost customers.

It is there that we can really help you to extend your market tremendously
by translating your websites, manuals, promotional materials, and so on -
briefly speaking, any kinds of written documents. Because our company has
skills and resources to provide high quality professional translations on
any subject, from and to any language used in the modern world.

Everyone interested is more than welcome to visit our website or contact me

Matt Sundakov

Director Comprehensive Book Translation Services
Phone: (64 4) 232 5747
{Please note that New Zealand Local Time Zone is GMT+1200}

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From:Tom Falco
Subject: Following Up Makes Good Business Sense!

We have learned the hard way at our on-line business,, that following up is the
best way to secure new customers!

We must give out a dozen or so quotes a day.
We sell custom on-line printing, items from custom
printed Post-It Notes to custom printed pens and pencils,
to business cards, labels, etc.

Many people are either too lazy to see our prices on
line or just need a personal touch, so they email us for
a quote using one of our many links or forms at the site.

We of course, get back to them right away. We use an
autoresponder to tell them we will get right to their request.
This is good to make first contact (name recognition of our

Next time we email them, it is with the quote information;
i.e. the price quote, the production time, shipping info. etc.

And then we wait. And don't hear from them!

Now we have learned to follow up.

We send another email within a week or so and ask if
the quotes and info. was satisfactory. People love this!
They actually thank us for following up. And they all
have legitimate reasons for not ordering right away.
Many of the reasons we are able to help with and
get the order. Sometimes they don't understand something
but don't email back for clarification. Other times they are
just waiting for an approval, but we are there to keep our
name in front of them and that helps us.

There are lots of reasons to follow up with email, just don't
overdo it. We honestly are following up to see why we
didn't get the printing job. And this follow-up seems to get
us the job in the end!

So follow-up. But don't nag or spam!

Tom Falco

His website is one of the most
popular sites on the web. Check it out for some great marketing

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "Mark VanderPloeg" <>

I am trying to get established with a joke list and site on the 'net.
I picked the widest vertical on the 'net. A site review will give some
direction and maybe some needed expertise to make the site succeed.
You're a success, please share some of your expertise with a newbie.
Thanks, Mark

Free Daily Ezine with Jokes and Cool links from:
Marks Friday Funnies
"Start your day with a laugh!"
A large download site with Stories and Jokes, Animations,
Wav's, AVI's and contests. Plus pages of java and other games.

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: Valerie Tay

Hello Bogdan,

I have no prior knowledge of building a website or marketing on the
internet, but about four months ago, I decided to build myself a site and
try to learn something about doing business on the internet.  The result of
this endeavor is Little Mall - the on
line shopping mall that I built with some help from a web designer friend.
I would like to
request that Adland readers review it.

Little Mall features short reviews of over many reputable merchants carrying
a wide array of products and services.  We also have store fronts, specific
product links and links to lotto and contest sites.  Just recently, we have
set up our own affiliate program paying affiliates for click throughs to our

Valerie Tay

========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: Kay Peterson

Could I please have a web site critique?  It is my first attempt and I'm
nervous about it.  Any comments will be appreciated very much.

Thank you.
Kay Peterson

========================Site Review Request(4)=========================
From: Bret Peck <>

Dear Adland,

I have been a subscriber now for awhile and I noticed
that you have a service where website owners submit a
request to have their site evaluated.  I was wondering
if I could submit a request to have my website
evaluated as well.  I am getting hits but I am getting
zero sales.  Could you please help me and let me know
what i need to do to close a sale.  If their is a
charge for this service please let me know and I will
gladly pay it.  Thank You.

Bret Peck
Virtual Wealth Center, Inc.

========================Site Review Response(1)=========================
From: Chrisi Darrington

>I have a new website I'm hoping i have done a good job with.
>Please take a look around The Swap Shop.
>I'll welcome any improvement suggestions from your readers.

Hello Casshmann,

Your webpage is actually a pretty good first attempt. Much better
than many. :-)

I have a few suggestions for your website. The first thing I noticed
was the red box around each image. You need to find your image
options to remove the space or pixels around your images. Most
likely you didn't want your images incased in a red box.

When considering text it's a good idea to use 10pt or 12pt fonts
that are not bold. Bold fonts should only be used for headlines and
subject headings. It gives it a more professional look and feel.

Here's something else you might want to consider. Domain names
can be purchased for as little as $14.95 a year. Try
There are many reasons why it's a good idea to get your own domain
name. Too many to list. However, just to give you an idea...

I interviewed 14 Highly successful Netpreneurs. It was overwhelming
what these people had to say about what doesn't work. Free domains
is one of them. If you just need a little space, check out
I believe you get 25 megs or more of free webspace and you get to
use your own domain name.

Wishing you mucho success,
Chrisi Darrington

For more help with creating a more professional look you'll find 6
articles on color/text, navigation, animation, design, and more here:

========================Site Review Response(2)=========================
From: Chrisi Darrington


>I'm new to your newsletter/group and love it!  GREAT information!  I would
>like to offer my site for review.  I've just built it (5 days ago!) and
>wonder if members could visit it and let me know what you think of the
>content, layout, etc.
>Thank you!

Hi Patti,

Nice job on the color and background combo. It's very pleasing to
the eyes. :-)

I do have a suggestion. It's about your font size. Keeping your fonts
to 12 pt will give your webpage a more professional look. If you find
that the background overwhelms your text, then you may want to
use a plain color background that will allow your text to show well
enough for easy reading.

Keep up the good work!
Chrisi Darrington

Read more articles on good webdesign at
in the webtips directory. :-)

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e =====================
Marketing Course part 2
by  Richard Igoe


As we have seen, a successful website needs a way
of capturing visitors email addresses so that you
can make follow ups. If you don't you will be
losing 70% of your potential customers. You need
to remind them to come back to your site and
inform them of special offers or new products or

If you are paying for website hosting you almost
certainly have a cgi-bin which allows you to set
up a form. Some free website hosts however do not
give you a cgi-bin because of security issues. In
any case we are going to show you in tomorrow's
lesson why free hosting is not always best.

You can get a free form script from Matt's Script
Archives. Just go to
and search for "formmail". You can then download
the script and set-up instructions.

Basically a form works like this. Once you have
downloaded a form script and read the
instructions, you need to upload it to the
"cgi-bin" on your website server (where you host
your site). You then put some HTML code on your
webpage. When someone fills in the form and
clicks on the "Submit" or "Send" button, the
information is sent to the "cgi bin" on your
website server. The script you have put on your
server "handles" this information and sends you a

The code for a simple form which goes somewhere
on your webpage looks something like this:

<FORM method="post"
 <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="recipient"
VALUE=""> Name?<br>
<INPUT TYPE="text" name="realname" size="15"><br>
Email<br>  <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="email"
size="15"><BR> <input type="checkbox"
name="newsletter" value="yes" checked>Newsletter
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="required"
VALUE="realname,email"> <input type="SUBMIT"
value="Send"> <input type="reset" value="Clear">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="redirect"
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="env_report"

(Don't copy this exactly - it is just to give you
an idea.)

If cgi scripts are beyond you at the moment, you
can get a free form at
With this option you don't need to know how to
upload the scripts. All you will have to do is
copy and paste some HTML code onto your webpage.
BraveNet hosts the form and sends you a
notification every time someone completes and
submits it.

In your form you should not ask for too many
details or you will scare your prospects away.
However you can ask them for their name and email
address. If you haven't set up a form before you
will probably take a coupe of days to get it to
work properly, but believe me, capturing those
email addresses is essential if sales are
important to you. 70% of sales are made after the
3rd, 4th or 5th follow-up, and without your
prospects email addresses you won't get those

A form will allow you to redirect the visitor to
a thank-you page. Make sure you redirect them to
a page which has another offer which they will
find hard to refuse. So if you offered a free
Website Success Course when someone signs up for
your newsletter, you would redirect them to a
page where they can sign up for your course, or
get access to a members area. You can usually
redirect to a particular page by including the
following line in your form:

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="redirect"
and replace the URL with the address of your
thank-you page. This form would redirect them to
our Website Success Course, but you could modify
the links in our course to sell your products and
then put this course on an autoresponder so that
you can benefit from it.

There are many different form scripts however and
this might not work on the script you have.
However each script should come with instructions
on how to REDIRECT your visitors.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



There are 2 parts to automating your work.

1) Set up autoresponders to handle any enquiries
you may get.

2) Automate your newsletter.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Autoresponders have already become an essential
marketing tool, and their use is likely to
increase as more and more businesses automate.
Also you don't need a website to take advantage
of autoresponders.

1) They drastically reduce the amount of work you

2) They reduce the possibility of sending out the
wrong reply to the wrong address.

3) They do not rely on a person being at work at a
certain time to send out email.

4) They allow you to make follow-ups efficiently.

5) They give you more time to concentrate on
promotion and marketing.

Most internet users expect immediate replies to
information they request on the web. If you put
out an advert, you have to be prepared for the
response. Visitors don't want to wait 2 or 3
days. By using an autoresponder you will be able
to reply literally within a couple of minutes.

This email is being sent to you from an

You too can set up your form so that it submits
the request for information to an autoresponder
address. You will not have to worry about
following up manually which can be very time

An autoresponder will also allow you to FOLLOW-UP
as many times as you want and it is a well known
fact that most prospects only become customers
after the 3rd, 4th or 5th follow ups. In one of
your follow-up messages you will need to make a
call for action. If you don't ask your prospects
to buy, the chances are they won't.

One of the best ways to do this is to let your
prospects know that for a *limited time* they
will receive a certain discount or that the offer
will only be available at a certain price for a
limited period.

Most website hosts offer an autoresponder service
but most also have their limitations. And so
there are a few professional autoresponder
services you can use. We actually use and like
Quicktell because you get UNLIMITED
autoresponders on one account, up to 20 messages
per autoresponder, and a great affiliate program.
For more information on this service you can send
a blank email to

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Once you have captured your email addresses you
must set up a mailing list.

This can be either visitors who you are mailing a
newsletter to for example, or a targeted list you
have bought. You then have a list of people who
are already PRE-QUALIFIED and this gives you a
much better chance of making a sale. You can get
very good value pre-qualified leads from

We are now going to give you 2 great tools to
help you handle your newsletter - one is Mike's
Mail Machine, and the other is Ezine Assistant.

Your form can either send any email addresses to
YOU or to a newsletter server. If the cgi script
sends YOU the form details you will have to
manually copy and paste the details into a
mailing list.

You can automate this by sending the details to a
NEWSLETTER SERVER where visitors can subscribe
and unsubscribe automatically.  Automation of
your newsletter management will save you time and
let you concentrate on promotion and marketing.

There are a number of sites on the web which will
let you start off your own mailing list such as
ListBot, eGroups, and Topica. However you will
also have to display their ads on your newsletter
and sometimes there are delays in sending out
your newsletter because of the number of free
users. The above services are largely used for
discussion groups so always have heavy traffic.


If you want more control, you can get an
excellent free script called MailMachine from
Mike'sWorld - -
This gives your mailing list a bit more class,
and you can be more certain that your newsletter
is reaching your subscribers on time. You can
send your newsletters out from the admin login
via the web. You will need your own website to
use this script.


If however you are not sure how to use scripts
and want to set up your newsletter as soon as
possible, the simplest option is the ROIBOT
newsletter server.

This is a complete solution that can personalize
your newsletter, allow you to schedule it to go
out to your mailing lists even when you are away,
and the cost is minimal. You can also have an
unlimited number of lists of any size. Click here
for more information about the ROIBOT newsletter
server -

You can get the HTML code needed for a form and
links to the scripts mentioned above from the
newsletters page on our website -


The next step is to publish your newsletter. You
need to keep track of what you have written and
when you published it.

You also need to format it to between 55 or 65
characters a line because:

a) it is easier to read short lines

b)many people set their email programs to read
only 65 characters so if you wrote your
newsletter with 80 characters, the lines would
appear broken.

There is an excellent free application called
eZine Assistant that will do all this for you.
Ezine assistant can be downloaded free from our
downloads gateway

Now you are ready to roll. Simply cut and paste
your newsletter from your eZine Assistant or
other text editor into the online form on your
website and send it out to your mailing list.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Once your mailing list is over the 1,000 mark you
are going to need more heavyweight BUSINESS
AUTOMATION SOFTWARE. Mailloop Business Automation
Software is the answer.

MAILLOOP is the complete Internet email,
newsletter server, web form processor, bulk
email, customer database, and autoresponder

All the software you need is included and
integrated into a single application. To top it
all off, using the software is simple. It is all
run by pull down menus and a click action button

... it is an essential piece of software for
doing business on the internet.

You can read more about this amazing FULLY
AUTOMATED BUSINESS software here -

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In tomorrow's lesson we are going to show you how
your website hosting can mean the difference
between success and failure!

Take care,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Course created by Richard Igoe Copyright 2000

======================Joke of the Day=====================

A New York family bought a ranch out West where they
intended to raise cattle.  Friends came to visit and asked if
the ranch had a name.

"Well," said the would-be-cattleman. "I wanted to call it the
Bar-J. My wife favored the Suzy-Q. One son liked the Flying-
W, and the other son wanted the Lazy-Y. So, we're calling it
the Bar-J-Suzy-Q-Flying-W-Lazy-Y."

"But where are all your cattle?"

"So far, none have survived the branding."

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