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From:             "Debra L. McCray" <>
Subject:          Marketing With Little of No Money

I found your 1st Digest quite exciting since I feel it truly pertains
to my marketing predicament.  I have 2 free websites(shopping mall,
discount magazines). I'd get commissions by getting others to make
purchases or also sign on for the Free site.  I have no budget and as
your Digest said so aptly "most of you are working from the premise
that if it is not free or at least very low cost, it does not apply to

I've had the sites for just about a month.  I've listed with some of
the search engines (but I'm not in the first 30 so that's probably no
good).  In my eagerness to register with them I didn't make sure I had
meta tags (I do now).  I'm going to register soon.  I've traded
banners (I've only gotten one click thru!).  I've recently begun to
post to some of the alt newsgroups (while my web visits are still low
they have increased recently to about 10-12 a day).  I know that's
very meager and I have a long way to go, but before posting to
newsgroups it was worse than that. I've splurged on some advertising
($129) with ASBA/Netextensions (several ads in their bulletins and
mailing to Jeffrey Lant's card deck).  The mailing doesn't happen
until June 30, so I'm not sure how effective that will be.  I've also
decided to splurge on hosting a contest ($19.95 a month) with ASBA. I
get the names of those who sign up for the contest and if they say
it's OK to send mail pertaining to their interests then I have a
prospect.  But because traffic is still so pitiful to my site, it was
probably a premature idea, not necessarily a bad one.  I've also put
in many free classified ads, but I don't know that that's generating
any hits (I have my doubts, but I'll keep it up). 

I'm not really sure how you can better utilize the Adland's database,
but look forward to the feedback you receive from others like myself
in the next edition of your Digest. --

Debra L. McCray

Your Moderator,

Thanks Debra for your kind words and encouragement.
You have hit on a lot of the problems we all face as small
businesses trying to use the web on small, or zero budgets.
We all experiment with what is available, which should be done by
everyone. What will work for some will not work for you. Finding your
niche market, where that market is located on the web is primary.
The means by which you reach them using the most acceptable in terms
of budget restraints is next.
Debra included one marketing tool that many bypass because they
assume that being on the web is all that is needed - offline
advertising. This is one area that should not ever be stopped or
relegated to a minor role. Actually, for most, it should be a major
roll with the web as a complementary function. There are many ways to
supplement your business with a web presence, sales is not
necessarily exclusive.
To all the rest of our readers, how have you handled your marketing?
How are you implementing the use of the web for your business?

To make this list beneficial, to know just where you, the readers are
situated I have set up a little poll and ask that you send in your
replies separately from any other posts. Just cut and paste the
following content into a new measage.  You can use the posting
address  mailto: adland@softfornet?subject="POLL"
I'll sift through them and in a later post will give you the

How long have you been in business?
-- 0 - 6 months
-- 6 - 12 months
-- 1yr - 3yrs
-- longer than 3 yrs

Do you consider yourself part-time or full time?
-- full time
-- part time

How long have you been on the web with your business?
-- planning a website
-- developing a website
-- 0 - 3 months
-- 3 - 6 months
-- 6 - 12 mo
-- longer

How many employees, including yourself?
-- 1
-- 2 - 3
-- 4 - 6
-- 7 - 10
-- more than 10

If you are operating as a one-person business, do you contract out
for services you cannot perform?
-- yes
-- no

Do you employ the barter arrangement with others on the web to secure
services you need with those you supply?
-- yes
-- no

How do you use the web for your business?
-- product sales
-- service offerings
-- lead generation
-- recruitment
-- information dispenser - brochure
-- no website, email only
-- market research
-- better communication with customers, lower cost option.

What is the size of your monthly  budget online?
-- 0
--$ 1- $50
--$51 - $100
--$more than $100
-- any greater then $500

What is the amount of your monthly  budget offline?
-- 0
-- $1 - $25
-- $26 - $50
-- $51 - $100
-- more than $100
-- any greater than $500

What is the amount of your monthly revenue?
-- $0
-- $1 - $50
-- $51- $100
-- $101 - $500
-- $501 - $1000
-- more than $1000

So far, for those who have a web presence, have  marketed for a
short time, what online method has worked best for you?
-- banner exchanges - as in LE type
-- banner exchanges you initiated with other sites - reciprocal
-- classified listings - free listings
-- direct email - using opt-in lists
-- marketing via newsgroups
-- marketing via discussion lists - as this one is an example
-- marketing via email newsletters
-- paid banners on other sites
-- paid classifieds
-- contests
-- press releases
-- other ------------------?

Well, this should give us some insight. So, now it is up to you to
send in those responses. Let's hear from you, don't be shy.  All
information is held in strict confidence. Only the tally results will
be given back via this digest.

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Your Moderator,
David Bredeweg

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