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Moderators' Notes:
Web Design/hosting               Moderator
META tags                            Moderator
Visitors' Recommendations    William Bontrager <>
Need Advice                          Theresa Hartman   <>
Help with Site                        M Brauer <>
Marketing Ideas                      "Paul "the soarING" Siegel"
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Moderators' Notes:
Great NEWS: Our archive is up,  Bogdan is making some last minute
tweaks to it, but you can use it. It is located at  It is well made with good
navigational buttons, and a search engine.
There were a couple of posts asking about reasonable ways to market
and Bob Cortez in issue 17 and Keeley Nowalk in issue 18 gave
excellent posts. We had some earlier posts as well on this topic.
Some of the newer members can now check back first.

This brings up an important issue.. If you feel that
you either did not get a good response or no response, I would
suggest that you repost again. New members are coming on board
everyday and they might be able to help you on your second try.
I will post replies as well when I can, as I have done in this issue.
>From Moderator:
Subject Web Design/hosting

Additional response to   Danielle Amory's post is issue 18.
There is a host directory located at http://www.webhostdir.htm   This
is a list but it has background info on each listing. You can use it
to compare with what you already know. Then last of all see me.

NetMark Communications       voice 561-641-9887
Hosting, Domains, promotion and design
>From  Moderator
Subject META tags

Response to (WILL WARD)
I haven't done much in checking out all the differences in WEBTV from
the web. You might want to give us an idea. Most designers are going
to need to make adjustments to what you see and how you see it from
your TV.
Regarding META tags, your best route is to look at the code of any
site that has them. Look at the HTML syntax and merely copy it. What
you put in the space between the quote marks of the content tag is
the essential of the significance of the tag itself. My suggestion to
learn just what is applicable is to check a couple of HTML tutorial
sites as http://www.htmlgoodies.htm or http://www.htmltips.htm.
Then check the Online Marketing Resource Center at   under category, search engines,
to find some sites on how to optimize your tags to your best

NetMark Communications       voice 561-641-9887
Hosting, Domains, promotion and design
Subject:          Visitors Recommending Your Website!
From:             William Bontrager <>

Okay, you've built an excellent and informative website that directly
reflects its purpose. You're continuously promoting your website
through search engines, discussion lists (like I'm doing here, now),
and other methods which you can afford both time- and cash-wise. And,
oh joy!, you have quality visitors arriving!
Now, how about if you make it *very* easy for your visitors to
recommend your website to their friends and/or business associates?
You can, you know. And it's free. Once it's set up, it will continue
to work for you as long as you let it and rarely, if ever, need your
further attention.
Let's say for every 1000 visitors, 50 recommend your website to
someone they know. You can be pretty sure those fifty will come have a
look. After all, your website was recommended by someone they know!
All of a sudden you now have 1050 visitors for every 1000 you used to
have. That's a 5% increase. And those 50 will be recommending, too,
just like visitors arriving through other means. It's like 5% compount
interest -- except in visitors instead of cash. Of course, visitors
often mean cash.
Get the CGI program, MasterRecommend for free at
<>. It's a quick and easy
install. Depending on how tech savvy you are, it may take you anywhere
from 30 minutes to a day for installation and testing. Then just sit
back (no, don't sit back, keep promoting your website by other means)
and enjoy the benefits.
What if you don't have CGI? Check out Tell-a-Friend at
<>. They provide that service for
free -- you'll just have to put up with banner advertisements. (Their
service is powered by MasterRecommend, which is why I can recommend it
to you.)
Now, how do I arrive at the 5% figure? By experience.
The more opportunities your visitors have to recommend your website,
the more will so recommend it. Our FREE Numerology Reading website at
<> is an illustration of that
point. Every page of the website and every reading presents a
prominent (yet not pushy, I hope) opportunity to recommend the website
to friends. The number of visitors actually recommending averages over
6%. (The number varies between 3% and 11%, depending on the day of the
week, time of the month, and other factors which I haven't figured out
Of course, you visitor must deem your website worth recommending. So,
make a great website and make it easy for your visitors to recommend
Let something free help your dreams come true.

William Bontrager
WillMaster -- The Bontrager Connection:
  Awesome web site and graphic design.
     Screaming hot CGI programming.
     All our unique sites are linked at
Subject:          This is great!
From:               Theresa Hartman <>

Hi, all!

I am a new subscriber, and I feel like I've been out in the boondocks
with no chance to network at all, before this!  This has brought me
into the real hub of self-employment information!! 
My question is this:  Has anyone been successful out there with two
unrelated businesses?  I design decorator plates from people's
personal photos, and I am an Herbalife distributor (lost a lot of
weight - a matter of health!).  I had been advertising my plates with
little success on the internet (probably didn't give it enough time),
and am starting to advertise the Herbalife, too. Are people going to
question my credibility, if I let them know about both? Should I use
two different screen names?  I am really ADHD, so I have to keep
diversifying or I get deadly bored, so please don't suggest I give up
one and just do the other.  Any advice?

Theresa Hartman
GlenMary CraftWorks
Herbalife Distributor
Subject:          Help with Site
From:             M Brauer <>

Hi All,
My name is Melanie, I have a I-built-it-myself site, not the greatest
to look at; however, it offers  free classified ad., d, a great wealth
building opportunity call: Pentagono, and organic essential oils.

Also, I would like some feed back on how to improve my site.

Thank you,
Subject:   Re: Marketing Ideas Priority:      
From:     "Paul "the soarING" Siegel" <>

Keely Nowalk says:

"I think that a key to getting visitors is to have
something that will keep visitors coming back and bring
others. "

I agree. Contests are good. But more important is to have a
site that is truly helpful to visitors. And the best way to
be helpful is to help your visitors learn.
I don't mean to offer "content". What does the word mean?
Or "information" What does IT mean? We're so accustomed to
calling the Internet the information highway, we don't
realize it's a lot more than this. I like to call it a
network of Learning Fountains.
Make your site a Learning Fountain, which I define as a
site that influences visitors by helping them learn. Your
first task is to find out what your prospects want to know,
and your second task is to determine the best way you can
help them learn this. Then you design your website and your
entire marketing plan to serve these needs of your
Don't be in a hurry. You have a lot of learning to do too.
Live your vision,

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