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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)
1.) Abuse of free advertising in newsletters.
~ John Colanzi

2.)Web jump????
~ Joe Shadwick

3.) How to generate traffic.
~ Tom Falco
~  Valerie Tay
~ Kathleen VanBeekom

4.) Moving a domain name
~ Brian Rickman
~ Marianne Payton
~ Dmitry Kluchnev

N e w     P o s t s   (2)
1.) Leon Smith
~ Subject: How?

2.) Ken Bechervaise
~ Press Releases

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Does Free Internet Advertising Really Work?
By Barry D. Burtt,

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  210   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


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====================Success Story===================
From: Lin Ronald <>

Hello Bogdan and everyone.

Success is Relative.

I want to submit my story for your archives, especially since you mentioned
that there have only been 4 or 5 others who have done so recently.
I must first let you know that I have recently been able to put my FIRST
WEBSITE up in the 5 years that I have been involved with the internet.

It might seem that I am a slow learner but when you hear the story I'm sure
you will agree that I am only normal.

I had purchased a computer when I was living on a small island off the coast
of  Thailand/Malaysian border. About 5 years ago.
It was very exciting because we had just recently had a set of traffic
lights installed in the small town on the island and I was the first person
to be connected to the net.  I tell you the island was on fire that week!
What with flashing lights and the penthouse girls.

I have always been an  ideas person  and as a result, my enquiring nature
connected me with an assortment of unusual characters around the world who
had many items to sell that would improve my position. Since I was a
sailboat owner with no fixed income ( a sea gypsy)  many of these offers
were too tempting to pass up.  I had no resistance.
I became an avid software junkie, a MLM  advocate, a spammer, a network
marketer,  a chain mail game participant, and since I had no credit card I
was a constant visitor to our small Post Office. This was of course to send
the US Dollars to an incredible variety of addresses ,sometimes wrapped in
foil paper. I am sure the nice ladies behind the counter thought I was
completely off my rocker!
If I was ever asked about these seemingly interminable requests for the hard
to find greenbacks, I would respond that I was expecting over 1000 times as
many back as were sent.  That always seemed  to  placate their enquiries.

I became also  a banner exchange owner at a cost of $1500,  a shopping mall
owner, a credit card merchant by proxy, a link page owner, a classified ads
page owner, an affiliate of dozens of programs and even an affiliate of
affiliates!  I have become also a paid member of  some of the most dynamic
marketing course ever conceived.   Boy some of them are great too.
I have even played the online casinos back when they first started.

I must add here that I did not ever send those email  jokes to a list of
friends no matter who sent them to me.... I promise that.

Over the years I have never seemed to find the right place right time
formula. Oh I have certainly stayed the distance because there is one very
well known network program that I still belong to after 3 / 4 years with
hundreds in my downline and guess what?  I still never get a cheque from
them.  Imagine how infuriating that is. If I stop my auto credit card
payments today (which I need their approval for)
I just know that next month  83 people are going to upgrade and become
paying members. That means that I would forgo the elusive retirement income
we all seem to aspire to getting.

Getting back to the success issue.

It  has often been said that the seeds of greatness are germinated from  the
depths of  desperation.

In all of the preceding history it may have become apparent to some of you
already that I  did not do what some of you do from day one.

What is it?

YES   ....what I never did in all that time was create a website of my own,
using my own words and spreading the word in my own unique way about my own
unique product or service.
Without  reference to a higher approval source and without needing to be
supported by anyone other than friends and family.

You know what?

Now I have done it!

From this moment onwards, I have the opportunity to actually develop
something myself with only myself to blame for failure.

I consider this to be a huge breakthrough success.

Maybe some of your readers will too.

Regards from New Zealand,

Where we are 17 hours ahead of most of you :-)

Lin Ronald

New Zealand. ICQ # 5099646
25% per month. Its being done now! Safely!

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Marianne E. Payton

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "John Colanzi" <>
Subject: Abuse of free advertising in newsletters.


Here's a tip in one of the newsletters I read that tells it's
readers how to scam the ezines that offer free ads.

As a publisher who offers free ads to new subscribers,
I know not everyone will wish to continue reading the
newsletter, but I hope they'll at least read it to give it
a fair shot.

If a lot of advertisers follow this advice it will end up
making ezine advertising about as effective as FFA'S
and Free Classifieds.

I'll no longer free ads for this program and I think
other polishers who offer free advertising would be wise
to do the same.

John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

Answer to Bobette regarding how to promote the
InetStar member id (can be applied to any program) :
A good tip: Go to any of the free-ad ezine
directories and subscribe to as many as you
can handle(!). Use a special email address(!)
or folder to store the arriving ezines; 50-100
every day.

Then place as many free IMLMads as possible,
with your email tracking number in them.
Vary them a bit (but stick to the original theme)
to apply to the individual  ezine's requirements.

Now you can check into the email address
every now and then and skim through the
ezines You've placed ads in.

If they accept only one introduction ad,
well, go for it and then unsubscribe
after a couple of issues. It's up to the
editor if he/she doesn't accept a resubscription...

Stick to the ezines with weekly or monthly
free ads.

Are You an unorganized type of person
just keep a notebook specially for this,
where You can keep track of Your subscriptions
etc. (I do).

Follow above plan and soon You'll have
many subscribers with Your tracking id# tag.

Check directories below for Free-Ad ezines:

Go to:
Go to:
Go to:
Go to:
Go to:
Go to:

Note from Editor.

Although publishing of this information  could be used against newsletter publishers,
knowing that many of them are on this list, will do more good than bad.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Joe Shadwick" <>
Subject: Web jump????

In regards to Patti saying try webjump for the free space. I just analyzed
my site for meta tag readiness and my tags do not even register due to
webjumps framed banner at the top of all free sites. I am moving my site
from webjump as search engines will never list me due to this problem.

Joe Shadwick

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Tom Falco
Subject: How to generate traffic.

Udo Achatz wrote in response to my comments about search engines:

>On the one hand you´re right. On the other hand you´re wrong.
>Sure there are the TOP 10 Searchengines where 90% of the
>Users will use. But to get a good place on those 10 search engines
>it´s important to get as much other sites with a link to your site as

We are at the top of every major search engine without all the unwanted
search engine links. You really don't need lots of links to be listed. It is
all in the meta tags, page content and title.
Tom Falco

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From: Valerie Tay
Subject: How to generate traffic.

Hello Bogdan and fellow Adland readers,

I would like to respond to Joey's <> post on "How to
generate traffic".  Adland readers, Judith Tramayne-Barth, Udo Achatz, and
Dmitry Kluchnev had already given her very valuable information to
increase traffic and bring TARGETED visitors.  However, I want to add that
using a bid-for-keywords search engine is also a good way to increase
QUALITY traffic within a short period of time.  I read about this a few
weeks ago and after I signed up for one of these search engines - namely,, my traffic increased from around 50 hits a day to 200 hits a day.
How GoTo and other bid-for-keywords search engines work is very simple.
You choose a few keywords that you think your potential customers may
 use to search for sites such as yours.  Then you place a bid on these
keywords.  The site with the highest bid for a particular keyword/key phrase
will obviously show up in the top position of the search results when a user
does a search using that keyword/phrase.  I find this method of getting my
site listed much faster than racking my brain on website optimization and
hoping that the major search engines will index my site and list it on a
position.  I am, however, not! disputing the fact that getting listed with
major search engines is by far the single most effective way of marketing
a site, but in the meantime before one figures out how to get indexed and
gain a top position, using search engines such as GoTo is
not a bad idea.  The catch is of course if you place a bid on keywords, it
means you have to pay the search engine the amount you promised when a user
actually clicks through.

Another method of increasing hits is to swap hits.  This is much more
effective than swapping banners (commonly known as banner exchange) because
you are actually trading seers.  To trade visitors to your website with
other websites, all you have to do is  to join a cooperative network such as
Adexit.  Adexit tells your website to open up as a new window when a user
leaves another member's site.
At the same time, when the user leaves your website, adexit forwards them to
another adexit network member.

Well, that's all I have to contribute to Joey's query.  I hope it helps.

Valerie Tay

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From: Kathleen VanBeekom
Subject: How to Generate Traffic

      Why are Adland Digest subscribers overlooking the obvious?  Take full
advantage of Adland and become an affiliate if you haven't yet.   If you're
already an affiliate, are you utilizing Adland to gain more traffic to your
Are you also using your business site to direct more traffic to your Adland
affiliate site?
Interneters are very interested in free traffic and profits.
Place an Adland banner,  or the html for Adland custom site at the bottom of
your business site.   These are available at the affiliate sign-up area.

      Set up your affiliate ad,  try indirect advertising...get people to
your site for the free ads & profits,  and give honorable mention to your
main business, of course.
     Check the box that notifies you of click-throughs...this is great for
tracking your ad.  Place an Adland banner,  or the html for Adland custom
site at the bottom of your business site.  These are available at the
affiliate sign-up area.  I repeated that because its to your maximum FREE
advantage.  Its also a great idea to post the java script for the 25,000
search submissions on a page of your site, you earn money when people
purchase these too.

     While visitors are at your site, they will see your main business offer
while looking for the Adland Free Classifieds.
You will earn affiliate profits when they post through your Adland links,
your affiliate ad will also get 3 exposures for each ad posted through your
site.   Your affiliate ad rotates through Adland pages on its own, even when
you're asleep.  Adland gets 30,000 page views daily.  Visitors can also earn
profits by becoming affiliates, you earn from ads posted through their
sites also.

Think about TV commercials, they don't directly sell beverages or cars, they
sell you on having a more attractive fun life.  Online, you want to
FREE Ads & Profits, then people will associate your business site with those
offerings.  At the top of your site, tell them to BOOKMARK IT!
   Make your site title very interesting, (put yourself in the visitors
place, browsing through bookmarks...think about what's interesting to a
visitor who is looking for hot sites, gear your title toward the client, not
toward what you think is cute)  so when people look through their bookmarks,
yours will be something they will want to visit frequently.

     The way to get more interest in your business is to make a list of all
the benefits, go over this as if you were a potential customer..."slice &
dice" your product or service until you'd actually buy it ten times over
again yourself.   Tell a friend or relative about your business, even if
already know about it....tell them every benefit and advantage of your offer
until they are just as excited as you are.  Now you know you can definitely
attract more customers!

Kathleen VanBeekom

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: Brian Rickman <>
Subject: Moving a domain name

I've read the various messages about how everybody is having a hard time
changing web hosting services, in large part due to problems with
Network Solutions.  I wanted to tell you that I found a better domain
registration service called .  They charge
much less, about $15 per year, they can handle moving your domain's info
from N.S. to their service, and once your domain is being managed by
their service, you can update your contact info by filling out a web
form instead of using those silly email messages that N.S. requires.
I've set-up about 6 domains with this company, 4 of which were previously
managed by N.S. and I have been very impressed with the excellent
service they've provided.

Also, if you are looking for a website hosting service, is very good.  They charge about $20 per month for
a typical site, with very reasonable extra charges if you have a huge
amount of traffic or need more then 100 MB disk space.  I've been using
their services for several years and they've actually _lowered_ their
prices several times.  Customer support is fast and helpful.  Downtime
is minimal.  I highly recommend this company.

Brian Rickman

Webmaster, The Writer's BBS

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From: "Marianne Payton" <>
Subject: Moving a domain name

Hello Bogdan and Fellow Adlanders:

    This Digest is the most terrific one I have ever
received.  Bogdan, you certainly have created the most
respected ezine on the Internet that I have run into and I
do delete quite a few - try to unsubscribe and they ignore
you.  The information is great and very helpful to everyone.
PLEASE keep up the GREAT WORK!

    I thank everyone for their comments, but I think I was
not clear enough.  In the first place, when I meant changing
ISP's I thought I was referring to changing from Earthlink
to Cable - sorry for the misunderstanding.

    Yes, the problem came about because my address was still
with Earthlink as far as Network Solutions was concerned.  I
did officially change my address through the fax to them
when I changed  and still got the
bounce backs! After many bounce-backs, I wrote to Support at
Network Solutions so many times that they finally
transferred it (probably tired of hearing from me) 8-) - My
NIC handle is the same on all of my domains and stupid me, I
thought changing my address with that in mind, it would
change all of them - WRONG AGAIN!

    Now, I am well aware that you cannot use the design as
made by their Page Wizards and I did not try.  I copied my
site to my hard drive, put it in Homesite and made the
appropriate changes, in fact very significant changes
through the help of the template I purchased, so that was
not the problem.  Of course, after being blocked from my
File Manager, I did write to the Host and advised them of my
move and at the same time admonished them for charging me on
two separate credit cards for the same month's service twice
which I would not have noticed except that the new host who
bought out my old host had their name on my other credit
card - so watch your cards guys.  They only had one number
from me, but the host I moved from had the other and they
bought out my former host - and - fired the founder of the
hosting company, which was the reason I began moving.

    I also advised them I had taken down (not moved) another
domain and for them to please take it down and stop charging
for that one also.  So they were notified properly.

    Then, I had one domain left with them which I planned to
leave alone for awhile since I had ads running with this
Digest.  Well,  they deleted my index.html page - so  I have
to apologize to the last few people who visited there as a
result of my ad, because all they received was a blank page.
Of course, they claimed it was a server problem and it would
be fixed - not so to date and this happened about a week
ago.  By the way, this was totally my domain and nothing
belonged to them from any of their Page Wizards, graphics,
etc.  Fortunately, I must have done something right on the
Meta info because someone was referred from Alta Vista to my
site last night, which surprised me when I saw the Human
Click blinking and they were on one of the pages that Alta
Vista must have indexed.  Now, that was nice!

    At this point, I have notified them that they broke the
contract with me and I was therefore moving my domain to
another host.  This time, I did it the smarter way, even
though it did cost me $29.95, I called Network Solutions and
they are doing the paperwork for me (after multiple
bounce-backs again).  The person I spoke with on the
telephone advised me that yes, some of the hosts are not
very obliging when you move your domain.  That was putting
it mildly.  The previous host also supplied you a link page
which you maintain with your own ads and with their
autoresponder letter - not yours.  The last few emails I
received from the last time I clicked on the send the mail
button at the link site were very degrading and quite
upsetting.  I have never received any such language before.
I will not repeat what was said, but for a lady to receive
such language is not right and I really think this is more
of the host being obnoxious because I caught them charging
my credit cards twice.

    As for the comment from Bill Bauer about allowing my ISP
to host a website, I am sorry I was not clearer.  That much
I learned rapidly, using one of the home pages given to you
from another ISP.  No, I would never put a domain on an
ISP's free site, no way, no how.  Sorry if I mislead you on
that one Bill.

    As to the comments from Peter Browne, I learned
something about that also and now the Technical is also my
NIC handle on all of my domains.  Also, Peter, with one
being on Social Security, having a site designed by a
professional is way out of my means.  I have seen some
beautiful sites, but I am sure the prices were also
beautiful.  If I keep learning, maybe one day I will be able
to offer such services, as I am certainly learning more each
day.  Also, on your comment you only get what you pay for is
not always true.  I have a free site on Angelfire that I got
back with that PIYB promotion and Angelfire is allowing me
to keep it and there, I can upload files that my previous
paid host denied.  I guess it boils down to the fact that
some people are just kinder than others and give us a break
when we need it.

    Thanks for hearing me out once again, but we all learn
from other's mistakes and I have certainly made a bunch of
them.  Gee, Bogdan, before this year is over with, I might
submit a success story 8-))

God Bless,
Marianne E. Payton

P.S. The Netwriting Masters... an intensive 5-Day e-mail
course on how to write sales-clinching copy on the Net.
If you have a friend who would benefit from taking this
course, please pass this on.  Or tell that person to receive
the 5-day course by sending a blank e-mail to...

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From: Dmitry Kluchnev <>
Subject: Moving a domain name

Dear Marianne,
I just changed the host of my site. I want to tell thanks to
Their support team answers immediately and I am very happy with them.
During changing there was a problem with Network Solutions. Then Hostway
contacted them promptly. So my site was not down.
Also to move my site I used simple FTP software. I downloaded the site
to my hard drive then uploaded it to a new host. It's that simple.
Dmitry Kluchnev

Service Manager

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Leon Smith" <>
Subject: How?


HOW.....what should I do to promote my website which depicts I am a

Many thanks.

Leon D. Smith

The Capital Company
Telephone  804-741-2293

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Ken Bechervaise" <>
Subject: Press Releases

Hi Bodgan,

    I would like to make your readers aware of a new Press Release service
available to Small Business Owners.

   Internet Wire is the Leader in Company News Distribution has introduced a
new service for Small Business Owners.

   Your Press Release is targeted at thousands of Journalists,  Editors, and
consumers world wide.

   My site issued a release through Internet Wire
on Oct 9 and since that time I have received over 800 qualified hits, 10
sales and several requests from Journalists for product samples to

   The cost is $99 and in my experience well worth the expenditure to be
able to reach qualified press individuals.


Ken Bechervaise


======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
Subject: Search engine traffic

Hello Bogdan,

I have a favour to ask if you don't mind and this is for your  personal
opinion ( as I am not sure this is an appropriate copy and paste for your
newsletter or not - I have removed the contact information from this, but
happy to supply it to you if you require)
I was forwarded this e-mail and it makes great claims about search engine
positioning but raises many questions for me and would dearly value another

The questions raised for me were...

1. It was my belief that the SEs were not able to "spider" pages made on the
fly or am I incorrect in this? If they are not, how then are they able to
spider these cgi generated pages? Or have i missed something here?

2. Wouldn't the SEs eventually consider this a form of "spamming" once they
cottoned onto it?

3. There was no web address given despite the claim that they had their
website up for 5 years and only a contact phone number... this seemed
contradictory to me. If I was so successful at top SE positioning and was
selling a programme that got me there the first thing I would want to do is
show off my site and position on the SEs.

 4. I do not understand the supposed advantage of "Web Browser Spoofing"
Actually I am not sure I even understand what they mean...

There are a number of other points I was not clear about regarding their
claims, but if you do have the time or do think this would be appropriate
for feedback in your newsletter I would very much appreciate it

Thank you Bogdan,
Fiona :)

Note from Editor.

I haven't printed the letter here due to its length  but the techniques
are offered in it are called web page cloaking.

Here below I'm reprinting an article from I-search discussion which
talks about it. Although the article in general is positive about it,
In my opinion if anybody is caught by search engines doing it,
this means as much as end of your listing on this search engine.

From: "Ralph Tegtmeier" <>
Subject: Current view on IP Cloaking


There's one single solid rule to cloaking - don't go for it unless
you know exactly what you are doing! Generally, search engines will
frown on it (they prefer to have full control over the content they
are feeding their users), but in spite of what the search engine
optimizers' grapevine will tell you occasionally, there is no
*general ban* on cloaking.

Nor is it likely that it will come: cloaking, if used responsibly,
is a perfectly legit workaround for lots of design and layout issues
(think of Flash and splash intro pages, of sites featuring lots of
PDF files which search engine spiders cannot crawl, etc.) Actually
misleading visitors is, of course, another story. So is spamming the
search engines (however defined), e.g. by having your site's URL
splattered all over the search results page, which, however, is
effectively countered these days by "clustering", i.e. showing
results in aggregate to display domains only once per search (a
"more pages" link being a typical indicator).

If search engines are made aware of such practices, chances are your
domain will either be penalized (resulting in demotion of ranking)
or banned from submission altogether. Note, though, that this is not
specific to cloaking: it can happen when generating a deluge of more
or less identical doorway pages as well, for example.

Cloaking can be extremely effective: many highly competitive
industries use it extensively. This is because cloaked pages will
typically be highly optimized for robot indexing, often making them
quite unreadable for humans, but achieving good rankings. As for
products, here's a non-partisan comparative overview which should
set you going: You may also wish
to check out our ongoing tutorial on cloaking here:


Ralph aka fantomaster
Industrial-strength cloaking and stealth technology

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================

I would like to submit my site for review.  I just can't seem to get
going here and/or I know I don't write good ads to make people click to come
to my site.

I would like some reviews of what I can do to improve it.  I have been told
not to use free sites.  Any recommendations for a paid site that is easy for
a beginner to use.  The only html I know is enough to get me into trouble.


========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Caroline Sterpka" <>

I would like to request a site review.  My site is:


Caroline Sterpka

========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: "L.C.Borsboom" <>

I would like to have a Site Review to my new build Spanish market site

thank you


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Does Free Internet Advertising Really Work?
By Barry D. Burtt,

Note from Editor.
This  article below was not really meant as an article to be polished
in the newsletter. This is actual text from the website of one
of the top AdlandPro affiliates. I visited his site to see what is he doing
to attract good number of visitors to my site and actually generating
This is  the page where I found article below.


Welcome to our Free Business Commerce Center. Here you will find the best
sources on the Internet for both free and discounted advertising,
promotions, and marketing for the business community. There are also free
webmaster tools and resources.

Our mission is simple and to the point. We are building the best free
business advertising and webmaster resource site on the Internet. We
research the Internet daily and list the best of the best free sources for
promoting your business and stretching your marketing dollar. For that
reason, it is important that you BOOKMARK this site as you will want to
refer to it regularly. Thank you for visiting our Free Business Commerce
Center. Have a great day!

A Note To First Time Visitors

If you've not been to this site before we want to caution you that the array
and number of free and discounted advertising and web resources here can be
bit overwhelming. You should not try to internalize, prioritize and select
all the resources you want in one visit. There are just too many and you
will likely bypass services that could be extremely valuable to you.

Your best bet is to bookmark this site now, visit high profile pages and
sites, and set a time(s) to come back so you can more thoroughly examine the
free and discounted resources here.

Many webmasters now depend on this site for up-to-date free advertising and
web resources. They know our sources are current and worthwhile. We weed out
the junk as much as possible and provide the best for our repeat visitors.
We hope you will become one of our regulars. You won't be disappointed! Have
a great day!!

Does Free Internet Advertising Really Work?

The short answer to this question is sometime! Surprised? You shouldn't be.
The old axiom that; "there aint no free lunch out there," applies here too.
There is a lot of junk passed off as free advertising that does absolutely
nothing, or only very little, for your marketing efforts. And, in case you
haven't figured it out, free sites are almost never 100% free. To be sure,
free sources are provided, but there are also fee based services on
virtually every free site on the net. This site is no different. We have to
pay the freight too! What we all hope is that you'll find the free services
valuable enough to come back and that sometime in the future you may be
attracted to one or another fee based offer as well.

But back to the original question. Do free internet advertising services
work? The good ones do. The trick is to find credible free services that
submit automatically to more than a few places. Putting your ad on one
obscure free FFA page is wasted time. The same goes for most free classified
sites ( notable exceptions are the MultiLinks Network, ffanet and Adland
Pro). On and off line, advertising is a numbers game. So look for free
services that post your advertising to the largest numbers of sites
possible. Don't waste your time posting one ad to one page.

An exception is "real" search engines. The huge majority of search engine
traffic comes from the top 25 search engines. You'll want to post to them
monthly. But DON'T RELY ON SEARCH ENGINES for your total marketing efforts.
You'll go broke. Diversify. Submit to large numbers of Free FFA and Free
Classified sites. Use autoresponders for initial response and follow-ups
(but do not spam, you'll lose). Get involved in discussion groups,
continuous auto-submit services, bulletin boards, and networks. Learn about
using ezines and newsletters. Take online courses in web marketing. Learn
the full potential of your computer. And above all, if you are going to
learn one thing about making money on the Internet, learn the full marketing
power of e-mail!

The free resources to do all the above and more are on this site, if you'll
apply yourself diligently to discovering the full power of free internet
advertising and free web resources. We wish you well and good selling!!!

Note from Editor.

Here follows  long list of free resources.

======================Joke of the Day=====================

A woman was driving down the highway about 75 miles an
hour, when she noticed a motorcycle policeman following her.
Instead of slowing down, she picked up speed.

When she looked back again, their were two motorcycles
following her. She shot up to 90 miles. The next time she
looked around, there were three cops following her.

Suddenly, she spotted a gas station looming ahead. She
screeched to a stop and ran into the ladies' room. Ten
minutes later, she innocently walked out.

The three cops were standing there waiting for her. Without
batting an eye, she said coyly, "I'll bet none of you thought I
would make it."

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