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         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (1)
1. Getting into long term e-commerce contract
~ Tom Falco

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1. Delores Glenn
~ How to promote my site with adlandpro without spending tons of money?

2.)  Dmitry Kluchnev
~ Helpful site

3.)  Rick
~ AD Software Info Needed

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)

Do you know who is snooping around your computer
right now?
by Joe Reinbold

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  130   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

Are you ready for  Halloween?

Terror Stalks The Gates Motel!
Working stiffs unite for a little Halloween madness. Serious fun.
Serious prizes. Find the vanishing ghost hidden on the website
and you could win a power packed promotion package for the holiday
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Some statistics concluded by UCLA.

o 2/3 of all Americans have gone online
o 54.6% use email
o 51.7% have bought something online
o 65.1% now buy less from off-line retailers
o 8.9% buy online on a weekly basis
o 28.5% buy online on a monthly basis
o 4.5% of all users buy 31.4% of all purchases
o biggest motivators for shopping online are saving time and
o lack of privacy is greatest concern
o 2/3 believe that going online puts your privacy at risk
o 97.8% of Internet users who have not purchased online
   express concern about security of credit card information
o 91.2% of Internet users are somewhat or very concerned
   about credit card security

More information:


Here below is a letter from long time AdlandPro affiliate from
which I'm particularly happy.
Thank you Frank.
It is greatly appreciated.

From: "Frank Banker" <>

Hello Bogdan,

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for your great website
and the Adland Digest. Since I have been an affiliate for quite
a long time, I feel it necessary to recognize you for your good
contribution to the entrepreneurial community on the web.

I first signed up as an Adland Affiliate back in August, 1998
and since that time your excellent proactive website has
sent more targeted traffic to my site than any other, with the
exception of perhaps the top 6 search engines on which I
am listed.

You have also personally helped me in the past with some
very useful advice, and for that I am especially grateful. You
are an icon in the Internet Marketing community.  I really
appreciate you, and just wanted to let you know now. There
is absolutely no other site quite as effective as yours that I
know of on the web.

Your loyal affiliate,

Franklin Banker
BBL Internet Media
Affiliate Marketing Resources


I got this letter recently from one of  the newbies to the internet
marketing  and wanted to make couple of comments about it.

<--Letter Starts-->
Listen, I have tried to get something going for weeks. I got on your page
only to loose you before I was finished. I ended up signing up twice. This
is so confusing I want out of this internet business. I am totally
overwhelmed with E-mail. One liar after another. I have been taken for 100's
of dollars so far and have gotten nothing. It's a shame, but 99 % of all
that is out there is a rip off. Without the experience needed to get through
it. I'm calling it quits. Cut my losses and get on to something else.
Please cancel my order. Please respond

User Name
<-- Letter Ends -->

Although I don't get letters like this too often, I can see many people
trying to get results before they understand  what they are doing.
They jump into deep cold water and then get hurt.

I believe that part of the problems here is,  that some Network Marketers
(the ones less successful) are trying  to  picture internet marketing as
something very easy and with  "just hour of work each day you can make
$5000 a week" . This is not so, and in fact internet marketing won't work
for you, if you don't learn the basics of marketing and advertising.

Since on the internet we are communicating our messages through
email or web page, we need to be very effective in doing so, because
our prospective customer  won't  search our site or read our message,
unless  there is something of value in it after first glance.

In addition, you won't ever make any money, if you don't start from
building your own business. If you just subscribe to various business
opportunities sites and are trying to promote it using their affiliate
links, you are not  building your own identify and are just wasting your
money on some programs which might turn out to be not worth your
You should always start from  your own web page.
It can be free site initially, but if you are not having your own domain,
you still lose opportunity to be listed in most major search engines as they
are getting more selective these days.

You need to learn where to advertise and what to expect from it.
You need to be able to analyze results of your promotion and be
able to learn from it what went wrong and why.
Marketing is a science. In addition methods which worked 5 months
ago, might not be good today  and new marketing methods are being
developed each day.

Don't believe that if you join program first before others do,
you will be better off. This is marketing trick to get people involved.
Good company will be always of value at any time and your results
will depend on your approach, understanding and hard work.

Your business will only grow if you build personal relationship with
people you are working with. If you can show to others that
you are capable honest person, everyone will want to associate with you
and will be happy to contribute to your success.

To learn how to build your business and approach  all of its stages
one at time,  request AdlandPro 5 Day Free Website Success Course
by sending blank email to

Once you read each of the mailings,  (1 mailing per day for 5 days.)
make sure that you  take advantage of  links provided and you
explore  them. By just requesting the course and not doing anything,
you are losing chance of getting yourself ahead in short period of time.


====================Success Story===================
From: Kathleen VanBeekom

Adlandpro has helped with my self-esteem and kept my home-based goals alive.
My affiliate ratings are usually in the top 20 or 30, that's very good out
of over 6,200 affiliates worldwide.   Friends and relatives are impressed
when they are told you're ranked near the top of a worldwide advertising
You can get a higher Adland affiliate statistics ranking by advertising your
affiliate link on other ad sites and drawing in traffic from people who
don't regularly visit here.

My older brother works for a professional advertising firm and sometimes he
even asks my advice about working from home online.  More people are
considering a home-based business for many own reason is that I
usually question the intelligence level of my potential employers!
Getting a "real job" never appealed to me.  I worked in an office for a long
time after I got out of school and not much work actually gets done at work.

Self-employed people work much harder because we're in it for ourselves and
our families, we have a belief in our goals.

Self-esteem is an over-looked factor in our careers.  People usually define
success by the size of the paycheck.  I've had financial struggles within
the past several months, mostly from buying into businesses or advertising
sources that don't turn out as well as I'd hoped.
Without my Adland statistics I probably would have fallen into total
marketing despair.

I've been tracking my ads closely and realized that just the one Adland
affiliate ad brings in just as much traffic as posting hundreds of ads on
Yahoo...and the ads on Yahoo scroll down quickly, you need to repost them
Our Adland affiliate ad is in a constant rotation and we can be notified by
email when people click through.  I predict that Adland will draw in many
more classified users than Yahoo within another year, considering the growth
in just the past year & a half.
We get so many more benefits here!

I have not experienced problems here like with other free services.
I had a free opt-in list provider that changed their way of doing things and
created problems for my list, as did 2 free webspace providers...their
service went down for several days, and many free advertising sources suffer
from problems, even the very large popular sites.  Many people in charge of
free online services are nearly impossible to contact, and don't hold your
breath waiting for a response.  Not all free services care about their

You know the person who is in charge here, Bogdan Fiedur.
With other free sites, do you know the name of the person in charge?
How long will it take you to find out how to contact them?
Do they bend over backward to provide you with excellent service?
Many times if you do try to contact a free online ad service, webspace
provider, or list server, they just refer you to a FAQs page if they respond
at all. With Adlandpro, the service is always dependable.

Back to me...
I keep thinking, "My ad statistics are high,  traffic is at my sites, so why
am I not earning more income?"

Am I advertising unwanted products or services?  Follow-up problems?
Working with business programs that don't provide me with the names of

I recently created a "free" business that would salvage my finances, and
also help everyone else with what they need:  a low-cost to no-cost program.

This is not kind of program which will make me  rich overnight, but it
probably will bring me a better  than average income within 2 to 3 months,
and it will bring me  repeat  customers which are extremely important in the
long term. I began this venture in early October, I've gained at least one
client each day for the past 3 weeks.

In perspective one client per day on the huge internet seems small, but
actually to have a new person each day show an interest in something I'm
doing is a very big step!

Kathleen VanBeekom

Anyone who wants more information can contact me at
I'm here, I try, I reply.

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Tom Falco
Subject: Getting into long term e-commerce contract

In response to Jeff Irwin's comments in last issue of the newsletter
Subject: Getting into long term e-commerce contract

Even if you were listed with yahoo and all the top search engines, do you
honestly think you would be anywhere near the top? These ecommerce
businesses are scams. You need to start your own business. Sell your own
product or service and go that way. You can't just sign up with some idiot
and expect them to make you rich.

You need to expand on your favorite hobby or a business you always thought
you would like to get into. Start with one product or so, don't do it all at

You must. This is important: you must place your own pages on the search
engines yourself. This is a priority. Do not rely on services to do it for
you. A good place to do this and get it done right is: You can go from one search engine to another and
put each one of your pages on the correct sites.

One very important thing would be to get rid of your address. That
is pretty amateurish. Get a pop-up account and a signature. It is pretty

Hope this helps!

Tom Falco

Are you still paying retail?
$ave up to 50% at our eCatalog today!

Note from Moderator.

This here is feedback which I have received yesterday from one of the
readers who followed my suggestions regarding  e-commerce site

From: Cajun Computers <>

Hello Bogdan
Thanks for the info on the credit cards.
I contacted them and everything went great.
The best thing is no long term contract to sign.
They were very nice and helpful people to talk to.
Cajun Computers

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Delores Glenn <>
Subject: How to promote my site with adlandpro without spending tons of

I have been in business making blessed oils & herbs at home for over years.
I started out giving these products for free to help others.  I was told by my
customers to go on the internet so others could be helped. I started my site
at and have received many orders.  How do
I further promote my site so others can be helped.  This is a home based
business. I have been using free ads and the results are good. I have other
sites also but this one site I am promoting more.  Tell me how to promote my
site with adlandpro without spending tons of money for something that will
not work at all.  I am sceptical about all these webmasters asking for money
and may not promote my site.

Note from Moderator.

I guess that every business owner would be happy answering question like
this. Right?

Dear Delores,

First thing which I want to point out, is website address which you provided
in your message. You just lost number of potential visitors to your site
because your url is invalid.

You can advertise on  AdlandPro even for free if you give me something in
return. You can even get paid when you  get into association with AdlandPro.
By becoming an AdlandPro affiliate, you get about  8 straight benefits which
are listed on that page.

To see example of results some affiliate are getting from this type of
exchange see this statistics page of one of the affiliates.

This affiliate, received from me  15,000 hits during  period of over one
year and earned at the same time  close to $5000.
When I say hits, I mean actual visits to his site.

You should know that AdlandPro received in last year 10,800 hits from all
search engines combined and on some of them, Adlandpro shows as
top results for keywords like "free classifieds"

You can contact Frank Banker" <> to ask about
results from being AdlandPro affiliate. He wrote the testimonial which
you can find in the section  "Word From the  Editor".

Another very effective way is advertising in this newsletter.
There is 22,000 subscribers on the list right now, and any of them can
be interested in health products, provided you offer more than
vitamins which are being promoted by thousands or tens of thousands
of other  health products resellers.
See for details here.

You need to submit your website address to search engines.
We have free top 8 submitter which you can access here.
If you would like to ensure that your link is resubmitted
on monthly bases to  20,000 search engines and
classifieds, you can check this link.

Another very effective way of advertising is purchasing of
banner and text ad spots. Info here.

I suggest that you first examine sorted list of
ads advertised and their results from best to worst to see
what works on our site and what not.
You will see that health products don't belong to the top
ads on our site, but knowing what works best, might give
you ideas how to take advantage of our site.


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======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Dmitry Kluchnev  <>
Subject: Helpful site

Hello Bogdan, hello Adlanders!

I found a very good site which helps to fix problems with your web
site. It counts wrong links.
I already fixed some problems using it.

Dmitry Kluchnev

Service Manager

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
>From Rick
Subject: AD Software Info Needed

As an Adland affiliate, I already know about FFA's, so please don't
re-educate me on them. I'm about to get a new PC so I can start full blast
on some online projects. I am curious about which AD SOFTWARE is best. I'd
like to post ad's to the free classified sites that aren't FFA's. Does
anyone know of any good SOFTWARE. Not too costly dollarwise or RAM-wise?


========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: Lloyd Sewell

Hi Bogdan,

I have developed a web site devoted to providing simple, easy to understand,
well focused business development resources and services for small firms,
would it be possible to get my site reviewed by you?

The site address is

Very best regards

Centre for Business Excellence Ltd (UK)

Very best regards

Lloyd Sewell

========================Site Review Request(2)=========================
From: "Alan A. Rowbotham" <>


Would you please put my site on your review list:



========================Site Review Request(3)=========================
From: "The Kirby's" <>

hello- I was wondering if you could have the other members review my site
please. Thank you

I love you newsletter- it is very helpful and I always check out your
sponsors :-)

God Bless,
Eve and David Kirby

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International Corp looking for motivated people to help expansion. Presently
in 49 countries. FULL TRAINING & VACATIONS. FREE E-book. Bilinguals and
webmasters needed. Excellent business opportunity with high residual income
plan. Visit for FREE info.

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e =====================
Do you know who is snooping around your computer
right now?
by Joe Reinbold

How secure is your computer? Most of us have virus protection
and probably feel pretty safe. But how many know that there
can be many individuals out there who may be trying to snoop
(or actually snooping) around your hard disk all day long?
I would venture that there are not many sitting at their
computer right now who have even thought about it!

High speed access to the Internet, i.e. DSL, cable and a
couple of others have opened the doors to our work areas.
I had even recorded attacks on my computer when I was using
a local dial up service. The high speed access capability
is great, I know that from personal experience. But it does
open you up to extra risks since your Internet connection
is probably open all day, even when you are not using it.

Intrusions on the Internet are common because hackers do
frequent scans looking for systems they can break into. A
typical hacker may scan thousands. He or she isn't targeting
you personally. In the hour preceding the writing of this article
I had three attacks on my computer through my cable hook-up.
Two were hackers probing to see if they could get in and the
other was a hacker checking to see if I had a specific Trojan
program that might have compromised my system so that they
could get in. This is a regular daily occurrence. Luckily my
system has a software (firewall) program that detects and stops
any attacks. It also logs in the attacks so that I can see what
they were. The program is called Black Ice Defender,  and cost me about $40. It was
well worth the price. There are a number of programs out there
and one that seems to be generally recommended along with
Black Ice Defender is ZoneAlarm
which happens to be free (free for personal and non-profit use).

A while back I had read several articles in PC Magazine about
these risks and that was what made me get a copy of Black
Ice. By the way it is easy to install and use. I don't know about
ZoneAlarm but from my readings it appears it is also fairly
simple. One of the ezines I subscribe to recently had a short
article about a site called "Shields UP!" where you could go
to check your computer security for free. If you are interested
go to:

These tests are for Windows systems. There will be two
buttons, "Test My Shields" and Probe My Ports". These tests
take a couple of minutes each and they will give you a full report.
When I was finished, I felt pretty good for the moment since
they couldn't get into my machine. In fact they evaluated it as
"appearing that my computer didn't even exist".

You can sit there and say that you are only a little guy or gal,
who would even try? Well that may be so, but on the other hand,
do you know exactly what you have saved on your computer -
credit card numbers, account numbers, personal information...?
You would be amazed at the number of files that are saved on
your machine by windows and other programs that you aren't
even aware of.

I have had to change credit card accounts twice in the last year
due to some large well known companies who's systems were
attacked and credit card files were compromised. So it can
happen, even to the big guys. The software is out there to help
you, it can be free or relatively inexpensive. Why not feel a little
more secure?
Article by Joe Reinbold, Publisher of Home Income Quarterly
E-dition, a free weekly on line marketing newsletter. To
subscribe just  Or visit
The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link where you will find
the solutions to your home business needs at:

======================Joke of the Day=====================

Two older women, Judi and Monika, who were rivals in a
social circle met at a party.

"My dear," said Monika,  "Are those real pearls?"

"They are," replied Judi.

"Of course the only way I could tell would be for me to bite
them," smiled Lady Monika.

Judi responded "Yes, but for that you would need real teeth."


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