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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (1)
1. Tom Falco
~ and affiliate programs

N e w     P o s t s   (3)
1. Tom Johnson
~ I have now been accused of spamming .

2. Keith Mander
~ Which advertising methods are best?

3. April Heffner
~ Advertising

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)

Beyond AIDA - Writing killer ads that get responses!
Robin Porter

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  172   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


It seems that even after several years of  marketing and building
of internet business, we can get surprised with  unexpected results
from approach we would think should go one way but it goes another.
Several months ago I've read article by Mike Enlow in which
he  describes how he tried to offer $100 to everybody who
would respond to the letter he wrote. And guess what, nobody
would respond.

I tried to use somewhat different approach to promote our
new site but with very similar results like
Mike Enlow's $100 free offer.

I offered initial $1000 draw to those who would join
Freebonanza associate program.

For about one week of this offer, I got handful of subscribers,
who might have joined this program anyway.

I changed the approach after a week and offered 1 month
of free advertising. Guess what?
The ratio of subscribers went up by about 2000%.

Even not knowing what one month of advertising would be
worth, most people took the time to fill out the application form.
Being able to win  $1000, doesn't seem to be  as appealing.
The difference here is that everybody is more happy with
a little bit of something but with larger likelihood of getting it as
opposed to winning larger prize but with less  probability.

By the way, I still offer one month of free advertising
if you join Freebonanza associate program.

The condition is that associate link has to be placed
on your site after sign up.


If you are starting your business or are just looking for additional
resources how to   expend it, you might need to visit entrepreneurs
section at
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financing,  home business, rural enterprise and much more.


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This course will help you with building your internet
presence. It will help you with utilizing available
internet resources and will point you to other
tools and sites which will offer you further assistance.
This course is highly recommended for anybody who
promotes affiliate programs and  who would like
to run  affiliate program on its own.

I encourage all of Adlandpro affiliates to sign up for this 5 part
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Newest addition to

Business which will  help you with tuning your site.
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resolutions. You can find broken links on your site
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Tom Falco
Subject: and affiliate programs

By Tom Falco

In response to Melanie Kozik and her love affair with

First of all, is nowhere near the top of the
search engines. And everything I stated in my column
happened to me. It was personal experience, I did not
mean to mislead anyone.

We are listed on for free.

They accept listings for free and we are close to the
top on all categories, right under the people paying.

Another thing, I run a highly successful website called
We sell custom printed items, pens, post-it notes,
biz cards, labels, etc.

I take umbrage with the fact that Melanie feels fit
to put down my site for not making sales, when the
complete opposite is true.

We do not have a problem getting on-line orders. We
actually had to add staff in order to get things out by
deadline. We are moving our whole printing operation
to a 100,000 square foot facility next year, due to our
overwhelming success on the internet.

My observations about GoTo. com were based on facts.
When we looked at our statistics, we noticed all click
throughs were in one short span, almost within minutes
of each other!

We would put our listing up at 3:00 pm and by 4:00 pm they
were depleted. Now please, even isn't that good!

As for search words "sentences." I just wrote a long article
on that in our marketing ezine, The eZine.
I am well aware of how to get to the top of the search engines.
We are at the top of most. That is why we now publish a
bi-weekly eZine to help share the secrets to webmasters.

I hope this all doesn't sound too harsh. But I have had this
problem with over the years. It was not a one-time
instance. I was just stating my opinion on the subject.

I feel that if you know how, you can actually get to the top
of the search engines that count, i.e. Yahoo, AOL, Google,
Alta Vista, etc. The ones people actually use!

I find that my subscribers get a lot out my knowledge.
And I find that our printing customers are most pleased.
They keep coming back for more!

Tom Falco is publisher of a highly popular marketing
& promotion ezine.  All Adland members are invited to subscribe.
To subscribe,

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Tom Johnson" <>
Subject: I have now been accused of spamming .

I have now been accused of spamming because I am sending emails out to
the various lists that I have subscribed to. Some people are on my personal
But only people who have at one time or another sent me an email.
Or subscribed. They seem to have forgotten that they first sent me an email.
They are, in my opinion,very unhappy people. The server that they
complained to has not told me who they are so I can remove them
from my personal list.
Hey, they could be on a subscribed list and I cannot remove them.
They have to remove themselves from the list they are on.
(Got one this morning that is on another subscribed list that I sent to.
 I cannot remove this person from another person's list.)

Every piece of mail I send out, I tell them how to remove themselves from my
list. Do they follow this? Apparently not.

I have a joke letter called ChuckelsNoSmut. The jokes on this list will be
jokes one can tell in church. Jokes do not have to be vulgar to be funny.

"People can join my list by sending a blank email to
They can remove themselves by sending a blank email to
They can send jokes for consideration to
They can subscribe by sending a blank email to
They can unsubscribe by sending a blank email to
They can send jokes for consideration to

Or they can write me directly. I do not want anyone on my list that does
not want to be on it. My only goal is to make people laugh or at least

I do not know what else to do. My list is several thousand and I have no way
of  finding who wants off unless they tell me.

 Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Keith Mander <>
Subject: Which advertising methods are best?

This is my first to this ezine. I work for the AdPlacing company and I am
hoping that this list will be able to give advice as to which advertising
methods are best. Would anyone like to suggest some ideas?

Keith Mander

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: April Heffner
Subject: Advertising?

Hello there!
I have an online Gift Shop catalog.
I am an internet marketing newbie and I feel so overwhelmed by the
onslaught of "marketing offers" I receive. I know that the majority of
them are rip-offs yet advertising is a must if I am to succeed.

That is why I was happy to receive the Adland's Digest Discussion List.
I now feel a little more encouraged. I am still confused by so many
different ways to advertise, even at AdlandPro. I am hoping you can
suggest what I can do next. Please keep in mind that I have a VERY small
budget. I am willing to do the work that is necessary.

Thank you so much for your help.
April Heffner,

Note from Moderator.

Hello April,

There is no  one single solutions for all kinds of
situations. Advertising can be very tricky if you
don't know how to use it and it might feel like
rip-offs if you are not using it in most effective

My first advice always is to advertise in e-zines
which pertain to your market.

E-zines are usually opt-in list  which subscribers
willingly  joined and are happy to receive them.

They are receiving information related to topics
they like.

My favourite place to find  e-zines to advertise in, is this.

You can search by keywords and will find information
regarding subscription base and type of the eziens.
Prices for advertising and options.

Recently I teamed up with YourIcc to provide all
kinds of advertising options.
You will see the offer at the top of current Adland Digest.
They are offering Pay Per Sale option.
You only pay when you sell.

Of course we have advertising options at Adlandpro,
but for your type of business I would only suggest
submission to search engines as banner advertising
won't work on our site for you.
Check this page for our advertising options.

Also try to start your own mailing list.
Although this is slow process, it will pay off in the long run.
See here for  places where you can start your own
newsletter or discussion group.

and of course request  5 Day FREE  AdlandPro Success Course to get other
info regarding business in general.
Send blank email to


Bogdan Fiedur

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e =====================
Beyond AIDA - Writing killer ads that get responses!
Robin Porter

If you've got an online venture of any kind, at some point you'll
probably need to write some kind of advert. Be it a classified
ad , ezine ad, banner ad , the age-old problem of ensuring you
get a good response remains.

You may have heard of the advertising formula AIDA: Attention,
Interest, Desire & Action.
Universally known, but on it's own, not enough. In the Internet
World, where people are bombarded with information and offers
on a daily basis, we  must go beyond AIDA in order to get results.

If you are unfamiliar or a little rusty, AIDA comprises the four
things your advert must arouse in the reader. First grab his
attention, to stop him passing over your ad. Next, arouse his
interest so he reads on. Thirdly, arouse his desire,  that unstoppable
inner force and you're virtually there. And finally, prompt him
to take immediate action and you've got yourself a killer ad.
Easy eh?. Easier said than done, I hear you say.

The first step is to know your audience, for each  particular
medium where you are going advertise. This will play a large
part in dictating how you write the ad. For instance, your  products
might appeal to both existing business people and people who
wish to start a new business. Therefore you could advertise in
Business Opportunity ezines and Marketing ezines. However, using
the same ad would be wasteful. Therefore, you should  tailor
the wording of each ad to match the particular market -know what
the reader is likely to be looking for, and appeal to that desire.

Next, know what you are trying to achieve. Is it a click through
to your website, a telephone call, or email to an autoresponder.
Be clear about your objective. There's no use in trying to sell
a product from an ad when you've got a website - just stimulate
enough curiosity and interest to get the prospect to your site,
where you've got more space to really sell.

List out the benefits of your product, as opposed to it's features.
What will it help the reader achieve? Match  those benefits to
the likely desire of the reader, as earlier discussed. Remember,
a businessperson will have different needs to a new opportunity

Your attention-grabbing headline can then be your biggest benefit,
or a teaser to it. Make it intriguing, so it stops the reader,
but don't make it unbelievable. It should feed nicely into the
main body of your ad, where you can capitalize on the interest
and arouse that desire.

Pack in some benefits, and convey them to your reader in emotional
words so that it really sizzles. Inject enthusiasm into your
writing - it's infectious. Flat adverts are a no no. Create an
air of mystery to ensure they are intrigued to click through.

Be specific if you can, as it's far more believable. Instead
of .."this product will make you more money" how about "...increase
your income by 250%".

Once the desire has been aroused, motivate the reader to take
action. Tell him to click through to your site, rather than just
leaving your URL and expecting him to work it out. Give him an
incentive to do it now, through the offer being time limited,
limited product availability. The use of a stunning offer is
a good technique, especially as the word "Free" has had it's
impact diluted through overuse. If you're giving away something
free, state it's perceived value e.g. "Free Widget worth $49.99
- limited stocks!"

If you're not confident about writing ads, scan through the classified
ad sites and ezines  and set up a clippings file. Keep a copy
of ads that stop you and create interest. Go through and analyse
them to discover the common features that make them hot.

Good ad writing is an ongoing process so make sure you learn
what is working by tracking your ads to measure the responses.
You can use software or a question mark followed by a code in
your URL e.g. the
.This will show up in most statistics packages.

As with most things practice makes perfect. So scribble away
as many versions as you can, pick the best ones and test, test,
test. Good luck!

Robin Porter

Get crazy traffic and sell, sell, sell! We show you how. Discover
the next *hot* info product - and how to make mega-money from
it. Visit
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======================Joke of the Day=====================

Little Johnny was eating breakfast one morning and got to
thinking about things. "Mommy, mommy, why has daddy got
so few hairs on his head?" he asked his mother.

"He thinks a lot," replied his mother, pleased with herself for
coming up with a good answer to her husband's baldness.

Or she was until Johnny thought for a second and asked, "So
why do you have so much hair?"

Let's hear from you......

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