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Sponsor Info:                     AdPlan
Response to T. Hartman  Charles Smith <>
                                            Alan Van Hook <>
Tracking Ads                     "AdTrax Software"<>
New Site                            <>
Confused on  offers..      <>
Web TV                    (WILL WARD)
Webtv unit users                    
                                                 (Arthur   St. Thomas)
Search engine resource      "J. H. White" <>
Site Help Response             Patrick Carlow <>
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Subject:          Response to a post of Theresa Hartman
From:             <>

<Has anyone been successful out there with two
unrelated businesses?  I design decorator plates from people's
personal photos, and I am an Herbalife distributor (lost a lot of
weight - a matter of health!).  I had been advertising my plates with
little success on the internet (probably didn't give it enough time),
and am starting to advertise the Herbalife, too. Are people going to
question my credibility, if I let them know about both?>

Hi Theresa,

Just from my own experience of dealing with 2 completely different
businesses, I would recommend that you keep them separate.  Place
separate ads and keep your responses limited to what ad is being
responded to.  As far as having different screen names, that is up to
you.  Having separate names has the advantage of being able to sort
which business you are advertising on which name, thus making your
response to potential customers easier to keep track of.  Hope this

Charles D. Smith
Subject:          Response to Theresa Hartman
From:             <>

hello theresa,
I run two businesses out of my home I paint and airbrush jackets
shirts all apperal in general also cars plus my real business is
mail order out of the home I also do model kits for people or aliens
and I am very happy with what I have been able to do. if you have
anymore questions let me know I can get a little more into this issue.
" for a free catalog let me know.
Subject:          Tracking Ads
From:             "AdTrax Software" <>

I am curious to find out how people are tracking their ads.  I wrote a
program to help individuals track their ads (classified or internet).
For more info visit and please drop me
an e-mail at and let me know you keep track of your

Great job AdLand!
Pete Sral
Subject:          New Site
From:             <>

I have a new site that I just got of the ground and I would appreciate
any help or advice anyone has for it. It's called the WiLd & CrAzY
Site and I just want it to be a site people can go to to relax and
have a good laugh. It's at If anyone would go
there and give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

Scott Aniol
You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get
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at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]
Subject:          Confussed on all these offers on the net! ! !
From:             <>

Hello Everybody;

What really amazes me is that there are so many programs out there for
home-based business. But yet I keep getting a lot of mail for the same
programs. I have tried several of them and none of them have made me
any money. I know that there are some good programs out there that can
make you some money. I don't want to be rich. I, just like everybody
else would just like to make some money to pay some bills. I've been
trying to work on the internet for about six months now and I've only
made, (now nobody laugh please) But I've only made a measly $10 bucks.
Thats sick. How am I suppose to pay bills off with that. I'm just more
in debt. If there is someone out there that has that great program
(the one without all the lies) then feel free to tell me about it. Now
I hope I don't get a box full of mail with no good programs. Just the
ones that can really truly make someone some money. Thanks for
listening to me and I sure hope that you post this. Thanks again,


(Moderators .02) The question should not be, "How much money will
this make for me", but rather is this something that I like, can use,
can commit to and be able to tell others. If you can meet those
criteria in any choice you make, you will make money.
You also must make a commitment of yourself. Set goals to reach on a
specific time table.
Doing this will not permit you to drop when the first obstacle pops
up. They always do and always will. There is nothing automatic, no
matter what some will tell you. Overnight success usually took
many moons of prep work.
Subject:          Webtv
From:    (WILL WARD)

To begin with Webtv is not a computer or any relation to a computer.
It was designed for one purpose only, and that is to give people
access to the internet.  We can not upload or download because we have
no hard drive.  We can receive e-mail ,send e-mail surf the net, build
web pages, advertise, & transfer funds electonically.  We can not play
games unless specifically programmed for webtv. We do have printer
capability, and hopefully in the near future some plugin capability.
We can save files.,as long as they are not too excessive.  We have
approximately 2 mb of ram. This means when our files get too full
response time is almost nonexistant.  Judging by all of this you can
see why webtv'rs ask for html code.  We have to. As to the META tags
we have received great help from several sources in the ADLAND'S
Digest. We think the digest is great.  We look forward to each issue.
We thank you for questions, concerns and answers.

Will & Lorene Ward

(Moderators' .02)
Thanks for the compliment, but all the good words really belong to
all of you. You make it work and a success, I just organize it.
Thanks for the great post though.  If  I understand you correctly, if
you want to compose you are limited to memory. You would need to
upload, then continue to compose your site or pages. Did I understand
you correctly?
I really need to find someone who has a WebTV so I can see what they
are like. Obviously, you have a bigger screen but you are only able
to view at the size it was produced at, correct?
I for one would like much more enlightenment on this topic. Any other
interested members?
What do you think of its' future?
How should we spell it:  Webtv, WebTV  Web TV or another. Same debate
the Net  had on Web Site.
Subject:          Help for Webtv unit users
From:    (Arthur St. Thomas)

I've used computers for many years, as a matter of fact my system is
too old to connect to the internet, so I bought this Webtv plus unit,
just to see what the heck this internet was all about. WOW!! It's
I've been in the mail order business for over ten years now, and have
always done business by snail mail, and placing ads in magazines, and
have made a lot of money that way.
Since I've been on the web, I've placed many ads, paid and free,
without a great amount of success, but I'll get a handle on this soon!
I've also set up my own web site at freeyellow using html with my
webtv unit.
There is one problem I am having however, and I want to share it with
all you webtv unit users, because I've found a solution to it.
I have found, if I am setting up a web site or typing for any length
of time, my unit disengages itself.
In other words, when I finish and want to send the information to be
permanently place on the server's hard-drive, my unit won't send.
What this means is, if I have to shut off my unit, and re-boot it, I
will lose all my work.
If this happens to you with your webtv unit, here is what to do so
you don't lose your work.
As you know, the Webtv units are programmed to completely disconnect
from the internet if not in use for a set time.
The nice thing about this is you don't lose your place on the
internet or your work, it stays right where you have been working.
If you try and save your work, and your uit won't send it, sit back,
wait for your unit to completely disconnect from the internet, and
then hit the recommect button, which will re-boot your unit.
As soon as you are reconnected, hit your build or send button to
permenently record your information and it will work.
Subject:          Search engine resource
From:             "J. H. White" <>

As some excellent resources are beginning to appear on this list, I
would like to recommend Danny Sullivan Search Engine Watch at If there is another resource on the net
with more helpful, up-to-date info about the changing search engines,
I am not aware of it.

Savvy: Nuts-and-bolts guide for new Internet vendors. By-pass
trial and error methods, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and a
lot of money. JHWhite
Subject:          Re: Help with Site
From:             <>

Response to M Brauer <>

Melanie, I would love to give you some feedback on your site,
and I'm sure some of the other subscribers would as well.
However, you must give the URL of your site in order for us to visit
it first. Internet marketing lesson number one: Always include a
signature line in your email.  :)

Patrick Carlow
PatCar Publications Presents:
Free Home Based and Internet Business Resources...
Web Traffic and Promotion for the Online Entrepreneur!

(Moderators' .02 again.... Note everyone, great suggestion by Patrick
but also a great example.)
Let's hear from you......

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