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Topics in this issue:

         Sponsor Message
         Word from Publisher
         Success Story

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.In response to the spam issue.
~ IB
~ Tom Falco
~ Mike Hills
~ John Yarrow

2.Optin ad companies
~ Mike Hills
~ Vishal Rao

3. ?'s on web counters
~ Sheila Currie

4. Sending an invitation, is this spam?
~ Vishal Rao

N e w     P o s t s   (1)
1. Mike Hills
~ Notice to eZine owners.

Site Review Requests (1)

Site Review Response(1)
~ Tony Murtagh
~ Melody T Vargas

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
Why E-Books are More Powerful Than Advertising
by Jerome Chapman

Joke of the Day (1)

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  190 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I would like to talk a little bit about  Adland Digest Success Story
of the Year.

Some of the subscribers might remember last year voting for best
success story of the year. We had about 15 success stories and
then around this time of the year, I asked  all subscribers to visit
special page with links to all the  contributions and give their
vote. In general participation was relatively low for the size
of the newsletter.  This year I have decided to do it a little
bit differently. Starting after new year, I will be sending short
messages to everybody with link  to one of the success story
and there will be just one step to rate the success story
from 0 to 6.
I will send those messages for about three weeks period, till
all  success stories are reviewed.

I'm hoping that this will give better response in
terms of votes and  will create better value of this award for the
next year.
Let me know  if you don't think that this might be a good idea so
I can change the approach.

You can review this year's Adland Digest success stories here.




A few weeks ago I sent  a message regarding positions for  Freebonanza Guides.
We received about 30 applications and are getting ready to get these people
involved after finishing of  interface which will allow on updating of the
site from their homes.

We are very excited about this approach as this gives us greater potential
of  getting lots of new resources being added to the site
by people dedicated to specific area. This way our site will have
much more useful resources collected in shorter time.

I would like to know from those of you who are already working
as guides for different sites, what kinds of potential problems we
should be aware of. What would you advise us to implement
at the beginning in  order to encourage our guides to do better job
and make clear to them what their responsibilities are?
What kind of reward systems are used to  reward for
honest and proper reviews and listings?


=================Success Story=====================
From: "Armando Trevino"

"I Increased My Sales by OVER 2320 percent!!!!"
by A.T.Rendon
Copyright 2000
All Rights Reserved

I have been writing all my life.  And I have found
great pleasure doing an online business newsletter
since December of 1996.  But it has always been a
labor of love as I have never made a great deal of
money from the newsletter itself.

Until now. :-)

I discovered that I was indeed accomplishing exactly
what I wanted, to write and publish an online newsletter.

But all of us involved with online business want to
make money online.  And I was not making enough
to justify working 12 hours a day online, 6 days a week.

I had to step back for a moment and
examine what it was I was doing.

My newsletter is successful with over 6152 online
business oriented subscribers.  Many of my subscribers
have been with me since the very beginning, December 1996.

Every day I was dispensing wisdom and information on
how to take advantage of all the free online business
resources available to do a successful business online.

What I discovered was that I was not taking my own advise!

I made a MAJOR change to the newsletter this past October
by switching from a daily, Monday through Friday, format
to a weekly, Wednesday only, format.

This gave me the FREE time I would need to concentrate
on making my web site sell for me.

I still get to do what I love to do, write a newsletter on a subject
I truly enjoy, online business.  Yet, now I have the time to focus
on making money for myself, instead of just telling others how
to do it.

My wife loves the extra time I can spend with her also! :-)

Since making the following changes to my own web site, I
have increased my sales OVER 2320 percent!!!

And it is all on AUTO-PILOT.

If your goal is to "sell" something from your
web site to earn an income or extra cash but
you can not seem to get it coming in on a steady
basis, it is because your web site is set-up all wrong.

I know from experience because that was my problem.

Here are a few "Secrets" to make your web site
sell for you on a daily basis:

1.  Target Your Audience.

It is not enough to attract traffic to your web site.
The traffic that you do attract must be targeted
and focused to what you offer.

If what you have to offer visitors to your web
site is a business opportunity that 2 million
others are currently offering, an online business
person that has their own niche business will
find nothing of interest at your web site.

Your focus would thus be to attract people
that are interested in an online business

How can you improve your chances of
making an online sale?

Provide additional links to OTHER business
opportunities besides the main one you are
trying to sell.  If your visitor does not find
your main offer of interest, perhaps they will
be enticed by some other offer.

SECRET: Providing alternatives increases
your odds of making a sale.

A good place to look for alternative affiliate
programs to augment what you already sell
would be at the best third party affiliate program:

2.  Clean Up Your Web Page.

It DOES make a difference to insure that your
web page is spelled correctly, has a clean look
to it, does not use graphics just to use graphics,
has an easy to follow navigation system, and
has your contact info in several visual places.

Good spelling and a clean look give your web
site a professional appearance.

Few graphics give your web site FASTER download.

Easy navigation makes the visit pleasant.

And your contact information gives people confidence
in doing business with someone that does not HIDE
their identity or address from the world.

3.  Always Be To The Point.

How many times have you followed a link because
of a compelling ad only to find that what was
advertised is nowhere to be found?

Talk about frustrating for the visitor!

That happens even on the big corporate web sites
and it is a MAJOR MISTAKE.

Place the item you feature in your ads in the first
visual part of your web page so your visitor spots
it immediately.

4.  Place Your Item For Sale On The First Page.

DO NOT make your visitor click through several
web pages to finally find what it is that you want
them to buy, because by then they will have already
left your web site for some other to visit.

Studies show that the average web site visitor will
ONLY VIEW 3 web pages before leaving!

Put what you are selling on the front web page and
let them navigate deeper into your web site for any
free resources or information that you are offering.

5.  Provide An Easy Payment Method.

If all you do is rep for others, you will not need a
merchant account.  But if you sell your own product
or service, you MUST offer an easy to use payment

Not everyone can afford their own merchant account
and all the features needed to provide the payment
system, like a shopping cart, secure socket layer,
encryption software, secure server, etc.

An economical alternative is to use a service like
PayPal, that now offers transfers of money on a
global scale and their service is inexpensive:

Another great alternative is ClickBank.  They accept
a wider selection of credit cards and debit cards and
their sign-up fee is only $49.

When your customer clicks on your order page it wisks
them off to ClickBank to place the order and when they
are finished, it brings them back to your "Thank You"
web page:

Follow these few basic rules and your web page will
start to bring you in a steady, daily income that will
fill up your bank account fast!

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: JB
Subject:In response to spam issue.

Hello, All . . .

Several weeks ago, someone mentioned CAVE's . . . Citizens Against Virtually
Everything . . . great line!!!

The Net is the one last bastion of free discourse and wild opportunity.  It
is truly, if one understands the American experiment, the last true frontier
of freedom, where the "six-shooter" keyboard and the "flying mane of the
great steed of opinion" rides free of damnable governmental influence and

I would rather suffer fools and spam, than I would the usual stifling result
of bureaucrats in the state capital or DC telling us how to use this last
free expression of thought (Carnivore be damned to the hottest parts of
hell!), or self-appointed "Net-sheriffs"---who try to tell everyone else how
to obey their opinion.  As Charlie Brown would say: "Bleah!"

Are we not, web entrepreneurs all (I would hope "entrepreneur" applies to
all), simply tired of rules and regulations coming from those who either
represent the usual intimidation of the government, or the intrusiveness of
the incessantly whining rubes who need something to complain about?  And
believe me, were it not "spam"--they would gripe to no end about some other
imagined offense perpetrated against them!

To you so-called "anti spammers" . . . get a life.  Downloading takes almost
no time anymore, and as one insightful reader put it, the filters available
nowadays make whining about spam, just that . . . whining.

Keep the government, and whiny folks, from taking over the last forum of
free expression left in the world.

I welcome "spam"---if doing so means keeping the government and gripers out
of my face.

For the astute of memory, I previously remarked that I do not "spam."  But I
would rather receive spam, than endure either governmental or worse, the
so-called online righteous' indignation and punishment of those who need a
life transplant.

It's "Get a life" time.  Seriously.  Griping about "spam" indicates you have
seriously misplaced both the reality, and priorities in your life . . . and
. . . that your server is gouging you.

Watch the "Soaps" on the lobotomy box (TV) instead.  Leave the net to live
and breathe without anymore regulations, please!



==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Tom Falco
Subject:In response to spam issue.

by Tom Falco

I have a question. What about articles submitted
for "review"? Is this considered spam?

We receive articles submitted to our
many ezines and we do review legit articles, but
some companies send "articles" in every single one
of our pop up email accounts for "review." Now if this
isn't spamming, I don't know what is.

I phoned one guy and asked why he was doing this.
I explained how it made him look like an amateur and
that he would never receive results by spamming.

He told me he bought thousands of "opt-in" names
from someone. The guy  he bought from obviously scanned
lists on search engines, ezines, etc. He illegally harvested
every email address that was posted on websites, and he
resold this crap as "opt-in." As if anyone would want to
receive ads and sign up for that!

So I told this guy who bought the list, "Well, you sent
us 25 emails at all of our accounts. We are not buying
from you, so there go 25 of your carefully collected "opt-in"
addresses. (I think he paid 30 cents per address).

Anyway, I had a nice talk with this guy and it ended up with
him actually buying advertising for his business in our ezines!
He asked me to advertise. I didn't ask him.

This is one instance, where the spammer does not have a clue.
This poor guy was taken in by these crooks who sell any email
address they come across. Being new, he had no idea what
he was doing or what he was buying.

So now I feel a little different about spammers.

I pity them.

What else can you do? These poor souls are being taken left
and right by crooks who prey on the newbies.

I don't think we will ever get rid of spam. But maybe once in
awhile, if you are able to reach the spammers, you can talk to them
intelligently about what they are doing. I am sure I changed the
ways of this one guy. I think he now feels better having been
shown the correct way to promote his site, where he can actually
reach prospects without totally annoying and alienating them.

Tom Falco publishes a FREE Marketing & Promotion Newsletter
"Learn to promote your website from the pros!"
Learn the secrets of the search engines.
To subscribe go to:


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Mike Hills
Subject:In response to spam issue.


Just read this weeks postings on the Spamming Issue.

The trouble with Spammers is they ALWAYS give a dump e mail address. So if
you do reply to them about their spamming tactics. The e mail is bounced

You then have the choice do you report the sending Address to the mail
company or do you just delete that bounced e mail.

If you tell the e mail company about the spamming, and they delete the
account, so what, the spammer already has 5 other false e mail accounts that
he is already using. And lets face it e mail accounts are two a penny. If
you can't pick up a new FREE e mail account with in two minutes of reading
this posting, You obviously don't know your way around the internet.

I still think that the way forward is education. I read the posting by Noel
Hynes  and though the idea was good, until I remembered most spammers have
set up that e mail account just for that one time. By the time you have a
court hearing, it's too late and doesn't matter. the spammer wasn't going to
use it again anyway.

My sites encourage spammers to me because of their addresses and I get about 50 spamming
e mails a day ( what a pain eh). I usually write back saying,

" Please don't spam me, just go to and post your
FREE ad on my site. We Only join programs that are posted there "

For your Information please read the following articles on spamming

If the e mail is bounced back. I then send a e mail to the mail company at
abuse@*************.com. If that is bounced back. I try
info@****************.com and support@****************.com ( They always
work) saying that I had tried abuse@***********.com but they didn't have an
address for abuse.

Spamming is the same as junk mail. You gotta put up with it. You have the
choice to read it, delete it or report it. ( I do all three plus try and
educate them )

Just remember as with junk mail. Sometimes there IS that bit of information
you want.

Thanks & Regards

Mike Hills



==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From:John Yarrow
Subject:In response to spam issue.

Thanks for your response Bill.  I think there are those of us that are
overly concerned with this issue as Bill  thinks I am.
However we all seem to be saying the same thing 1.We should help educate
those that do not understand what spam is and agree on a definition.

Most of us will agree that one type of  spam is commercial e-mail sent to a
group or list that did not ask or do not want to receive such mail.
The newbies and innocents are easy to spot because they are innocent and
are not trying to hide there identity.  Education is the answer here and I
my part by  responding  to a few amateur spamms every week. I try
to inform them of the possible perils of there actions.  If it continues I
then filter them out, I have about 2023 incoming filtered e-mail
addresses currently and am adding new ones on all the time.

I think Bill and the rest of us can agree.  The person creating a false
header and sending responses to an 800 number with no good return address
or removal option that works is way beyond being an innocent.  That is all
I was saying Bill.  In addition those that pray on the new people trying to
a living by selling them list of supposed opportunity seekers are the ones
should be shot down not people that make innocent mistakes..

I would like to ask Bill a question about one statement he makes.  "Eudora,
Outlook, Outlook Express and many of the Web based mail servers have
You can set up a set of filters that will block ALL mail sent from addresses
not in
your address list.".  I have been on-line sense all there were was bbs's and
I am
aware and use filters extensively.  I have not found a way to advertise and
a web site on the internet without accepting e-mail. If you do not know who
is going to send you the e-mail how do you include them in your address book
so they get by the filter.  It is like having a store on a main street and
saying you
need a special club card to get inside, however to get the club card you
need to come in the store.

I would love anybody's comments on how I can get the mail filter system of
any sort that can determine what is spam and what is not.  When I get an
e-mail with
"question about your site" in the subject box I must look or take the chance
of missing a real question by a real person visiting my site.

It is not commerce I am against and I think allot of us feel the same.  Can
see the writing on the wall?  If we do not control ourselves in this issue
laws will be enacted to stop and control it, that is what most of us do not
want and
is why we act with a sense of urgency in this matter.

Thank you Bill and the rest of the addlanders for there comments on this
issue, I have found it most stimulating and informative.
And thank you Bogdan for a great newsletter.

John Yarrow

John Yarrow

Please direct all e-mail to
Thank You!


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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Mike Hills
Subject: Optin ad companies

Patrick Ikejian wrote in issue #211

>Can somebody help me with how to advertise by e-mail.
>Does anyone know of good Optin ad companies. please
>send me a reply. I would appreciate this.

Hi Patrick.

you can try two dollar ads at
or 2bucksanad at

What you get, is you ad in loads of eZines. Have a look

Thanks & Regards

Mike Hills



==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From: Vishal Rao
Subject: Optin ad companies

Hi Patrick,

You can read my article "Ezine Marketing Secrets" in which
I've explained how to advertise through ezines and the
pitfalls to avoid while marketing through them.

All the best!

Vishal Rao

FREE eBook: "How To Increase Your Website Sales Up To 1700%
In 17 Days Or Less!"


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Sheila Currie
Subject: ?'s on web counters

In issue #211 Jimmy Byas writes

>I tried to get a free web counter from and several tries and
>it did not work then just a link to their site I sent them messages but no
>answer,have any of you had this problem,where can I get a free counter ?


I researched and tested several site counters for a client a while back.
One of them was so good I am installing it on all of my sites.  It is
It features a small rainbow square you can use instead of a numerical
counter (unless that is what you want).  It gives a great amount of
statistics on your site visitors.  I particularly like being able to find
out how a visitor found my site and what keywords got them there.  I can
watch the results of my site optimization and see if a keyword combination
pulled me up in #1 or #30 position.  Good Luck hope this helps.

Sheila Currie

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: "Vishal Rao"
Subject: Sending an invitation, is this spam?

Hi Bruce,

If you address the e-mail with some personal information of
the recipient like his first name, website URL... then it's
not considered spam.

For example...

Hi John,

I just came across your website and I
really liked the design.

I was wondering if you would be interested in a joint
venture proposal...

You can use this service to get
the personal details of the website owners. Just enter the
URL of the website to retrieve details of the owner.

You can use this mail program for
sending personalized mails to recipients.

I feel this is the safest approach to mail those whom you
don't know personally.

>What is the best way to get referrals?

The best way to get referrals according to me is to give
away something free in return for their e-mail address. This
can be free ebooks, scripts, reports... You can find lot of
free ebooks at my website which you can give away for free.

Vishal Rao

FREE eBook: "How To Increase Your Website Sales Up To 1700%
In 17 Days Or Less!"


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
>From Mike Hills
Subject: Notice to eZine owners.


I wondered if you could put the following appeal out for me.
I am looking for eZines. I want to make a comprehensive list to be made
available for people running eZines.
Please get them to e mail me at giving me
their eZine Name, contact name and address, plus eZine subject matter. It
may take me a while to get back to people but I promise I will do.

Thanks & Regards

Mike Hills



=============Site Review Request(1)===============
From: "Renee Hess"

Hello from Renee,
I would like my site reviewed. I have been receiving the Adland Digest for
about 8 months now. Such great content and links!
My site has been up since March of 2000. I would like suggestions, creative
constructive criticism.
I have just added two new pages: Credit card acceptance and biztools.
Thank you,

Renee Hess

Winning Internet Services


=============Site Review Response(1)===============
From: Tony Murtagh

Hi Roy

I visited your site at and would make the
following comments.

First impressions were "what is this site for?"  There is no indication on
your home page so I clicked "enter" and went to your next page. I found the
type effect you use made the text very fuzzy and difficult to read. Still no
real indication of what the site does!

I assumed that it may be something to do with ezines so I clicked on one of
the fuzzy links

Wrong - I was led to links about UFO's - so I tried again - this time
something to do with dance music - so I tried a third link - this time
offering a web design service (after finding your main page difficult to
read, certainly not interested in that) - having checked out several other
equally diverse links I gave up. I still do not know what the theme of your
site is or who your targeted visitors are - do you?

I am not trying to be negative but I just cannot see how you are going to
promote such a diverse site. Personally I would take the various links pages
you have and promote them individually to their respective target markets.
For example, I am unable to see a common link between web design, UFO's, the
environment, and music.

At the very least, I would suggest you put some text on your contents page,
explaining to the casual visitor what is to be found on your site and what
your objectives are.

I hope you find the above comments constructive and I wish you every success
in your venture.

Tony Murtagh

publisher of the weekly marketing ezine, Aardvark Marketing & Development.
To subscribe


=============Site Review Response(2)===============
From: "Melody T Vargas

Hi Bogdan & Fellow AdLanders,

In issue #211, we continue to be bombarded by Going Platinum. Personally,
I would like to see this thread closed; I feel that it has run its course.

Also, Roy Hale asked for a site review of,
and I'd like to offer my comments:

Roy's graphics are nice, but the site is excruciatingly slow.  If I wasn't
doing a site review I would have abandoned it long before it finished
loading (and I am on a cable modem).

The splash page and the enter page both are entirely graphic, which is
difficult for search engines.  In addition, the graphics on the /enter page
are blurry and difficult to read, except for the Lost Haven one.  At this
point, after the first two pages, I really don't have a sense of what the
site is about.

-Reduce the number of graphics and add "alt" tags to the ones that remain.
-Get the page loading time down to less than 8 seconds on a 28.8 modem.

When finished let AdLander's know.  I'd be happy to finish the review once
the pages load in a reasonable amount of time.  Right now, I don't see how
anyone can explore the site without being utterly frustrated waiting more
than 20 seconds for each page load.  The concept may be great, but the
speed will drive people away.

Melody T Vargas
Success-Solution: Resources, tips and solutions for working at home.


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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e =====================
Why E-Books are More Powerful Than Advertising
---- by Jerome Chapman

As we all know, there are hundreds of ways that you can advertise
your online business.  With all the competition out there for
customers, it is important to try to offer something extra that will
make your business stand out from the rest.

These kinds of "value-added" incentives come in all sizes and
shapes:  entries into a contest or sweepstakes, extra merchandise,
travel incentives, and even cash rewards.  However, there is one
thing that you can offer to your customers that many people
overlook -- your own expertise.   What do I mean by this?

Well, many people who come to your online business will be
looking for ways to start their own enterprises (it's one of the

hottest topics on the web).  Since they have shown an interest in
YOUR site, you must have done something right!  Therefore, as an
incentive to your customers, you can show them how THEY can
have a compelling, successful business as well.

There are many ways you can pass along your knowledge to your
customers: newsletters, advice sections, or even personal
communication with your clients.  One of the best ways to share
your expertise with your customers, however, is to offer them free
e-books (electronic books).  These electronic books are easily
constructed and distributed through your web site, and offer many
distinct advantages.

First, e-books have a long reach. If your book is well-written
and/or especially entertaining or enlightening, then it will
probably be seen by more than one user for each download -- it
will be passed from one user to another. This means that
you will be reaching many secondary audiences that ordinarily
would not come in contact with you or your business.

Mark Joyner, CEO of, is credited to have started
the whole e-book marketing craze way back in 1995 with his
e-book titled, "Search Engine Tactics."  The e-book was the
first of this kind, was downloaded by over a million people, and
was instrumental in the success and high visibility Mark enjoys
today.  "Search Engine Tactics is still the only ebook ever to
get a 5-Star rating from ZDNet.

Offering an e-book to your customers will also build your own
credibility.  By sharing your knowledge, you are proving to your
customers that you have experience and expertise in that
subject area.  Most customers will realize that you are
"teaching them everything they know, but not everything YOU
know."  By proving your competence, you engender trust and
confidence in your customers.  This can be more powerful than
any advertising in the world.

So, if you are looking for a way to promote your online business,
while bolstering your own credibility, consider using e-books as
an incentive. They are inexpensive, compelling, and very powerful.

Author Jerome Chapman has proven his own credibility to his
clients through numerous successful businesses and some
of the most compelling e-books about marketing on the web.
To find out even more about how to make your business
profitable and efficient, visit his web site at .....
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======================Joke of the Day=====================

Three small boys were bragging about their fathers.  The first
boasted that his dad owned a farm.  The second said his dad
owned a factory.  The third boy, a pastors son, replied:
"That's nothin'.  My dad owns hell."

"No way," another boy scoffed.  "How can a man own hell?"

"Sure he can," the preacher's son said.  "My mom told my
grandma that them elders of our church gave it to him last

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