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Moderator's Comments
Small Business Adventures    "Sharon Evans" <>
Picking the right Business (Daniel Moe)
Those Confusing Offers!      <>
Signature line                          <>
Response to Theresa Hartman, Nancy Forbes <>
HELP on Market reach         Remy Francis <>
Spice is for Music??              Mauricio Rosas <>
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Moderator's Comments:
The last couple of issues had some terrific posts.  Lots of
interesting comments and great opportunities for others to contribute
by helping or adding their opinion. You are all making this Digest a
great success. We have about 1400 members now. When we started at the
end of May, we began with about 60 or 70. We now have an archive that
you can peruse to check on some of the earlier posts. Let's keep
those posts coming.

Subject:          Small Business Adventures
From:             "Sharon Evans" <>

Hi!  I have been in a business of some kind for over 15 years. Just
this past April I climbed out of my shell and into the world of
cbyerspace marketing.  Like most of you, I had heard all the hipe
about how big the net has grown and that in just 5 years commerce has
soared from zero to billions over night almost.  The key here is
almost overnight.  Many promoters are finding out it's not as easy as
you think to drive the masses to your site and expect instant rewards.
You are challenged with alot of folks that started in the beginning
who only use the net for research, jokes, and games.  This over night
thing just didn't happen million of hours fine tuning and pulling
together this wild animal is not as easy as you think.   You may not
realsie that you have entered a place where people have had it with
the "real world" of doing things and I see it as a way to display a
new way of doing things.
Take a look at this is a great example of the success that
can be earned and yes
even change a way a business is ran and marketed. They beat the giants
to it.  How?  He had a plan.  If you do not have a plan then your are
just wasting your time period.  Second know thy market.  I spent over
30,000 in the outside world to market a product that I was blinded by
and that means I just loved the product loved the unquiness and
thought it would just be my ticket to riches and fame.  WRONG!  If you
are in your business thinking you have the next widget that will blow
the socks off people you better take a step back.  The reason why a
new product makes it comes from a great marketing plan.  Do you have a
plan?   Things are moving to fast to keep wishing and hoping you have
a grand widget, you must put a plan together and this takes learning
by crusing the sites that seem like they are doing something right
then go back and see if you can use this info for your business.

For more small business help please e-mail me! 
Subject:          Picking the right Home Business
From:    (Daniel Moe)

I think the moderator said it perfectly in Digest #21. It's not       
picking the best program for your Home Business but something you
believe in and enjoy. I have several Home Businesses that work well
together. Maybe it is a mistake but I include them all on my web
site. I believe that each person has a different interest and what
one person thinks sounds great the next may not.
I have been involved in network marketing for more than two years
and I really enjoy it. You meet all kinds of interesting people
and I have even made some good friends. I may not ever get rich from
network marketing but let's face it most people don't get rich in any
kind of business. Find something you will enjoy and stick with it.
You will feel more successful if you enjoy what you are doing.

Sincerely,  Daniel Moe
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Subject:          Re:  All Those Confusing Offers!
From:             <>

Hello Everyone!  Just got done reading another great issue of this
digest, and will add my two cents again!   I have to say that I agree
with the Moderator's response to Sherryl's post (confusing offers on
the net) in that you need to << Set goals to reach on a  specific time
table.  Doing this will not permit you to drop when the first obstacle
pops  up. They always do and always will. There is nothing automatic,
no  matter what some will tell you. Overnight success usually took
many moons of prep work. >>

I am personally involved with several programs, some more profitable
to me than others, but it's also in how much dedication and time you
put into the program.  So many of these advertisements for work at
home programs indicate that you can sit at home and do virtually
nothing and the money just comes to you - thousands per week, for
doing nothing.  Like any business, it takes a lot of effort to get it
to the point where it is profitable.   There are so many people in the
MLM/Network Marketing business who give up if they don't immediately
see the money coming , but like the moderator indicated, "nothing is
automatic."  A successful business is a result of what efforts are put
into making the business work.

I think a few of the most important factors to succeed in a home-based
business (MLM or otherwise), is 1.) to find a program that is
different from the rest.  I don't know how many programs I received
information on that are for long distance carriers, diet or health
programs.  I'm sure they work, but the competition between the masses
of MLM companies can be very detrimental to someone looking to build a
quick downline - many programs out there are so alike that many MLMers
are competing against each other and no one ends up profiting.  2.)
Advertise, advertise, advertise!  Most of my time dedicated to my
business is for advertising whether it be in classifieds, banner
exchanges, etc.  3.) Take a hard look at the offers you receive.
Chances are that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and
is probably not worth investing any money in.  There are many programs
out there that have a one month trial that allow affiliates to really
"see" how the programs work, before they invest any amount of money
in.  Lastly, don't get discouraged. Even the best of the business
owners have setbacks.  Think of it as a time to re-evaluate the
program.  If you feel it is one that you CAN profit at, then set small
goals one at a time.  If you find no matter what you do you are not
profiting at all, then maybe that program is not the right one for

Keely Nowalk
Your Future Begins at
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Subject:          Signature line
From:             <>

Someone mentioned having a signature line. Could someone please give
some info on how to make one? I've been playing around with it & can't
get it to work. Have looked in help files & such & can't find any
info. Sorry if this is an inconvenience but i think this would help
many of us "newbies". Thanks!

Angela Mier
(Moderator's Comments) Welcome to the list Angela. We're glad you
have contributed and participated with your question. You do not need
to apologize for any of it, this is why we are all here.
Now, as I interpret your problem, it is not writing one, but finding
how to find the option that permits you to have it operate on auto in
your email program. Since we do not know which program you are using,
please send another post and I'm sure someone here is using the same
program and will be able to help you.
Subject:          Response to a post of Theresa Hartman
From:                Nancy Forbes <>

<Has anyone been successful out there with two
unrelated businesses?  I design decorator plates from people's
personal photos, and I am an Herbalife distributor (lost a lot of
weight - a matter of health!).  I had been advertising my plates with
little success on the internet (probably didn't give it enough time),
and am starting to advertise the Herbalife, too. Are people going to
question my credibility, if I let them know about both?>

Hi Theresa,
I do not think having 2 businesses is a problem. I have more than 2
businesses with different web sites for each of them. I keep
everything separate. I allot so much time for each business so I am
not running in circles. If you keep them separate with separate email
addresses and sparate url's, you will be able to judge how each
business is doing. Yahoo gives free email addresses. I use yahoo to
track my efforts in promoting my businesses. You can get as many email
addresses as you want. This is a great way to track classifed ads or
advertising in newsletters. This way you can judge your responses to
your specific ad. Balancing your time and staying organized are the
key to having multiple business. If you would like more information on
how to maintain separate web sites on line, please contact me.

Best Regards, Nancy Forbes
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Subject:          HELP: Adland-A Market reach for my services
From:             Remy Francis <>

Hi all!

I'm new to this list ....and 've jus' gone thru the ADLAND
Digest...T'was very interesting to see a lot of info which I've been
looking for.

To introduce I've been in the business of video-film production,
interactive presentations, film animation and design since 1989. A
pure designer/animator from 1994-97, am now performing a dual role as
Animator and Marketing Manager (video-film production, interactive
presentations, film animation and design) at my company.

This year I've started focussing on marketing my services abroad
(outside of India too). I have been trying to create a market reach
using the internet, but in vain.

I would appreciate any suggestions from all U adland pals.

Remy Francis
Goldwire Pictures Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai (Madras) India
Subject:          Spice is for Music??
From:             Mauricio Rosas <>

Hey folks,
In my on going search for exotic spices, I've come to learn that
"Spice" is a keyword that is used by many sites.  Seems that since one
of the "Spice Girls" (if you don't know they are a musical pop group)
has left the group there is a smear/spam contest as to how many people
put the word "Spice" as a keyword in thier webpages.  Those of us who
have "Spice" web-site now have a different kind of competition.  Think
of all the different trendy words that can be used in web-sites to
keep up with the POP trends.  I have real spices and have figured out
that if I put the name of the "Spice Girls" in my keywords I have more
interest in my "Spice & Condiment Site" -
Let's hear from you......

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