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Sponsor Info:                    AdPlan
Tracking Ads                   "AdTrax Software" <>
Netscape Question          Mike or Debbie <>
Signature file                    "talewins" <>
Thanks for Helping         Danielle Amory <>
Bulk emailing           (Lisa E)
Why should you offer FREE?? Mauricio Rosas <>
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Subject:          Tracking Ads
From:             "AdTrax Software" <>

I'd like to thank all those who responded to my last message. 
Unfortunately I did not get a big response regarding "How Do YOU track
your ads."  I used a binder and sheet of paper.  Anytime I would place
an ad I would write down the information and put it in this binder.
The only problem is... when I got to 5,6,7.. 10 ads I was as wits end
knowing cummulative information.  Being a programmer I started on
AdTrax and finally have a product that I can say "will help your ad
tracking."  My questions are: what do you want to know AFTER you have
placed an ad.  For myself... I want to know how many responses I had,
how much money has come in... HOW MUCH MONEY DID I LOSE of GAIN?  What
I am looking for are some suggestions, light bulbs, EXPERIENCED
advertisers with some feed back.  I am not trying to sell you
AdTrax... I am trying to make it better.  To make it better I would
love to have your experiences with advertising.  If you were going to
invest in a program what would YOU want in it?  If you were going to
write your own Ad Tracking program what would you want it do?

Once again... I like to thank all those that came by and visited and
drop me a quick e-mail.  I checked out a lot of sites and one thing I
saw was a lot of people putting some hard work into what they believe.

Pete Sral

P.S. pardon for any spelling mistakes... remember programmers make up
their own words and sentences :-)
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Subject:          Netscape Question
From:             Mike or Debbie <>

Hello Adland Digest Members!  I am new to the list.  I have
enjoyed it a great deal since I started.  My name is Debbie,
I am the owner of Ducker Signs plus and webmaster of the
Ducker Signs plus website.   I have a question
concerning Netscape 4.05.  I have had trouble with it ever
since I downloaded it.  It will go along fine, until I read
my mail a few times and then, all of the sudden I can't
click on any links nor can I copy and paste anything. Then,
when I shut it down, it is not really shut down. You know
how you can tell because if it is shut down, when you reopen
it you have to select a user profile. The only thing that
helps is to restart the computer. Major hassle when you are
trying to work! I would appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance,
Subject:          signature file
From:              "talewins" <>

There is a free page with detailed instructions on creating, and using
a signature file, along with many other free goodies of use to anyone
marketing on the web.  The address is If your marketing needs are more
advanced drop me a line with specific questions and let me know if I
can use your question in my next book.  Thanks.

              Earl H. Roberts
writing under the name of Lin Stone
Subject:          Signature flie
From:             <>

This is in response to post concerning a signature
Here is an article I wrote in my free newsletter concerning this.
Thought it might be of interest to other newbies. Thanks.

(Moderator's comment) Nancy has an excellant article, however it was
much to long to post here. So I have set up an autoresponder where
you can download it.  mailto:"SIGFILES"

Nancy Forbes
Forbes Web Design and Online Public Relations
Online Public Relations Experts - We get YOU NOTICED!
Subject:          Thanks for Helping
From:             Danielle Amory <>

I'm not new to the list but think this is the 2nd time I've posted :).
Regarding having more than one business. I also operate more than one
business, which was behind the difficulty I was having getting someone
to design and host my website. I'd like to thank everyone who
responded and offered suggestions. I'm nearly there on what it's going
to look like, kinda, and have decided to move my deadline for it being
up to October 31st. Wish me luck!
Subject:          Bulk mailing
From:    (Lisa E)

Do anyone knows a good company that does bulk emailing. Are they
really good like they claim to be.

Thank you

(Moderator's .02)
First just a reminder. With a good sig file you could have bulk
emailed with this post quite effectively.
Additional comments:  When considering bulk email there are two
primary factors: it is going to your niche market; it is going to an
opt-in acquired lists.  There are several opt-in list mailing
services, some have a wide range of market reaches. In any case buy
to sample, determine return, then decide to go larger.
Stay away from the UCE mailing companies. They will harm you more
than any return you will get from them
Subject:          Why should you offer FREE??
From:             Mauricio Rosas <>

I'm sure as all of you know everyone says,"offer something free".
Make that the hook.  But I wonder with everyone offerring FREE stuff.
And all the "ads" read FREE stuff, perhaps the consumer is catching on
to this hook or can it be true.  Can it be true that if I offer
something FREE (which of course I do) people are more apt to go to my
site.  Or should I tell the consumer to come to my site because it
offers them services or products that are difficult to get and
henceforth they are the targeted "hit" and not just a number on a
Here's my line.  I sell spices, sauces, exotic peppers, tropical
sauces, a variety of beans and condiments.  What's my FREE item????
Recipes...What's your opinion?  Check out my site at  and get your FREE TROPICAL RECIPES! Thanks,
Mauricio Rosas
First times always brings up a need to make improvements or changes.
ONE: If you have a long article, such as we had in this issue, that
would help the readers but cannot be posted, make a reference to it
by using an autoresponder. Now, if you do not have access to an
autoresponder, send the contents along with your posts. Keep the post
separate and I'll set up the autoresponder for you.
SECOND: Please do not send your post as an attachment. It's not that
I can't receive it, it just makes it easier to work with. I don't see
any difficulty is sending a straight text post right from your email
message. It would be appreciated.
Let's hear from you......

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