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Netscape 4.05                    "Mark J. Seydel" <>
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Possible Java Problem       "J. H. White" <>
Links                                    JB <>
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Subject:          I'd like to thank everybody for responding to my
From:             <>

Hi Everybody,
I'm the one that posted in Digest #21, subject: Confussed with all the
offer's on the net. I posted that article because I thought that
someone was going to give me some advise. Which to my surprise when I
turned on my computer the next day. I had over 300 responses. I was so
over whelmed that there were so many people out there that wanted to
help me. I never expected this much. I do want to thank everybody for
all the offers and the good advise and good words. If you haven't
heard from me personally yet, you will. I just wanted everyone to know
now that I am very pleased with the response. I always thought that
everybody was out there for themselves. But now I know that there are
a lot of people out their that want to help others also. Thanks again,

P.S. Still confussed a little, but feel much better about it now.
Subject:          Netscape 4.05
From:             "Mark J. Seydel" <>


My name is Mark Seydel of The National Internet Business Directory by
WWWebList.Com.  I had many problems with Netscape 4.05, but then I
found out that 4.06 has been released.  I downloaded it and installed
it.  No problems!

Give it a try.

Mark James Seydel / WWWebList.Com
The FREE National
Internet Business Directory
Subject:          Re: Possible scam?
From:             <>

Hi Everyone:

This is my first time to write to this list.  I breed and sell
Standard Poodles, I have a web site that can be reached at or   This is a small part
time home business.  Have been looking for other home based business.
Most are scams.  Ans. a ad placed in classifieds recently with a
company called Carson, Thelen & Greer, LLC.  Located in Atlanta, Ga.
They offer jobs as email processers, shoppers, and various other jobs.
Request 20.00 for soft ware and manauls.   I have emailed them about
problems with no response.  Has any one heard of these people.  Think
I have been scamed. 

Subject:          special jargon
From:             "Ben Phillips" <>

Hi David,
I am not wanting to be critical in any way.
I suspect there are others like me, who are
new and don't have the best grasp on all
that the different letters stand for. Perhaps
when you use the letter short forms, the
first time in the response you could indicate
what it stands for. ie "Stay away from the
UCE mailing companies." This sounds like
great advice, but not knowing what UCE is,
I am left wondering how I know which ones
to stay away from?
Keep up the good work, and I hope
sometime to find out what UCE stands for.
FREE $ REPORT send email put "FREE $ REPORT" in subject area.
""  My home page is:
"" Go have a look and
place a FREE ad.  My Fax Number is: (604) 946 6848 Ben Phillips
ICQ # 10818704
(Moderator's Apology!!)
Ben now knows what UCE stands for and it is Unsolicited Commercial
Email. UBE is Unsolicited Bulk Email.
I do sincerely apologize for leaving some of you in the dark. Ben
brought up an excellent suggestion which I will attempt to do. That
is, write out the definition when I use an acronym.
I gave Ben a site to visit, which I possible wrote wrong to him but
here it is again -
Several of these typical sites that I checked were not up to date. If
any of you know of a good up-to-date site, send it along and I'll
Subject:          Possible Java Problem
From:           "J. H. White" <>

I am sending this post to alert subscribers to this list of a possible
problem. It is not my intention to bad-mouth any site as this whole
thing could have been my fault entirely. On the 16th of this month I
visited the Hand-i-guide directory and received a Java script error
message. Clicking on the upper left corner caused a double image on
the screen and locked up my system completely. My son, who uses it
more than I do, says our Windows (3.1) started to fail in little ways
from that day but he didn't know why. Yesterday I returned to the
Hand-i-Guide to submit our site and received the same Java error
message, locked up the system again, turned it off, started over and
reached the site again. This time, when the error message appeared, I
clicked on the OK button and their site worked fine. However, my
system failed and we had to reformat the hard drive. My son restored
files from before my first visit to the Hand-i-Guide directory and
everything appears to be working ok. As I no longer have
Hand-i-Guide's confirming emails, I am unable to notify them of this
apparent problem with their Java script and I will not return to the
site. Too bad, too. It looks like a very well done directory. As a
remember it, their URL is something like
but I could be in error.  JWhite

Savvy: Nuts-and-bolts guide for new Internet vendors. By-pass
trial and error methods, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and a
lot of money. JHWhite
Subject:          Links
From:             JB <>

I am new to computing and hove only had my computer since Feb. of
this year. I have learned much but have much more to learn. I
started a website at.
I have checked into setting up banner links that pay per click, but
have read that some arn't paying. I would like to know if they are
really worth it?
      My second problem is I do not understand how to put a banner or
a  button gif on my site and make it work with a link. so I usually
just put the url link and an explanation of the linked site on.
     I also would like to start a lets link club which I plan to set
up on my next page in the next few days.
     any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You JB
(Moderator's Aid)
  I'll take the latter and leave the former to others on the list.
A banner or button is nothing more than a graphic. You can link it
the same way you make any other link on a graphic or a text (word or
phrase) ie.  <a href=""><img
src="banner.gif" height=40 width=450 border=0"></a>
Just copy this tag above and insert the proper names of the site and

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Let's hear from you......

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