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Who is N-BILL?                        <>
How To Advertise?                   <>
Netscape 4.06                         "Mark J. Seydel" <>
Who Cares?                              hwalter <>
Marketing help                       "Dave Bredeweg" <>
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Subject          Who is N-BILL?
From:             <>

Has anyone heard of N-BILL.  I got a $19.95 charge from them on my
Visa card and they listed a 800 #  (800-533-0424   NV) on the visa
bill.  I called them but the line was busy. 
Then I called the Visa company and they told me that they had a lot
of calls about that company and everyone said the line was always
I kept trying to call and finally called the phone company.  I ended
up with AT & T 800 operator and they said that number wasn't one of
their companies numbers but the line wasn't operational for about two
weeks and they had a lot of calls about the number being busy.
I called the Visa card company back and relayed the information.  The
operator there said that I could file a disputed claim on that
charge. Checking back on my bill, there was another charge like that
on my June bill but since it was past 60 days, I couldn't dispute
that bill. Then the operator said she had noticed that everyone who
had that N-BILL charge also had AOL service charges.  About 90% had
both on their Visa bills. 
I called AOL and told them all the above information and they are
checking it out.  Apparently this is a new scam and I may be the first
to get it reported. There may be a security break on AOL credit card
billing information on customers????  Has anyone else noticed this?

Judy Yates
<A HREF=""></A>
Subject:          How To Advertise?
From:             <>

Hi! My name is Dave and i'am new to the computer.I Resently became an
distributer for a company that makes garlic juice.I need some help
advertising on the internet. I tried the free ads on aol
classifieds,but i got very little response. I have a good product,but
i don't really know how to advertise it on the internet.

If anybody can give me some pointers i would really appreciate it.
Subject:          Netscape 4.06
From:             "Mark J. Seydel" <>

To Debbie & others having trouble with Communicator 4.05 and also
having trouble finding 4.06.

Point your browser to

DO NOT choose "Smart Update" for this or you will most likely get 4.05
Preview instead of the 4.06 Final Version.  Good Luck.  Hope you like
it as much as I do.  You have to try "My Netscape" (no, I don't work
for the company!)   :-)

Mark James Seydel / WWWebList.Com
The FREE National
Internet Business Directory
Support a more united, stronger, On-Line American Business Community!
Subject:          Why Doesn't Anyone Care About Me?
From:             hwalter <>

Hi Everyone,

I have a gripe.  I have ads all over the place for my web pages and my
business opportunities.  I know people see my ads because I get at
least 50 responses a day.  However, this is where my gripe is, nobody
is ever interested in my ads or sites per se.  They just want me to
look at theirs.  Is this happening to anybody else?  Is this SPAM?
Maybe I have a new job as Business Consultant. I would appreciate any
answers or help I can get.  E-Mail me at: Thanks,
Heidi Walter
(moderator's comments)
Yes, I would consider it a form of spam. But that is life on the
internet. There are ways to combat it and I'll leave it to others in
the list to give you some more feedback.  I want to just comment that
since the last post we've possibly had 40 to 50 join this list. When
this post goes out, there is usually some who used their
autoresponder, thus I get their spiel. Since they have the posted
address I also get notices later that they are responding again
because we initiated a contact. They do the the same with my
Subject:          HELP: Adland-A Market reach for my services
From:             "Dave Bredeweg" <>

In Response to     Remy Francis <>
                              to a question in #22

There are several formulas being developed respective of internet
marketing regardless of the product or service.
One, you should put out some feelers in the international market to
see if there is a need not so much for your services, but would they
be able to use your services in a foreign country versus local
Second, research the interent for where your niche market is located.
Are there newsgroups, discussion lists, email newsletters, opt-in
mailing lists that reach your very specific market. Once you
establish that they do exist, then begin participating, advertising
in these mediums to that market.
Third, this is not so much an internet method, but research your
local area for foreign companies that do business in either your
specific area or in India. Then write to them using a personal email,
if email address is known,  sales letter offering your services when
they are doing business in India.
Fourth:  find other sites on the internet that perform related
services even competitors who might be willing to exchange links.

David Bredeweg
Online Business Assistant
Your Best Source for hosting, and domains.
Moderator's Comments:

Just a couple of reminders.
One, make sure that your text has spelling errors
corrected and makes sense before you post.
There have many posts that I wanted to correct but refrained for two
One, I don't want to change what you may mean, though it does
not make sense sometimes. Many times I know what you mean but I don't
want to be presumptuous.
Also, the biggest reason, I don't have the time to include that duty
as well. That should be your responsibility.
It adds to your credibility to do business on the net.
Please, don't come back as say that I made some errors. I know 
some have gotten through when I read them later. One of the problems
I have in doing this task is I cannot let it sit for 24 hours
and then proofread. We all make mistackes. One or even a couple can
be tolerated, but when there are many it becomes intolerable.
A note to newcomers:
We have an archive at
You might want to check for yourself past topics on which to comment
immediately. There have been some that have not gotten a response, at
least, by post. Some of you may have responded privately, that is
acceptable as well.
I hope that all of you have gotten responses to your posts. If you
have been slighted, just repost. You might want to make a special
note to me at the top of your post of your so doing.  I would not
include it in the public post.
Let's hear from you......

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