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I Need Advice               For Women Only <>
Full Disclosure              "AdTrax Software" <>
HELP                     (rod roady)
Resp to Heidi Walter    Bill Henderson <>
How to promote           <>
Multiple businesses      "Dave Bredeweg"<>
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Subject:           I Need Advice
From:             For Women Only <>

I need to know how to build a web page for my little home business,
which I have a selling licence for. Is there really free web page
sites offerings out there? It seems to me that every time that I
think I've found a good place, and I fill in all the required forms
and then they want to know of the business , so I write up the
Introductory and forward it on, I get answers like, we are unable to
reach their server, or they want an extravagant amount of money (I
guess they figure I'm going to make a mint from this) and none of
them send me back my information. What do they do with my business
information?  Now , they have my business ideas and I'm stuck still
at square one. Big Deal! Can anybody please help me out there with
some good and sound down to earth advice? I feel like I'm stuck
holding the bag, and It's very empty.

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(Moderator's comment)
There are several "free sites" available on the web. Most, if not all
don't allow commercial use under the "free lable" Most require a fee
for the commercial ones. However, if you are serious about operating
a business on the web I would not seriously consider one of the free
sites. There are many business related problems that arise, such as,
long unrecognizable name, high traffic which slows down your clients
downloads, someone pays for your free site, so all your clients will
need to put up with the ads, especially the annoying intersatials.
You cannot use a lot of features of a domain because they don't offer
them, such as, autoresponders, redirects, aliases, CGI scripts for
guestbooks, forums, mailing lists, even email addresses.
What you might also need is a host site that will also give added
value by supplying some needed services besides hosting.
Purchase space and features that you need now, but can add others 
later when you need them.
I'm sure you will get a number of emails on your request, so I'll
put in my unabashed plug as well. You can email me privately or visit   
Subject:            Full Disclosure From:           
"AdTrax           Software" <>

Recently I received an e-mail that talks about FULL DISCLOSURE and I
have a couple things I would like to bring up: 1. If anyone is
interested I can e-mail them a copy, I didn't want to post it b/c it
is 2 full pages. 2. Is anyone aware of this  FTC law?  I looked
into it on the Federal Trade Commission web site and it is for real.
The reason I bring this up is knowing this information can help our

Brief Summary:
According to the laws of the USA, making an income claim WITHOUT
providing full disclosure is illegal?  Any person, or company that
would suggest that you could earn $x.xx or would state that they earn
$x,xxxx.xx, or furthermore, would post on their Web Site the income of
certain distributors WITHOUT providing full disclosure, is breaking
the law; they will eventually be caught, or simply go out of business.

The e-mail has an example of a company that broke this law.  I
understand that this might be a good advertisement b/c at the end
their is a link to a money making site.

One thing I don't like to mess around with is the LAWS and IRS.

Please e-mail me and let me know what you think, know about this?
Thanx to Steven Colwell for sending me the e-mail.

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Subject:          HELP
From:    (rod roady)

I just started advertising on the net. I have put my web page on quite
a few different ads. But I havent as of yet had any responses. Is
there something else I can do? I am selling Non-prescription color
contacts. Can anyone suggest anything?
Thank You !!
Carol Roady  visit my web page

Moderator's comments)
I visited your site Carol and there are many changes that you need to
make in order to have a viable, credible and profitable site. You
seem to have a very good product. I know of several acquaintances who
use them.
You sight name is not easily recognizable. Something like would be easier to market, promote and
If you are going to sell on the web and want to grab the compulsive
buyers, you need a merchant account or at least an easier method,
such as fax, email checks. You should have an actual order form, even
if it only allows the client to send it to you. You're making it far
to difficult for anyone to buy.  You need to redo your site design 
and add much more content.
Your in the related health field, personal care, cosmetics area and
information related to these areas should be added to your site.
Linking with these related sites will also assist your traffic count.
I might also add, remove the counter. It has no relevance. This is
another reason that businesses need a domain - logs - you know who
comes, where they visit, how long they stay, etc.
The fact you are on this list is great. Success, as mentioned in an
above post, does not come overnight. Stay with this list and others
to pick up all the tips, aids you can.
After you cull all the responses you will probably get, give me an
email at and we'll talk.
Subject:          Webtv and other responses
From:    (WILL WARD)

Hi gang,
It's been awhile since we last posted, but we've had major problems.
As for a little bit more information about WebTv.  The first statement
concerns the way it's spelled.  As you can see I spell it in the way
above, Lorene spells it webtv.  I really don't think it matters a
whole lot.  WebTv is a box about the size of a VCR.  As we have
previously stated we are not capable of a lot of things, that you with
computers take for granted.  This became very apparent when we moved
to our current domain.  Since we can not down load or up load files,
this limits our access to  FTP.  What we are having to do is work
through friends and relatives that have a computer.  As of right now 
we have several banners that don't  show up. The links work fine
because those were placed with html code. 

Now to current postings :
For Dave;
Is this garlic juice for nutritional supplements or is it used in
cooking? In the headline of your ad  give your potential customers a
benifit statement  or how it will help them.  If it's for cooking,
expound upon how it will flavor their foods, or if it is used for
nutritional purposes expound  upon the benifits  to their health.  As
well as something that will make them  feel good about their  choice
about visiting your page.
Our answer to the SPAM problem is to return the SPAM with a
business offer of your own. Since they have contacted you unsolicited
we feel that they are fair game for our own business offers and
include them on your mailing list from now on! It may not be good
business practice but our SPAM has dropped to about 10 per day. I
feel like we have written a book and if you don't wish to publish
this one , we'll understand.        

Thank You,
Will & Lorene Ward
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Subject:          Response to Heidi Walter (Adland's Digest #25)
From:             Bill Henderson <>

Hi Heidi,

Your complaint &quot;Why Doesn't Anyone Care About Me?&quot; sounded
familiar.&nbsp; I'm relatively new to 'Net marketing, too.&nbsp; One
thing that has helped cut down on the &quot;junk&quot; responses for
me is to use an autoresponder.&nbsp; Your ad is just a
&quot;teaser&quot; paragraph or two with a &quot;mailto:&quot; address
that is your autoresponder's e-mail address.&nbsp; My ISP has
provisions for almost an infinite number of these
&quot;aliases&quot;.&nbsp; I think most good ISP's do.&nbsp; Mine
includes a &quot;redirect&quot; file where the e-mail address of
everyone who taps your autoresponder is sent to your personal
e-mail.&nbsp; So you get the best of both worlds -- a &quot;no
hassle&quot; response to folks interested in your offer and e-mail
addresses for follow-up.<br> <br> If you want to see an example, just
click on:  <a href="">
Most web browsers these days have the ability to click on a
&quot;hyperlink&quot; like the one above and go directly to an e-mail
address (autoresonder, in this case) or a web site.&nbsp; In the
latter case, the e-mail program starts your browser and goes to the
web site.&nbsp; When you close the browser, you're back in the e-mail
program.&nbsp; You can try it on the web address below, if you
like.<br> <br> Hope this helped.<br> <br> <br> <BR>

Bill Henderson, President Voice: (800)551-6209
WebSites 2000 Fax: (210) 697-0489 4006 Mt. Laurel Drive,  San Antonio, TX 78240 
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Subject:          How to promote your business online.
From:             <>

This is in response to Dave's post "How To Advertise?"

<I resently became an distributer for a company that makes garlic
juice.I need some help advertising on the internet. I tried the free
ads on aol classifieds,but i got very little response. I have a good
product,but i don't really know how to advertise it on the internet.
If anybody can give me some pointers i would really appreciate it.>

First of all this is not an uncommon problem. Many new internet
marketers think that if they place a few clasified ads or many a few
times, they will get results. I was quilty of this way of thinking.
Cyber World does not usually work like that. Marketing online is a
tedious job and it takes dedication and work if you want to be
successful online. I recently wrote an article on this subject in my
free newsletter "Forbes Your Success Online" . You can write me for a
copy of the article or you can subscribe to my newsletter which deals
with this issue continually.  See my sig file below for more info.

Nancy Forbes
Forbes Web Design and Online Public Relations
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Subject                       Multiple Businesses Online
>From                          "David Bredeweg" <>

This is an additional comment for a number of people who responded in
issue #22, including David Moe, Sharon Evans, Kealy Nowalk and others
who also might be trying to handle more than one business at a time.
I ran across an interesting article in our local paper about business
online and they referred to a website where you can take a test to
see what your S.Q might be. (Strategy Quotient)
Moderator's .02
Two very big problems which the elimination forthwith would be
greatly appreciated. I think most of you would appreciate one of them
Do NOT use HTML in writing your posts, NOR send them as an
attachment. You can see how difficult it is to read   as there is an
example above. Write in ascii text either in notepad, or similar, or
in your email window. Otherwise your all doing great.
Let's hear from you......

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