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Response to For Women Only   "Working Man" <>
Big Thank You                              For Women Only <>
Dealing with Bad Links              "talewins" <>
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Subject:           Response to For Women Only
From:              "Working Man" <>

I have recently picked up 2 free websites, and I'm in the process of
making them into what I want them to be.
The first one, offered by My Free Office
You can visit my free office -- The Home Of The Working Man -- at the
following address :

To get your own free office suite, just click on the "how suite it is"
banner at the bottom of my page.  You will be linked to the My Free
Office introductory page, where all the features you get are
explained.  Then it will take you to the registration page, where you
can sign up and get all the FREE goodies!

The second one, offered by
You can visit my home site at the following address :

To get your own free 20 meg website either click on the link in my
"Under Construction" section, or go to the following address :
This will take you to the main page.  From there, you click on the
"20MB OF FREE WEB SPACE AND FREE EMAIL" at the top of the page.  You
will then be lead through the steps to sign up & get started.
When/if you visit my websites, please remember they are under
construction -- I haven't done much polishing of the fixtures -- I'm
not an html expert -- but I'm learning  :)

Take care all,

Dan Moore
(the above post was truncated by the moderator. The long list of
features can be obtained from each site.)
Subject:          A great Big Thank You
From:             For Women Only <>

I wish to thank everyone that responded to my "Help, I need advice."
Thank goodness for all of you, you have steered me into the right
directions. I couldn't have done it without Adland and all of your
help and advice.  It's nice to know that people still take care of one
another, and can recognize that they are really needed. A great big
Thank You and good luck to all of you,

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Subject:          Dealing with Bad Links
From:              "talewins" <>

Anyone with more than five pages linked together on their web site may
have a bad link, and not know it.  Finding them, catching them,
removing them, has always been a problem. Surfers are irritated, and
move on without telling you.  With over 200 interlinking pages on my
site at and my use of various editors, bad
links became a definite problem.  The cure I came up with has proven
quite productive. When anyone clicks on a bad link on my site they are
taken to a page which says:  The page you thought you would find here
has vanished without a trace.  This is probably a human error on our
part rather than anything you did.  But there is good news to this
too.  Just tell us exactly where you were when you clicked to get here
and we will send you a complete book on a 3.5" disk as a free gift. My
offer let surfers know I was serious about correcting my bad links.
The rush at first was overwhelming as Front Page had rewritten my html
linking code on over 60 pages.  Whole pages were full of wrong links.
One by one I corrected the links.  Now I get only one or two
"corrections" per month, on new pages I have put up and made mistakes
on.  There has only been one "correction" for an old page in the past
four months now. The biggest problem is bad links from OFF site, links
to my pages from some off-the-wall place surfers can't remember.
Eliminating my bad links was good enough reason for doing this.  An
added benefit was the surprise and delight surfers expressed that I
made such an offer. Many, many testimonials I would not have received
otherwise came flooding in. Any reward you offer to accomplish this
should have a perceived value.  By offering something relating to your
work you'll also be advertising.  My book on disk, for example, is a
sample of the writing I do.  If you are selling Pontiacs a free sample
might be a little too much to offer.  If you are selling garlic juice
maybe you can offer a free sample.  Any free gift with a perceived
value will work.  If you can't come up with one of your own, you can
use mine almost free of charge.  For just $1 I'll send you a copy of
the disk and you can make as many copies as you need to correct your
links and offer them to your surfers.  There's no reason to buy a pig
in a poke -- You can read the book first on line at

                   Earl H. Roberts
         Communications Consultant
Commentors' .02)
Many of you must be busy hauling in the big bucks with the onset of
Fall.  The post were sparse these last several days, so this one is
quite short. Keep those posts coming - questions, opinions, comments
new programs, ideas, tools that we can all benefit from.

Let's hear from you......

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