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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.Making the most of Adland

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (6)

1.Payment Systems- PayPal and others
~Leland Lewis
~April Waters

2.Need A few Tips On Web Promotion
~LaVada Davis
~Elizabeth Piotrowski

3.Keen to Learn more about Internet Marketing
~Harvey Segal
~John Colanzi

4.Last Article
~Ken Brayton

5.Popups and popunders
~Roger Engelke
~Heidi Ross

6.Site Build It
~Merv Kennedy

N e w     P o s t s  (1)

1.Stephen Ruppe
~FREE Web Design Assistance

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1.Mireille Carrier




5.Fran Csaszar

6.Melody Vargas

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.The Shocking Truth About Pop-Ups !
By Detlev Reimer

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I have a Wireless Phone/Communications Site and I
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Sandi Aders,


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Leland Lewis
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal and others

I must say that I have not had any direct problems with PayPal, but their
tendency to spontaneously lock accounts has caused me some grief.

The first time it happened was with a new program which sold an ad package
and also added you to a matrix.  I was able to send out my ads which
is what I was interested in, but PayPal locked the account of the company
just as it was starting (they had paid out to some members) and I now have
to wait 6 months for PayPal to release the funds so the matrix can start paying.
This is no problem since the company has now moved over to a safelist
format and I get to use the improved product.

I do however disagree with Rod Dufrin's assessment of the program types
that are targeted.  Although the scams are rampant, PayPal seems to
target only a small percentage of these and really does not appear to
look at the business record of companies before it locks accounts.  The
latest company to get hit with Paypal's indiscriminant judgement is
BuildReferrals Downline Club.  This is a company who has had,
according to themselves, no chargebacks in the time they have been
in existence (over a year) and have had only 4 complaints lodged
against them(double billing errors).  Yet PayPal has locked their account
and for the first time since they opened, BuildReferrals will be late with
payouts to their members.

The reason that PayPal locked the account is that PayPal has decided
to classify BuildReferrals as MLM and due to the number of chargebacks
coming from the scam companies PayPal has started enforcing their no
MLM policy so the credit card companies won't pull out.  This is also
costing PayPal a $30,000 per month account.

I also take exception to Mr. Dufrin's terms "cry-babies" and "ignorant".
Simply because people bring forward instances where they have had
problems with PayPal does not necessitate rudeness.  Is it their fault
that their account is locked?  Maybe.  Is it their fault the matrix they
joined won't pay? Maybe.  Do they have the right to vent?  Definitely.

By all means point out the TOS and what it says, but why do it in a
rude fashion?  I have read hundreds of TOS agreements and would
be willing to bet that there are items I missed in all of them and to be
honest, after reading 3 or 4 in an hour I do tend to skim or sometimes
skip over a couple, but does that make me ignorant?  Lazy maybe,
tired maybe, but not ignorant. (:-)

Quote from Paypal's TOS
"You also agree not to use your PayPal account to sell securities,
business opportunities, franchises, multi-level marketing, or goods
with delivery delayed more than 20 days from the date of payment"

I must agree with George Cooper about the greed.  I have a safelist
that I am presently charging $1.00 for membership.  I lose $0.33 ($0.53
Canadian :-(  ) on every membership due to fees.  I have added a
couple of other payment methods, but as I am non-US based many
of the PayPal competitors are unavailable to me.

Leland Lewis

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is
as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though
everything is a miracle. "
- Albert Einstein


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal and others

Well I read the article about not getting refund after 30 days. I guess
its a legal thing paypal have technically against them?... I had a few bad
that used paypal, like others for buying NET TRAFFIC FOR REAL
TRAFFIC etc..via ezine ADs or CPC,
 as I pooled some funds for my programs and
readvertise else where on the net rather then using startpage
and exchange banner type systems.

I CAN say I've never had a real problem. I can say I had worse service
from yahoo staff on submitting sites , they are the rude and the personal
rep.. may not answer your email or take weeks to do so in the
submission process. ANYHOW that's another complaint.. is another story.. service was real bad and they would
insist my phone number was fake ! and wouldn't process my form
just cos the idiot didn't understand international STD calls and number
formats. In end I did buy bib clicks via them.

Anyhow back to PAYPAL... I've been using them on my new program
which I advertise via adlandpros cool classifieds..

Its a directory where you can post your URL and I draw in traffic for
all members.. Its an ADDON to my banner and MALL listing service
I run.

but so far no problems with PAYPAL or people sending in money
I've promoted the new site hard and hopefully by end of year have a excellent
results. Kept this one lean ans fast loading and LOTS OF BONUS
linked to my main site for members. Check it out if want too but I'm sure you
read it on adlandpro main site already.


ArtbizMA mgr,.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:April Waters
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal and others

I read and re-read your comments about PayPal but just could
not seem to find any reason for you to be upset with PayPal.

It seems to me you got suckered in to another scam but is that
PayPal's fault? The company you bought the service through
sounds like a real piece of work.

You email them for three weeks about their service, then when
you ask for a refund they say "THE BOSS" is on
vacation....PLEEEASEEEE  That should have been a BIG clue right

Also when they say PayPal wont give them an itemized statement
of WHO'S money they have withdrawn...Again PLEEEASEEE..If they
were a legitimate company they would have just given you the
money back. They gave you the run around because they are
scammers and they know PayPal's rules better than you.

Don't you see when they say PayPal won't give them an itemized
list of who's money they withdrew, they are just telling you
that you can kiss your money bye-bye. All monies go into a
PayPal account and the company just withdraws it and puts it in
their own account, why do they need an itemized statement to
find out if YOUR $$ were some of the money they had
transferred. If they are like most businesses, they keep the
money pretty well drawn out and put into their own bank account
so you can rest assured your "personal" payment was transferred
weeks and weeks ago.

You should not have hard feelings toward PayPal because you got
took by someone that will not refund your money. Just make it a
lesson learned and never wait more than 30 days to get things
straightened out. Legitimate companies would always refund you
money even if the "BOSS" were out of town!!

April Waters/Owner



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal and others

Nancy wrote,

>For those seeking an alternative to PayPal, consider c2it ( It's
>a CitiBank product, which lends a bit more legitimacy to it, and seems
>to work along the same lines as PayPal although it's not as plugged in to
>ecommerce applications as PayPal is. I enrolled, but haven't used it as of yet.
>Anyone else had any experience with c2it?


As for ecommerce c2it is really limited.  Although the US can send to other
countries but as for US accepting payment via c2it, the US can only accept
payments from the US.  So I would never use c2it as my only source of payment.
I would only use as an alternative.  As for any limitations on other countries,
I don't know.  I only know about the US since that is where I am located.
Anyhow, I hope this information helps some.

Although I do have a c2it account I have never used it yet.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:LaVada Davis
Subject:Need A few Tips On Web Promotion

Hi Fernley,

In response to your questions about web promotion for Herbalife site --
good luck!  I too am an Herbalife distributor and have used a couple
of the PPC sources (FindWhat and GoClick).  Got lots of clicks, went through
my money very quickly, but no orders.  Changed my site somewhat and tried
again.  I've used AdLandPro's listings and got clicks -- no orders.  Now,
doing some investigating... have you seen the number of Herbalife websites???

Many of them are obviously all made by the same outfit.  I don't know if you
did your site yourself (I did) or if you paid to have someone else give you a
site, but my suggestion is -- AdlandPro works very well, at a low cost.  PPC
worked quite well for what I wanted to spend, but I still have no orders, but
then that's not their fault.  I suggest advertising off-line.  That seems to
have worked best for me.

There are so many Herbalife sites that I wonder if I actually want to even
promote the site anymore at all.  I'll do the off-line advertising as your
sponsor has probably suggested with all your "advertising" of Herbalife.
And yes, Herbalife has had some really dramatic positive effects on my life
(as I am disabled and Herbalife has really helped me).

Good luck on your site.  I'd stay with the off-line advertising or AdLandPro if
I were you.

Is 2002 Your Year to Lose Weight or Get Healthy?

LaVada Davis

LJN International


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Elizabeth Piotrowski
Subject:Need A few Tips On Web Promotion

Internet marketing, a lot of the time really IS hit and miss.
Always keep in mind that when you promote your site
you are, in effect trying to get the word out to the whole
world. Not an easy task! How can there NOT be variables
when you are advertising to billions? It isn't always where
you advertise that makes the difference; it's HOW.

First and foremost, it is SO important to have effective
ad copy. Without it, you truly are throwing your ads (and
your time and money) into a 'black hole'. Along with
effective ads, it's imperative that you have variety! Don't
advertise all over the place with the same ad. With variety,
you can reach a pretty good cross-section of people.

Rotate your ads - this means, that if you post to
with Ad A on Monday, you will post to that site with
Ad B on Tuesday. And track your ads so you know
which ones are getting the most clicks. Once you know
this, you can scratch the less-effective ads off your list,
and write new and improved versions.

The time of day you submit can also make a difference.
For example, I know an internet marketer who gets the
best results when she sends out her ads at 3am! You
have to test/track this as well. Try different times of the
day, different days of the week, and different ads on each
site. See how your ads do when you advertise once a week,
twice a week or every day. It's a lot of work!

I have found ffas to be very effective.  Now, before you say
"UGH!" let me tell you - ffas aren't the only advertising
method that generate mounds of email! If you don't like the
idea of submitting to individual ffa pages, try a database
submitter, like or
Your ad can be on thousands of sites in minutes. And don't
forget to set up a 'junk' email account BEFORE you post to
the ffas, or you will be in trouble!

Next are the safelists, which I call 'regulated spam'. I submit
to 41 safelists daily. These lists generate over 1000 emails in
each of my 7 mailboxes every 2 days! The point is, whether
you use ffas or safelists, you cannot escape a full inbox :)
Safelist examples are and,
and they get pretty good results if your headline is effective.
If you can, try a sponsor ad (your ad at the top of every
email sent to the safelist) - I got incredible results, but
only in the first 3 or 4 days - I noticed a loss of interest
shortly thereafter.

Ezine advertising didn't work very well for me, but the
list goes on and on.start page programs, banner exchanges,
reciprocal links, classified ads..try all of the above. I do,
and average about 40 hits/day. Find the mix that works best
for you. And, when it stops working, either drop it entirely
or mix differently. Eventually you will find a winning

Elizabeth Piotrowski

Elizabeth Piotrowski
Strategy Ad Service
Affordable ad copy for any netpreneur!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
Subject:Need A few Tips On Web Promotion

Hi Bogdan & readers,

I would like to combine this response to both Fernley (re:Web Promotion) &
Clarrie (re:Internet Marketing) as I feel these two subjects are almost

Internet Marketing has to be the MOST publicized, over-rated, hazardous, and
generally LIED about subject on the net.  EVERYONE has the 'Latest Hot Tip' or
the 'Best thing since Sliced Bread'.   And the ONE THING you cannot do without
is GOOD Website Promotion.

Before you 'jump in' boots and all to join up and possibly waste your hard
earned cash on the 'Amazing New Program' that's just been delivered to your
mailbox you need to check some facts.
1. Check the scam buster websites to ensure it is a 'genuine' company.
2. Find out how to contact the 'owners' of the company. ( If they can't be
contacted, then DON'T send your money)
3. Do they have 'real' products or are they just marketing marketing.?
4. After reading the company 'line' do you believe in their product? Could you
recommend it to your family or friends with a clear conscience?
If you are still with this company then stick with it and don't give up when you
don't produce 'amazing' results in 5 minutes.  Any genuine money making venture
will require some EFFORT from you to produce even mediocre results.

Now, if you've got this far you will need to learn how to MARKET YOUR PRODUCT or

1. Mass market to the FREE ffa sites and search engines as a matter of course.
Sure the results will be a overly full mailbox but hopefully you will have used
a 'free' email address for this purpose with an autoresponder to re-affirm your
message.  (You should also set this mailbox to periodically delete all incoming
mail).  Based on averages, if even 1 per cent of visitors see your message you
should get some positive response.

2. Ezines and Opt-in mailing lists are currently getting good results.  The
recipients of these emails actually CHOOSE to be on these lists so you generally
get a better ratio of people actually reading your advertising.  A lot of ezines
accept FREE advertising in addition to paid ads so you can test the water before
spending any hard earned cash. Some of the bigger ezines only accept Paid ads
but if you subscribe to these you can see how well they are read by the
participation level of subscribers - just look at Bogdans Digest for example :-)

3. Finally, DO NOT GIVE UP.  If at first you don't succeed, keep at it.  Many a
prospective leader has dropped by the wayside only to see his idea picked up an
run with to a fantastic result by someone who was prepared to stick with it
during the hard times.
You've heard the saying, "Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win" , never a
truer word has been spoken, especially regarding Internet Marketing.

If you, or any readers, wish for more information, please visit my website for a
launching platform to many of the above suggestions.

Thanks for your time, sorry this was so long.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Harvey Segal
Subject:Keen to Learn more about Internet Marketing

Clarrie wrote

>>I have always been intrigued that you throw your ad
>>into a black hole and wait for the results.

What you need to do is to continually test and track
your ads.

That's why ad tracking programs were created.

You can read all about them here

"The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs"

Harvey Segal


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:Keen to Learn more about Internet Marketing


My advice for marketing on the internet would be to start
writing and submitting articles. They are the best promotion
and best of all they are free.

Once you build a database of articles you have the contents
for creating ebooks and ecourses.

I've been writing and submitting one article a week for a little
time now and it helps readers get to know you. So many
people are worried about doing business with someone they
don't know. The articles will get you know.

Over time you'll build tons of links to your site from your articles
being added to websites and newsletter archives.

I wish I had started using articles when I first came online, it
would have made my efforts so much more productive.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Ken Brayton
Subject:Last Article

Debbie Solomon's article entitled "Spamming The Internet - Are YOU the next
Victim?" in the Adland Digest #276 was fairly well written until she shot
herself in the foot with this statement:

"I will never totally get rid of spam.  In fact, now it is a pleasure, because I
just reply with my AD."

People who crusade against FFA's on the basis that they are nothing more than
SPAM generators need to be careful that their own business practices don't fall
into the same trap. Many (including myself) would consider what you're doing to
be SPAM. Be careful throwing those stones.

Ken Brayton
Albany, Oregon, USA

Sit, Stay, Learn! "Some Things Have to be Seen to be Believed!"


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Roger Engelke
Subject:Popups and popunders

PopUps and PopUnders are the worst type of advertising to hit the internet!
I automatically delete them every time. People who say they work are only
kidding themselves. For every product they sell or subscriber they sign up they
are driving away others in droves never to return to their site again. They are
more intrusive than SPAM, ads set in ALL CAPS, misspelled words in ads,
HYPE, FREE CELL PHONE and CREDIT CARD ads, and sites that ask you
to wait forever while their flash presentation is downloading. Let's face it
they just plain SUCK! POP goes the weasels who continue to use them!

Roger Engelke


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:Heidi Ross
Subject:Popups and popunders

Yes, In a way I hate pop up or pop unders but I do know they are very effective.
The ones I hate are the ones that have alot of pop ups or unders on their site.
But that doesn't do any good as they will get no where.  That is cause if they
are doing it to get visitors to their sites they will eventually get caught by
the programs using these methods which are usually against their TOS or if they
are just a bunch of offers that was designed by the website owner then all those
popups won't do them any good as people will then avoid their site.

However, when pop ups are used the right way that is when they are effective.
It is just that alot of people abuse the use of pop ups or pop unders.  Just
like you have people abuse alot of other things on the net.  There are those who
abuse the system and those who use it in the right way.  Unfortunately those who
abuse the system give the rest a bad name sometimes.

Heidi Ross


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Merv Kennedy
Subject:Site Build It

Hi Pauline, I am in the process of joining the web and am now starting to
think about building a Web page.  Of course I need a hosting company and I
see you use Site Build It by Ken Evoy.  Your site looks fine how do you like
Site Build It?  It seems quite expensive although I am an affiliate of

You may not have time to respond to this and that is ok.  It seems I have
two choices either Ken Evoy or some others where I probably need some

Thanks Pauline and God Bless,

Merv Kennedy


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Open to Internationals.

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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Stephen Ruppe
Subject:FREE Web Design Assistance

FREE Web Design Assistance to fellow adlandpro members ... this service is
primarily for those just beginning their "war" with html ... I can help you with
a variety of tasks.  Visit my personal website for examples ... follo w the
"design" link:

<<< >>>




=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Mireille Carrier

Hello Adlanders,

I went to see this site because just the name of it was
intriguing.  I wasn't sure if it would be a personals site or... you know...
lol  Great domain name by the way!

Anyway, here are my comments, Robert.

Overall the site is good, as far as content, but the looks need a facelift.

Blue is a cold and icy color.  Often used for business.  Right away I wasn't
drawn into the site because of the color. A personals site should be as warm
as can be.  I find the left side busy, and your fonts are not consistent.  I
would place the "Free personal ads" more in evidence.  Maybe even above your
picture. That is probably what is going to get people interested.  You
already have "reply to your messages free" below the pic.  No need to repeat

As a woman, I don't really care if "she isn't reading my profile".  Maybe
add a male picture too?  Make them a little smaller to include both?  Or
rotate them in the same picture?  No women ads, no men...

Why do people visit personals sites?  Not to read articles or win something.
Not at first anyway.  They go there to meet someone.  I would put all those
links at the bottom.  They're not your main attraction.  Your write-up at
the bottom should be more on top.  Also all your links at the top to other
sites, that was one of the first things I've noticed.  If people click on
one, bye bye...  You should at least open them in a new page.  Right now,
they click and poof... gone!

Email:  You could just put "Free Email" in the box and "log in or sign up"
below it.

Articles:  Instead of calling the box "Articles" call it "Doctor Love" and
just the title of the article below. It's not a business site. :-)

Affiliates:  Doesn't belong in that spot.  I'd put that one at the bottom

I wouldn't change much on your site as far as content.  But changing the
location of your links and the colors, and make your fonts more consistent
would probably help.  With a "warm" font, something that is not "sans serif"
and warm colors, with that great domain name, I think you're in business!

Those are just my thoughts...

Work from home... BY CHOICE!


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============

Hi Robert Lee!

I have Netscape 4.7, and your website
loads very quickly, and everything looks fine. I don't
have to scroll to the right to fit it into my screen either.
Good luck to you!



=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============

Hi Evangeline,
While 'Robert' may be right about downloading music or
listening to music he is completely wrong about most people
viewing your website at 1024x768! While most viewers have this
capability very few use it! Through VERY careful investigation I
still build all of my websites at 600x800. Very few people
actually use 1024x768 even if it is available.

Build your site around what MOST of your viewers are using.
Not what they are capable of using. While 1024x768 WILL be
the most used resolution in the 'future' it isn't right now.

Once you notice the majority of your visitors changing then
switch. Until then don't worry about it. The rest of us at 600x800
will be happy and won't get 'eyestrain' trying to read the site<G>

God Bless,


If you work with the right people, work is not a dirty word!


=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============

Hi Robert,
I visited your site and fall in love.
Great resource.
Can you tell me what would be a good icon creation graphics program and
where I could get it a trial version of it?
Thanks a million.


                    Substance Books
>Where authors, readers and artists meet.<


=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:Fran Csaszar

Hi Rob:

The layout is simple and the navigation easy.  The DHTML works fine.
I tested it on each link and the logo moved easily from the bottom
right to the top left. I use IE6. Content was well within my screen

Usually I do not like the combination of yellow and blue on blue.
This time it wasn't too bad on my eyes.

The first thing that grabbed my eyes was the picture of the girl and
the computer.  While it is relative to the site, it somehow seems out of
place.  She exudes an intelligence that doesn't show in the content.

Sorry Rob.  Dr. Love needs a heads up on relationship building. If "Dear
Gabby" is one-sided in respect to a woman's point of view,
Dr. Love is a biased imbecile who missed the point of some valuable
questions that needed answers first before that awful response.

As an editor, I would also give some thought to presenting your letter
writers in the best light by correcting spelling and outright grammatical
errors insofar as it doesn't change the intent.

Putting the links on the bottom is a real plus for the viewer.  In
general, I liked the site set up.  Rob, you and Sheila have a good
thing going here, so take the time to provide well thought out insight.
Good Luck!


Fran Csaszar

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=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From:Melody Vargas

When Robert Lee asks for something, I feel compelled
to help, so I visited  Since Robert
specifically mentioned that the content was not done
yet, I'll stay focused on design and usability of the
homepage only.

. The font used on the graphic buttons is difficult to
. There are too many different fonts, font sizes and
regular versus italics text, making an otherwise clean
page look cluttered.
. I'd like to see the graphic buttons eliminated in favor
of one cohesive font in no more than three sizes: a
header, regular text, and smaller label text.  Using one
slightly different font for the headers or labels would
still add interest and probably be okay as well.

. Centering text looks "early web-ish" to me.  It gives
an amateur appearance.
. The centered text does work for me in two places:
in the black band with the links at the top and in the
country-blue chart with the 6 boxes near the bottom.

Color Scheme
. The bright blue color in the box at the bottom clashes
with the more grayed hues above.
. The yellow used in the "join now" text and for the
border surrounding "ENTER" and the woman's photo looks
brighter than the yellow used around the other buttons
and is distracting.

. This site tries to incorporate cool "bells and whistles"
that don't add anything to the user experience.  The
changing graphic boxes don't lend anything to the site,
in my opinion.  Almost everyone knows to click links,
you don't have to tell them.
. The bright blue box at the bottom of the page is lost
because the horizontal nature of the country-blue table
above the fold makes it look like the bottom of the page.
Switching the two elements would help, as would moving
all the buttons down the left and adding the text under
the photo on the right.
. The bright blue box should end.  Scrolling off the bottom
of the page with the background color, it looks incomplete.

While I didn't click any of the links or venture past the
homepage, I had a firm grasp of what the site was about.
My overall impression is that it is an okay site, created by
a hobbyist.  That can work for you if it's what you're going
for, but if not, it wouldn't take much work to really make
it look professional.  The concept is well thought out.

Melody Vargas

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The Shocking Truth About Pop-Ups !
ByDetlev Reimer

You will certainly already know a lot about pop-ups if you are surfing on the
web on a regular basis . They are those tiny little windows that open up if you
are just entering a site or if you want to leave it . Other variations are
windows which are loaded completely in the background (pop-under) .

Pop-Ups Are Annoying and Disturbing To Surfers....

You are distracted from what you wanted to do and you have to make a new
decision if you want to accept the offer you are confronted with or not . Or if
it is a completely different site that has been loaded, you have to make the
decision if you continue with the new loaded site or with the site you
originally wanted to visit.

But the really annoying thing is when you want to close one pop-up and then the
next pop-up is already on its' way. This could be e.g. an entry pop-up in
combination with an exit pop-up. So when you close the entry pop-up, a
JavaScript-code calls the exit pop-up .

This is the most obtrusive way of conveying a sales message. If you are a
serious marketer, this is something that you should avoid completely or your
reputation could become seriously damaged....

Pop-Ups - A Pest In Combination with Startpage Programs

In combination with startpage programs they can be a real pest. Because with
these programs you stay about 20-30 sec. at each site and then you surf to the
next one. Now imagine this:

Every second site you are surfing to uses an entry pop-up and an exit pop-up. If
you don't close the new pop-ups immediately, you have your complete windows
taskbar flooded with new windows.

You either have to close them all one by one if you surf with multiple startpage
programs at a time or you'll have to use your windows taskmanager to shut off
your browser .

In each case, you have to react because if you don't, your computer could crash
or freeze.... ( At least, this is what I experienced from my personal
surf-sessions .)

Pop-Ups = A marketer's dream ?

We have to ask ourselves why are these pop-ups used by so many reputable
marketers. There's just one reason for this: They work ! Even though they are
hated by most people, they do their job....

You have to look at it from a marketer's point of view. Even if he has just a
response rate of 3% , he has made 3% more money, more subscribers or whatever.

And it doesn't cost a single penny ! That's 3% more sales, more advertising
revenue etc. So would you give that up if you were standing in his shoes ?  As a
web surfer I don't like pop-ups very much myself, but because of the results I
get , I use them at my own sites as well....

Feel free to use the article with this resource box  included .
Detlev Reimer is the publisher of the 1A IMS-Newsletter which
gives you tips and tricks on web site and ezine promotion and
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A street person approached a passerby. "Sir, would you give
me $100 for a cup of coffee?"

"That's ridiculous!" the man said huffily.

"Just a yes or no, buddy," the beggar growled. "I don't need a
damn lecture about how to run my business."

Let's hear from you......

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