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Hi Alicja

I have been looking for a good mail list server for about a year.  I sell real
estate as my day job and I wanted a mailing list program or service that was
inexpensive and easy to use.  I wanted to download the new listings from the MLS
every week and easily send them to my potential customers.

I was referred to Click-n-promote this week and it is cool.  Very inexpensive,
easy to use and you get to set up five mail lists, five autoresponders, you get
ad tracking, contact management and a ton of other stuff.  It appears to be a
very good value for the money. Click on for details or send a blank email to and see if I really do use it for real estate.

Andy Sparks

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.Anatomy of a Cross-Promotion

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing
~Bill Bauer
~William McAtee

2.Hosting company
~John Olson
~Judie Urquhart

3.Payment Systems- PayPal and others
~John McCoy

4.Dealing with Scams
~Heidi Ross
~John Colanzi

5.Traffic Zilla
~John Colanzi

6.How to build your subscriber base
~In His Joy

7.Difficulty differentiating myself

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

~FTP (which I don't know)

~Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?

3.Wendy Phillips
~My First eBook Cover

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G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.How Not To Market
By John Colanzi

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  350 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Hello Alicja ,

For last couple of  months I'm working on the best promotional
tool you can have. This is not link exchange, not pop-up network and
this is not guaranteed click-thru program. This is not  pay per lead program
and this is not  paid ad in the e-zine.

Many of you ask questions in this newsletter how to get visitors to your site
and how to make a sale. In my opinion there is only one answer to this
question (of course this applies to those who are on a small budget or
are just starting out and can't afford their own expensive solutions.).
You need to appear as trustworthy person/business  to your potential
customers  and you have to provide quality first impression.
You have to keep in touch and provide useful free advice to people
who one day might need your service. You must show that aside
that you run your own business, your main goal is to make your
customer happy. This is why they will come back to you for more
even if they know that somebody else offers similar service
or product just around the corner. They want to be appreciated
and respected.

How do you do this if you are new or a small business?
The first obvious way  is to work for number of years, learn all aspects of
building business the hard way and maybe survive and eventually succeed.

The second way less obvious, is to stick with somebody
who already has established business and has solutions which can be
used immediately for your purpose.
Now how do you find this kind of business who will want to give you their
image so you can buy confidence of your visitors and future customers
and you still have some money left in your pocket?

Here it comes.
The program on which I'm working for some time offers you your own

1. Advertising Network
2. Quality newsletter with your name and your ads in it.
3. Url tracking software to measure  your promotional efforts.
4. Value added services otherwise offered for a fee to regular visitors.

The program which I've created and currently promote has its all
details here.

Now I just want to concentrate on the second item as
I believe it has most value in the long run.

2. We will create for you your own newsletter for which we will provide
the content with your ads included. You will provide subscribers
through subscription window like this one here.

Join our list once you are there so you can see for yourself
what kind of content you get.

I have purposely gave you similar two links with just different ids attached
so you can see the difference. Those newsletters are being sent to
subscribers which you subscribe. Each newsletter has personalized
look and it comes from your email and displays your ad.

See example here of the first two issues in two topics.


Above links are leading to archives, which you can promote yourself
as your own newsletter. Ads showing in the newsletter can be
updated, and even one year from now, people reading those old
articles, can look at your new ads.

In next issue I will expend on how you will build your lasting advertising
network and how you can turn this new program into excellent
business opportunity for yourself.

And remember Alicja  that my interest is that you
can be happy using my program and prosper years ahead.

You might not realize that Adland Digest is very big factor to my own
successes and this is exactly what I want to offer to you even if you
don't have your own resources at the moment.

Bogdan Fiedur

=================Anatomy of a Cross-Promotion=====================
From:Bob Cortez

Hi All,

First of all, I want to publicly thank Bogdan for his continued support and
friendship over the years.  One of the greatest things about the Internet is the
ability to connect with people with similar goals, values, and interests.
Bogdan is one of those people for me.  When you find somebody on line or off
that you connect with, do yourself a favor and invest in that relationship
without any expectations or conditions.  You will be surprised by how well you
are rewarded with an unselfish investment.

The primary purpose of this post however is to breakdown for you how a good
cross promotion can work, point out specific tactics, strategies and tools to
help you do your own effective cross promotion.

1) Know your partner.  You need to have a clear understanding of what your
potential cross promotion partner is most interested in.  Take the time to
thoroughly investigate what they are doing, and how they are doing it.

2) Determine how you can help THEM.  The mistake many people make, is they think
first about what they can get from a partner, rather than what they can offer
their partner.  Sometimes you have to think beyond, and look at what you can
offer to your partner's customer.  That is how I came up with the Free
FindThis.Com Credits idea for AdlandPro customers and subscribers.

3) Make it easy to say yes. Lay out your idea clearly, beginning with what you
are offering and how they will benefit from participating.  Show them an example
of what you have in mind, or actually produce a mock up of the page or email you
are planning on using.  Do as much as you can, to make it as easy for them as

Ok, let's look at some of the specifics of how this particular cross promotion

Using an inexpensive CGI script available at I set up a custom landing page
where the details of our special offer are presented. The advantages for this
are that it presents the AdlandPro brand in the top frame while the visitor
navigates throughout the network.  Bogdan's referrals have an
easy path back to the AdlandPro site so even they have 'left' his site, we left
the door wide open for their return..  Another advantage is that the offer page
can easily be updated in the main frame, so if we want to change the offer at
anytime its just a matter of minutes to do so.

One of the bad things about this script is that creates long, ugly URL's like
this :[adland]=
i-bin/  So to make it easier for my partner, I
created a redirect page for him to link to so he could promote .  An additional advantage of the redirect page
is that I was able to code the redirection so that it includes the affiliate
code for tracking.

Now Bogdan took the tracking to another level by using the same FREE URL tracker
that you can get at
With this combination he can tell exactly what link was clicked on, so he knows
what links are producing traffic.  Then he can compare that with the affiliate
tracking to see what is producing results.

But so far there really isn't anything in this for Bogdan.  You get the FREE $5
credit, and I get the exposure for my new product, and the opportunity of your
perhaps becoming a paying customer.  Now because Bogdan joined my affiliate
program he'll get paid on two tiers for any purchases you happen to make after
visiting through his link (up to 365 days later).  But that still benefits me,
more than it does him, I had to balance the scale.  Remember, cross promotion
needs to be win-win.  Since I was already an AdlandPro affiliate the solution
was easy to implement.  We have a variety of ways that people can earn free credits.  In order to collect the free credits people are asked to
complete the form at  The success page was the ideal place to present another
opportunity for advertising.  By placing the offer here, I'm presenting it when
visitors are in the promotion mode.  Since I am running simi
lar promotions with other publishers/webmasters and each of them will be using
the same thank you form, Bogdan will benefit from my other cross promotion
efforts as well as promotions to our  customers and affiliates.
I used the graphic from the site so that Bogdan could see how many
exposures he was getting, to add to his click through and clicks to sales data.
I will be able to track the same information through the affiliate program.

Now that the basics are set up, and tracking mechanisms are in place, we can
easily add, delete or change offers easily and quickly in reaction to the
results we are each receiving.

This is the anatomy of a cross promotion.  Everyone wins and in this case its
all free.  How can you make cross promotions a win for your potential partners?
If you're not sure, ask them "How can I help you obtain your goals".

Best wishes and good luck to all.

Bob Cortez

Business and Affiliate Development Manager
The ListChannel.Com Network



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                    ATTENTION Alicja

Too much month at the end of your money?
up to $25 - $75/hr PT/FT INTERNET/MAIL ORDER
for free information call 1-877-366-1445.


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Bill Bauer
Subject:I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing

I am also very interested in protection of my
website(s) but although I have installed a piece
of java that purports to prevent right click from
occurring it does not do so.

As a matter of fact, I am just today opening a
thread on my message board at about this
very subject of copyright and theft of copyrighted
material, what does and does not constitute
copyrighted material & ect. I am not interested in
tales about how somebody stole sombody's copy of
GUNFIGHT AT THE OK CORRAL nor some mp3 song or
graphic picture of Aunt Matilda riding through the
midnight sky on her witches broom. None of that is
germain to my discussion.

I am only interested in what is or is not
copyrightable and what court ruled that it is so.
For instance, the courtroom saga of and
the theft of that domain name by a long time
criminal. This was a California case of about a
year ago in which the thief actually illegally
hijacked the name by sending a false and forged
document to internic authorizing the transfer of
the name. The original owner has tried to sue
internic and the thief  and apparently with little
or no success.

Does the posting of a link to another site with or
without permission violate the copyright of the
owner of that site or does it not. Court
decisions, please.

Would the theft of a list of telephone numbers
violate copyright of the compiler of that list? We
know that telephone numbers are the sole property
of the various telephone companies and that no one
owns their telephone number. It is therefore
uncopyrightable. Court decisions please.

We need a comprehensive set of guidelines with
proof of their validity that all may refer to in
order to keep their sites free of lawsuit threat
and give the owner thereof the knowledge and power
to effectively go after those who violate his
copyright. I believe that I am creating that


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:William McAtee
Subject:I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing

The only real way is not to use HTML. However, there are ways to hinder it.

Adding the following script to your header will disable all right clicks for

**note** after meta tags and any styles you may have. **note**
document.oncontextmenu = function(){return false}
if(document.layers) {
    window.onmousedown = function(e){
        if( false;
else {
    document.onmousedown = function(){return false}

You may want to test there browser to see if its java enabled first then direct
them to relevant page.
If you use frames, keep in mind this is frame sensitive. Add it to each relevant

With each browser type you will need to write code to hinder or turn off menu
options don't forget hot keys, the people that really want something from your
site, will know them.

Best wishes in your endeavors.

Programming is an art. I consider it a hobby. Yes I am A geek...
William McAtee

Synguard Omni Tech
Project Leader/Head Coder


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Hosting company

Hello all you Adlanders,

I was interested in the information on Web Hosting Companies because I'm in the
market. My current Hosting Company is calling it quits. The Company is or was
SkyBiz, now I know what you're thinking, and you're probably right, but they did
have a great site builder that was through Trellix. I had hoped they would get
over their Legal troubles and be a nice little Hosting Company with an affiliate
program, oh well.

But back to the builder, I loved the darn thing and I wanted to find a Hosting
Company that uses it. I know Tripod uses it for their Free sites so I knew there
must be others. What did I do, I headed over to that's
what I did. Come to find out they are a business to business type of operation
but they do have a list of Companies that use their Builder. C-Net, Tripod,
NameZero to name just a few.

Now there were some things I didn't like about the builder we had at SkyBiz,
namely No Meta Tags. So I called Trellix direct and talked with them. Seems the
builder I was using was one of the early models and the New ones, their 3.5
Builder is much improved. In fact their Newest one is 4.0 and all their
Customers should be getting the upgraded version by the end of this quarter. And
even the 3.5 allows Meta Tags. And the ability to customize the templates
yourself. Needless to say I was and am excited to get my hands on it.

It's a very easy builder to work with, all point and click, copy and paste. And
you see what you are working on as you work on it. I Love it.

I think the Hosting Company I'm going to go with is,
They don't have an affiliate program but I like the low key Website and the
prices start at $8.95 a month for a 75 meg site with lots of goodies. If you
want to use the Trellix builder it's only $3 a month more. So you're looking at
$11.95 a month total.

To all of you looking to Host your own site, the Trellix Builder makes it Very
Easy and Fun. If you want to check it out for yourself head over to: and then click on the Partners Link and see who they
have. Then check out the different offers for Hosting by going to their Website
linked right from Trellix.

I give the Trellix builder High marks for ease of use and great looks and

If you want to check out what I built with the Old SkyBiz version visit the soon
to be gone site at:

Soon I will redesign it and rename it and finally have my own name.
It's going to be FUN. Good luck to all in the search for the perfect host.

Oh, and Trellix isn't paying me a dime to write this.

John Olson

God Bless the USA. 9-11-2001


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Judie Urquhart
Subject:Hosting company

I was reading the comments on hosting company.  Well, I have one
and the price is the best.  $6.95 a month and I am very happy
with him.  I have had lots of others that where $30. And up a
month and the service was awful.  They say you get what you pay
for well in my case it has been proven wrong.  I have had this
hosting company almost two years now.  The hosting company is and tell James I sent you if interested.
I don't benefit but I like James to know that I appreciate what
he has done for me.  Thanks Judie Urquhart



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:John McCoy
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal and others

Hello ...John McCoy here,

You may find this interesting concerning PayPal.
Go to:
Then scroll down the page (almost at the bottom), just after you see "Join here
with e-gold" look for the following small print:

**We do not use the PayPal service. Why? click here

Follow the links... good information here.  PayPal has frozen funds in a few of
the programs I am in and even though I still use PayPal, I always keep a low or
zero balance in it.


John McCoy

My Website:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Heidi Ross
Subject:Dealing with Scams

Nam Ybarra wrote

>I have been scammed 4 times ,all monies just gone
>but the scammers are still there. Email/phone to them
>just a waste of time. What did/would you do if you were/been scammed?

>Here is my "scam story" :

Hi Bogdan and all subscribers,

I am writing in reference to Nam Ybarra email which I have included below.  For
those of you who would like to try to get your money back that you are entitled
to you can report them to I-cop at  I-cop will help you to try to get your money back but no
guarantees.  You will need to provide all of the details that they ask for.
I-cop also takes all reports that they receive and mention them in the I-cop Rap
Sheet to let others know not to do business with this or that company.

Heidi Ross


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:Dealing with Scams


If you used a credit card, contact the credit card company
and let them know what happened. They should credit your

John Colanzi


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:Traffic Zilla


I gave Traffic Zilla a try and found the same problems.
The only way to get your articles published is to
target your ezines and submit on a continuous basis.

With Traffic Zilla I had no idea who the articles were
even being sent to.

You'd be better of going to one of the sites such as and building your own
publishers list.

Set up a submission schedule and over time your
articles will get published.

Here are some Free sites to post your articles
online. x x
password pin99

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi

New Release!
Discover how to program your mind for success
and join the "Winners Circle." Free Download:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:In His Joy
Subject:How to build your subscriber base

Hey Damon,

I can't give you any pointers on protecting your site, but you also asked for
pointers on starting a newsletter.  I offer a FREE Ezine Training Course, that
shows you how to start one, how to build your subscriber base and it also
teaches you how to sell your ad space for extra revenue - hundreds upon hundreds
have signed up for it - and I have so many success stories for those who did the
homework and made it - with such a vast age range!  I offer my complete support
along the way - I'm always an email away to all of your questions!

If you'd like to sign up for it, go here:

Again, it's totally FREE!  To your success, Damon and God bless!

In His Joy,
Seqkat  >^..^<

"He (Jesus) sent two of His disciples, saying,
'Go ye into the Village'..." Luke 19:29-30



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
Subject:Difficulty differentiating myself

Justin wrote.
>I have started a unique but  complicated business.
>I assist people in finding scholarships, grants, and
>loans. I  started of looking for financial for myself.
>I eventually found out it to be  easy. I am having
>difficulty differentiating myself from fly by night
>individuals and handling the mass inquires. Any
>and all suggestions is greatly  appreciated.


Reply to Justin's question:

Hello Justin,

Welcome to one of the best Zines on the net!
Adland Pro. If I may suggest a data base driven
site. It will allow full functionality in a web site.
Admistrative capabilities, user sign up, posting
of information and more. PHP tied with MySql is
the free route. Asp is the expensive route.
I just set up a new section for my Zine subscribers
It is fully functional like my other sites.
Sadly no one has taken advantage of it like my
other sites. In time they will!



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
Subject:FTP (which I don't know)

Hello Adlanders,

This is the only newsletter that I read completely!  I have a problem that maybe
someone here can help with.

I want to give/sell ebooks from my website, but I can't find a really simple
solution to figuring out HOW to get the ebook loaded onto my site for download.
Now, I do know that it has to be done by FTP (which I don't know) and was
told to do it with FTP as binary. Well, that didn't help because I don't know
to do that.

I'm trying FTP-Pro for an evaluation period, but haven't figured that one out
either (of course, I haven't spent a whole lot of time on it yet).  Is there
that can give me SIMPLE directions, step-by-step on how to do this?

I'm not an idiot and have been using the internet since BEFORE Gore invented it.
I used to design very complicated business systems, but for the life of me, I
figure this out.  Ok, so maybe I am an idiot!!



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
Subject:Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?

Hi Bogdan,

I need some advice from Adland folks with regard to
purchasing leads.

I recently joined an MLM company with a very unique product.
Although the product is targeted to a specific audience, the
MLM opportunity is superior and might be of interest to
networkers in general, even if they don't think they need the product.
My question is two-fold:

1. What are the pro's and con's of purchasing leads?

2. Should I purchase leads targeted to the specific product
    or should I just buy general MLM leads?

Thanks for any help you can give me.



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Wendy Phillips
Subject:My First eBook Cover

Bogdan & Friends,

Yesterday, Friday, I learned about eCover Generator--which has zero competition.

Since I write and sell e-Books, this software is just what I need! So I bought
(at a very reasonable price) and downloaded the software to make eCovers for my
own e-Books. It makes software boxes also. Five free extras were included:
Writer's Friend, Best of WebGold, Magnetic Sales Letters, How To Get Free
Reprint Rights Without Paying A Dime, and Graphic Library!

I also joined the eCover Generator affiliate program.

Below in actual size is my first creation using eCover Generator. I wanted an
organ console pic it it, so I used the custom method to create it. If my eBook
cover doesn't show in this E-Mail, you can see it at:

Wendy Phillips



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             You can make your finances stable Alicja
                  by making money on the internet! Work from
home for 5 hours a week and make $5000!  Check url to find out how.


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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
How Not To Market
ByJohn Colanzi

I really don't get it.

Why do so many marketers shoot themselves in the foot?

It takes time to build an online presence.

Why do so many marketers go out of their way to lose
business and credibility?

They do everything they can to destroy any chance of doing
business with future customers. In many cases they not only
lose a future customer, they destroy their reputation.

Some ways not to market.

1. Subscribe to an ezine and every time the publisher sends
out their newsletter, play email tag and hit them with an

Do you think you'll make a sale?

I doubt it.

2. Use forged headers in you email.

What are you hiding?

If you don't want me to know who you are, why in the world
would I trust you with my money?

3. Send me an email saying,  "You're receiving  this
message because we are both members of the same opt in

Since I don't belong to any safe lists, you've started your
sales letter with a lie.

I'm sure you'll get my business. I love sending money to
people who lie to me.

4. Sending those bogus pyramid letters.

They are illegal and I'm sure I want to flood in boxes with
illegal chain letters.

Wake up!

Here's what mailing one of these letters shows:

A. You know nothing about doing business. If you did you
wouldn't be wasting my time and yours.

B. You either don't have a clue that these schemes are
illegal or you feel you have to break the law to make money.

So use any of these methods of marketing and I seriously
doubt you'll get many sales.

Why would anyone buy from you?

If you're too dumb to know any better, how can I make money
investing in a you?

If you're a scam artist, I know you aren't getting a dime
out of me.

Do yourself a favor. Build a real business.

Don't show your ignorance by using any of these schemes.

Save yourself some time and do business the right way.

Once you lose your credibility, you may never get it back.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing

Copyright (c) 2000 - 2001 John Colanzi.
SPECIAL NOTICE: Free Internet Marketing Library - Famous
internet marketing experts reveal their most important,
time- proven, and successful methods. Get your Free
Marketing Books Now at:


=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Three weeks after her wedding day, Barbara called her
minister. "Reverend," she wailed, "Nate and I had a *horrible*

"Calm down, my child," said the minister, "it's not half as bad
as you think. *Every* marriage has to have its first fight!"

"I know, I know!" said Barbara. "But what am I going to do with
the *body*?"

Let's hear from you......

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