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Does Size Matter?  "Pete Sral of AdTrax Software" <>
Another Free Ad Site       C Martin <>
Submission Info                 "J. H. White" <>
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Subject           Does Size Matter?
From:             "Pete Sral of AdTrax Software" <>

As some of you might know I offer a product called AdTrax that helps
keep track of your ads, ad agents...

MY PROBLEM is that it is a big program.  9 Disks (11.8 MB).  Recently
I removed some functionality and it was trimmed down to 5 disks (5.9
MB).  I have them zipped up on a server waiting to be downloaded for

MY QUESTION is would it be better to offer the download as separate
disks (have 9 links or 5 links to download) or have just one big link
or both?

ANOTHER QUESTION is what would be the best way to survey people to
find out how they track their ads.  How do you code your internet ads
to know that "Ohhh code x that means it came from y site"?

Thanx for all your responses!  Wish you the best.
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Subject:          Another Free Ad Site
From:             C Martin <>

Hello Everyone,

Here's another free classifieds website that has a variety of
categories for you to select from when placing your ad.

Have Fun Out There!
CB Martin
Subject:          Submit to Search Engines and Directories
From:             "J. H. White" <>

Because of having to hunt for each Search Engine
and Directory, submitting our pages each time we've made a change or
addition  has taken a lot more time than I have wanted to spend on it.
So, and mostly to make it easier for us, we have put up a page which
links directly with the submission page of the biggest engines and
directories. Anyone is welcome to take advantage of it.  It will save
hours of time. You might want to bookmark the page.  The address is or click on the appropriate
link at

Savvy: Nuts-and-bolts guide for new Internet vendors. By-pass
trial and error methods, eliminate costly mistakes, save time and a
lot of money. JHWhite
Subject:          Referral Marketing is.....
From:             Franklin Banker <>

Fun, exciting,  financially rewarding,  challenging  and .....

Hi everyone!  I am the webmaster of a really cool Referral Agency

BBL Internet Media.  The agency is made up of 3 distinct individuals:
Me, Myself and I.  WE are really doing well, so I thought I might
share some

of the good stuff with you.

First, we concentrate on Website Promotion and many affiliate programs
in that genre at our main site ........        The
main focus is Media Contacts and Url Submission. One of our best and
most busy pages is the Free Classified Ads page, at     On this page we lend support to
Adland's Cool site.  I'm glad I found Adland!

In the Affiliate arena, we have a special page to describe our
called the Referral Programs page.  Check it out and see if you can
find the link to the service which provides you with Free Unlimited
Server Space!!!

The most recent project I have undertaken is to develop a really good
Online Shopping site, using only Affiliate and Referral links.  It is
doing well thus far, and enjoys a two (2) check status on Infoseek's
Shopping channel.(gifts)
     It's a Gas to do Shopping Sites!

Anyway, I wanted to give you all something Free which I have tested

extensively, and I want to recommend.  It is a good Url submission
service which goes mainly to FFALP's (free for all links pages), mixed
with some

of the best search engines and directories.  It is called "The
Promoter", at this
url .......             I have
used it to promote 3 different pages, with very positive traffic
results.  Unlike Link-O-Matic, this deal is completely free of
financial restitution contstraints, but you must place a banner of
theirs on your site.

I enjoy this forum.  Thanks to David and Bogdan for all they provide!

Franklin Banker
BBL Internet Media
The Web's Best Referral Agency
Moderator's add on-

Here are two sites and some information regarding marketing tools
that might interest some of you.
They were taken from the credits of a newsletter
     By Brian D. Chmielewski

     Customers should be your first priority, so the use of
     Webcentives is an important component of your ongoing marketing
     plan. Learn more about Point-of-purchase (POP) promotions,
     frequency marketing, incentive marketing and cross-brand or
     cross-product promotions at: < >.

     Have you seen the latest reports on Opt-In Direct Email? This
     marketing avenue is the fastest growing marketing tool due to the
     incredible margins and conversion rates. Get some at < >.

If any of you do eventually use any of the above, please write up a
synopsis of what you did and the results for all of us. How did they
work for you, the type of service or products you promote?
Moderator's Comments:
Bogdan has informed me that the Adland's site has been awarded
several more awards. You can check them out at
Some of you might be interested in learning more about awards and how
they might benefit your bottom line, hits, traffic etc. I'll throw it
out to everyone who might have something to contribute to this
thread. This includes Bogdan who might give us some feedback on any
results they might have brought thus far.
Let's hear from you......

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